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School Management  is a WordPress plugin for managing multiple schools and their entities, such as classes, subdivisions, students, exams, IDs, admission cards, teachers, staff, fees , bills, income, expenses, bulletin boards, learning materials and more. Admin can control Student and Parent Dashboard.

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School Management – features:

Manage  multiple fields  : –  Add multiple fields, assign administrators and classes for each school to manage each school.

Session management: –  Create a new session and keep all records of previous sessions.

Layers and Sections  Management : – Administrators can create classes and assign them to fields. For each class, there can be multiple layer sections.

Student  Management : – School administrators and staff with necessary permissions can enroll new students in the school by assigning them admission, grade, section and roll number. Additionally, for each student record in a session, a new enrollment number is automatically generated.

Manage Requests: –  Display request form for a field in one page using shortcode. Plus, get school questions, add next dates, and take notes for questions.

Encourage students: –  Motivate students to move to a new class for a new lesson. This creates a new registered student for the next session.

Transfer students: –  Transfer students from one school to another. This also keeps track of students being transferred to and from the school.

Attendance of students: –  Daily attendance of students. Print a class attendance sheet. In addition, students can view their attendance report in the dashboard.

Student Dashboard: –  Students view tuition report, admission details, ID card etc and pay the remaining fees using the appropriate payment method.

Roles and Permissions: –  Create custom roles like teacher, accountant and assign them the necessary permissions according to the role so that they are restricted in managing the school entities assigned to them.

Designate school administrators and staff: – The administrator of  multiple schools assigns an administrator to a school. The field manager can create any number of employees with the field manager role.

Widget  bulletin board  : –  It has a bulletin board widget displays incoming messages section of your website widget. Here you can change the number of notifications, and the height and width of the widget to incorporate your website design.

Distributing learning materials: –  School staff with the necessary permission can add study materials of classes. These learning materials will show up on the student dashboard, allowing them to download and view the learning materials.

Student chores: –  School staff and teachers with necessary permission can add classroom chores. These home works will show up on the student dashboard section and the student receives an SMS notification. Details of housework can be sent on the mobile phones of parents and students

Automated Email, SMS and Custom Form  Notifications : – Send SMS and email notifications to students at the time of new admission, generate fee invoices, generate payment receipts, etc. SMS providers include Nexmo, Twilio, MsgClub, SMS Striker, Msg91 SMS, TextLocal and more.

Exam management: –  Create exam, add exam paper, test center, time, date and room number for a class or multiple classes.

Publish exam time table:-  Option to publish exam timetable will show on student dashboard or you can use shortcode to display exam timetable on a specific page of your website me.

Create admission card: –  For each exam, create admission card for the student. Additionally, publish admissions cards that students can download from the student dashboard section.

Accounting management:-  This includes fee invoice generation, payment collection, income management and expense management.

Create Tuition Invoices: –  Select students from classes and generate tuition invoices in bulk or for a single student. This also supports partial or one-time payment collection.

Tuition Collection Form: –  Displays the tuition collection form on a page using a shortcode that allows students to search for their name and view pending fee invoices. Students can pay tuition by payment method.

Payment via Stripe, Razorpay, Pesapal: –  Fee payment can be done using Stripe payment gateway or Razorpay, Pesapal.

Print Charge Invoice and Payment Receipt: –  After adding fee invoice, support to print fee invoice. Also, after paying, students or staff can print payment receipts.

Expense and income management: –  Add expense categories and income categories. More costs and results date wise for a school.

Student Dashboard: –  In student dashboard, student can view bulletin board, print his ID card, view pending fee bill, make payment and view payment history their math. In addition, they can download study materials, exam timetables, application forms and much more.

Student login widget and shortcode:-  Student login form can be displayed on page via shortcode and you can also set login widget on your website.School Management v9.2 - Education & Learning Management system for WordPress

Free Download School Management v9.2 – Education & Learning Management system for WordPress nulled changelog
Version 9.2 [15-09-2021]
- Updated: Now currency is saved by school wise.
- Updated: Now multiple days can be selected when created timetable.
- Updated: Now multiple classes can be selected when assigning subject to classes.
- Fixed : Live classes assigned live classes for bigbluebutton fixed.
- Added : Attendance monthly view, now students can check specific month attendance.
- Fixed : for some user when class is selected sections was not showing.
Version 9.1 [8-09-2021]
- Fixed : When creating fee type Fee invoice calculation amount calculation layout changed.
- Fixed : Exam notices.
- Fixed : Big blue button API re-added with cleaner interface with zoom live classes.
- Fixed : Student csv bulk import issue Fixed.
- Updated : when importing student fee type will assign to student.
- Updated : when importing or registering student combine fee type invoice title has changed.
- Updated : Invoices will be created according to fee types, when students are imported in bulk.
- Updated : Live classes sections filter added.
- Fixed : In some cases When collecting invoice 1 was added to amount.
- Updated : Registration form settings now will apply for this shortcode as well now [school_management_registration].
- Fixed : invoice number was jumping in fee type invoice.
Version 9.0 [20-08-2021]
--Added : Registration form setting for all school.
-Added : Homework submission rest api request.
Version 8.9 [14-08-2021]
-Added : Registration form setting for all school.-
-Added : Homework submission rest API request.
Version 8.8 [07-08-2021]
- changed : Currency can be saved by school-wise
- Added : BigBlueButton API for creating live classes
- Fixed : Profile photo on student dashboard
Version 8.7 [07-07-2021]
-Added : Noticeboard now you can select multiple students.
-Added : students absent placeholder fixed.
Version 8.6 [24-06-2021]
- Added : student overall result.
-updated: student dashboard exam result.
Version 8.5 [17-06-2021]
-Added : Psychomotor analysis to exam result.
-Added : Psychomotor analysis to exam result assessment.
Version 8.4 [08-0-2021]
-Fixed : Invoice Number Skiping bug fixed.
-Updated: Amount by fee structure it will show the pending amount.
Version 8.3 [2-06-2021]
-updated: msgclub api update.
-Fixed: attendance showing only one day.
-Fixed: Staff can take subject wise attendance.
Version 8.2 [19-05-2021]
-Fixed: Attendance bug fixes.
-Fixed: Point SMS api Updated.
-Added: Template ID added
-Fixed: staff user always can see hostels.
-Fixed: update notification disabled for all roles except admin.
-Fixed: MsgClub sms template
Version 8.1 [04-05-2021]
Added : Hostel module is added with school package.
-Added : now room can be assigned when student register
-updated: fee periods
Version 8.0 [16-04-2021]
-Added : Show teacher remark added in exam result (Optional )
-Added : Show school remark added in exam result (Optional )
-Updated: In Exam Subject Remark Made Optional settings
-Updated: Teacher and school remark setting will take effect for exam result and student result assessment both.
-Added : Hostel management addon added to the school management plugin ( This is added as an extra plugin. )
-Added : In single fee invoice total amount added.
Version 7.9 [05-04-2021]
-Fixed : Attendance can not see February attendance issue fixed.
-Added : Discount is added in Student admission form in back-end for invoices.
-Added : New bulksmsgateway SMS API Added.
-Updated: Fee type list will now show total as well.
-Updated: Discount is now in percentage instead of the amount.
-Added : Student Due Date Invoice SMS notification template.
-Added : Student Due Date Invoice Email notification template.
-Updated: Student Invoice layout.
Version 7.8 [24-03-2021]
-Added : Registration setting for student approval.
-Updated: Zabra date-picker library.
-Added : If school is inactive school admin can not access the school.
-Updated: Fee Type minor bug fixed.
-Updated: Fee invoice new feature added for fee type list in one invoice.
-Changed: On student admission auto fee generate feature is changed now it creates combine fee invoices if (student dashboard is not checked).
-Added : Now if school is inactive students can not login in that school.
-Fixed : Student auto generate Roll number bug fixed (it was not increasing after 10).
-Added : School signature in admit card and student detail.
Version 7.7 [23-02-2021]
-Added : Subject wise attendance
-Fixed : Multi school students registration shortcode notices.
-Fixed : Noticeboard bug fixed.
-Updated: Payment method Have more information about supported countries.
-Updated: school-management.pot file updated languages translation.
Version 7.6 [04-02-2021]
-Fixed : In fee type fee title was not showing.
-Fixed : You can enter student full name in all languages now.
Version 7.5 [02-02-2021]
-Added : kivalosolutions franse sms api
-Added : gatewaysms sms api
-Changed: Price links and locations added for Sms carriers.
-Changed: Now you can change student class as well.
-Fixed : In fee type fee title was not showing.
-Fixed : You can enter student full name in all languages now.
Version Version 7.4 [29-01-2021]
- Added : SSL Commerz Payment Gateway.
-Minor other issue fixed.
Version 7.3 [23-01-2021]
-Added : Study material now support videos as well.
-Changed: Study material now you have to select class and subject (sections can be selected all or single).
-Fixed : Noticeboard bug Fixed ( Notices was not showing on student dashboard ).
-Added : Zoom API settings tab added to SM school settings ( Guide how to setup Zoom API keys ).
-Added : Zoom PAI settings input link is added for staff users.
-Changed: In zoom live classes - now class, subject and teacher field is required.
-Added : Settings added for Auto generate roll number.
Version 7.2 [19-01-2021]
-Added : India Text sms api added.
-Fixed : inquiry class issue fixed.
-Changed : Noticeboard setting is Changed classes to Students.
-Changed : You can select multiple classes in fee type.
-Added : Class column is add in fee type.
-Added : Now you can select section and students in noticeboard..
Version 7.1 [30-12-2020]
-Changed: Zoom Live classes are separated by staff users..
Version 7.0 [25-12-2020]
-Fixed : Fee type bug fixed.
-Fixed : url redirect bug fixed.
Version 6.9 [21-12-2020]
-Fixed : Fee type bug fixed.
Version 6.8 [17-12-2020]
-Updated : Class wise fee type.
-Updated : gender show hide option
-Updated : fee receipt layout.
-Updated : admission for updated.
Version 6.7 [24-11-2020]
-Updated : SMS Settings Infigo point & MsgClub.
Version 6.6 [18-11-2020]
-Added : New Role permission.
-Added : You can select subject in homework.
-Added : Stats added in Accounting.
Version 6.5 [21-10-2020]
-Fixed: Exam Results Bug Fixed.
Version 6.4 [12-10-2020]
-Fixed: Student Bulk Import admission date fix.
-Added: Subject Wise remark system.
-Added: Library Book issued label and quantity.
-Added: Update Notice fixed.
-Added: Email setup helper links
-Fixed: Zoom live class validation error fixed.
Version 6.3 [25-09-2020]
-Fixed: Mobile view.
-Added: School details on student dashboard.
-Fixed: student Login redirect.
Version 6.2 [18-09-2020]
-Fixed: Data Base Issue FIXED.
-added: French Translation.
Version 6.0 [25-08-2020]
-Added: Now invoices wll auto generate
-Added: Dashboard disabled in fee type.
Ver 5.9 (08 Aug 2020)
-Added: vinuthan sms api.
Ver 5.8 (23 July 2020)
-Updated: Stduent dashboard.
-Added: Admin now able to print student admission form detail.
Ver 5.7 (16 July 2020)
-Updated: Homework module.
-Removed: Settings to hide Transport and library.
Ver 5.5 (17 june 2020)
- Added Attachments in Homework section.
- Added Url in study material.
Ver 5.4 (10 June 2020)
-Added option for Student registration form to able show and hide the individual field.
- Added reference field in the inquiry form.
- Added Transport and Library Menu hide option.
- Mobile API Issue fixed.
Ver 5.3 (21 May 2020)
-Added API support for android/iOS apps
Ver 5.2 (18 May 2020)
-Added PHP incompatibility message for Zoom API
Ver 5.1 (15 May 2020)
-Added Zoom conference API for creating live classes
Ver 5.0 (06 May 2020)
-Add bank transfer payment method
Ver 4.9 (01 May 2020)
-Improved student dashboard design
-Fixed typos
-Added setting to enter redirect URL after logout
Ver 4.8 (07 April 2020)
-Fixed mobile display issues.
Ver 4.7 (04 March 2020)
-Added books issued in student dashboard
-Fixed staff attendance table design
Ver 4.6 (27 Feburary 2020)
-Added redirect URL settings for registration form
-Added subject-wise results assessment
-Print subject-wise final marksheet
-Added exam group field for exams
Ver 4.5 (21 Feburary 2020)
-Added GDPR text settings for inquiry
-Fixed exam overall grade bug
-Fixed typos
-PHP 5.6 compatibility issue fixed
-Added registration shortcode and settings
-Auto generate admission number settings
Ver 4.4 (17 Feburary 2020)
-Fixed CSS issues
Ver 4.3 (14 Feburary 2020)
-Fixed minor bugs
-Added bulk delete option for students table
-Added attendance percentage on student dashboard
-Added ID number, ID proof, extra note fields for student
-Added separate permissions to delete students, invoices, sections
-Class teacher restricted to class students and class attendance
Ver 4.2 (07 Feburary 2020)
-Added class teacher and bus in-charge field for staff record
-Improved class sections table
-Added student leave request and approval feature
-Added staff leave request and approval feature
-Added more placeholder fields for certificate generation
-Added events feature
Ver 4.1 (31 January 2020)
-Added noticeboard in parent dashboard
-Export exam results with ranks
-Added description field in staff detail
-Added logging feature
Ver 4.0 (22 January 2020)
-Added inquiry settings
-Added inquiry email and SMS templates for inquisitor and admin
-Added custom message after inquiry submission
Ver 3.9 (20 January 2020)
-Added multi-selector for assigning classes
-Added student rank in exam results
-Export/Import exam results
Ver 3.8 (16 January 2020)
-Updated Infigo Point SMS API
Ver 3.7 (13 January 2020)
-Added staff attendance
-Added Paytm payment gateway
Ver 3.6 (10 January 2020)
-Added exam results assessment
-Updated documentation
Ver 3.5 (08 January 2019)
-Improved file upload validation
Ver 3.4 (06 January 2019)
-Added homework section
Ver 3.3 (27 December 2019)
-Added EBulkSMS SMS carrier
Ver 3.2 (25 December 2019)
-Uninstall/Reset bug fixed
Ver 3.1 (23 December 2019)
-Added transport management
Ver 3.0 (20 December 2019)
-Send test email for each template
-Send test SMS for each template
-Added paystack payment method
Ver 2.9 (13 December 2019)
-Noticeboard shortcode bug fixed
-Library books issued quantity bug fixed
Ver 2.8 (12 December 2019)
-Added float value support for obtained marks
Ver 2.7 (10 December 2019)
-Added books issued quantity limit
-New permission added for viewing payment stats on dashboard
-Added textlocal SMS provider
-Minor bugs fixes
Ver 2.6 (04 December 2019)
-Changed expense and income stats by session in dashboard
-Added library stats in dashboard
-Documentation updated
Ver 2.5 (02 December 2019)
-Added payment date field when adding offline payment
-Added students library cards feature
Ver 2.4 (28 November 2019)
-Added settings to show charts on dashboard
-Added chart.js library for charts
-Added library management
Ver 2.3 (21 November 2019)
-Added exams stats on the dashboard
- Added total fees structure amount
- Added monthly admissions and payments charts
- Added monthly expense and income charts
Ver 2.2 (19 November 2019)
- Added city, state and country fields for students
- Added search filter for city, state and country
- New feature: class specific notices
- Update: Student dashboard design
Ver 2.1 (15 November 2019)
- Bulk import students from CSV file
Ver 2.0 (13 November 2019)
- Improved exam dashboard
- Added new menu for admit cards and exam results
- Account settings in student and parent dashboard
- Added grade criteria for exams
- Added shortcode for exam results
- Added shortcode for certificate
Ver 1.9 (07 November 2019)
- Added teacher name in class time table
- Added new SMS to parents templates
- Added MsgClub SMS carrier
- Added exam results management
- Added Pesapal payment gateway
- Added Msg91 SMS carrier
- Added enrollment prefix settings
Ver 1.8 (31 October 2019)
-Added class timetable
Ver 1.7 (24 October 2019)
-Send custom email and SMS to students
- Improved student dashboard design
- Added student absent SMS notification to parent
Ver 1.6 (21 October 2019)
- Generate student certificate
Ver 1.5 (12 October 2019)
-Add PayPal payment gateway
- Minor bug fixes
Ver 1.4 (07 October 2019)
- Print ID cards in bulk
- Updated documentation
Ver 1.3 (01 October 2019)
-Added fee types
- Added fee structure for students at the time of admission
- View student fee structure when creating an invoice
Ver 1.2 (28 September 2019)
- Added print preview.
- Export student records, inquiries to CSV
- Export invoices, expenses and income to CSV
- GDPR compliance for inquiry form
Ver 1.1 (26 September 2019)
- Improved dashboard design
- Added parent login and dashboard
- Added fees shortcode session wise
- Added exam admit card shortcode
- Add print preview for ID card
- Add admission from inquiry
Ver 1.0 (23 September 2019)
- New release

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