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Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme is one of the best selling themes on themeforest.

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Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme – extended features

Front-end & Back-end Page Builder  – Create and manage your website easily. Salient includes a tailored version of the popular WPbakery Page Builder plugin with a brand new interface design.

Multiple  Demos Available – Salient offers extremely high quality demos, all available for one-click import. Whether you’re a photographer, agency, or anything in between, Salient takes your online presence to the next level.

World Class, Award Winning Design  – Every element & layout included in Salient is meticulously planned and designed to ensure the highest possible level of detail.

Lifetime Updates, Proven Tracking Record  – Salient has consistently delivered full-featured updates for over 6 years. Owning a single license gives you access to free lifetime updates.

Shape  Divider – Take your design to the next level with our exclusive shape divider. Easily control size, position, color and more.

Image cascading  – Impress your audience with another exclusive feature. Overlap images easily using our cascaded image element and even optionally allow them to be parallax on scroll!

Page Switching  – Choose between the many available page transitions for a beautiful and flexible user experience, or disable them all together if desired.

4 Icon Packs  – Salient has one of the most complete icon sets available on all of ThemeForest. Available families include: Iconminds  ($59 value)  , FontAwesome, Steadysets & Linea.

Mouse parallax based on multiple layers  –  Causing  amazement for your users by creating an amazing parallax scene is animated through the user’s mouse movements. Performance is smooth and works on mobile as well as when tilting the device.

Masonry Image Galleries  – Create beautiful galleries the easy way! Enjoy all the styles available for portfolio items, but with easy drag and drop and bulk uploads.

Built-in Megamenu  – No need to depend on plugins. Select your columns and display your full width megagamenu or boxed in the site container.

Full Screen Rows  – An extremely powerful and exclusive feature that turns your page builder rows into an exciting story with just one click. Your inter-row animations with high-performance transitions also work on mobile devices.

Off Canvas Menu  – Salient provides powerful off canvas menu option with 4 different styles that can be used on desktop/mobile screens

High Performance Animations  – Say goodbye to outdated cluttered animations. Be mindful of the frame rate at which theme animations render – your users will appreciate the time spent optimizing performance. It is as smooth as silk.

Exclusive Sliders  – Get access to many sliders customized/created specifically for Salient. You’ll enjoy exclusive features like smooth parallax scrolling, image/video backgrounds, and awesome functionality like having each of your slides change the title navigation color from light to dark.

Advanced Typography  – Currently offering over 800 font families with precise options available like line height, letter spacing, font weight, font style, font size and text transform . Live font previews are also available right in the options panel.

Multiple blog styles  – Salient offers a wide variety of blog layouts to choose from. Each style seen below can also be displayed full width or with a sidebar.

  • Auto Masonry
  • Masonry materials
  • Enhanced Masonry
  • Masonry . subway
  • List of images aligned to the left
  • Minimum list
  • Classic List

Multiple Single Post Layouts  – Choose from one of three available unique post titles that are best suited for your site.

  • Classic
  • Full screen
  • Minimum

 Truly Customizable Portfolio – Salient offers 7 project styles and unlimited layouts for each. Fine-tune Masonry layouts, project grid spacing, fill colors, custom content in project grids, and more! Check out the styles below and the different layouts!

  • Modern background
  • Parallax
  • Portfolio slider
  • Meta Overlaid With Zoom
  • Classic
  • Meta Overlaid
  • Custom content grid
  • Meta From Bottom

Infinite Scroll Options for Blogs & Portfolios  – Among the many pagination options, infinite scroll allows your users to load the next page of items while scrolling down for a seamless browsing experience.

Graphical Visual Shortcode Generator  – Although the powerful visual page builder is included, sometimes shortcodes still come in handy. The shortcode generator included in Salient provides an easy to use interface with powerful options for all elements and is usable in both visual and text tabs!

AJAX Search  – Optionally provide your users with helpful selections of the top search results for their search terms as they type

Extensive Theme Options  – Salient has a specially designed/organized options panel that gives you hundreds of options in an intuitive way. There are currently 17 different option panels and sub-categories in it.

  • Support ticket system
  • The user manual is widely written

Unlimited Color Options  – Easily create a color scheme for your website with unlimited options. Oh, did we mention  gradients are  also supported for a lot of our elements?

Powerful light box  – fancyBox3 & Magnific are available for your choice. Custom elements in Salient like Video lightbox, image gallery & slider are all integrated with them.

Valid HTML5  – Because what’s inside is just as important as what the user sees.

Extended WooCommerce Support  – Multiple product styles & single product layouts available, AJAX shopping cart, single page product zoom gallery, page builder available on single product pages & more!

Exclusive HTML5 Particle System  – Upload images to create interactive particle designs with ease. Only available in Salient, see demo here!

Boxed & Wide Layout  – Salient provides global settings that can change your website from default widescreen to boxed setup where you can set background image/color to display in the background boxed container

Sortable Portfolio  – Set up filters for your portfolio instances from the portfolios you create. This catalog will sort through projects without delay.

Built-in “love” system  – Provides a way to keep track of which projects/posts are the most liked on your site. Can be optionally used.

Featured Social Sharing Plugin  – Our  exclusive plugin  allows you to stylishly share your current page to various social services.

Footer Columns Options  – Control your footer widget area by selecting pre-existing columns (layout provided in 2-4 column range)

SEO Optimization  – Care should be taken when writing Salient code and search engines will appreciate it.

Translation ready  – Salient includes .po/.mo files and is ready to be translated into your desired language.

And more! – Check out the growing list of demos!

Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose ThemeSalient - Responsive Multi-Purpose ThemeSalient - Responsive Multi-Purpose ThemeSalient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Free Download Salient v13.0.6 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme nulled changelog
v13.0.6 (8/3/2021)
v13 is a major release. After updating, remember to clear the cache from any performance plugins you have active as well as your browser cache.

Once you've updated your theme, make sure to also update your Salient plugins to get access to the features listed below.

Fixed WPbakery conflict with WP 5.8 that prevented full media library from showing when editing existing images
Fixed WPML conflicts with images set via the Salient Menu Options
Fixed WPML image captions to show correct language in image gallery page builder element when using image grid style
Fixed Page full screen rows to be able to click dot navigation without a timeout when using the "Default scroll" animation option
Fixed animated anchors to scroll to correct location consistently when linked directly from an external page/url
Updated Salient Core Plugin to 1.8.3
Updated "Quantity" string in WooCommerfce checkout to use default woocommerce text domain for automatic translation
v13.0.5 (4/14/2021)
WooCommerce 5.2 compatibility
Fixed WooCommerce product quantity buttons to allow plugins to set custom increment steps
Fixed "Basic Slider Style" image gallery to show all images in lightbox navigation when using "Auto Lightbox Image Links" theme option
v13.0.4 (4/7/2021)
Fixed parallax row background to size correctly when using "Tabs" page builder element inside
Fixed Flickity based "Carousel" page builder element to size correctly in Safari versions < 14
Fixed lazy loading logic when using a "Single Image" page builder element inside of a Flickity based "Carousel" page builder element
Fixed Post Header on custom post types to not automatically insert featured image
Fixed external project URLs to correctly open in a new tab when using the "Load more" functionality within a "Post grid" page builder element
v13.0.3 (3/31/2021)
Added option to supply custom icon for "Fancy Box" page builder element
Added theme options to add featured image use/overlay when "Automatically Add Page Title to Page Header" is active
Added option to the "Single Image" page builder element to exclude itself from global lazy loading
Added option to define text opacity for "Post Gird" page builder element when using "Content Overlaid" style
Added option to "Lightbox Gallery" option "Post Gird" page builder element
Fixed global section output to remove wrapping paragraph tags from WP
Fixed Houzz icon display in Off canvas menu
Fixed new click extended cart style "Cart" string to be translatable
Updated Salient Core to 1.8.2
v13.0.2 (3/27/2021)
Fixed general performance plugin CSS minification conflict where full width content rows were incorrectly spaced when viewed from a mobile device
Fixed Row shape divider "Both" position setting to render on the top as well as bottom
Fixed parallax scroll background "Fixed in place" to render correctly on retina displays
Fixed animated anchor link scroll position when using "Permanent Transparent" header nav effect + "Hide header until needed" header nav effect
Fixed "Write a review" button WooCommerce button to be translatable
v13.0.1 (3/26/2021)
Fixed PHP error with Salient Core plugin when using PHP 5.6 - the Salient Core plugin must be updated to the latest release (1.8.1) for the fix
Fixed Flickity page builder element arrows overlaid style icon alignment
Fixed Box roll header effect to work with "Animated arrow" selected for the Down Arrow Style
Fixed Portfolio single header to not automatically inherit featured image
Fixed Slide out from right hover off canvas menu animation timing when using centered mobile header layout
Updated Salient Core to v1.8.1
v13.0 Major Release (3/25/2021)
Header Navigation
Added Salient Menu Options - A full suite of menu options available for every menu item in the Appearance > Menus section of the admin. View Documentation
Easily create beautiful mega menus
Add icons to menu items
Background images for menu items and much more!
Added theme options for header navigation dropdown configuration
Option to display menu description
Option to define positioning
Option configure styling - padding, border-radius, drop shadow
Added new configuration options for "Menu Bottom Bar" header layout
Option for Menu Alignment
Option for Menu Bottom Bar Separator
Added theme option to display arbitrary text within the header - useful for phone numbers, store address etc.
Added theme option to choose mobile menu layout
Added action hook for mobile header navigation items: "nectar_hook_mobile_header_menu_items"
Added filter for enabling transparent header effect: nectar_activate_transparent_header
Added filter for setting transparent header coloring: nectar_transparent_header_coloring
Added "Salient Global Sections" post type. A new feature which allows you to easily reuse templates you create in the page builder throughout your site. View Documentation
Added option to limit header navigation search to specific post types
Added AJAX search option for material theme skin
Added theme option to define extended responsive left/right container padding
Added theme option to specify global button roundness when using the "Slightly rounded" button style
Added theme option to select form input background, border, and text coloring
Added theme option to configure animated underline styling in general settings
Added option to have image gallery title/description shown under images for flickity styles
Added option to "Toggle Panels" page builder element to select whether or not first toggle starts open
Added RTL layout support for masonry blog/portfolio
Added new style option for "Category Grid" page builder element.
Added custom post type support into Salient "Post grid" page builder element
Added option to enable the portfolio lightbox functionality on a project by project basis
Added column page builder element options to define border width separate for each column side, and the ability to change value for every responsive viewport
Added column page builder element option to define element spacing
Added HTML support to "Team Member" page builder element in the Biography field
Added HTML support to "Icon List" page builder element in the Text Content field
Added functionality to allow tabs page builder element to scroll to selected tab on mobile devices
Added theme option to specify which blog post date to show on posts (published/last updated)
Added theme option to display excerpt on related blog posts
Added Tiktok and Twitch into salient social icon selection
Added option to deep link directly to a post grid filter with ?grid-filter=filter-name
Added filter for "Post Grid" excerpt option: nectar_post_grid_excerpt
Added performance theme option tab
Global lazy loading theme option for page builder elements
Enable "font-display: swap" for Google fonts
Remove Legacy Icon CSS
Remove Block Editor (Gutenberg) CSS
Added new theme option for WooCommerce minicart style with extended functionality
Added theme option for lazy loading with WooCommerce shop
Added new Product Reviews styling option
Added new WooCommerce single product layout options
New Gallery Style: 2 Column Images + Sticky Product Info
New Product tab position: Fullwidth Stacked (no tabs)
Define product gallery width
Add to cart style select
Product price, title & tab heading typography options
Single product image dimensions for hard cropping
Related product/Upsell product carousel
Lightbox gallery BG color
Added AJAX add to cart theme option for single products and quickview
Added theme option to disable product hover effects on mobile devices
Added new WooCommerce Products page builder element options for "Flickity" carousel
Improved CSS size on front-end
Improved Parallax scrolling performance
Improved Mobile scrolling performance
Improved Asset Loading
Improved CLS (Google lighthouse metric)
Improved accessibility with screen reader text for icons, aria attributes, and added a skip to navigation link
Updated Salient Core to v1.8
Updated Salient Portfolio v1.6
Updated Salient Demo Importer to v1.3
Updated Salient Social to v1.2
Updated Salient Nectar Slider to v1.7
Updated Salient Home Slider to v1.4
Updated Salient Shortcodes to v1.5
Updated Salient WPBakery Page Builder to v6.6
Fixed Material theme skin search bar positioning when using "Left Header" layout
Fixed Material theme skin logo positioning on search results template with the header style "Centered Logo Between Menu"
Fixed "Display Excerpt" option in post grid page builder element to display correctly
Fixed SVG in single image page builder element to display correctly when using a max of 50% or 75%
Fixed "Team Member" page builder element Modal Biography scrolling on touchpad devices
Fixed header search input to work correctly when disabling jQuery migrate
Fixed Heading 2 custom responsive sizing to take effect on h2 tags used in default editor (outside of the WPBakery page builder)
Fixed "Globally defined color scheme" theme options panel link from page builder elements when using a child theme
Fixed "Slide out from right hover" off canvas menu style to close correctly inside custom Mobile Breakpoint
Fixed search results template to increment numbers correctly on pagination when using "list" template
Fixed secondary header navigation bar to be clickable when using the "Permanent transparent" header option
Fixed Post Grid mobile filter event when used in combination with a Box Roll page header
Fixed Fullscreen Split off canvas menu style to correctly display menu item description
Fixed "Tabs" page builder element "Vertical Sticky Scrolling" style active link highlighting in full width content rows
Fixed "Tabs" page builder element to allow WooCommerce product carousel to be used correctly
Fixed "Image Gallery" page builder element > "Image Grid" style to correctly show descriptions in lightbox when using multiple instances on the same page
Fixed WooCommerce single product reviews pagination link to fire correctly
Fixed "Call to action" page builder element > Next Section Button link location when using Yoast Breadcrumbs
Fixed Cascading Images Parallax positioning when opening slide out from right off canvas menu
Fixed column BG video positioning on mobile devices
Fixed "Toggle" page builder issue when added inside of a row with custom class name "accordion"
Fixed 1/5 columns to correctly inherit small desktop responsive options
Fixed "Houzz" icon to display the current brand logo
Fixed Yoast/Rank Math compatibility issue with WPBakery page builder not picking up images for analysis.
v12.1.6 (1/24/2021)
Updated Salient Portfolio plugin to v1.6.2
Fixed Masonry portfolio layout to size correctly in WordPress 5.6
Updated Salient Nectar Slider plugin to v1.6.1
Fixed slide content positioning when using permanent transparent header theme option
Fixed Metabox fields in Nectar Slider and Posts to render correctly on page load instead of requiring additional tab click to reveal hidden fields.
Fixed PHP error conflict with GravityView plugin when accessing the 404 template
v12.1.5 (12/14/2020)
Updated Salient Portfolio plugin to v1.6.1
Fixed "Recent Projects" page builder element autorotation setting to work in WP 5.6
Fixed WPBakery to be able to save user templates
Fixed minimum page height calculations for WP 5.6
Fixed Magnific lightbox not able to display portfolio video embeds
Fixed Nectar 3D button to render sizing correctly
v12.1.4 (12/5/2020)
Updated Salient WPBakery Page Builder to latest version (6.4.2)
WooCommerce 4.7 hiding WPBakery front-end editor
WordPress 5.6 hiding button groups in the admin panel
WordPress 5.6 WPbakery page builder button hidden when creating new pages/posts
v12.1.3 (10/7/2020)
Updated Salient WPBakery Page Builder to latest version (6.4.1)
v12.1.2 (8/22/2020)
Fixed jQuery migrate warnings when using WordPress 5.5
Fixed Salient Shortcodes plugin "undefined" attribute issue with WordPress 5.5
Fixed Image Gallery page builder element to correctly allow links in lightbox descriptions
Updated Salient Core plugin to v1.7
Updated Salient Shortcodes plugin to v1.4
v12.1.1 (8/10/2020)
Fixed Original/Ascend theme skin search bars to work with WordPress 5.5
Fixed Admin metabox toggle coloring for WordPress 5.5
Fixed WooCommerce single product "Left Aligned Thumbnails" gallery variation image functionality
v12.1.0 Release (5/9/2020)
v12 is a major release. After updating, remember to clear the cache from any caching plugins/your browser and regenerate minified CSS/JS if you're using minification plugins.

Once you've updated your theme, make sure to also update your Salient plugins to get access to the feature listed below.

Added support for Imagify plugin webp image in header navigation logo
Added theme option to set Portfolio Full Width Portfolio Layout as default
Fixed Links to function normally inside of "Tabs" page builder element + Vertical Sticky Scrolling style
Fixed Centered Menu header layout positioning when using text based logo
Fixed SVG images to show remove button correctly in Page Builder > element settings
Fixed "Pull Right" menu location to be correctly clickable when using the "Permanent Transparent Header" option
Fixed Flickity iOS swiping functionality:
Fixed redux theme options error when file permissions on server do not allow writing
Fixed WooCommerce cart count in navigation to update correctly on mobile with AJAX
Fixed WooCommerce outdated template override warning
Fixed Page Full Screen Rows to correctly handle click events on contact form submission buttons on mobile devices
Fixed "Disable Transparency From Navigation" option to work when using "Page Full Screen Rows" option
Fixed Portfolio Item "Preview Changes" functionality
Fixed Portfolio default template to load in correct editor
Updated Salient WPBakery Page Builder to 6.2.0
Updated Salient Core plugin to v1.6
Updated Salient Portfolio plugin to v1.6
Updated Salient Nectar Slider plugin to v1.6
Updated Salient Home Slider plugin to v1.3
v12.0 Major Release (4/19/2020)
v12 is a major release. After updating, remember to clear the cache from any caching plugins/your browser and regenerate minified CSS/JS if you're using minification plugins.

Once you've updated your theme, make sure to also update your Salient plugins to get access to the feature listed below.

Added "device group" style options for various theme page builder element settings. These now allow you to define separate values for desktop/tablet/mobile and thus greatly expand on design possibilities. Element params which now have device groups are:
Row/Inner Row: Top & Bottom Padding, Translate X & Y, Min Width
Column/Inner Column: Padding, Margin, Max Width
Fancy Box: Min Height, Padding
Image With Animation: Margin
Divider: Height
Added 40 new Salient Studio Templates
Added 2 new demos Wellness & Nonprofit
Added new page builder element "Scrolling Text"
Added new page builder element: "Self Hosted Video Player"
Added option to sort Salient studio templates by "date" or "alphabetical"
Added theme option to enable element animations on mobile devices. (Added in the General settings > Functionality tab)
Added new "Column" & "Single Image" page builder element animation options (Rotate Reveal)
Added new off canvas menu style: "Fullscreen Split" - Demo here
Added "Column" page builder element background position option
Added option to define minimum width for "Inner Row" page builder element
Added "translate X" and "translate Y" transform fields for page builder columns
Added class field into "Tabs" page builder element.
Added a custom color selection field for the "Icon" page builder element
Added "z-index" field for page builder columns to allow custom stacking orders
Added new options for Post Grid element:
2 New Grid Styles: "Featured Image Mouse Follow on Hover" & "Content Under Featured Image"
Post Title Heading Tag selection
Post Title Custom Font Size
Post Grid Item Animation
Added new style for "Tabs" page builder element - vertical sticky scrolling
Added "Lightbox" options for "link type" field in "Call to Action" page builder element
Added Gradient coloring options for the "Highlighted Text" page builder element
Added new style to the "Highlighted Text" page builder element: "Text Outline"
Added new alignment/coloring options into page builder element "Fancy Box"
Added option to define custom text color for "Single testimonial" page builder element
Added RTL support for Flickity & Owl carousel scripts in the "Carousel" page builder element
Added in option for "adaptive height" into Carousel" page builder element using "Flickity" script
Added option to remove Nectar Love from being used in Salient Social > Customizer settings
Added functionality to allow Salient WPBakery element template files to be overridden through a child theme. See documentation here.
Added filters for page metaboxes so that they can easily be added to custom post types. See documentation here.
Added new page builder element setting styling to be better organized and more user friendly
Added "Color Overlay" preview for page builder row background layer
Added "Media File" upload button to easily select video files for page builder video backgrounds
Added set of dummy data images into the most popular older demos, "Business", "Corporate", "Agency", "Service", "App", "Product"
Added new Blog theme options for single post customization
Added option to remove default portfolio single project header
Added option to define bold tag typography in the Salient options panel > typography tab
Added new inline form css styles. See documentation here.
Added new form styling options in Salient options panel for Text Field/Textarea font size/padding and Submit button padding
Added compatibility with "Imagify" plugin to serve WebP images for the "Single Image" page builder element
Fixed page builder element icon library selection to load quicker - added pagination for larger libraries
Fixed Revolution Slider video backgrounds to display correctly
Fixed "Fancy box" hover description style to correctly trigger the touch event on mobile
Fixed mouse indicator icons to show correctly when using boxed theme option
Fixed Blog element lazy loading to work when using Infinite Scrolling pagination option
Fixed lazy loading elements to show images correctly in RSS feed
Fixed lazy loading elements to show images correctly when using AMP for WP
Fixed "Recent Posts" element multiple large featured style when using "Diagonal Gradient" option to display correctly
Fixed fullscreen row "Overall BG Color" option to apply correctly
Fixed IE11 "Cascading images" element image sizing
Fixed IE11 custom header navigation font color to correctly apply
Fixed "Footer Background Overlay" option to correctly allow for 0.0 value
Fixed Footer to be scrollable in fullscreen row setup on mobile when needed
Fixed "Singe Image" page builder element sizing when using max desktop width 50% or 75%
Fixed "Singe Image" page builder element link to be clickable when using color overlay
Fixed "Border Radius" column option
Fixed IE 11 "Single Image" element sizing when placed inside tab/toggles
Fixed The Event Calendar plugin conflict which prevented more than 12 items from displaying in month view
Fixed typo in Redux options framework border field file
Fixed "Custom Project Date/Excerpt Color" option to display correctly when using "Meta overlaid w/ zoom" style
Fixed "Fullscreen Rows" > "Disable On Mobile" option to size rows correctly on landscape tablets
Fixed frontend editor to load correctly when using "Tabs" element
Fixed "Blog" and "Testimonial Slider" elements to correctly center when defining a custom column gap in global theme options
Fixed "Slide out from Right Hover Triggered" off canvas navigation style to allow CSS width customizations
Fixed WooCommerce > Account > "Download" button to work with page transitions active.
Fixed WooCommerce classic product style HTML validation error
Fixed PHP 7.4 compatibility issues
Fixed RTL direction in "Tabs" page builder element when using the vertical material style.
Updated Google+ header/footer icon to be regular Google icon
Updated Salient Core to v1.5
Updated Salient Demo Importer to v1.2
Updated Salient Portfolio plugin to v1.5
Updated Salient Nectar Slider: v1.5
Updated Salient Home Slider to v1.2
Updated Demo Importer section order to reflect the date each demo was created
v11.0.4 (12/22/2019)
Fixed Salient plugin update notification "dismiss" function to refresh as new updates become available.
v11.0.3 (12/16/2019)
Updated Salient WPBakery Page Builder to version 6.1, which fixes the following issues:
Template saving errors
Gutenberg Editor element
Frontend editor loading when using "Tabs" element
RTL backend editor styling
Backend editor loading in Safari v9
Yoast SEO backend editor javascript error in certain setups
v11.0.2 (12/13/2019)
Added WordPress 5.3.1 Compatibility
By updating the included Salient plugins, the PHP warning when saving pages on certain server setups will be corrected: "preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given"
Added WooCommerce 3.8 Compatibility
Updated Salient Core plugin to version 1.4
Updated Salient Home Slider to version 1.1
Updated Salient Nectar Slider plugin to version 1.4
Updated Salient Portfolio plugin to version 1.4
v11.0.1 (10/3/2019)
Fixed vc_row with default column gap spacing when using page full screen rows
Fixed footer widget alignment when using default footer in page full screen rows setup
Fixed z-index issue with column overlay color
Fixed Salient Portfolio element issue with associated project srcset's
Fixed Post Grid element to only show posts which are published when using AJAX filtering
Updated Salient Core Plugin to v1.3
Updated Salient Portfolio Plugin to v1.3
v11.0 Major Release (9/30/2019)
Added three new theme demos, Freelance Portfolio, Corporate 3 and Business 3
Added 35 new Salient Studio templates
Added "Post Grid" page builder element. A flexible, highly customizable grid that can pull blog posts or portfolio items.
Added ability to define BG color, Padding & Display for "Call to Action" page builder element
Added Footer Link Hover Effect option in Salient options panel > Footer tab
Added new style option to "Call to Action" page builder element
Added three "Hover animations" for the "Single Image" page builder element
Added option to define "Mobile Max Width" for "Single Image" page builder element
Added "Border Radius" & "BG color" options to "Call to Action" page builder element
Added option to select "Scale" for "Cascading Images" page builder element
Added parallax scrolling option to "Cascading Images" page builder element
Added new "Video Lightbox" builder element style
Added new "Icon" page builder element style
Added new "Fancy Box" page builder element style: "Description on hover"
Added new "Image Gallery" page builder element style: "Flickity Static Height". This style allows varying aspect ratio images to all display evenly within the carousel.
Added "Touch Indicators" control style to "Image Gallery" element - Flickity styles
Added "Overflow Visibility" & "Warp Around Images" setting to "Image Gallery" element - Flickity styles
Added "Border Radius" option to Fancy Box page builder element
Added new "Team Member" element style - "Meta Below - Bio Modal"
Added lazy loading option various theme builder elements which previously were incompatible with lazy loading due to required JS calculations
Added "Zoom out reveal" Column Background Image Animation option to column page builder element
Added new style to "Tabs" page builder element (Minimal flexible width)
Added "Max Width" & "Animation type" options to "Split line heading" page builder element
Added "Color Overlay" section for column page builder element with gradient option
Added option to define heading tag used in each Nectar Slider instance
Updated Salient Grid System. V11 introduces a modern grid system that gives you global control over the column gap as well as individual control over the column gap in every row
Updated Google Font list in theme options panel
Updated Salient WPBakery Page Builder to v6.0.5
Updated Salient Core to v1.2
Updated Salient Demo Importer to v1.1
Updated Salient Nectar Slider to v1.3
Updated Salient Portfolio to v1.2
Updated Salient Shortcodes to v1.3
Updated Salient Social to v1.1
Fixed Pinterest Nectar Social share button to show correct image on single woocommerce products
Fixed single post gallery post format "Gallery Slider" option to display slider correctly at the top of the post.
Fixed "Fancy Unordered List" page builder element to display icon correctly when using Page Full Screen Rows + Disable On Mobile option
Fixed "Page Full Screen Rows" not allowing scrollwheel correctly if first row had overflow
Fixed theme option defined "Footer Background Image" to display when using "Page Full Screen Rows"
Fixed Header Logo Shrink Number theme option to allow "0" value
Fixed "Call to action" theme option to display correctly when using Page Full Screen Rows option
Fixed 404 template font sizing
Fixed portfolio "left" filter alignment on mobile when using full width horizontal styling
Fixed Salient Widgets: Nectar Popular Posts/Nectar Recent Posts Extra to serve correct image sizes
Fixed "Recent Posts" page builder element link coloring when used on front website page
Fixed IE11 bottom spacing issue with single image page builder element
v10.5.3 (6/14/2019)
Added support for lightbox youtube autoplay in Chrome when using fancyBox3 lightbox script
Fixed issue which prevented certain versions of PHP from outputting the theme data attributes on the body tag, which resulted in page builder "full width content" rows having a left gap
Fixed Nectar "button" Shortcode to load iconsmind when using an icon from that family
Fixed internal server error thrown when uploading WPML XLIFF file
Fixed "Team Member" page builder element "Bio shown fullscreen" style to be clickable on mobile devices when using the box roll page header effect
Fixed Off Canvas Menu dropdown arrows to be clickable when using a HTML5 Canvas Background for the page header
Updated fancyBox3 lightbox script to the current version
Updated Salient Shortcodes plugin
Updated Salient Portfolio plugin
Improved header navigation accessibility
v10.5.2 (6/10/2019)
Fixed "Recent Posts" page builder element large featured styles to have correct top padding on mobile when the transparent header navigation is active
Fixed Nectar Slider fullscreen option to calculate correctly when not using parallax option
Fixed scrolling issue in Safari versions 10 and under when using Material theme skin
Fixed scrolling issue on mobile devices when using the "Page full screen rows" option with "Row Overflow" set to "Provide Scrollbar"
Fixed WooCommerce cart image sizing for images that do not have a srcset defined
Updated Nectar Slider plugin to v1.2
v10.5.1 (6/3/2019)
Added "Read Article" string into Salient Core plugin .pot
Added option in Salient theme options > typography to configure how the default font (Open Sans) loads - Local/From Google/Bypass
Fixed Category Grid page builder element to be able to use images from CDNs correctly
Fixed Fancy Box page builder element "Add Border" option to display correctly
Fixed Fancy Box page builder element icon color when using "Accent Color"
Fixed Material theme skin search text on mobile devices from getting clipped
Fixed theme option "Header Box Shadow" to display when using Material theme skin & certain header effects
Fixed Testimonial Slider "Multiple Visible" style to have correct padding on mobile viewports
Fixed Nectar Slider responsive width when used inside of a column
Fixed button element in Salient Shortcodes plugin to render gradient style correctly in the Material theme skin
Fixed WooCommerce shop archive pages to load page builder element css as needed
Updated Nectar Slider plugin to v1.1
Updated Salient Core plugin to v1.1
Updated Salient Shortcode plugin to v1.1
v10.5 Major Release (5/27/2019)
Added new logic for dynamic css, which will automatically write the css to an external file instead of outputting it in the head (when writing permission is available)
Added automatic regeneration of dynamic css triggered after Salient has been updated - no more having to click "save" in the theme options to create the stylesheet.
Added automatic cache busting for dynamic css after values change
Added phone/email icon options into footer theme options
Added optional ID field into button page builder element
Added option to define blog post single navigation ordering from the Salient options panel
Added ability to use the category description field for blog categories
Added ability to use off canvas menu widget area on mobile even when OCM menu is disabled for desktops
Added option to define logo typography when opting to not use an image based logo
Added featured image to show in search results for pages which have one set
Added "Transparent Header Effect" functionality into mobile
Added "Slight Twist" column animation option
Added option to define mobile only transparent logos
Added new Off Canvas Menu style: "Simple Dropdown"
Added option to define "Secondary Header Mobile Functionality". You can now choose between the following:
Add Items into Mobile Navigation Menu
Display Items Above Mobile Header
Added artstation, discord, and whatsapp into social media icons
Added new theme hooks:
Added the following Salient plugins:
Salient Core
Salient Demo Importer
Salient Portfolio
Salient Social
Salient Widgets
Salient Nectar Slider
Salient Shortcodes
Improved CSS load time
Improved mobile javascript performance
Improved Secondary Header Bar theme option organization
Updated Salient to be compliant with the new Envato theme requirements
Updated theme assets (css/js/php files) to be much more organized/clean and easier to work with
Updated Salient child theme
Updated Salient documentation
Fixed WooCommerce "get_woocommerce_term_meta is deprecated" warning when debug mode is enabled
Fixed dynamic css issues with multisite installations
Fixed animated anchor links to work inside of WooCommerce product description tab
Fixed image with hotspots mobile click event when attempting to reopen tooltip which was recently closed
Fixed "Clients Display" element "Fade In One By One" option to work with the Page full screen rows
Fixed blog archive header to always show correct archive text even if custom page header text is defined for posts page
Fixed material theme skin mobile search position when using the "Left header" header format
Fixed Google v3 reCAPTCHA badge positioning
Fixed outlines to be visible when using Tab on the keyboard
Fixed demo importer conflict that would prevent importing when the WordPress Importer plugin was active
Fixed theme option typos
Fixed multi level dropdowns to work correctly in the secondary header navigation
Fixed "Exclude this row from passing its background/text colors to the header" option conflict with row icon list element
Fixed off canvas navigation slide out from right hover style to function correctly on large desktop monitors when using the Salient boxed layout
Fixed media query issue that caused both mobile and desktop styles to apply at exactly 1000px screen width
Fixed "Hide header until needed" header navigation effect to work correctly on short pages in Safari
Fixed image gallery style: "Parallax Image Grid" lightbox grouping when using fancyBox3 as the theme lightbox
Fixed Nectar Slider width on mobile when using "boxed" theme option
Fixed Nectar Slider to allow touch swiping on mobile
Fixed project-attributes archives to allow all project styles from theme options
Fixed default toggle style coloring when placed in a row set using "light" for the "text color"
Fixed linea font family icons "basic_geolocalize_01" and "basic_geolocalize_05" to render correctly
Fixed WP categories widget styling when using "show post counts" option
Fixed WooCommerce product tag cloud widget to correctly toggle in mobile devices
Fixed WooCommerce variable products to update correctly when using a large amount of variations
Fixed testimonial slider on mobile height calculation when using option for height animation
Fixed classic enhanced recent post gradient shadow positioning
Fixed "full slide link" Nectar Slider setting to be clickable on all browsers
Fixed RTL header alignment issue with cart in Ascend/Original skins
Fixed WPML alt tags within the "Single Image" page builder element
v10.0.4 (4/18/2019)
Added WooCommerce 3.6 compatibility
v10.0.3 (4/4/2019)
Fixed Chrome v73 scroll event javascript warning
v10.0.2 (4/1/2019)
Updated Salient WPBakery page builder to v5.7
Adds PHP 7.3 compatibility
Fixed issue with not being able to remove Salient studio via child theme
Fixed WooCommerce single product gallery layout "Left Aligned Thumbnails + Sticky Product Info" on mobile
Fixed PHP conflict when using the Nectar Products page builder element and having WooCommerce blocks plugin active
Fixed "Header Remove Desktop Stickiness" option to also apply to landscape tablet devices
v10.0.1 (1/3/2019)
Fixed footer copyright autogenerated date
Fixed flickity slider script to have new version number to cache bust older version after updating
When the older flickity script version was cached, the sliders displayed blank
v10.0 Major Release (12/7/2018)
Added front end editing functionality to the Salient WPBakery page builder
In order to get access, you must update your version of the included WPBakery page builder to 5.6
Added new page builder interface styling
Added WordPress 5.0 compatibility
Added basic styling for the new WP block editor elements
Added option to define nectar button element custom text color for regular button styles
Added "Bypass Image Cropping" option to portfolio element
Added possibility to use "Project Item Spacing" option for the portfolio element when using non full width layouts
Added 2 column layout to portfolio element & image gallery element when using "image grid style"
Added theme options to remove date/author/nectar love individually from blog/recent post elements as well as on the single post pages
Added theme option to have single blog post header inherit featured image
Added theme option to remove portfolio post type comment functionality globally
Added option for team member element link target
Added option to force 1 Column layout in Salient options > WooCommerce > Archive Page Columns (Phone)
Added new "Animation" tab in WPBakery row & column elements
It is now possible to animate the BG image of these elements independently from the content contained inside of them
Added option to use self hosted video BG on columns
Added "zoom out" column animation option
Added ability to control body font sizing in each viewport independently. (via Salient options panel > typography > Responsive settings)
Updated WPbakery Page Builder to 5.6 - you must update to this version for WordPress 5.0 compatibility
Updated theme file organization and file architecture for cleaner code and easier child theme overriding
Updated owl carousel script
Updated Google font list
Fixed scroll to top button to work on mobile devices correctly
Fixed parallax BG positioning on iOS devices when using "Fixed" speed
Fixed leaflet map bottom margin
Fixed full width background width when row added through WPBakery templatera addon
Fixed page transitions (standard method) to not fade in loading screen when clicking on mailto: or tel: based links
Fixed WooCommerce AJAX header cart variation text coloring
Fixed plugin conflict with "ActiveMember360"
Fixed secondary header nav bar to display when not using off canvas navigation
Fixed recent posts multiple large featured auto rotate to work with multiple instances on same page
Fixed auto masonry blog layout infinite scroll pagination loading
Fixed WooCommerce single product gallery captions to display correctly
Fixed theme options panel asset loading issues in custom WP directory setups like bedrock
Fixed Firefox issue with interactive map greyscale option
Fixed Nectar Slider caption display issue when using autorotate option and switching browser tabs
Improved Security in accordance to new Envato WP theme guidelines
This is a minor release only related to WooCommerce compatibility.

Updated WooCommerce compatibility for WooCommerce 3.5x
Added support for YITH AJAX Product Filter Premium version bicolor style
Added option to disable video BGs from showing on mobile devices in Salient options panel > general settings > functionality tab
Updated theme options panel switch label to be outside next to switch to allow all languages to have enough room
Fixed mobile WPBakery row self hosted video background positioning when using row type "full width background"
Fixed parallax header text alignment on mobile when using HTML5 Canvas background option
Fixed column BG overlay appling color to inner column(s) as well
Fixed default single post header style height calc on mobile
Fixed secondary header link location after it switches into off canvas navigation location when viewing on smartphones
v9.0 Major Release
This is a major release - Remember to clear any caching plugins + your browser cache after updating

Also remember that if you're using the option "Move Dynamic/Custom CSS Into External Stylesheet" in the Salient options panel > general settings > css/script related tab, you'll need to click "Save changes" in your options panel after updating to regenerate your stylesheet

50 new Salient Studio page builder templates
New Header Layout: "Centered Menu Bottom Bar"
New header animation effect for available specifically for "Centered Menu Bottom Bar" called "Condense Header On Scroll"
Option for centered text in secondary header
Option for mobile only logo
Category Grid page builder element
Highlighted Text page builder element
Option to define custom link text/display excerpt for recent project slider > fullscreen zoom slider
Parallax functionality to mobile (Can be disabled in the Salient options panel > general settings > functionality tab)
Self hosted video background to autoplay on mobile devices which support it
Option to "Add Shadow Behind Transparent Header" in Salient options panel > Header navigation > transparent header effect tab
"General WordPress Pages" options tab that contains:
Search Results Template Design Options featuring multiple new layouts
404 Template Design Options
New "underline" style to "call to action" page builder element
New "basic - left image" style to "single testimonial" page builder element element
New style "vertical material" option to "Tabs" page builder element
Option for "icon list" page builder element to display horizontal
Setting in page builder column > responsive options tab to select the tablet column width
Offset params for recent projects and portfolio page builder elements
Caption transition option for Nectar Slider
Option for ken burns zoom on Nectar Slider
BG overlay option for Nectar Slider slides
WooCommerce "Product Quick View" option
User account button option into Salient options panel > header navigation > layout related tab
Option to define WooCommerce shop columns (2-6 columns) on desktop/small desktop/tablet separately
Option to define WooCommerce shop product font size (for all styles) via the typography tab
New WooCommerce Single Product Gallery Type: "Left Aligned Thumbnails + Sticky Product Info
WooCommerce Social Sharing Style "Fixed to Bottom Right Of Screen"
Options in "WooCommerce products" page builder element for "Pagination", "Orderby", "Order"
Options in "WooCommerce products" page builder element related to the carousel display
Support for the plugin YITH ajax product filters added with enhanced Salient styling
Option to define alignment for divider element with small border
Option to enable/disable dropdown arrows from header navigation - previously only shown with the "original" theme skin
Option to disable page transitions on mobile only
Option to center footer copyright bar
Option for widget area when using centered footer copyright bar
Possibility for anchor single page scrolling functionality to the "Material" skin slide out from right off canvas navigation.
Option in Salient options panel > page header tab to "Automatically Add Page Title to Page Header"
2 New Demos available to import - "eCommerce Ultimate" & "eCommerce Creative"
Site element loading when disabling page transitions - significant change. Almost all of the key layout design options that were relying on Javascript to calculate have been changed to pure CSS calculations. This allows elements to become visible to users immediately rather than waiting on the script to load/process. (Previously the screen just stayed blank until the javascript files loaded)
Updated WPBakery Page Builder plugin to current version
Updated Demo Importer with control over demo content aspects separately (content, theme options, widgets)
Updated Demo Importer to specify what plugins are required for each demo and allow you to install/activate if needed
Updated WooCommerce account login/registration styling
Updated Animated scrolling logic to work properly with dynamic height rows cross browser
Updated Standard WP image caption styling
Updated admin options panel styling
Updated search results template when no results are found to include search bar
Updated "Google Map" page builder element to "Interactive Map" element and added a new map element type (leaflet).
Updated functionality of WooCommerce Single Product Gallery "Gallery slider with zoom on Hover" and changed name to "Bottom Aligned Thumbnails Alt"
Updated .pot file
Updated Google fonts list to include latest fonts in Salient options panel
Changed "Enable Fancy Select/Radio/Checkbox Styling" to just "Enable Fancy Select Styling" - unfortunately the checkbox/radio aspect conflicted with too many third party form solutions
Fixed Incorrect height being used for self hosted video in portfolio from metabox
Fixed Search results to use external project URL for those projects which have it set
Fixed "There is 1 error which must be fixed before you can update file" warning in WP admin editor when editing stlye.css
Fixed Recent post slider multiple featured to size correctly inside of a boxed setup
Fixed WooCommerce layered nav checkbox alignment when using material theme skin
Fixed WooCommerce product widget star ratings alignment in ascend theme skin
Fixed Gutenberg conflicts with post format metaboxes
Fixed "Testimonial Slider" page builder element autorotation not longer forced unless user defined for "Multiple Visible" styles
Fixed Material theme skin single portfolio with sidebar layout issue on screen sizes 1000 - 1300px wide
Fixed WooCommerce create account checkbox to work when using Fancy Select/Checkbox/Radio Styling
Fixed Portfolio to be able to select subcategories of the same name for display in the sortable filters
Fixed Portfolio sticky sidebar to calulate correctly
Fixed "Clients Display" page builder element to pull from assigned media alt text
Font awesome conflict with divs that use class name containing "fa-"
Fixed WPBakery page builder "Video Player" element to display user defined width % correctly
Fixed Issue with AMP for WP plugin breaking Salient theme options panel styling
Fixed theme option typography options from adding uneeded css rules in frontend stylesheet
Fixed Disable row option for VC row inner
Fixed Third party plugin styling conflicts related to using "Minimal" form styling theme option
Buddypress styling issues
Minor bugfix release

Added WooCommerce 3.4 compatibility
Updated comment form template to include new checkbox
Fixed row translate X/Y values to work on legacy iOS devices
Fixed magnific iframe issues that caused shaking when hovering over on latest Chrome
Fixed Page header/Nectar Slider video BGs to autoplay - they are now muted by default to work with new guidelines set by Chrome
Added WooCommerce 3.3.3 compatibility
Updated Salient Visual Composer to current version (now named Salient WPBakery page builder)
Updated wpml-config.xml
Fixed tabbed material underline issues when nesting unordered lists within tab
Fixed Social sharing in blog/portfolio (fixed to bottom right of screen style) to show on mobile devices
Fixed page setting to force "Transparent Header Navigation Color" to work in dark when using the permanent transparent header option
Fixed page template sidebar to show Yoast Bredcrumbs if active
Added option for new premium lightbox (FancyBox3)
Added WooCommerce 3.3x compatibility
Added option in "Page Header Settings" metabox to force transparent header logo/links transparent color (light/dark)
Added mixcloud & snapchat icons to footer/header social selection
Added official WPML compatibility
Fixed team member - fullscreen modal style to show 4th social media icon if set
Fixed Youtube/Vimeo video iframe embeds from loading twice
Fixed page full screen row tooltip animation hover
Fixed IE edge error with Linea library SVG animated icons
Fixed z-index of fancy box link in Firefox Quantum
Added support for compressed URLs in video lightbox
Fixed "inherit from theme skin" form styling optin to allow most third party plugins to override styling completely & correctly
Fixed image with hotspot VC element to work correctly in Firefox Quantum
Fixed issue with portfolio parallax style in lightbox only setup when using filters
Fixed Yelp icon to display in Off Canvas Navigation
Fixed WooCommerce product attribute filer widget in sidebar styling with ascend skin
Fixed tabbed element to show blog element correctly
Fixed self hosted WP video shortcode preview image sizing
Fixed "Hide Header Until Needed" effect combined with "Header inherit row color" effect causing material search to display wrong
Fixed progress bar element to work in full screen page row setup
Fixed the "variable height & meta overlaid" blog header style from showing the social sharing button in meta when using the option for "Fixed to bottom right of screen" social sharing style
Updated Google font list in theme options panel
Updated WooCommerce cart template file to allow for ajax functionality
Updated Visual Composer to include tinymce linebreak fix.
NOTE: In order to get this fix and ensure WP 4.9/Firefox Quantum compatibility - you must update your version of the Salient VC in the plugins section once you've updated the theme. Just updating the theme alone won't apply the fix.
Fixed centered logo between menu header layout when using Material theme skin
Fixed permanent transparent header issue that displayed light logo over single post comment section when using the Material skin
Updated Salient VC for WP 4.9 compatibility
Fixed fullscreen row parallax animation in FF quantum
Fixed blog archive pages with no page header to have top padding when using material skin
Fixed material slide out menu in combination with the "no footer" page template
Fixed theme options issue with saving on PHP versions < 5.3
Fixed Overflowing Team Members & text Snippet studio template
Fixed "Manage elements" button inside of VC for custom user elements users who previously installed Salient VC 5.2.2 and need this fix must remove/reinstall the plugin
Fixed audio player not appearing on single post page in audio format when using certain post styles
Fixed mobile container width for older gen smartphones < 320px
Fixed off canvas navigation to close when clicking animated anchor link that exists on same page
Fixed WooCommerce single product page Gallery slider with zoom on Hover from opening images in new tab when clicked on
Fixed Portfolio "Title overlaid w/ zoom effect on hover alt" style project-type archive to display correctly
Fixed fancy box with animation to display on mobile device landscape viewport
Fixed "Show More or Less Locations" button in Salient options panel > contact tab
Fixed portfolio default style to not show "The image could not be loaded" error message post filtering
v8.5.0 Major Release
Added 6 new demos into the theme demo importer
Added 50 new templates into the Salient Studio
Added new "Material" skin in theme options
Added Nectar popular posts widget
Added option to use a shape divider in VC rows
Added 3 new core blog styles
Added options to choose any blog style in the VC element + now unlimited instances can be used on the same page of differing styles
Added 5 new VC recent post styles
Added 3 new recent post extra widget styles
Added category selection for recent posts extra widget
Added post pagination styling options in theme options panel, with new option to show prev & next posts
Added related post options into theme options panel
Added 3 new fancy box styles
Color Box Basic
Color Box Hover Effect
Parallax Hover Effect
Added icon option into fancy box element
Added in option to have OCM parent nav item (with children) be clickable as well as open submenu if desired
Added options for ordering for recent posts/blog
Added sticky sidebar option for blog
Added team member social link option in fullscreen style
Added option to make widgetized sidebar element sticky
Added query parameters for "order" and "orderby" into recent posts and blog elements
added new basic horizontal swipe transition
Added new toggle style
Added new carousel element script "Flickity"
Added clients element hover effect option
Added clients element spacing options
Added the option for owl carousel to loop
Added option for column border radius
Added translateY and translateX options for rows
Added hover bg options for inner columns
Added animation + content alignment options for fancy box
Added border radius option into single image element
Added border radius option into nectar video lightbox element
Added material style for cta element
Added Yelp icon into theme options
Added new typography option specifically for Sidebar/Footer Headers
Added single testimonial element
Added z-index option for VC row
Added new .pot file for easier translating
Updated Nectar recent posts extra widget with many more options
Updated redux options framework with improved demo importer
Updated team member fullscreen bio close functionality on mobile devices
Updated Salient Studio (in VC 5.2.2) to lazy load images, improving edit page load performance
Fixed full page screen rows with fullscreen nectar slider light/dark slide style issues
Fixed linea in flipbox
Fixed auto rotation speed on VC image gallery (flickity style) element
Fixed issue where WP warning "Are you sure you want to do this?" Would show when creating new pages and using the option "Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu"
Fixed VC pie chart not showing in VC 5.2.1+
Fixed icon elements to display correctly in minimal toggle style
Version 8.1.0
version bump to allow users that were on 8.0.1x to update to current release via Envato Marketplace plugin
Fixed VC pie chart to display correctly
Fixed wpml-config.xml file to increased compatibility
Fixed VC "in container" row to have default bottom margin as with earlier version of VC
Version 8.0.2
Updated Salient VC to latest release for WP 4.8.1 compatibility
Fixed gradient text/icon elements to display correctly in latest FF
Fixed issue with theme demo importer on PHP7 not importing menu items
Fixed "outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files" warning message
Version 8.0.16
Added WooCommerce 3.1.0 compatibility
Added PHP7 compatibility for Salient Visual Composer
Version 8.0.15
Added WooCommerce 3.0.3 compatibility
Version 8.0.1
Added header navigation mobile break point selection in options panel
Added responsive tab into typography options - you can now set scaling options for all headings individually for all viewports
Added WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility
Added back in widgetized sidebar element which 8.0 initially made hidden
Fixed responsive column issue showing in 1200-1300px screens when set to be hidden
Fixed team member fullscreen style when using a boxed layout
Fixed WooCommerce fullwidth product page layout alignment
Fixed icon with text custom image sizing
Fixed Nectar Slider heading color in light slides when using custom overall body color
Fixed WooCommerce price filter submit hover when using slightly rounded shadow button style
Added "View Project" link in full screen project slider into the .po file
Fixed scrollbar overflow in Page Full Screen Rows to be clickable (interactive) by user
Fixed header and page submenu issues in the new no header/no footer page templates
Fixed duplicate link issue when using options "Off Canvas Menu Mobile Nav Menu items" and "Slide out from right hover triggered" style together
Fixed "Slide out from right hover triggered" style positioning when using "Header with secondary navigation" layout
Fixed HTML5 Canvas particle header when using parallax option to work with footer reveal effect
Updated color selects in Salient VC to show visual representation of color based on values set in the Salient options panel
Fixed mouse parallax image upload sizing to not break into two lines in Salient VC
Fixed performance issue when using many portfolio elements on the same page
Fixed recent posts element alignment (classic enhanced style) when no posts have featured image set
Fixed image gallery parallax grid hover effect in Safari
Fixed minimal alt tabbed style to align correctly when used inside of full width content row
Fixed various hover animations for latest Firefox
Fixed nectar icon display glitches with when certain options are combined
Fixed IE 11 position in full height row
Version 8.0 Major Release
Salient Studio - A custom section in the Salient Visual composer (make sure you've updated to the current Salient VC, which is now 5.0.1 to see it in its full form). The studio can be found in the templates section of the visual composer, there's over 150 templates we've created exclusive for Salient. They are all available to place into your pages in one click.
Added option to remove header box shadow
Added option to keep nav always at top
Added option to define header menu item spacing
Restructured code for faster loading
Added left align option for portfolio filters
Added typography option for portfolio/image grid caption/excerpts
Added option to define custom max container width for text. responsive design option.
Added option to choose number of visible images in Touch enabled and spaced gallery slider (flickity) for every viewport
Added new pagination style option to Touch enabled and spaced gallery slider (flickity)
Added classic enhanced blog style into recent posts
Added slightly rounded button style
Added slightly rounded with shadow button style
Added menu location to "pull right" certain menu items when using the centered menu or left alignment header layout options
Added page templates for no header/footer
Added new testimonial style - multiple visible minimal
Added in star rating option for testimonials
Added new project style
Added new blog/portfolio load in effect (perspective fade in)
Added option to use portfolio masonry layout with out fullwidth layout
Added in new page transition - multi layer swipe
Added page header color overlay option
Added fullscreen project header option
Added column border options + column border animation options
Added option to use megamenu without column titles
Added option for dropdown transparency
Added option to have megamenu remove header navigation transparency when it's opened
Added option to allow megamenu to span fullwidth of the page rather than being constrained to header container
Added column box shadow options
Added VC horizontal list item element
Added new google map marker style
Added new recent project style option - fullscreen zoom slider
Added new project navigation option
Added alt image tag support for cascading image element
Added option for one centered footer column
Added option to set footer BG image & overlay color
Added css animation for Salient VC text block element
Added in Salient visual composer custom heading element - an easier way to select a custom Google font/color for any snippet of text on a page
Added in option for raw VC full height row - now single rows can easily display the full height of the page
Added new project/post social sharing option style
Added price list visual composer element
Added adaptive image sizing. This also applies to the portfolio & blog post types.
Updated Google fonts list
Updated waypoints script
Updated Visual Composer to latest release
Improved Google maps dark color scheme
Improved portfolio/blog animation functionality - items now only fade in when scrolled into viewport, previously all items animated in as soon as the top of the portfolio/blog was in view which caused most of the animation to be missed by the user
Fixed modernizr script error that created issues on select server setups
Fixed mouse scroll down icon in page header alignment when using rounded button styling on mobile devices
Fixed landscape tablet display issues when page full screen rows are used and disabled in mobile option is on
Fixed center logo between menu layout positioning in Safari
Fixed fancy dropdown select to work when not using WooCommerce plugin
Fixed reveal footer spacing when using body border
Fixed new team member style to correctly close on iOS
Fixed image gallery element, basic/nectar slider to work with lightbox setting
Fixed default active portfolio filter when using centered inline filters
Fixed off canvas menu hover triggered text effect to work correctly when using multiple line links
Fixed alt tag to pull from media library alt attribute for default team member style
Fixed animated titles to work in tabs
Fixed menu item style to be visible in WP 4.7
Fixed animated underline nav items to open items in one click on iPad landscape view (previously took a double click because of the animation effect) Added Call to action element
Version 7.6
Fixed disable VC row feature to work correctly
Added in option to center portfolio filters & define typography settings
Added new portfolio filter color styling option (animated underline)
Fixed Passepartout to have correct space for footer
Added portfolio gutter spacing option
Added portfolio new project style
Added option to alternate portfolio masonry sizing scheme - more suitable for photography
Fixed search button from opening mobile menu on click if using non sticky mobile header
Fixed full screen rows to allow video BGs to work normally in all browsers
Fixed page submenu sticky with boxed layout mobile issue
Fixed linea icon family to work in nectar button/list item element correctly
Added option to select header navigation submenu styling
Added option for full width content footer
Added masonry sizing options to visual composer image gallery element
Added new standard blog style option (minimal)
Added new WooCommerce nav style option
Fixed ascend header shopping cart to not overlap search icon hover area
Added two new navigation layouts (vertical fixed left & top left aligned)
Added woocommerce account page styling
Fixed VC nectar tilt button style to work correctly
Fixed hotspot element show on click type to work correctly
Added option to disable page full screen rows on mobile devices
Fixed original skin to display gradient nectar buttons correctly
Fixed animated columns with large delay times to animate in correctly in page full screen rows when changing rows quickly
Fixed IE11 equal height column display issues
Fixed default CF7 form to work with minimal form styling
Fixed svg icons to show in tabbed
Added youtube source option for row video BG
Added WooCommerce option to show first gallery image on product hover
Added option to define how many products are shown per page in options panel
Added option for delay timing in cascading images element
Updated font awesome to current release
Added option to define page header image for each woocommerce product category
Updated Salient VC to 4.12.1
Fixed minimal form styling to work in rows set to light text color
Fixed centered logo above menu to handle padding correctly
Added option to mute video backgrounds
Added option to select Submit Button style in salient options panel
Added new icon set (iconsmind)
Added icon element to VC
Added new flip in vertical animation for columns/animated images
Fixed gradient text to work in latest Firefox
Fixed w3 validation errors
Added minimal testimonial style
Added new team member style
Fixed video backgrounds to work in IE Edge 14
Fixed flip box element to be able to flip correctly on mobile when using box roll header
Version 7.5.02
Fixed child theme style.css to load correctly
Fixed secondary header dropdown z-index issue
Fixed JS error from occuring when using parallax page header in combination with navigation without transparency on
Version 7.5.01
Prevented PHP warning from occuring on select PHP versions
Version 7.5 (Major release)
Updated VC to latest version
Added Full Page functionality for Visual Composer - configurable from the bottom of every edit page screen
Added image with animation shadow options
Added cascading images element
Added google maps API key field to allow maps to work correctly
Fixed touch enabled and spaced gallery to work in tabbed element
Added ability to set custom dark color which will be used on transparent dark navigation (dark nectar slide, dark row when using permanent transparent etc) previously always defaulted to black
Added option to define max width on visual composer image element
Fixed header resize on scroll effect to position correctly in ipad landscape
Added button shortcode to also be available in VC
Updated Google font list
Fixed masonry classic enhanced blog issue that caused column gap to appear at 1600px viewport
Added icon list VC element
Added new material loading spinner option
Added support to close off canvas menu by clicking outside of it on the overlay
added body border styling options
Added gradient colors in accent colors
Added flipbox VC element
Added new options to divider element
Added gradient text VC element
Added new toggle style option
Added animated title VC element
Added new slide out widget area menu effects/options
Fixed Salient VC to render correctly in backend when special characters are used in blog categories
Fixed perma transparent header from disappearing at the top when scrolling very fast
Fixed iPad landscape column reveal animations to display correctly
Added image with hotspots VC element
Fixed WooCommerce variable product images to display correctly when using multiple variation attributes
Fixed "Meta on hover + entire thumb link" project style within a tabbed element to work with project accent & title colour configurations Added three new demos
Version 7.0.9
Fixed fancy checkbox to work with remember me on woocommerce my account
Fixed image with animation Fade in From Bottom to load in right position on mobile
Fixed iframe embeds in Nectar Slider to size correctly on load
Fixed image gallery to be able to use ext URLs
Fixed retina logo issues where no logo would display on Safari/iOS if retina version wasn't set
Fixed header nav button style to have correct color on dark nectar slides/dark row with permeneant transparent
Fixed IE9 compatibility with masony blog element + other various display issues
Fixed sticky page submenu to work when using permenant transparent header + hide header until needed options
Fixed Safari hover 1px jump for portfolio "Title overlaid w/ zoom effect on hover" style
Fixed portfolio parallax style to allow custom thumbnail correctly
Added google structured data author fn support to fullscreen post header
Fixed masonry portfolio to work when not using any regular sized items
Fixed options panel glitch that hides social icon checkboxes in header navigation section when loading page
Added support for Ultimate VC addons modal box iframe element
Fixed blog infinite scroll loading message to stay directly after blog element and not go to bottom of page when other elements are used after the blog element
Fixed blog classic enhanced large featured size on non fullwidth masonry layouts
Fixed "Disable Transparency From Navigation" option to work on page header when using video BG
Added option to remove theme lightbox script all together
Added latest WooCommerce compatibility
Fixed testimonial slider multiple visible to work when not using full width content row type
Version 7.0.8
Fixed portfolio custom thumbnail to use https if ssl is used
Fixed tweenmax error on particle page header
Fixed parallax portfolio to work with AJAX transition
Fixed boxed issue where page header with no BG causes content to be squeezed to the right
Fixed row gradient Bottom to Top overlay
Fixed recent projects element to allow prettyphoto description if set
Updated VC to current version to ensure WP 4.5 compatibility
Version 7.0.7
Fixed dark Nectar Slide nav item hover/active to be dark as intended when not using animated underline
Fixed gradient row overlay to work on single blog posts if used
Fixed ipad pro portrait animated elements not showing
Fixed pie charts not displaying on front when used on the same page as a blog element
Added in Nectar Slider font size overrides for various viewports
Fixed minimal form styling to work in footer widget & password protected page correctly
Fixed back button to work on mobile safari with center reveal mask page transition
fixed youtube video embed with magnific on nectar slider
Updated blog dummy data
Fixed latest IE edge video BG issues
Fixed Nectar Slider autorotate timer to start once slider has fully loaded in
Updated Visaul Composer to latest release
Fixed column offset to work when setting the first column in a row to use one on desktop mode
Fixed testimonial slider autorotate timing to work correctly with multiple visible style
Fixed wp video shortcode to size correctly inside of tabbed element
Version 7.0.6
Please Note: If you've already installed Salient VC 4.9.2 you'll need to delete it and reinstall it to get some of the fixes below in 7.0.6
Fixed page submenu bugs with secondary nav on mobile
Fixed HTML5 Canvas page header to show text correctly when using multiple particle shapes
Fixed 404 console error URL/none when using page header without BG image
Fixed fontawesome to load with new VC in nectar shortcode generator
Fixed magnific close button with default skin not showing
Fixed WooCommerce add to cart duplicate issues
Fixed options panel warnings that would sometimes appear about CDN not available
Fixed first nectar slide to transition correctly when using autorotate & fade
Fixed salient VC remove button to appear on background images
Added Salient VC feature - Equal height columns option (the same as native VC)
Version 7.0.5
Updated VC to current release
Added WooCommerce 2.5 compatibility
Fixed page submenu to not always open link in new tab
Fixed widget search with minimal input styling
Fixed page submenu element to align to header correctly when using secondary nav
Fixed Pie Chart element to work correctly in Visual Composer
Fixed RTL to work in child theme
Version 7.0.2
Fixed Nectar Slider to respect height on mobile devices
Fixed fullscreen blog header to allow bottom shadow/overlay if used
Fixed current page nav item coloring when using custom color scheme
Fixed parallax portfolio style to be able to use custom thumbnail upload
Fixed WooCommerce product carousel to be clickable on mobile
Fixed IE edge not displaying looped Nectar Slider
Fixed Magnific portfolio issues
Fixed Row Inherit BG color option to work as expected
Fixed font subsetting to work cross-browser
Fixed blog masonry classic enhanced to work with non ascend skin
Fixed page header slide down effect to work if set
Version 7.0.1
Fixed off canvas menu to not move up when opening when using remove border on transparent nav
Fixed search results page to load correctly
Fixed blog archive header to not use transparent header when header image is not supplied
Fixed bug with testimonial slider that crashed page when "disable height animation" option was used
Fixed header nav custom colors to correctly assign
Fixed blog/portfolio visual composer element pagination to work on WP defined front page
Fixed secondary header to be fullwidth when using boxed design + hide header until needed
Version 7.0
Fixed fullscreen off canvas menu to calculate height correctly for nested levels on mobile
Fixed permanent transparent header to not block page content when using regular menu
Added typography option for form labels
Fixed child theme to handle responsive styles right
Added option to change overall BG color
Added option to change overall font color
Fixed prettyphoto html5 validation errors
Fixed Nectar Slider slide transition issue in latest FF
Fixed ext latin chars in old FF versions
Added option to define navigation BG opacity
Added option to define mobile logo size
Added option to have header stay at top of page and only show when scrolling towards the top
Increased page load performance
Added option for new page transition effect
Added global page header options (for load in effects etc) into Salient options panel
Added new form input styling options
Added new testimonial/blockquote styling options
Added header option to add button links
Added ability to set column top/bottom margin
Updated carousel control styling for ascend skin
Updated jQuery waypoints plugin - higher performing
Added option to set single project navigation position (in header or below project)
Added new tabbed element functionality
tab alignment options (left,center,right)
new optional style (minimal)
vertical tabs
Added option to define portfolio/blog fade in effect
Added new image gallery style
Fixed various boxed layout bugs
Added option to define seconday fixed menu on a per page basis (useful for one page scrolling)
Added option to choose between lightbox scrips (prettyphoto and magnific)
Added video play button element that leads to lightbox
Fixed braintree with woocommerce iframe issue
Updated theme options framework - Faster, AJAX saving, More organized
Added one click import for dummy data sets
Added recent posts slider option
Added dropcap shortcode
Added new single post layout
Updated WooCoommerce Checkout page design
Changed portfolio style 4 to show meta on mobile devices
Added new project style - 3d parallax
Added image comparison element (dragable slider to compare two images good for before/after or revealing etc.
New form styling options and optional functionality
Added row color overlay & gradient options
Updated Font awesome
Fixed portfolio issue when multiple instances are used on same page mixing masonry and non
Fixed Salient VC "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" error from appearing on certain PHP versions
Fixed fullscreen option in Nectar Slider to work with boxed layout
Reduced file size of init.js file
Fixed Nectar Slider when using fade transition on safari/mobile
Added animated split line heading element
Added more column animation control (global easing and duration options in Salient options panel > general settings)
Sdded new column animation effects
Deactivated off canvas menu fullscreen blur on smartphones for better performance
Added option to keep scroll to top active on mobile
Added new team member style
Added Fancy box element
Fixed mobile preview image to display on non fullscreen page headers
Version 6.1.72
Fixed typography option formatting in WP 4.4
Fixed off canvas menu to display selected widgets
Version 6.1.71
Added WP 4.4 compatibility with Nectar Slider
Fixed Nectar Slider fade to work correctly in Firefox
Version 6.1.7
Updated social sharing design on blog header / portfolio / woocommerce single pages to deal with the twitters removal of share count data
Fixed PHP7 deprecated notice for custom Salient widgets
Fixed Salient child theme to load styles from parent correctly
Version 6.1.65
Fixed VC 4.7.4 bug with Separator with Text element
Version 6.1.6
Updated VC to 4.7.4
Version 6.1.5
Updated RTL stylesheet
Fixed VC text with icon element dropdown to be scrollable
Fixed z-index issue with nectar shortcode generator
Fixed VC row inner to correctly set ID
Version 6.1.4
Fixed permanent transparent header to work correctly when not using full width header display
Fixed permanent transparent header shopping cart position with ascend skin
Fixed VC pie chart error to correctly save default accent color option
Fixed slide out widget area from right to have correct top spacing when logged in (with admin bar)
Added in various WooCommerce related elements into VC
Version 6.1.3
Fixed permanent transparent header to work correctly when using custom text color
Fixed back button issue with mobile devices when using page trantiions
Added design options tab back into the text block in VC
Fixed padding values to save correctly with old full width section shortcode in VC
Updated child theme to use current WP structure standard
Version 6.1.2
Updated VC to current release (4.7)
Added option for BG color to VC Column Inner
Version 6.1.1
Fixed VC Issue that took users to a "You do not have sufficient permissions" page after activating
Fixed VC Issue with setting default post types on activation
Fixed VC issue with PHP versions 5.2.x - if you already had Salient VC 4.6.2 active, you'll need to delete it and reinstall from the Appearance > Install plugins section of your admin panel
Fixed RTL issues in current release
Fixed boxed layout Nectar Slider full width bug on mobile
Version 6.1
Updated Google font list to reflect current available fonts (around 100 new ones added)
Updated VC to latest release
Fixed default fullscreen blog header when not using rounded button styling
Added WP 4.3 compatibility which fixed warning errors about Deprecated Constructor Method For WP_Widget
Fixed permenant transparent header option to work correctly when no logo img is supplied
Fixed Watch video button style in default project style
Fixed WooCommerce single project page pinterest share to work when using only one image
Fixed video BGs to work in IE edge
Version 6.0.4
Fixed centered menu alt layout when using transparent header option
Fixed animated columns/images to show on non responsive setups when viewing on mobile
Fixed recent project carousel JS error with third project style
Fixed Disable Transparency From Navigation option to work on single post page with fullscreen header
Fixed ext latin char issue with Open sans
Fixed posts from showing automatic post excerpt option even when not active
Fixed animated columns/images to show correctly on galaxy/note tablets in landscape view
Version 6.0.3
Fixed particle pagination to show in Firefox
Fixed particle Firefox fps issue that allowed frame rate to get too high
Added back in extra class field for columns
Fixed share count number to populate when using rounded button option
Added option to remove standard ajax transition fade in option
Added WooCoommerce 2.4.1 support
Version 6.0.2
Fixed off canvas menu to work with permenant transparent nav with slide out from right style
Fixed text only page headers when not using footer reveal effect
Fixed portfolio style 3 alt to work on ipad landscape correctly
Fixed sticky mobile header option to work correctly on tablet landscape when scondary header is active
Version 6.0.1
Fixed page loading issue when using ajax transitions
Fixed recent project element to show correct style
Fixed fullscreen menu pointer event issue for links that go into header space
Fixed permanent transparent menu logo to be clickable on retina displays
Fixed bug with std page transition to not activate when clicking on mailto link
Fixed Call to action when using fixed footer reveal effect
Updated Linea set in admin panel to place correct weather icons
Version 6.0
Fixed new masonry blog style from not going fullwidth if using a fullwidth gallery inside post
Added option for fixed nav on mobile
Added new milestone options
option for motion blur fade in effect
option to define custom font size
option to choose superscript position for symbol
Added option for fixed footer reveal
Added option to define row parallax speed
Added option for permenant transparent header
Reworked header not overlap content when resize effect is off
Fixed zendesk for wordpress widget
Increased parallax scrolling performance in Nectar Slider & Row BGs
Increased Nectar Slider performance on mobile drastically
Fixed Chrome bug that prevented parallax row BG to be used directly after a parallaxed Nectar Slider
Added new shortcode button style (see through + solid on hover 2)
Added new portfolio style and tons of more control over grid content
Added option to define horizontal portfolio filter bar color
Added shape morphing outline element
Added new pricing table style
Added new icon set (Linea)
Added option to animate Linea icon set
Updated ajax search plugin script to fix xss bug
Changed header to not overlap content below when using header resize effect
Imporved Salient VC loading performance on front end
Added new Nectar Slider pagination style
Updated box column style for ascend skin
Added option to define column bg hover opacity
Added option to define page transition BG color
Added typograpy option for h6 heading
Added left & right column padding option
Added new recent posts style
Fixed "load ext latin chars" option to work in chrome 44
Increased performance of meta overlaid blog style
Added more options into image gallery > nectar slider style
Updated version of TGM activation
Updated boxed layout to go to full width on mobile
Fixed IE9 slide out widget area to allow closing
Fixed tilt button to not flash text in CHrome
Added support for Yoast Breadcrumbs
Version 5.5.53
Fixed vc_link param issue with WP 4.2
Fixed WooCommerce product style html markup issue
Fixed image gallery portfolio style 3 markup issue
Updated prettyphoto to current release
Version 5.5.52
Fixed WP 4.2 warning messages
Fixed woocommerce cart page to not show duplicate fields
Added caption option into VC gallery portfolio style
Version 5.5.51
Fixed WooCommerce outdated template file warning
Fixed add_query_arg to use esc_url
Version 5.5.5
Fixed portfolio page template to be able to use default sorting filters
Changed the width of columns to be as it was before new VC in tablet portrait mode
Fixed retina logo issue with new slider effect
Fixed deep linking to work with tabbed
Fixed one pixel white lines from appearing on the left hand side of parallax sections in Crhome with certain screen sizes
Added WooCommerce 2.3.66 compatibility
Version 5.5.4
Fixed portfolio element to size custom thumbnails correctly
Fixed multisite warning issues in Salient Visual Composer
Fixed portfolio lightbox only gallery issue to only show selected cat items
Fixed recent project carousel to correctly calculate height
Fixed VC carousel autorotate and blank title issues
Fixed same category portfolio nav option
Fixed one page scrolling active class
Fixed bottom meta for project style 4 to have correct default starting state
Fixed ipad landscape view with default project style to be fully clickable
Version 5.5.3 (bugfix round three)
Fixed VC image element to correctly save image link
Fixed masonry blog style meta overlaid to work correctly when not using the ascend skin
Fixed woocommerce variable product to show add to cart if default options are selected
Fixed masonry portfolio infinite scrolling
Fixed masonry portfolio z-index issue on first load
Fixed blog shortcode to work when using raw VC plugin
Fixed Nectar Slider default arrows to have correct count when using the loop option
Fixed default project style to be fully clickable on mobile view
Fixed clients element to correctly work when no link is supplied
Version 5.5.2 (bugfix round two)
Fixed portfolio grid to align correctly on desktop/mobile
Fixed theme to allow the standard VC plugin to be used as it was before
Fixed blog next post link to swize correctly when using full width content rows in the post content
Fixed css issue in responsive.css file which caused bwp minify to not work correctly
Fixed testimonial slider to allow the use of option "fixed height"
Version 5.5.1 (bugfix round one)
Fixed child theme styling compatiblility issues with new VC
Fixed VC to be installable when child theme is active
Fixed pricing table columns with new VC
Version 5.5
Updated VC to latest release
Fixed youtube embed to show fullscreen button in lightbox popup
Fixed multiple accordions using "allow" collaspable all" option on same page to start open correctly
Fixed ted talks video embeds to size properly
/Fixed row parallax BG option to work better in IE/Safari
Fixed portfolio filtering category list to update when using infinite scroll pagination
Fixed portfolio element to allow multiple sortable instances on same page
Fixed WooCommerce integration to work with 2.3x
Updated Isotope plugin and switched masonry portfolio to use packery for better handling of blank gaps
Fixed video iframes to load correctly in the essential grid plugin
Added new nectar slider next/prev button style option
Fixed mobile portfolio filter dropdown to work
Fixed gravity form inside full width content sections with dynamic inputs
Added new nectar slider style option
Fixed Firefox support for transparent caption on Nectar/Home Sliders
Added new masonry blog style
Added option to keep single portfolio next/prev buttons within same category
Fixed slide out widget area to work in IE9
Added vine social media icon
Added support for captions in lightbox images
Added option to define slide out widget BG overlay opacity
Version 5.0.1
Added WooCommerce 2.3x integration
Version 5.0
Fixed Full width section shortcode parallax to work correctly as the visual composer parallax row does
Fixed self hosted video shortcode to size correctly
Fixed slide out widget area to scroll correctly on mobile
Fixed html validation errors with a few elements
Fixed full width content row columns not expanding for toggles which need more space on opening
Fixed nectar auto lightbox option to also target single images in the main content arera
Fixed video link from layslider to work correctly
Fixed anchor link on home page stripping park of URL out
Fixed standard page transitions to work correctly with back/forward buttons in Safari
Added "More posts by" text in single author bio into .po file
Added WooCommerce Fullwidth Layout
Added WooCommerce Alt style
Added WooCommerce Products Visual Composer element
Added WooCommerce option to change tabbed position to fullwidth under product images
Added Option to use Visual Composer on single product pages (when using full width tab position)
Added in option to custom link image gallery pictures indivudally
Added WooCommerce product slider option for single product pages
Added new button style
Added html table styling basic
Added New Shop Demo
Added option for nectar slider button sizing
Added Line Height for Typography settings
Improved Responsive nature of h1-h5 tags
Updated font awesome
Updated Cart page design
Version 4.9
Added new Demo and dummy data set
Fixed project title on single portfolio page to move when opening slide out widget area
Fixed small circle icon to have correct vertical alignment for steadysets/linecons
Fixed boxed slider flexible height calc on ipad portrait
Added option to remove footer copyright area
Fixed header to set correct BG color after closing slide out widget area when not using header resize effect
Added VK into social icons for header/footer
fixed page transitions to not show a white loading screen when using the simulated AJAX and the option is off
Added option to define column padding position
Added option to hide row BG on smartphone view
Version 4.8.1
Fixed map element to remove marker click event in the case of no description
Fixed Nectar Slider script to only load when on a page that uses it
Fixed infinite scroll pagination & regular pagination to work with portfolio/blog VC elements
Fixed non parallax row BG image positioning
Fixed slide out widget area to display correct widget styling for various widgets
Fixed slide out widget area to be scrollable on mobile devices
Reworked to better fix ios8 slider issues
Fixed menu positioning on mobile if only using side widget area
Fixed shortcode generator to load linecon font set correctly
Added one page scrolling video tutorial
Version 4.8
Added option for side widget area
Added option for simulated ajax transitions for users who need to use javascript reliant plugins but want the page loading animation
Added one page scrolling support
Added option to remove transparent header line
Added new header alignment options
Added option to change header color based on row for one page scrolling setups
Added google map dark color skin & ultra flat options
Added column number & post number options for recent post element
Added option to deactivate search from header
Updated .po file to include some missing admin strings
Updated font awesome to most recent release
Fixed linkedin sharing window to not cut off share button
Fixed large icon hover effect to work in nested columns correctly
Fixed fade in from left/right columns on ipad landscape problem
Fixed carousel to be responsive correctly when using more than one instance on a page
Fixed http insecure content warning from social sharing buttons
Fixed deep linking tabs/accordions to work with ajax page loading
Increased performance of parallax scrolling
Fixed WP 4.0 self hosted video sizing issue
Fixed nectar slider display issues on ios8
Fixed pricing table to work in admin panel
Version 4.5.22
Fixed Google Map element (reworked) to correctly show map markers without breaking due to new dynamic API property
Fixed black line from appearing in portfolio title in mobile view
Fixed button shortcode (see through style) to hover to correctly
Fixed Nectar Slider auto rotate function when using loop option
Version 4.5.21
Fixed Google Map element to correctly show map markers
Version 4.5.2
Fixed Nectar Slider loading icon position to be centered correctly
Fixed JetPack twitter widget when using AJAX Transitions
Fixed boxed layout header when not using extended responsive design & full width header
Fixed theme to not load default Open Graph tags when Jetpack Publicize is active
Fixed fullwidth blog layout to allow full width content/background rows correctly
Fixed page header to slide down correctly
Fixed portfolio lightbox only to only show filtered images in lightbox in all project styles
Fixed blog single post to display comments correctly if using Ascend Skin & Author Section is off
Fixed alt tag to work with Visual Composer Single Image element
Fixed LinkedIn sharing button to correctly take on custom color set in post header settings
Fixed clients carousel to not clip images when images are not cached
Fixed portfolio & blog pagination when element(s) are used on the home page
Fixed full width header social sharing button click event on mobile
Fixed map element to load over https correctly
Fixed Nectar Slider dark slide color to correctly change transparent nav color when not using a parallax slider
Fixed non fullscreen blog header to show nectar love icon as it used to
Added flickr & Spotify to footer/header social media
Added option to set letter spacing to 0 in typography options tab
Version 4.5.1
Fixed masonry when using constrain columns with boxed layout
Fixed Nectar Slider arrows & autoplay to work correctly with AJAX page transitions
Fixed child theme conflicts:
Dynamic stylesheet breaks
Ascend skin styles don't load
Disabled AJAX page transitions for blog posts when using DISQUS to allow the plugin to function correctly
Fixed Home Slider positioning when not using a transparent header
Fixed portfolio taxonomy register function to be child theme ready
Added sample child theme into the main download ThemeForest
Version 4.5
Added option to move dynamic css into static css file so it doesn't have to sit in the head of the document (can now be cached and looks cleaner)
Added option to disable sidebar on blog single page
Added option to hide featured image on single post page
Added ability to link directly to tabs/accordions with ?tab= and ?toggle= in url
Added Nectar Slider fade transition option
Added new theme skin - Ascend
Added AJAX transition option
Added fullscreen blog header option
Added new typography choices in admin panel
Added constrain max columns for masonry portfolio (previously only worked with standard fullwidth)
Added Nectar Slider header color change for dark slides
Added crylic font subset for exo 2
Fixed See through buttons to natively inherit row color (light/dark)
Fixed portfolio lightbox gallery to update based on what filter is active
Fixed extra class name on images with links to work correctly
Fixed columns with BG column to have correct bottom padding when not using the full width content row type
Fixed masonry blog from serving full sized images - now serves the "large" size as defined in the WP admin panel
Fixed Nectar Slider parallax effect to work with boxed layouts
Fixed default portfolio style to work with the constrain max columns option
Fixed recent projects carousel external links from opening up twice
Version 4.1.1
Fixed Call To Action see through button coloring
Fixed issues with parallax sections when placed below a video BG row
Fixed blog infinite scroll to correctly display videos
Fixed transparent 2 button style to correctly set the hover BG color when not supplying a text override
Fixed mouse based parallax admin UI
Fixed header from popping out of content area when using boxed layout mode + ext. responsive design
Fixed mouse based parallax from freezing for a couple seconds when toggling the checkbox
Fixed starting category option in portfolio element to work on mobile devices
Fixed recent projects to correctly open in lightbox if enabled to
Fixed masonry blog element to not load with incorrectly positions articles some of the time
Version 4.1
Added RTL Support
Added option to size testimonial slider according to tallest quote
Added Infinite Scroll option for blog/portfolio
Added new button style + coloring options
Added option to enable lightbox on default WordPress galleries/image links
Added option to force or disable the transparent header on a page by page basis
Added new social sharing options
Added ability to use Nectar Slider texture on image BG's
Added option to disable the Salient Visual Composer
Added ability to use % for top/bottom row padding
Added column hover BG color & column entire link options
Added Alegreya Sans and Alegreya Sans SC in google fonts
Fixed js error from superfish
Fixed column animation to correctly turn off when unchecking the box for it
Fixed Pricing table to respect color option on non highlight columns
Fixed IE11 issue with down arrow on Nectar Sliders
Fixed self hosted video to expand full width in portfolio lightbox & remove js error
Fixed icon with text when using boxed column
Fixed iPad landscape transparent header bug
Fixed recent projects to allow clicking on mobile
Fixed transparent header to work on Woocommerce category pages
Fixed header starting color from getting overwritten by custom color scheme text color
Fixed wpml lang selector to show in mobile menu
Fixed VC image center to properly work
Fixed excerpt to show if using visual composer for post
Fixed limitation with using multiple maps on same page
Fixed italic Google fonts to work in chrome/safari
Fixed woocommerce input number spinner in quantity selection in latest Firefox
Fixed header text alignment/font color to still work when not setting a BG color/image
Version 4.0.3
Fixed duplicate logo issue in WP 3.9 when using retina logo option
Fixed editors showing white inside visual composer WP 3.9 bug
Fixed portfolio style 3 to not jump a few pixels on hover in chrome on certain displays
Fixed zoom project style glitches out and becomes over sensitive to mousemovement in webkit browsers sometimes
Added search widget placeholder text/title into the .po file
Fixed pages with sidebar layout to have room between page header BG and content
Fixed lightbox arrows to not disappear on Chrome when scrolling down page
Fixed ajax shopping cart to not cover search icon when using full width header
Version 4.0.2
Fixed call to action button color not working with default accent color
Fixed blog single post page always showing default author when using page header option
Fixed full width header to apply to secondary nav as well
Fixed transparent header option to work correctly when header resize is disabled
Fixed dummy data to not throw errors about not being able to import a couple sample images
Fixed bug that caused image gallery page builder element to break when used more than once on same page
Fixed submenues from being able to go off the screen if near the edge with full width header
Fixed second team member style showing wrong text color when used in a row with "dark" text color selected
Fixed woocommerce deprecated call on related products
Version 4.0.1
Fixed Nectar Slider Ordering
Fixed main blog page header getting overwritten by post header
Fixed transparent header to be usable when using a custom header color scheme
Fixed project-type taxonomy to display project style 3/4 if selected
Fixed portfolio sidebar out of place on small desktop view when not using ext. responsive mode
Fixed masonry blog with sidebar layout from breaking when not using ext. responsive mode
Fixed blog masonry with no sidebar extended too to the right when not using ext responsive mode
Fixed default non fullwidth portfolio style showing black line on top when using page header
Fixed gap showing in header when using secondary navigation bar and logged in
Version 4.0
Added Transparent Header Option + 2nd logo option
Added Options for Page Header background color/text color/text alignment
Added Option to use Page Header on Portfolio/Blog items
Added Option to Import/Export Theme Options
Added in Google Map coloring options
Added Nectar Slider "Flexible Height" option - allows for perfect scaling
Added Nectar Slider option for "Minimum Height" - usable when using Flexible Height
Added Full width content column options
Options for column padding
Options for column background image/color + opacity
Option to vertically align content within columns
Added Option for Full Width Header
Added Two new portfolio styles
Meta overlaid w/ zoom on hover
Meta from bottom on hover
Added Option to define colors for each project that will be used with the thumbnails
Added Option to define custom text per project that will be used instead of the date
Added New font to selection "Lovelo"
Added in new typography options for headings
Added Option for Ext. Responsive mode which increases the max width and makes it scale by % on desktop
Added in new column/image animation - flip in
Added in all portfolio styles to the image gallery element too allow quick portfolio like layouts on the fly
Added in "Constrain Columns" option for portfolio element - will keep the columns to 4 on all desktop displays
Added Fancy List element which allows you to add icons/animation in standard unordered lists
Added a new Team Member style to choose from
Added option for Nectar Slider down arrow which will scroll the user to the section below
Added in the ability to use icons within the button shortcode
Fixed Ext Latin Characters not appearing on Mobile Devices
Fixed reordering of clients/testimonials in page builder
Fixed parallax header to slide down only when image is actually loaded
Fixed prettyphoto bg not showing in chrome for a few seconds after click in nectar slider
Fixed image gallery nectar slider style not loading in ie11 when "do nothing" is selected for "on click" option
Fixed testimonial slider with one testimonial to not show pagination dot
Fixed external projects from showing via the next/prev buttons on project single page
Fixed video page builder element to not show extra ")" in some setups
Fixed woocommerce quantity selector in Chrome to not show extra +/- selection on hover
Fixed nectar recent work widget to respect external project link
Fixed tabbed when using Japanese symbols
Fixed pingback style
Fixed home slider to load in on Chrome when no BG image is supplied for first slide
Fixed home slider to load on ie8
Fixed easy modal plugin nectar slider conflict
Fixed nectar slider text sizes to respond dynamically based on typography options in all views (when using fullwidth option)
Fixed mobile landscape view to become wider
Fixed video embed from disappearing in nectar slider when resizing window when slider is out of view
Fixed starting category on mobile to not open the dropdown menu
Fixed gallery post format to not show css code when no text is entered when using excerpt option
Version 3.1.5
Fixed portfolio lightbox popup issue that caused videos to not get sized properly
Fixed page builder column css class to get applied properly
Fixed page builder nested row css class to get applied properly
Fixed tabbed element JavaScript bug when using extended Latin characters in tab titles
Fixed WooCommerce 2.1 admin panel bugs
Fixed WooCommerce 2.1 single image lightbox bug
Fixed bug that prevented multiple image galleries to be used on the same page (when using basic style)
Fixed date format to be editable from WordPress admin panel in the Settings > General tab
Fixed WPML bug that caused some post types to show duplicate content
Fixed Chrome 33 bug that broke Masonry Blog & Portfolio layouts
Fixed Chrome 33 bug that caused video backgrounds to flicker on loop
Fixed portfolio & recent projects conflict when used on the same page
Fixed oLark plugin compatibility
Fixed social sharing buttons to still work even when a hash is present in the URL
Fixed bug that caused some iframes added through plugins to get hidden
Fixed testimonial slider to allow autorotate to be used inside of toggle elements
Added the ability to use shortcodes inside of text widgets by default
Added search box to Nectar Shortcode Generator
Version 3.1
Added WooCommerce 2.1 Compatibility
Added option to add a link to the Team Member element
Fixed default OG data from getting used when Yoast SEO is active (caused double OG tags)
Fixed how the social sharing buttons work on static pages
Added better responsive sizing for Nectar Page Headers
Fixed Pie Chart element from saying "NAN" during page loading if custom text is used
Fixed default WordPress search widget to be able to correctly be used
Added starting category option to portfolio element in page builder
Added Noto Sans Google font
Fixed Milestone label from getting lost on mobile devices
Fixed Google Map page builder element "enable zoom in/out" option to work
Fixed page builder columns to work correctly when "Enable Responsive Design" is off
Fixed video embeds to load in smoother
Added soundcloud to social media options
Fixed css class option on Single Image page builder element to work
Added new section into the user guide for "Troubleshooting Video Backgrounds"
Version 3.0.5
Fixed admin javascript from breaking for non-admin users
Decreased theme zip size to get rid of "Are you sure you want do this?" error when uploading through admin dashboard on servers with smaller upload size limits
Added option to remove default copyright text in footer (i.e. © {YEAR} {SITENAME})
Updated nice scroll script and added in additional logic to ensure it doesn't get used on mobile devices
Fixed text with icon element in page builder to correctly allow the custom image icon option
Fixed clients, testimonial, carousel & tabs page builder elements to not be limited to the 5 item cap (was accidentally inheriting that restraint from the pricing table element)
Fixed testimonial page builder element autorotate option to work correctly
Fixed bug that would break page builder when using social buttons element at the top of the page
Fixed non-Google fonts to work in typography options (Helvetica, Arial etc..)
Fixed single image page builder element to correctly allow the use of linking
Fixed bug that broke images using https and relative linking sources in full width sections, clients, team member & image with animation elements
Added nectar column options to vc_column_inner in the page builder
Version 3.0
Added option to auto rotate the carousel shortcode
Fixed Home Slider loading time to actually load when first image is ready - big improvement in speed
Created new WP 3.8 Admin style
Added new custom css box code editor with css syntax highlighting
Fixed divider shortcode to use the height defined for all styles
Fixed Nectar Slider to size correctly when scaling down when used in columns
Added in symbol option for the milestone shortcode
Added Nectar Page Builder & Lots of new elements including
Contact Map Element - Place a map anywhere with unlimited locations
Pie Chart Element - animate in any numerical data in a stylish way
Text w/ Icon Element - No more fiddling with nested columns
Image Gallery Element - Place an image gallery anywhere. Available in 2 styles
Added new video tutorials for the page builder
Fixed video embed issue with the Home Slider when used on the first slide
Added in some new Google fonts & weights for existing fonts
Fixed gallery only portfolio with the alternative style to show video in the lightbox when applicable
Added option to use colors with the tiny icon style
Fixed /project-type/ to show the portfolio for the given category correctly
Updated header div to gain a class when resizing for user customizations
Fixed Masonry Blog to work on mobile devices when used on the same page as a Nectar Slider
Updated video shortcode to match the inputs of the actual WordPress video shortcode
Fixed Portfolio shortcode to work correctly in tabbed shortcodes
Fixed Testimonial shortcode to work correctly in tabbed/toggles
Fixed Nectar Slider loading issue in IE11 when using the loop option
Fixed issue where multiple Nectar Sliders would inherit the height from the first one
Fixed variable product data to align correctly in ajax cart
Fixed alignment of Vimeo and Behance icons in footer
Fixed portfolio filters resetting when resizing the screen & on some mobile devices
Fixed video shortcode not showing pause button after playing
Version 2.6.5
Fixed "Read more" from not being translatable when using excerpt in blog
Fixed footer copyright font color also effecting secondary nav social color
Fixed full width password protected portfolio items to give user the option to enter a password
Fixed admin bar leaving space in header when logged in even if admin bar is set to hidden
Fixed Typography font styles & subset from resetting on page load
Fixed Nectar Slider in tabbed not working
Fixed Nectar Slider not showing in boxed unless content exists below it
Fixed Pinterest social sharing image when using video only
Fixed template names of contact and portfolio files to not stop auto assigning on pages with those names
Fixed recent projects carousel default style glitching on mobile
Fixed the gray space at the top of the content area when using larger body fronts
Fixed nectar blog shortcode (masonry) to load on mobile
Fixed RSS widget icon alignment in footer
Fixed PHP errors showing with debug mode turned on
Added Full width blog option (masonry)
Version 2.6
Fixed Nectar Slider resize bug when loop was turned off
Fixed Home Slider from showing the words "left" & "right" on first load in mobile devices
Fixed webkit browsers from selecting font weights that don't exist in the typography options tab
Fixed video lightbox in Nectar Sliders set to loop
Added responsive video iframe sizing function to eliminate black bars & allow ratios other than 16:9
Fixed IE bug that stopped WooCommerce add to cart button from showing
Fixed multiple tabbed sections on same bug error
Fixed Portfolio items hovering completely black when resizing window to mobile view and not reloading
Added styling for WooCommerce login on mobile
Fixed respond.js from getting registered twice
Added column shortcode animation options
Added two new icon sets - Steadysets & Linecons
Fixed title on single blog post pages to work correctly with Yoast SEO
Fixed header bug from showing double padding if window loaded in mobile view and stretched to desktop view when header resize effect is off
Fixed fullwidth section calculations when the responsive option is turned off
Fixed portfolio filters from displaying ones other than selected
Fixed buddypress conflicts and tightened up default styling
Added new icon style to display without a circle
Added in gallery support to portfolio - user can now scroll through all items without having to close out
Added option for portfolio lightbox only - will hide the more details page
Added option to choose starting category in portfolio shortcode
Added slight hover effect to Nectar Slider solid color buttons
Fixed dummy data from showing 404's in the portfolio section when using a custom permalink structure
Fixed search results from showing duplicate entries
Fixed Font Awesome conflict that would hide Salient specific icons if a plugin loaded Font Awesome too
Fixed portfolio carousel titles from clipping when varying title heights exist
Fixed contact page template from not showing map in some setups
Version 2.5.1
Fixed the "back to all" button to link correctly for the default location
Added new documentation to the user guide regarding the portfolio masonry sizing
Fixed Recent posts shortcode to correctly display the chosen categories
Fixed Blog shortcode to display dates correctly regardless of what layout is selected in the theme options > blog options tab
Fixed horizontal portfolio filters from display categories that don't exist on current page
Fixed how horizontal portfolio filters display when more items exist than there's space for
Fixed Chrome from jumping portfolio navigation 1px during sort animation
Version 2.5
Fixed recent projects carousel from clipping the text
Added new testimonial slider height function to change according to the current slide
Added new blog and portfolio shortcode
Added option to automatically create post excerpts in the blog options to eliminate the need for adding a more tag on every post
Fixed WooCommerce Cart Notification to work on pages that just use WooCommerce shortcodes for product display
Added portfolio option to horizontal filters
Changed the recent posts & recent project shortcodes to have a multi-select for categories to display
Added new portfolio layouts fullwidth & masonry
Changed standard unordered list and ordered list to indent correctly on when multiple lines occur
Added an option for looping on the Nectar Slider shortcode
Added an option for fullscreen on the Nectar Slider shortcode
Fixed Chrome from showing 1px off in 4 column portfolio on hover
Added the option to choose project style on the recent project shortcode
Added a cart button on mobile if using WooCommerce
Changed the portfolio sort dropdown to auto close after selecting a category on mobile devices
Added an option for color selection on toggle shortcodes
Fixed Fullwidth Nectar Sliders from not displaying fullwidth in boxed layout on ipad portrait
Fixed Shortcode generator button to display blue instead of white in safari
Added an option for external link on portfolio projects
Fixed numerous display bugs in IE8
Added option to allow user to manually override where the "back to all" portfolio button takes the user
Tested with Gravity forms and fixed all conflicts found
Fixed WooCommerce customer search to correctly show the search box
Fixed how milestone shortcodes load on mobile layouts
Added custom post type support for theme search results
Wrapped the blog meta (comments, category, author) in separate elements to allow removal via css rather than having to edit the files
Version 2.1.5
Fixed the disable AJAX search option to function correctly and not throw errors
Fixed lang attributes to be on opening html tag in header.php
Fixed WP version number from rounding down to 3.6 on theme assets
Fixed masonry blog left alignment
Reworked nectar shortcodes
New, faster UI which won't break due to server permissions
Now available to use in the text tab as well!
Fixed portfolio items click area on iPad landscape
Fixed full width section to not overlap comments when used at the bottom in portfolio items
Fixed masonry blog items to not be touching with no margin in Safari on Mac
Fixed retina logo upload bug where if not supplied would show nothing on retina devices instead of defaulting to standard logo
Fixed how full width sections scale when using it to only be an image (now responsive!)
Version 2.1
Added Tons of new color options - complete control over (header, footer & call to action)
Fixed bug that allowed WooCommerce product titles to overlap social icons if the the title was long.
Added responsive functionality to WooCommerce recent products shortcode
Fixed Nectar Slider from interfering with WordPress loops below it e.g. comments
Added desktop swipe capabilities to the testimonial slider
Added iOS7 compatibility
Added option for retina logo upload
Added "Sort Portfolio" into .po file for hover state of filter menu
Fixed home template carousels to work correctly with next/prev buttons
Fixed default position of site name in page title to be on the right
Fixed bug that allowed swiping on single slide Nectar Sliders on devices
Added advanced typography UI
Increased available fonts to 600+ up from 30
Added autocomplete search functionality to font select for quick selection
Reworked language subsets to allow each font to choose its own (if applicable)
Added option to add ext. latin chars to default theme font with one click
Fixed bug that allowed love button to be clicked a few times if done rapidly before ajax response completed
Fixed bug that caused full width section (if used at the top of page) in full width portfolio to cover navigation
Fixed bug that caused Nectar Slider to get calculated wrong on sidebar pages
Fixed full width Nectar Slider to actually be full width when using boxed layout
Added footer column options to theme options panel
Added backup media element script for users below 3.6 - Nectar Slider will now load correctly
Added class to make Nectar Slider buttons open a new tab (See documentation - "CSS Classes To Know" Section)
Fixed Nectar Slider from continuing to play video background when a lightbox video is opened
Fixed WooCommerce admin search from yielding 0 results
Fixed Masonry Blog layout from not loading in when users had 0 images on page
Fixed Google Adsense ads from sometimes not loading in
Added new options for recent projects carousel shortcode
Got rid of remaining social icons that were still using images and replaced them with icons in the font file
Version 2.05
Fixed bug that caused Nectar Sliders to not load in tabbed shortcodes
Fixed Nectar Slider spacing from top when using boxed layout
Fixed full slide link option on Nectar Slider to only link the desired slide as opposed to all
Fixed Safari's horrible performance with parallax Nectar Sliders by disabling the subtle movement
Fixed parallax Nectar Slider on iPad horizontal (should of had parallax disabled - accidentally allowing it to remain on caused numerous display issues)
Fixed page headers text from showing over content area before slide down animation
Fixed secondary menu to allow the display of dropdown arrows again
Fixed the 2.0 carousel height calculations to not clip varying height content
Fixed gap above fullwidth section in mobile if used at top of page
Added correct namespace to navigation arrow menu php class to avoid rare conflicts with other plugins that use the same name. (one reported with OptimizePress)
fixed pricing table heading when used inside toggles (was too smalll)
Updated documentation with new section about dummy data
Fixed Nectar Slider from not displaying when the slider location slugs were changed from the default value
Fixed iPad landscape full width portfolio slider style issue
Fixed iPad landscape sort portfolio dropdown from not being able to close once opened
Fixed iPad landscape to click straight to portfolio item instead of showing desktop hover effect
Fixed WooCommerce loading icon error where it would show on top of images even after loaded
Added option to have a transparent background on captions in Nectar Slider
Updated dummy data slightly to fix about us extended layout setup
Version 2.0
Added the option for mega menus
Fixed php error on some servers when using WooCommerce and clicking on a video preview
Added loading slidedown to parallax page headers
Fixed top navigation from "jumping" during page load
Added Nectar Slider - features include:
Hardware accelerated animations
Video backgrounds
Unlimited Instances
Swipe enabled for a great experience
Option to parallax (even with videos)
Tons of configuration options
Added Full width portfolio option
Added option to disable the featured image from displaying on single portfolio item
Added on whole column shortcode
Added More image with animations options
Grow in animation
Fade from bottom animation
Option to configure delay
Added social sharing shortcode
Added new social sharing color animation
Added auto rotate function for testimonial sliders
Fixed boxed column from automatically centering text
New style for close buttons throughout the theme
Fixed home slider caption alignment on mobile
Fixed WooCommerce sitewide notice
Added full width option for recent work carousel
Added option to define how many items display in recent work carousel
Added swipe controls for all carousels
Added new portfolio item style option
Fixed background on 404 page to be right color
Fixed pretty photo fading in/out with animation
Fixed WooCommerce & portfolio page titles from getting cut in half
Updated documentation with new sections for new features
Version 1.9
Fixed boxed design menu glitch in chrome
Fixed boxed design z-index issue with lightboxes
Fixed post "link" format to link to correct URL
Fixed video embeds from
Added animated milestone shortcode
Fixed password protected portfolio posts to hide extra content editor before entering password
Fixed one sixth column responsiveness with large icons
Fixed home slider button alignment on small desktop view
Fixed how footer displays when page content is less than screen height
Fixed parallax page headers on ipad landscape
Fixed mobile nav to highlight current page
Updated theme to load stylesheets with wp_enqueue_scripts
Fixed WooCommerce select spacing in product options
Added the ability to use alt parameter on client shortcodes
Fixed default team member img to load correct dummy img
Fixed left sidebar position in mobile
Fixed fullwidth sections when used directly after a standard page header
Revised about extended & features > elements samples pages
Version 1.8
Added boxed layout option
Added WooCommerce options to choose layouts for shop and product single page
Added new button style
Fixed WooCommerce not showing social sharing unless reviews present
Fixed Post Format "Image" from throwing fatal error when auto assigned when upgrading WP versions
Fixed pricing table tables when used inside column shortcde
Fixed image with animation on mobile
Fixed page header title positioning when not using the header resize effect
Changed Files View Line Differences
Version 1.7.2
Fixed WordPress 3.6 home templates for recent posts and recent work/posts causing fatal errors
Fixed WordPress 3.6 jetpack gallery conflict when using the “enable slider” option
Fixed WordPress 3.6 superfish javascript conflict which caused the entire header not to load
Fixed secondary nav positioning on mobile view
Fixed vimeo slider problem where it caused fullwidth parallax sections to disappear
Added new home layout to dummy data file - "Home Ultra Extended"
Changed Files View Line Differences
Version 1.7.1
Fixed WordPress 3.6 blog quote format
Fixed WordPress 3.6 responsive self-hosted video sizing
Fixed WordPress 3.6 portfolio not displaying featured image if using old gallery
Fixed WordPress 3.6 home slider self hosted video breaking fullwidth parallax section
Fixed extra color icon alt. style hover color
Fixed WooCommerce cart mobile display
Fixed portfolio extended content sidebar follow calculations when using secondary nav in header
Added the ability to use an "alt" parameter on image with animation shortcode
Changed Files View Line Differences
Version 1.7
Fixed audio shortcode php error
Fixed parallax fullwidth section on iPad
Fixed nested dropdown problem
Added the ability to parallax page headers
Added multiple navigation options
Added the ability to define categories for the recent work and recent posts shortcodes
Added home slider buttons into the .po file
Fixed recent work headings from getting too large in small desktop view
Added support for WooCommerce
Added support for telephone input boxes
Fixed the gap at the bottom that would appear when using only one fullwidth section on a page
Fixed icons from all activating in the sidebar at once on hover
Added the option to place social icons into secondary navigation
Added in header color schemes - light & dark
Changed Files View Line Differences
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 3
Version 1.6.2
Fixed adsense embeds breaking js
Fixed accordion plus icons not changing back & jumpy animation on close
Fixed extra accent colors not effecting small icon size
Fixed small size icon style when linked
Fixed h6 tag not displaying light in full width color sections with light chosen
Fixed footer tag cloud to be consistent size
Fixed portfolio extra content editor using plain text so p tags will now work as expected
Fixed portfolio recent work carousel not being clickable on iOS devices
Fixed Recent work widget when using custom thumbnail for project image
Fixed retina nectar love heart icon to have a white bg on masonry blog layout
Fixed a couple incorrect selectors for accent color 1 & 2 in colors.php
Added Jetpack comments support
Added post excerpt support - You can now use this or the more tag
Added WPML main menu language selector support
Fixed the large icon border color in full width dark sections
Improved functionality of the "back to all items" button on the more details portfolio page
Fixed "porject" typo in html and css
Added option to change bar graph color on a bar by bar basis
Fixed nectar button in footer widget area's hover color
Fixed Internet Explorer home slider Youtube embed z-index issue
Fixed toggle panels in full with section color issue
Fixed accordion jump to top of page when clicked
Fixed Yoast SEO plugin title meta tag issue
Added support for adding custom classes on full width sections
Changed Files View Line Differences
Part 1
Part 2
Version 1.6.1
Fixed footer PHP error when not excluding the CTA section on any page
Fixed Recent Posts heading size
Removed slider arrow text "left" & "right"
Fixed retina slider arrows
Fixed options panel CTA section PHP error
Line Differences for this are included in the 1.6 line differences
Version 1.6
Added the ability to create full width sections
Added The ability to create parallax sections
Added retina display support
Added the ability to use multiple accent colors
Added testimonial slider shortcode
Added an image animation shortcode
Added a UI to choose which categories display for your portfolios
Added The ability to exclude the call to action section on specific pages
Changed how responsive styles get added - thus cut down the huge bulk of styles at the top of every page
Fixed clients shortcode not loading on first page load on Chrome & Safari
Fixed how iframes get sized - now Salient will only automatically resize iframes of videos in 16:9
Fixed mobile navigation to allow clicking on parent pages as well as opening sub menus
Fixed the portfolio sidebar follow on scroll not following in Chrome & Safari sometimes
Added option for the button shortcode to be open a new tab
Fixed issue that caused all youtube embeds to show the same video when hitting back button in Chrome
Fixed the love button count shrinking too small when clicked on portfolio more details & blog single pages
Added new typography classes for headings. You can now add these classes to heading tags in the text tab
.light | example

My Heading

.uppercase | example

My Heading

Added new alternative large icon style
Changed scroll to top button to be transparent black to avoid clashing with full width backgrounds
Created HD video tutorial documentating these big new features!
Changed Files View Line Differences
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Version 1.5.1
3 New blog layouts
Blog – Masonry Fullwidth
Blog – Masonry Sidebar
Blog – Standard Fullwidth
Fixed styling with large icon shortcodes when wrapped in a link
Fixed IE8 menu dissapearing when viewed on very small screen
Fixed portfolio leading to 404 on mobile if only using lightbox and not more details page
Increased functiuonality with portfolio sorting - current category is now displayed
Changed Files View Line Differences
Version 1.5
Fixed home slider black bar on mobile when no caption is used
Added WordPress 3.6 compatibility
Added styling for password fields
Changed how galleries work
Galleries now use the built in WordPress gallery and simply have an option to turn into slider
Because of this, gallery sliders can now have unlimited images
Removed the ":)" that the wpstats plugin adds by default
Created an HD video tutorial series
Added classes for superscript and subscript
Added a page layout for sidebar - left
Fixed large icons from activating hover effect all at once in sidebar layouts
Fixed iframe embeds in the sidebar - no more clipping
Removed outdated hgroup tag on 404 layout
Added 54 new font awesome icons
Fixed authors bio glitch in options panel that unintentionally hid the social media toggle
Simplified child themes - you no longer have to copy any files into your child theme folder
Changed Files View Line Differences
Version 1.4.2
Fixed home slider image from getting cut off at bottom
Increased performance of home slider in Chrome and Safari
Fixed slider caption positioning when resize on scroll is turned off
Fixed iPad home slider errors (jumping + video alignment)
Updated calendar widget styling
Fixed various nested ul problems in footer/sidebar widgets
Fixed carousel custom long labels from overlapping controls in mobile
Fixed flexslider image stretching in webkit browsers
Changed Files View Line Differences
Version 1.4.1
Added option for responsive slider images that allows automatic resizing on desktop layouts
Fixed long blog post / portfolio titles overlapping social sharing buttons
Fixed love button initial width when fading in with sharing buttons (no more jumping)
Updated Twitter sharing button icon to the latest Twitter logo
Added a max width for flash object embeds so that they scale responsively
Added set height for tags in the default tag cloud at all times
Fixed slightly wrong offset with the call to action button on centered alignment slides
Fixed portfolio category sort dropdown width on iPad
Added extra portfolio navigation option to display page numbers
Removed some extra lingering testing code
Fixed IE8 slider caption background color problem when there is no caption for the slide
Changed Files View Line Differences
Version 1.4
Fixed webkit issue with dropdown arrow position when resizing screen
Fixed portfolio fade in loader gif background transparency
Added "portfolio" label in admin menu to .po file
Recent posts link now shows correct custom text
Smoother header navigation animation resize
Fixed text rendering issue on safari in the portfolio section
Pricing tables can now be placed into tabs correctly
Added Portfolio Pagination option
Added Instagram social icon
Added option to disable responsiveness
Added custom social media sharing buttons on portfolio & blog
Comment section on portfolio items with extra content editor now gets cleared properly
Added home slider caption animation option
Added home slider text alignment options
Added home slider video support
Home slider parallax opacity fade now scales with slider height appropriately
Fixed glitch with custom scrollbar when page content is shorter than the window height
Changed Files View Line Differences
Part 1
Part 2
Version 1.3
Fixed 4 column portfolio text overflow on "Watch Video"
iPad landscape now functions correctly with the slider and scrollbar
The recent work carousel now displays 6 items rather than 5
Custom map markers now begin animation after the image has loaded
Custom page headers now load in at correct height without a flash before JavaScript loads
The theme now correctly loads the text domain for translation
Various fixes for localization have been addressed including the comment and portfolio sections
More accurate slider image positioning. The slider now takes the header height into account
Blog image caption now displays correctly in mobile
Sub menu arrows indicators positioning fixed when using custom fonts
Recent posts custom labels now correctly display in all templates
Shortcodes for audio/video have been added
Portfolio page template now has a default title so the sorting filters will always be visible from the start
Social media links in footer now have target="_blank"
Option for custom portfolio item thumbnail has been added
Option to enable an extra content editor in portfolio items added, thus opening the possibility to stack images/video/shortcodes and text
Option added to enable sidebar follow on portfolio items using the extra content editor
Fixed black trail hover glitch on portfolio items in chrome
A search bar has been added to the mobile menu
IE8 now correctly displays user defined accent color
Form Select dropdowns now have styling applied
Changed Files View Line Differences
New Files
Version 1.2
Fixed where the stylesheet gets loaded in child themes
Fixed iPhone 4 menu issue
Smaller contact map on mobile for increased usability
Option added to animate map markers on load
Reworked the bar graph shortcode to run more efficiently on the front end
Portfolio video items now display in ligthtbox instead of as an image
Full date option for blog post meta
Fixed glitch that caused portfolio filters with foreign characters not to work
Fixed search bar not showing foreign characters correctly
Added option to have portfolio items fade in on load
Added option to have a 4 column portfolio
Added the ability to define each page header height
Added option for user defined top navigation padding
Added option for home slider background color
Completely cleaned up how the theme behaves when JavaScript is disabled. (graceful degradation)
Added Behance social media icon option
Fixed infowindow bottom jagged edge
Added the ability to use page headers with Portfolio and Contact layouts
Call to action now is hidden on the page it links to
Added Clients shortcode
Added Pricing Table shortcode
Added recent posts & recent work shortcodes
Fixed issues with the large icon not changing colors correctly when wrapped in certain markup
iPad landscape now displays the full version of the site rather than a mobile view
dded option for scroll to top button
Added option for extended blog pagination
Home slider now works correctly with sizes larger than 650px
Added optional user defined custom labels for recent work and recent posts
Team member social links now have target="_blank" if the link is external
Added in the ability to upload images directly inside of the shortcode generator for all applicable shortcodes
Changed Files
New Files
Version 1.1
Fixed sticky posts breaking homepage blog layout
Added the option for author's bio
Child theme compatibility fixed & Child theme section added to user guide
All carousels and sliders now have swipe navigation on touch devices
Theme options panel has various new features and configuration settings
Contact map options have been completely overhauled. New features include:
Up to 10 locations all with unique infowindows
Marker images
Zoom configuration
New UI
Header resize on scroll option added
User defined slider height that correctly recalculates controls
User defined logo height that correctly recalculates padding and vertical alignment
Fixed portfolio filtering bug on mobile devices that stopped the menu from being closed
IE 8 column fixes for home blog, sidebar, and search pages.
Portfolio navigation on single page has been reversed for a more intuitive experience
Portfolio custom slug option added
Portfolio option to display the date on projects added
Main footer widget area can now be disabled
Youtube, LinkedIn and Tumblr icons have been added as options
Fixed glitch that prevented large icons from changing to correct color on hover if wrapped in paragraph tags
Google fonts integration with support for ext. Latin characters
Changed Files
New Files
Version 1.0.2
Fixed recent work errors on home page when no category was assigned
Portfolio category titles can now be multiple words and filter correctly
Fixed the contact map to allow real user data to be entered in
Changed portfolio single view layout in mobile to have comments below description
Changed Files
Version 1.0.1
Fixed a couple accent color problems
Fixed error with recent posts extra widget
Added support for standard WordPress galleries
Changed Files

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