ReviewX Pro v1.2.3 – Multi-criteria Rating & Reviews for WooCommerce

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ReviewX Pro allows you to get instant customer ratings and multi-criteria reviews to add credibility to your WooCommerce Store and increase conversion rates.

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ReviewX Pro – Features :

** 🔥Multiple evaluation criteria : ** Create multiple evaluation criteria to make your product more transparent for customers to get detailed feedback to help you improve product quality.

** Customer Reviews and Ratings : ** Sort customer reviews and ratings based on recent reviews, photo reviews, text reviews, or highest rated reviews to create Direct action to visitors to make purchasing decisions.

** 📨 Review Reminder Emails : ** Send emails to remind your customers to rate the item(s) they purchased from your store. ReviewX review reminder email has pre-made email content that also has preset collections. [Review reminder email instructions](

** 📊 Advanced Visual Presentation : ** Display customer reviews and rating statistics in each product page of each page to enhance the value of the product on the spot.

** 📷 Review by image : ** Allow customers to upload real product images to gain the trust of potential customers and make your product more trustworthy.

** 🚚 Manage order status for reviews : ** Allows you to decide if you should let your customers submit their reviews under which order status, you control it.

** ⚙️ Theme customization : ** Choose different themes for graphic status, photo review style and color customization to make customer reviews and ratings stand out.

** 🔎 SEO Ranking with Google Rich Schema : ** Show ratting on Google search and get more traffic to increase SEO website ranking and conversions.

** 🌟 Manage all WooCommerce reviews : ** A dedicated table to manage all WooCommerce reviews from a single place. Designed with advanced options for searching, filtering and sorting.

** 🔥Element integration : ** ReviewX provides many built-in widgets for element builder to manage all review elements in a very efficient way

** 🎦 Reviews with multiple photos and videos (Pro) : ** Display reviews with multiple product images and videos to give potential customers more trust and make your products even more believable. ReviewX allows you to upload videos or share external video links.

** 📣 Social Sharing to Boost Credibility (Pro) : ** Engage with more leads on social media platforms using ReviewX’s social sharing feature to increase sales sales numbers and free advertising incentives.

** ✍🏽 Allow customers to edit their reviews (Pro) : ** Customers can go back and change their review, but you will always have control to turn it on or off.

** 👍 Create customer interaction with Voting System (Pro) : ** Allow customers to rate any review as helpful. It is up to you when you want to enable/disable this tool.

** 🙈 Allow customers to review anonymously (Pro) : ** Show trust to customers by allowing them to post their reviews while they are in secret.

** 💡 Get attention with featured review (Pro) : ** Spotlight to rate the review(s) you want to recommend to customers.

** ✍🏽 Add / Edit Reply to Reviews (Pro) : ** ReveiwX allows you to reply to reviews which will ensure that you are a highly responsible person to your customers.

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Free Download ReviewX Pro v1.2.3 – Multi-criteria Rating & Reviews for WooCommerce nulled changelog

Update: Compatible with WordPress 5.8.1
Fix: Review text line breaks issue
Few more bug fix and improvements.
September 15, 2021
Update: Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.6.
Update: Compatible with WordPress 5.8
Update: Compatible with PHP 8+
August 31, 2021
Update: Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.3.
Fix: Few more bug fix and improvements.
June 08, 2021
New: Settings to change the review form position.
Update: Consent checkbox for data protection compliance.
Fix: Few more bugs & improvements
May 03, 2021
New: Verified badge added for the custom review form.
New: Option to set date from custom review from.
Fix: Video uploading issue for guest reviewer.
Fix: Few more bugs & improvements
April 19, 2021
New: Add manual review from dashboard.
Fix: Few more bugs & improvements
April 12, 2021
New:'ReviewX Woo Review' - Module for Divi builder
New: 'ReviewX Woo Review Tabs' - Module for Divi builder
Fix: Review reminder email sending issue.
Fix: Few more bugs & improvements
March 15, 2021
Update: Compatible with WooCommerce 5.0
Update: Increase character length of criteria input field.
Fix: Recommendation Number display issue
February 15, 2021
New: Settings to Enable/Disable 'Create Automatic Unsubscribe Page'
New: Consent for uploading attachment & submit a review
Update: [Review list shortcode] option to display the product/post title
Fix: Admin reply permission issue
Few more bug fix and improvements
January 05, 2021
New: Tooltip added for rating graph
New: Filter based on rating graph value
New: Settings to enable/disable each review filter
New: Compatibility with EWWW image optimizer plugin.
New: Compatibility with WP Rocket plugin
Few more bug fix and improvements
December 09, 2020
New: Design review list using WordPress live ‘Customizer’
New: Option to change the different labels from 'Customizer'
New: Settings to enable/disable the Google rich schema
New: Option for admin to change the value of the recommendations from the dashboard
New: Compatibility with ‘Advanced Shipment Tracking’
New: Shortcode [rvx-woo-reviews] introduced
New: [rvx-star-count] shortcode now supports custom post types
New: [rvx-review-list post_type=‘’] shortcode now support custom post types
Update: Compatible with EDD
Fix: Displaying special characters issue of review title
Few more bug fix and improvements
November 29, 2020
New: 'ReviewX Product Tabs' element for Oxygen builder
New: 'ReviewX Woo Review' element for Oxygen builder
Update: Option to reset the review reminder email template
Update: Translatable strings
Few bugfix and improvements
November 11, 2020
Update: Set review per page without pagination
Update: Translatable strings
Fix: Image attachment display issue
Fix: Pagination issue in review list shortcode
Fix: Sender email issue for hosted sites
Fix: Media uploading issue using WC Marketplace plugin
Fix:Error fix while browsing review from category
Fix:Reply count as review in case of pagination
Few minor fix & improvements
October 28, 2020
New: Ajax based review loading, performance improvement
Update: Option to display all reviews using 'rvx-review-list' shortcode
Update: New filters with 'rvx-review-list' shortcode
Update: Translatable strings
Update: Review title is editable from dashboard manage review section
Fix: Error while the free version isn't installed
Few minor fix & improvements
October 20, 2020
New: Separate video attachment from internal & external source
New: Shortcode for the profile photo uploader
New: Actions for all scheduled review reminder email
New: Multi-select checkbox for all scheduled reminder email
Update: Translatable strings
Few minor fix & improvements
October 06, 2020
Fix: License activation issue
Fix: Edit CPT review issue from dashboard
Update: Translatable strings
Few UX improvements
September 30, 2020
New: Support for custom post types
Update: Translatable strings
Few minor fix & improvements
September 22, 2020
New: Option to filter before sending WooCommerce review reminder email
New: Create schedule in advance for WooCommerce review reminder email
Update: Translatable strings
Few minor fix & improvements
September 15, 2020
New: Switch between multi-criteria based rating and classic star rating
Few minor fix & improvements
September 05, 2020
New: Shortcode 'ReviewX Review Stats'
New: Shortcode 'ReveiwX Criteria Graph'
New: Shortcode 'ReviewX Review Summary'
New: Shortcode 'ReviewX Reveiw List'
Update: Test email data
August 28, 2020
Fix: Verified purchaser badge issue
August 26, 2020
New: Option to enable/disable the auto review reminder email
Few bug fix & improvements
August 26, 2020
New : Compatible with 'WP User Avatar' plugin
New : Translatable strings updated
Few bug fix & improvements
August 20, 2020
New : 'Review Email' submenu
New: Email consent for customer
New: Send automatic review reminder email
New: [UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK] preset placeholder
New: Built-in 'ReviewX Schedule Email Unsubscribe' page
New: Send test review-reminder email
New: Log of all scheduled emails
Update: 'Send Bulk Review Reminder' option
Lots of minor bugfix and improvements
August 13, 2020
New: 'ReviewX Woo Reviews' Elementor widget
Fix: Edit attachment from manage all reviews page
Fix: Edit review, deleted criteria handling
Few bugfix and improvements
August 08, 2020
New: Allow to submit multiple reviews
New: Manage review approval process (Auto or Manual)
New: Option to change the recommend icon of review graph section
New: Option to change the shop icon of admin's reply
New: Manipulate review criteria and attachment from admin edit review page
August 03, 2020
New: Display confirmation alert before sending the reminder email
Fix: Issues with existing WooCommerce ratting
Fix: Edit comment page is cleaned up
Update: Data escaping & sanitization
July 23, 2020
Update: Ajax review submission
Fix: Few bugfix and improvements
July 20, 2020
Added: New template to review showcase
Few bugfix and improvements
June 05, 2020
Few minor bugfix and improvements
June 01, 2020
Optimized plugin's asset use for better performance
Few minor bugfix and improvements
May 31, 2020
Templates got makeover
Few minor bugfix and improvements
May 21, 2020
Initial stable release.

Free Download ReviewX Pro v1.2.3 – Multi-criteria Rating & Reviews for WooCommerce :

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