Jupiter X v1.26.0 + Jupiter v6.9.0 NULLED – Elementor Multi-Purpose Theme

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Jupiter X nulled is one of artbees’ lightest and most popular versatile WordPress themes. You can manipulate every corner of this theme according to your requirements. It meets the needs of almost every proper site. Jupiter X nulled is an ideal topic for blogging, business, e-commerce, recipes, job boards, etc.

Demo Link : https://themeforest.net/item/jupiter-multipurpose-responsive-theme/5177775

Other :

It comes with Elementor Page Builderplugin support. Using Elementor, you can take your website to a higher level. It is also fully optimized for search engines and page loading speed.

You can customize this theme using WordPress customization easily.

Jupiter X nulled also comes with over 270 professionally designed website templates. If you don’t have time to customize your theme, you can import and use those pre-made templates.

This theme has a template for almost any category. Not only that, Jupiter X also has a huge collection of pre-made page block templates to build beautiful pages with just one click.

You’ll also get over 12 premium plugins with this theme for free. Overall, the Jupiter X has nearly all the standard and premium features that a modern theme needs.

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Jupiter X Nulled Changelog :

Jupiter X Nulled v1.23.0

Improvement: Added error handling feature.

Improvement: Add Go to Top element styling.

Improvement: Added styling for WooComerece alerts.

Improvement: Add tooltip to Customizer settings icons.

Improvement: Add a filter for Web Font Loader. Usefull for adding swap param.

Improvement: Add Width option to Customizer > Header > Logo to fix possible SVG issues.

Improvement: Add portfolio order option.

Improvement: Added support for Custom Attribute of Elementor on links.

Improvement: Added support for custom Breakpoint of ELementor in Navigation Menu element.

Improvement: Added styling option for close button of Search element.

Improvement: Added support for Jet Filter plugin options.

Improvement: Add Whatsapp and Telegram share button for single posts.

Improvement: Added Maintenance mode status in admin bar.

Improvement: Added support for custom post types in Posts element.

Improvement: Added styling options for Form element's messages.

Improvement: Add full page editting feature. Instantly switch between editing of different templates.

Improvement: Added support for custom image upload in site Logo element.

Improvement: Added options in Control Panel > Settings to disable/enable elements.

Improvement: Added required option for checkbox of Form element.

Improvement: Added option for styling color of placeholder in Form element.

Improvement: Add a filter for Form email body.

Improvement: Added ActiveCampaign action in Form element.

Improvement: Added responsive selector for logo in middle option in Site Logo element.

Improvement: Add File Upload and Hidden fields in Form element.

Improvement: Added alignment option in Navigation Menu element under Mobile settings.

Improvement: Improve hidding and showing of product categories and tags to prevent possible SEO issues.

Improvement: Improved WordPress navigation and Navigation Menu element in Mega menu.

Improvement: Improved and reordered Customizer sections.

Improvement: Improved Customizer typography settings performnce.

Improvement: Improved compatibility with Single post template of Elementor Pro.

Improvement: Improved Control Panale UI by columnizing custom post types checkboxes.

Improvement: Improved template selection in Customizer by allowing private page to be selected.

Improvement: Improved Control Panel UI by moving Version Control and Image Sizes under Tools tab.

Improvement: Improved Skip to Content to prevent SEO issues.

Improvement: Improved listing of templates in Control Panel > Templates.

Improvement: Improved scroll behavior of Tabs element on mobile.

Improvement: Improved Mega menu styling in tablet.

Improvement: Improved error handling when Elementor/Advanced Custom Fields is disabled.

Improvement: Improved Control Panel license registration UI.

Improvement: Improved requires plugins error messsage.

Improvement: Improved White Label's logo and name integration in dashboard widget.

Improvement: Improved Load more styling in Posts element by adding spacing option.

Improvement: Improved Form element button UI by adding hover animation.

Improvement: Improved Posts element pagination button UI by adding box shadow option.

Improvement: Updated Google font list.

Improvement: Updated all the text referennance to Customizer to Theme Styles.

Improvement: Allowed to select private pages as 404 pages to prevent indexing issues.

Improvement: Moved Version Control and Image Sizes to Control Panel > Tools.

Bug Fix: Fixed PHP 8 issues.

Bug Fix: Fixed Page Title Bar styling issue.

Bug Fix: Fixed broken WooCommerce quanitity selector.

Bug Fix: Fixed duplicated product image popup issue.

Bug Fix: Fixed Shop page dropdown styling issue in Mac OS.

Bug Fix: Fixed Out of Stock badge visiblilty on varibale products.

Bug Fix: Fixed mobile menu and lightbox close button conflict on single products.

Bug Fix: Fixed compatibility with Woo Badge Designer plugin.

Bug Fix: Fixed Hide Header button issue in Elementor editor.

Bug Fix: Fixed single product review link issue when review accordion is collapsed.

Bug Fix: Fixed partially hidden title in Breadcrumb.

Bug Fix: Fixed Sticky Header gap issue.

Bug Fix: Fixed single product Quantity selector compatibility issue with JetWooBuilder plugin.

Bug Fix: Fixed single product broken thumbnails with JetWooBuilder plugin.

Bug Fix: Fixed custom single product issue when using JetWooBuilder plugin.

Bug Fix: Fixed compatibility with JetWooBuilder plugin prevnting proper template installation.

Bug Fix: Fixed custom header assigning issue on Shop page.

Bug Fix: Fixed default Gallary compatibility issue with Lightbox Gallary plugin.

Bug Fix: Fixed compatibility with MemberPress Courses and MP Downloads addons related MemberPress plugin.

Bug Fix: Fixed 'pro_widgets' PHP warning.

Bug Fix: Fixed Jet Smart Filter compatibility issue.

Bug Fix: Fixed partial hidden Posts element when using sticky header.

Bug Fix: Fixed wrong date in Form element's email template

Bug Fix: Fixed global Elementor content width issue after template installation.

Bug Fix: Fixed JS error when selecting filter in Select Filter element.

Bug Fix: Fixed Acceptance box styling issue.

Bug Fix: Fixed an issue prevnting updating theme.

Bug Fix: Fixed translation of "All" text in Posts element.

Bug Fix: Fixed some spelling and grammatical issues.

Bug Fix: Fixed Jquery-slick deprecated notice.

Jupiter X Nulled v1.22.1

Improvement: Add Multilingual Customizer option in Control Panel > Settings to enable/disable multilingual feature for Customizer.

Jupiter X Nulled v1.22.0

New Feature: Added separate changelog for the plugins in Control Panel > Updates tab.

Improvement: Improved Form element to accept custom action by 3rd-party plugins.

Improvement: Improved page templates integration with custom Maintenance page.

Improvement: Improved Menu widget JS selectors for better 3rd-party plugins compatibility.

Improvement: Improved search functionality to accept quote strings.

Improvement: Improved White Label is based on Editor role.

Improvement: Improved Reply-to option in Form element.

Improvement: Improved Gutenberg.

Improvement: Improved Typography settings in Customizer. Now it's possible to select any font from any typography settings.

Bug Fix: Fixed custorm header assignment for 404 pages.

Bug Fix: Fixed UI issue in options of Social Network widget.

Bug Fix: Fixed resetting of Post Options to default.

Bug Fix: Fixed Control Panel assets warning in dashboard.

Bug Fix: Fixed some UI issues and typos in Control Panel.

Bug Fix: Fixed unchecking the Custom Post Types issue in Control Panel > Settings.

Bug Fix: Fixed Breadcrumb filter.

Bug Fix: Fixed compatibility issue with PHP 5.6

Bug Fix: Fixed masonry layout issue in Posts element.

Bug Fix: Fixed width of Tabs element in tablet and mobile.

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