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reCaptcha for WooCommerce is a plugin to Protect your eCommerce site with google recptcha.

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reCaptcha for WooCommerce – Features:

1. Supports both reRecapcha V2 and V3.

2. Login reCaptcha

3. Sign up for reCaptcha

4. Lost password reCaptcha

5. ReCaptcha customer payment

6. ReCaptcha test user login

7. Add reCaptcha payment method

8. WooCommerce pays for order captcha

9. WP-Login reCaptcha

10. WP-Register reCaptcha

11.WP-Lost reCaptcha password

12. Custom Labels for reCaptcha

13. custom error messages

14.Recaptcha dark/light theme

15.Captcha full/compact mode

16. auto detect user language

17. Turn off submit button until captcha check

18.Reset captcha on order repost error

19. Bypass reCAPTCHA (don’t show captcha) by using IP or IP Range for specific client/user

Setup and Configuration

After successfully installing  reCaptcha for wooCommerce  , you can see a new tab named “reCaptcha” in the wooCommerce settings tab.

  • On the left sidebar, click “wooCommerce” -> “settings”

reCaptcha for WooCommerce

  • Click the “reCaptcha” tab in the settings screen.

reCaptcha for WooCommerce

  • Now set the general settings like “Page Lock” and “Secret Key” and reCaptcha version etc.

reCaptcha for WooCommerce

  • You can now enable reCaptcha for monitoring
  1. WooCommerce registration captcha
  2. WooCommerce Login Captcha
  3. WooCommerce lost captcha password
  4. WooCommerce Guest Payment Captcha
  5. WooCommerce login check captcha
  6. WooCommerce adds payment method captcha
  7. WooCommerce paying for order captcha
  8. WordPress login screen captcha
  9. WordPress registration screen captcha
  10. WordPress password lost screen captcha
  11. WooCommerce product review screen captcha
  12. WooCommerce order tracking screen captcha
  13. WordPress comment captcha

For example, check below for how to enable reCaptcha for the WooCommerce registration screen.

reCaptcha for WooCommerce

Free Download reCaptcha for WooCommerce NULLED v2.21 nulled changelog
2021-09-24- version 2.23

* Move reCaptcha to last field in review form of WooCommerce as it looks better.

2021-09-08- version 2.22

* Fixed PHP Warning: Undefined variable $i13_recapcha_v2_lang

2021-09-07- version 2.21

* Added new option to enable reCaptcha for WooCommerce order tracking.
* Fixed conflict with plugin Memberium Plugin.
* Delay execution action so that captcha will be last field in WooCommerce registration/login forms.

2021-08-08- version 2.20

* Fixed for - When there is multiple forms of registration and login on same page it create problems.
* Fixed for - When the registration/login forms are in ajax modal popup it wont work. - Added option in signup/login settings for enable ajax signup/login modal box
* Tested with WordPress 5.8

2021-07-17- version 2.18

* As Google is blocked in someone countries like china, We need global recaptcha domain use( so added settings option use instead of

2021-07-01- version 2.17

* Added filter for reCaptcha v2 to change language if needed programmatically. To change hl paramter of recaptcha anyone can use this filter - i13_recapchav2_set_lang

2021-05-08- version 2.16

* Added functionality to Bypass reCAPTCHA (do not show captcha) using IP or IP-Range for your clients/users

2021-04-12- version 2.15

* Fixed registration captcha not work for some theme as it is using _nonce.

2021-04-04- version 2.14

* Added captcha for Post Comment forms.

2021-04-01 - version 2.13

* Fixed complain that plugin automatically deactivated.

2021-03-18 - version 2.12

* Fixed Elavon payment processor shown catcha twice on add payment method page

2021-03-14 - version 2.11

* Added option to enable/disable recaptcha for stripe payment request buttons (Google Pay and Apple Pay)

2021-03-11 - version 2.10

* Added option to disable on the fly reRecapcha v3 generation for checkout
* Disable recaptcha plugin when while using REST end point

2021-02-22 - version 2.9

* Added reCAPTCHA for product review form.
* Added recaptcha v2 language selection
* Fixed recaptcha duplication on Elavon credit card pay for order

2021-02-08 - version 2.8

* Fixed problem with Elavon payment processor legacy mode.

2021-02-03 - version 2.7

* Added support for Elavon payment processor

* Added new option "Disable on the fly reCAPTCHA v3 token generation" that will allow you to use this option if two submit button fighting for taking control. So use only if you have problem
with submit button.

* Fixed problem with javascript errors, When the html of page is minified.

2021-01-25 - version 2.6

* Google reCAPTCHA token is missing Fixed

2020-12-12 - version 2.5

* Added support for custom login form that built using "wp_login_form" function

2020-12-08 - version 2.4

* Fixed reCAPTCHA v3 not working with 2FA

2020-11-27 - version 2.3

* Fixed reCaptcha not working for IE 11.

2020-11-18 - version 2.2

* Fixed reCaptcha v2 disable submit button on reCaptcha reset problem

2020-10-29 - version 2.1

* Fixed Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected string error after updates 2.0

2020-10-27 - version 2.0

* Now "recaptcha for woocommerce" support google latest version of greCAPTCHA V3
* This version never disturb user, ReCaptcha V3 Uses a behind-the-scenes scoring system to detect abusive traffic, and lets you decide the minimum passing score. Please note that there is no user interaction shown in reRecapcha V3 meaning that no recaptcha challenge is shown to solve.

2020-09-17 - version 1.0.17

* Added captcha protection for WooCommerce Pay For Order (This is only used when your order is failed. WooCommerce allow failed order to repay using this page.

2020-09-01 - version 1.0.16

* Added option for checkout captcha to refresh when there are checkout errors.
* Fixed issue of refresh captcha sometimes not working

2020-08-19 - version 1.0.15

* Tested With WooCommerce 4.4.0

2020-08-09 - version 1.0.14

* Added javascript callbacks after reCaptcha varified
* Tested With WordPress 5.5

2020-07-26 - version 1.0.13

* Fixed issue of Add payment method captcha not showing up.

2020-07-03 - version 1.0.12

* Removed jQuery.noConflict() as this cause problem for some of users.

2020-06-12 - version 1.0.11

* Added facility to show/hide reCaptcha label
* Tested with WooCommerce 4.2

2020-05-23 - version 1.0.10

* Fixed small problem reported by user when nonce is diffrent
* Tested with WooCommerce 4.1

2020-05-21 - version 1.0.9

* Fixed broken link in admin WooCommerce reCaptcha settings tab

* Added new protection for Add payment method

* Added new feature - disable submit button until captcha checked

* Added translation so that if messages labels etc left blank then you can translate it

2020-05-03 - version 1.0.8

* As per some of the clients complain that Recaptcha not working when the payment processer takes more time. So added ReCaptcha validity settings for checkout. So once Recaptcha verified it will valid for a given number of minutes

* Added option to enable reCaptcha on login checkout

* Fixed for multisite have problem when not activated for networks

2020-04-23 - version 1.0.6
* Important fix found by Macneil. His hosting is strict and there is problem while loading recaptcha settings tab.

2020-04-22 - version 1.0.5
* Make plugin compatible with WordPress multisite

2020-04-09 - version 1.0.4
* Added new option "No-conflict" mode. This will helpful when there is conflict is Recaptcha js.

2020-03-24 - version 1.0.3
* Fixed error reported by Thomas Wurwal that some of theme not rendere captcha on checkout page, due to in wp_enqueue_scripts action is_woocommerce() return false.

2020-03-15 - version 1.0.2
* Fixed error shown in checkout page console (reRecapcha already rendered)
* As checkout is ajax based sometimes it is possible captcha is expired so added refresh captcha option to checkout page

2020-03-12 - version 1.0.1
* Tested with WooCommerce 4.0

2020-02-17 - version 1.0
* Inital release

Free Download reCaptcha for WooCommerce NULLED v2.21 :

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