WP Rentals NULLED – Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

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WP Rentals NULLED is a unique WordPress booking theme that  saves you time and money when creating your rental platform. Either you use the theme as a sole proprietor or you allow users to register and publish listings (properties or objects) for  daily or hourly  rentals, Rentals insures for Friend.

With over 150 theme options and 20 pricing options, this theme provides all you need to create a successful rental business and monetize it. Sync your availability calendar easily with other platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway, etc

Other :

Our topic is updating the  SCA Regulations for European Stripe Payments  . We also allow customers to allow WooCommerce and their merchants to  process payments for bookings through WooCommerce. Instant Deposit Paying via WooCommerce NO User Login required.

WpRentals can be translated into any language and can be used as a multilingual website with 3rd party Plugins like Weglot or WPML.

Link Demo : https://themeforest.net/item/wp-rentals-booking-accommodation-wordpress-theme/12921802

WP Rentals NULLED - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

WP Rentals NULLED - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

WP Rentals NULLED - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

WP Rentals NULLED - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

WP Rentals NULLED - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

WP Rentals NULLED - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

WP Rentals NULLED - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

WP Rentals NULLED - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

WP Rentals NULLED - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

WP Rentals NULLED - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

WP Rentals NULLED - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

WP Rentals NULLED - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

WP Rentals NULLED - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

WP Rentals NULLED – Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme :

Easy to get started Do you like the available demos? Import any presentation with a few clicks and start editing it right away.

Fully Responsive & Retina ready Theme is ready for all phones and tablets. Provide a smooth user experience on all platforms.

Twilio WP Rentals SMS Notifications includes SMS notifications through the Twilio API platform. Integrate your Twilio phone number, set the SMS text and you are ready to send SMS to verified phone numbers.

Process Booking Payments with Any WooCommerce Seller  We enable the option to use WooCommerce for payments instead of theme sellers. WooCommerce has support for over 150 merchants worldwide and can be used in any country. WpRentals also allows using WooCommerce to pay for bookings  without LOGIN  if Instant Booking is enabled.

Add a custom link to the Book Now form, you can use WpRentals to recommend rental properties, but when the user wants to submit a booking request, they can forward it to a 3rd party website three (the link you add at your discretion, can be an affiliate link with Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, etc.)


Bakery Page Builder, Revolution Slider & Ultimate Addons included Bakery Page Builder gives you tools to create a page by drag and drop without any advanced knowledge of WordPress. Ultimate Addons adds to the default WPBakery Page Builder loads of additional shortcodes for various design options. Revolution Slider allows you to create modern slideshows with various effects and video backgrounds that you can set as title media.

Elementor Ready Widgets Create modern pages with Elementor page builder (2019 most popular page builder) and 13 new Elementor WpRentals Widgets.

Hourly booking and daily booking admins   can enable hourly bookings for all listings or allow owners to choose whether their listings should have hourly or daily rates. Hourly booking allows users to rent objects or places by the hour. Settings include price per hour, custom price per hour for weekends, custom price per hour for specific time periods, minimum hours, list-available hours, and more. Check out  https://skirent.wprentals.org/  as a demo.

Virtual Tours in Property Pages Add 360-degree exploration tours to each property. Demo:  https://main.wprentals.org/properties/west-town-3rd-floor-dorm/

Audience rental (booking by the hour or daily) Turn on audience rental and the guest option will not be displayed in the booking form. You can also turn off the guest list in the list submission form. Create your custom fields, customize advanced search, and build a flexible audience rental platform.

Flexible Booking Option for All Users Allows users to check in, submit places or things to rent, and manage their bookings or reservations from their own accounts.

Submit Options Only For Selected Users If desired, you can specify in the subject options that users can submit listings on your site. This option allows you to create an owner site easily.

The Deposit Fee field is the value you want to get from the user submitting the request (can be % or a flat value) before the booking is confirmed. If you have only made a partial payment to confirm the reservation, the remainder (remaining payment) can be paid prior to initiating the booking (but paying the entire site via the website is optional).

Service Fee / Admin Reservation Fee As a site administrator, you can set a service fee (admin booking fee) which can be a flat amount or a % of the total bill . The site admin transfer fee is deducted from the owner’s earnings, but it is paid by the user submitting the claim as part of the deposit (this, once booked, will be required to confirm the reservation)

Booking rate options for daily bookings Set default price per night, custom rate per night for bookings more than 7 days or more, custom rate per night for bookings over 30 days, rate per weekend night, number minimum booking date, cleaning and city fees, extra guest rates, global conversion date (check-in OR check-in and check-out date), early booking discount, deposit, additional costs , etc

Early registration discount You can set the discount by % and the minimum number of days to apply the discount. The % discount applies to the rate per night.

Cleaning Fee You can choose a fixed value of the Cleaning Fee and how it is calculated per night, per guest, or per night and guest.

City Fee You can choose the City Fee as a flat value or %, and how it is calculated per night, per guest, or per night and guest.

Booking dates minimum number of days minimum booking applies to any request for any book. You can override this from Price Adjustment and set a custom minimum date for the custom period. Custom intervals are set manually from the calendar (one custom interval at a time).

Tax value in % In each listing – you can set a tax value (in %) to help owners automatically calculate the taxes they own based on the booking invoice value. This information is only visible in the owner’s dashboard, and the owner is responsible for paying his or her taxes.

Extra price per guest or pay per guest In each listing, you can choose to enable the option to add guests (above the default number of guests) and set a price per extra guest. The theme does not limit the number of extra guests allowed. You can also only allow payment by the number of guests (instead of the rate per night).

Add extra options in the booking form – single, per night, per guest or per guest and night In each listing, the owner can add additional booking options – and set the price as a flat fee fixed, by night, by guest or by night and guest. These additional options can be edited/deleted at any time without affecting previous bookings.

Custom prices for custom periods In each listing – Price settings, you have a calendar to manage custom prices for custom time periods (you choose each first and last day when you want the rate to be paid). custom price). For each custom period, you can set a custom price per night, a custom price per night for 7n+ and 30n+, a custom price for a weekend night, minimum booking days, and conversion dates (check-in OR check-in and check-out).

Manage Flip Dates Only allow bookings starting at check-in on a specific day of the week OR only allow bookings upon check-in/check-out on a specific day of the week.

Weekend Nights As an administrator, you can confirm weekend nights: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday OR Saturday and Sunday, OR Friday and Saturday.

Instant booking or owner approval If instant booking check is selected, the booking request will be confirmed without owner approval (but after admin fee is paid if admin site staff put that). If the owner does not want to enable Instant Booking, all booking requests will have to be reviewed manually by him (he can decline or approve each request).

Ical feed sync Theme supports Ical feed export and import, which means you can sync your listings calendar with other platforms that support ical feeds. You can add different feeds from different platforms.

Multi-Currency Widget As an administrator, you set a default currency for all website prices and payments. Alternatively, the admin can enable a multi-currency widget (which can be used in the footer, header or sidebar widget area). This utility converts the default currency to other currencies (but it is used for informational purposes only). The currency widget can sync with an API to reflect currency conversion values ​​based on real-time rates.

Header & Menu Options You can choose between 2 different menu design styles. As header you can choose Map, Attribute Slider, Revolution Slider, Image or not. You can also enable transparent headers for all or specific pages.

Open Street Maps and implement the Algolia API Use Open Street Maps (an alternative to the Google Maps API) and Algolia Places (an alternative to Google Places autocomplete). Algolia solution works for Geocoding (Search by Radius), Searching for location in Advanced Search, Form submission – City autocomplete field. The Open Street Map applies to all locations where Maps are used: global header with Map and all properties, half-map pages, list submission form – location field, Page single list. Algolia’s Places API is free for a limit of 1,000 requests per day and 100,000 requests per month. You can read more here  https://community.algolia.com/places/pricing.html

Hide property address & map location Hide property address & map location until user has confirmed booking. Enable this option globally for all listings from the theme option. Check out this live demo with this option enabled –  https://main.wprentals.org/properties/huge-sunny-villa-east-side/

Implement optimized Google Maps API Give your customers the ability to search for properties on Google Maps and they can easily find results near their location (with geolocation) or in different locations. other area. Each listing can have a custom image pinned on the map, so users can easily spot the type of property listing they’re looking for. The Google Maps API also provides Radius search in Half Map. Google Places autocomplete in location search, add location attribute based on Google Place autocomplete Places submitted

Custom colors You can change theme colors, from header to footer elements, directly from the theme options.

Built-in caching system Built-in speed optimization settings, such as query caching and map pin limit. Build fast website quickly.

Unlimited Sidebars Theme comes with a number of predefined sidebars, but you can also create your own sidebars and populate them with theme real estate-specific widgets or other widgets , from the admin options.

Translation ready Themes can be translated into any language.

WPML and Weglot Support/Compatibility The theme is WPML ready, which means you can create a multilingual website if you want to use this plugin. Please consider WPML as a 3rd party plugin and compatibility support is provided by the WPML team. Any theme updates are checked by WPMl to confirm the tag is compatible.

Detailed feature list:

  • Based on Bootstrap 3 . framework
  • Fullfill the needs
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Modern, clean and intuitive design
  • Retina ready
  • Materials included
  • Easy to customize
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Valid HTML5 markup
  • Unique CSS3 animations
  • Includes Revolution Slider, WPBakery Page Builder and Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder plugins. Plugin updates are provided through theme updates.
  • Translate topics into any language via poedit

General features of the theme

  • Advanced Google Maps integration.
  • Auto-populate checkout/payment/guest information on listings page based on advanced search options and direct total cost display in booking form
  • The list booking form supports the following: when submitting a booking request, see the login message as required with the login method box to login/register, save the reservation check in, check out and Guest values ​​are selected before login for easy booking.
  • Registration Booking form – minimum number of guests check (based on no guests on the list). If Vacation Rental is enabled.
  • List Reservation form – disables guest drop-down if Renting Objects is enabled.
  • Custom list lightbox gallery for attached images

Google Maps Options

  • Open Street Map for a listing page
  • Ajax search on Google Maps and Half Map page template (you can also use custom search fields)
  • Customize Google Map colors with snazzymaps.com from admin
  • Change the map pin image for each category you add. Retina Battery Support Included
  • Pin prices for Google Maps listings. Show full price or in short version
  • On/Off option for Google Places Autocomplete search for City, Region and Country apply in location search and location submission
  • Enable or disable the option to use on required pins when moving the map, in the half-map pages of the list and Advanced Search Results half the map
  • Set the maximum number of list pins to show in the map (to manage speed).
  • Add your own custom pins for your categories and list types
  • Auto detect for Google Maps if https is enabled
  • Google Places show on map Unique listings (to see nearby restaurants, hospitals, etc.)
  • YELP API integration to display points of interest around a list
  • NEW: Turn Radius search on/off in half a map page with control over radius in miles or kilometers, initial radius, min radius and max radius.

Admin Options for Theme Appearance

  • Create your own pages with WPBakery Page Builder / Ultimaye addons with plugin shortcodes and with built-in theme shortcodes
  • Splash page with image, image or video slider
  • Mega menu
  • 5 types of media titles and “transparent menu” options: image titles with parallax on/off, video titles, google maps titles, revolution slider titles, list slider titles with 2 design style or no title
  • Video title option for single page header option: manage height control, full screen control, overlay color and opacity
  • Header image options: height control, full screen control, overlay color and opacity
  • Custom color management
  • Image slider to list units in list with control showing yes/no in theme options
  • Show an on/off option for the menu in the user’s control panel.
  • Manage general title for owner profile in theme options
  • Multi-currency API in theme options. Apply to multi-currency widget that admin can manage/add to any widget area
  • 2 types of headers with different logo alignment positions
  • Title menu custom color management
  • General design options for headers (header height, fixed header height, border size, border color)
  • Option to set footer 100% wide
  • Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3 (with custom icons and fields) as the design for the List Unit
  • Type 1 or Type 2 as the design option to list Page Layouts. You can use icons and Custom Fields for list details
  • Type 1 or Type 2 as default advanced search on title
  • NEW: Enter 3 or Type 4 as a custom advanced search option. Add unlimited search fields, including your custom fields –  https://wpestate.org/listings-advanced-search-options-in-wp-rentals/
  • Advanced Search form placement options (before or after title media, floating mode on header media, fixed search options)
  • Option to display on List List half map list tags as list or grid
  • Customize price and currency
  • Multi-currency converter
  • Read from file to set up multiple pins for fast browsing
  • Change font (with subset) from theme options
  • Custom theme sliders for admin-managed listings
  • Manage/add unlimited custom details to the list. Supported custom fields are text, date, dropdown, or date field types. They show up in the Details list, next to the theme’s default fields
  • Designate a listing owner as an admin
  • Unlimited categories and list types
  • Ability to customize your city or region page with your own content
  • Add custom header image for City and Region if using standard taxonomy page
  • NEW: Custom icons support for a list page, fields show before the description area.
  • NEW: Manage search form position: float mode, before title media, after media title and fixed search option.
  • NEW: Icon and field management for list infobox (box shown in map). The icon fields that we show by default in the list infobox can be edited from the theme options. You can choose fields from your theme’s default fields or custom fields that you add from the theme admin. Choose for each icon from a list of predefined font awesome icons.
  • NEW: Type 3 Attribute Cards with Icons and field management (tags show up in the list). You can select up to 4 fields to display in tag type 3 (these fields will show up on the last line). You can choose an icon or text for each field label. You can choose from your theme’s default fields or your custom fields
  • NEW: Show top bar widget area yes/no for mobile

Admin options to manage property submissions and manage reservations

  • NEW: Show property location as drop-down menu (you can choose to show city/area as 2 independent drop-down menus with categories you add from admin)
  • Enable or disable Login with Facebook, Twitter and Google
  • Enable or disable user registration with password type in the form or with username and email
  • Enable/disable UI list submission. Registration is required to send reservation requests/private messages.
  • NEW: AUTOMATICALLY change from Register method to Login method after successful registration
  • NEW: Manage redirects after login (keep users on the same page or specify which pages to redirect)
  • Recaptha ON / OFF for registration form
  • Enable or disable option for separate subscription for users who want to reserve and users who want to add rental property with yes/no control in theme options
  • Admins can only allow specific registered subscribers to have the submit option in the user dashboard – this allows a single owner to also use the theme
  • Add Property Status for admin-managed label-named properties (e.g. Add a “Verified”) status
  • NEW: choose fields to display in form submission from default subject fields or your own cusotm fields and features and amenities
  • NEW: choose which fields are required in the submission form (Optional in the Guest drop-down). If you allow attributes to be added without admin approval, all required fields will need to be filled in before the property status changes from pending to published.
  • NEW: Choose if you want to show guest dropdown
  • NEW: Choose if you want to send an item rental (change the label from “night” to day) or vacation rental.
  • Admin can choose weekends from admin – general settings (Saturday & Sunday OR Friday & Saturday OR Friday & Saturday & Sunday)
  • NEW: Manage no calendar month and no guest in admin dropdown – theme options – general settings – interface
  • Theme allows admin to receive DEPOSIT and/or SERVICE fees (these fees can also be 0). Service fee, site administration fee.
  • Deposits can be % (from 0 to 100) or a fixed value. Funds are transferred to the Administrator account (PayPal, stripe or bank transfer)
  • Option Include charges (city and cleaning fee) when calculating admin booking fee
  • Integrated Paypal and Stripe. WIre Transfer support exists well.
  • WOO COMMERCE support to process payments through WOO Commerce powered merchants
  • Membership system with control for each package with the option to periodically give, send pro.perty
  • Or Pay Per Listing Option with an additional fee to make it stand out to submit listings
  • Email management in theme options supports HTML for img, br, em & strong elements. This allows admins to edit email notification content.

User/Owner option to submit listings and manage bookings

  • Add custom fields to each list from the Details section
  • UI List Submission Form
  • UI List Edit Form
  • Add lists to favorites and manage their removal/access from the My Favorites page in the user dashboard
  • Option to Turn Published Lists Off or On in user dashboard – My List List
  • The application includes the price per night with the before and after price labels.
  • Owners can set discounted prices for longer periods by adding custom prices per day for 7-day+ bookings or for 30-day+ bookings
  • Owners can set custom prices per day or time period by selecting specific dates from the available calendar in Pricing Settings
  • Extra City fee / Cleaning fee per guest OR per night OR per night and guest
  • City fees can also be set to %.
  • List submission form including minimum number of booking days
  • The registration form includes a custom price for the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday OR Friday and Saturday OR Saturday and Sunday)
  • Property submission includes price per extra guest
  • Property submission form includes a check option to allow more guests to be added to the property and to claim a fee for each additional guest
  • Property submission form includes check option to pay by number of guests (and does not take into account property prices or custom prices)
  • The property deposit includes the option to force the reservation to start check-in on a specific date OR the option to check-in and check-out on a specific date
  • Option to check Instant Booking for each property
  • Allows each owner to add/edit/remove extra charges per booking: per guest, per night or per night and per guest. These show up in the booking form when submitting the booking request.
  • Submitting an Early Bird discount support list (in %) and the MINIMUM number of days before the discount is applied.
  • Allows owner to set tax value in form submission (in %%). Tax is considered to be included in the daily price. They are only visible in Billing Details to the owner
  • Allows owner to set tax value in form submission (in %%). Tax is considered to be included in the daily price. They are only visible in Billing Details to the owner
  • A notification email is sent to the user that payment of the remaining reservation is required (cron – 3 days before the start of the reservation or can be sent manually when the owner sends a notice – (yes up to 3 reminders can be sent manually.) Email text is managed from Email Manager by admin
  • Add images for each property and rearrange the images in the submission form with drag and drop
  • ICALENDAR multiple feeds Import to synchronize inventory schedules with other platforms that support ICAL feeds. You can also do Icalendar Single Feed Export to other platforms
  • The owner has full control over where the pin is on the map, which can be set by clicking the mouse or using the PIN ADDRESS TO MAP button
  • Block certain time periods in the property calendar
  • Option to cancel a property owner’s booked reservation
  • User Dashboard – All in one calendar page for global view of properties and booked dates, to set custom prices, mark dates as booked
  • Search My Properties in My Properties, My Bookings, My Bookings pages from the user’s dashboard
  • Invoices are generated by subject when a booking request is submitted/approved and can be detailed under My Bookings (for owners) or My Bookings (for tenants)
  • Detailed invoices show up in the user’s dashboard. Print options available
  • Internal messaging system between registered users
  • Save and delete favorites as a registered user
  • Booking & Reservation control system in user dashboard – My Booking and My Booking

Additional options specific to users submitting booking requests

  • Add a review for each booked listing from the User’s Dashboard, once the reservation is over
  • Show login method in booking form if you are not logged in and try to send booking request or private message to owner
  • – Save the check-in, check-out & guest selection bookings made on the booking form on the listing page before LOG IN / SIGN UP after the user registers.
  • -It is possible to send a message to the owner who is a registered or unregistered user.

Advanced Search Options

  • Advanced Search Custom Fields support for new built-in search types – Type 3 and Type 4.
  • Custom fields allowed: – unlimited (for types 3 and 4)
  • Custom fields per row: support 1,2,3 or 4 fields per row (for types 3 and 4)
  • Supported custom fields (for types 3 and 4): Location. It can be input type with autocomplete subject. It can be input type with google places autocomplete. Or it could be a dropdown that shows all cities, regions, countries, states and counties from published properties in the theme database
  • Supported custom fields (for categories 3 and 4): Check-in and Check-out. Always put them in pairs.
  • Other Custom Fields Supported: Guest Number, Listing Main Category and Second Category, Listing City and Attribute Area (as separate dropdown list, Dropdown list is NOT trusted trust), List County, List Status – these are input type fields (they are text fields), List Country – this is a dropdown with all countries (encoded list) in topic). This is a standalone dropdown, Bathroom, Bedroom, and Room – 3 default fields, which can be listed as input or as a dropdown. For these properties, you can choose to display properties with values ​​less than, equal to, or greater than the selected value in the search.
  • Custom fields added from theme options: text, numbers and dropdowns can also be added to advanced search custom fields (for search types 3 and 4)
  • Choose your selection of features and amenities to show up in search and they’ll show up in search types 3 and 4 in the title and half-map filter
  • Search type 4 has 3 default fields that cannot be removed: the type keyword (used for property titles), the main list, and the second category. You can add unlimited extra fields from the theme options
  • Location options type 1 and 2 can be input type with autocomplete subject, can be input type with google places autocomplete, or can be dropdown style showing all cities, region, country, state and county from the properties published in the database topic
  • Search types 1 and 2 come with default search fields

Another choice

  • WPML Multilingual support for multilingual websites. Please note that WPML is a plugin that implies you translate everything manually, from the admin area, including bookings, messages.
  • WEGLOT Multilingual support for multilingual websites
  • Launch of RentalsClub Extension for Wp Rental (3rd party software). Extensions: SMS Notifications via Twilio and Manage Payments. Check out  http://www.rentalsclub.org/  for more information
  • And much more…
Free Download WP Rentals NULLED – Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme nulled changelog
Version 3.4 – September 2021
Watch this video to see what is new https://youtu.be/NtSBTz_p3Oo

NOTES – listings that have the allow extra guests option enabled will need to be edited manually in order to set max extra guests allowed. Maxim extra guests are considered only if Adult / Child / Infant separation is set to YES.

New – Added Adult / Child / Infant separation for Guests in Search form and Booking form

New – With Adult / Child separation on, booking form will not allow too select more than the max guests allowed

New – With Adult / Child separation on, set a maximum number of extra guests (if extra guests option is checked)

Updated – Moved the option to allow for extra guests in Description Settings

New – Control if the new guest options show or not in submit listing form from theme options

New – Max Extra Guests allowed can be set in property card type 3 and in the property overview section

New – Trip details summary section for each confirmed booking

New – Trip details summary are sent by email after a booking is confirmed to user who books a listings

New – Show password option in login and register forms

New demo – Example of a site for single owner – https://solo.wprentals.org/

New demo – Rentals Holiday demo – https://cancun.wprentals.org/

New – Booking shortcode style controls for Elementor

New – Search shortcode style control for elementor

Update – date format applies in the email notification Invoice Payment Reminder

Updated – added MAD as currency

Updated – currency position applies for the Membership Subscriptions prices and for Pay by listig prices

Updated – added a hover color over the price pin when opening the property card on map

Update – PHP 8 compatibility

Update – Pay by listing with admin approval disabled

Update – added processing status to Instant Booking button with Woo Commerce enabled

Fix – https for share links

Fix – Booking shortcode display on mobile

Fix – double slash typo

Fix – Property card type 1 design and booking form with extra booking options

Fix – Remove subscription menu from User Mobile Menu if user does not have the right to add listings

Fix – Lightbox images display for Property page gallery type 3 and type 4

FIx – Half Map search with dynamic map results and pagination

Update child theme with new wprentals.pot

Update wprentals.pot and wprentals-core.pot

Update WpRentals theme version to 3.4

Update: WpRentals Core Functionality plugin to version 3.4

Update: WpRentals Elementor Add-on plugin to version 3.4

Update Revolution Slider to Version 6.5.8

Update WPBakery Visual Composer to Version 6.7.0

Update Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer to Version 3.19.11

Version 3.3.2 – June 2021

Fix all in one calendar half view for the next day bookings

Version 3.3.1 – May 2021
Fix – Contact Form Widget for Elementor without GDPR enabled

Fix – Register Modal Height with Re-captcha enabled

Update – WpRentals theme version to 3.3.1

Version 3.3 – May 2021
Watch this video to see what is new in WpRentals 3.3

Note – this update changes the Display Categories & Categories Slider as it adds more STYLE options. Edit the page with Elementor, edit the Widget and go to Style to change height, font or colors if you see a different height after the update

NEW – Dropdown selection for Start House and End Hour with hourly booking enabled -Demo https://office.wprentals.org/properties/hourly-desk-for-rent-in-midtown/

NEW – Image for Login and Register modal managed from Theme Options -> Header Settings. Open this link to see the exact location.

NEW – Contact Form Builder Widget for Elementor – Demo https://office.wprentals.org/homepage-with-wprentals-3-3/

NEW – Property Category Form Builder for Elementor – Demo https://office.wprentals.org/homepage-with-wprentals-3-3/

NEW – 3 new Elementor widgets for Properties List. Each widget is based on a property unit card design design types. You control content display, font size and colors for each widget. Demo https://office.wprentals.org/homepage-with-wprentals-3-3/

NEW – 3 new Elementor widgets for Properties Slider. Each widget is based on a property unit card design design types. You control content display, font size and colors for each widget. Demo https://office.wprentals.org/homepage-with-wprentals-3-3/

NEW – Show the logo set in theme options in print invoice in user dashboard

NEW – Open Street alternative to Algolia Places / Google Places.

NEW – added support for Elementor PRO header / footer if that version of elementor if used

UPDATE – Design style options for WpRentals Featured Category Elementor Widget

UPDATE – Hourly Calendar to latest version (changes the deisgn for the Availability Calendar in a listing with hourly booking enabled)

UPDATE – WpRentals Elementor Plugiin for Elementor 2.x compatibility

UPDATE – Added RON as currency for theme supported merchants

UPDATE – Added processing status to the booking for send booking request button and to the contact form send contact message buttons

UPDATE – Added link to owner profile from admin -> edit invoice

UPDATE ->Disabled theme cache for Features and Amenities list in property page with WPML enabled

UPDATE – auto-play videos on safari devices

UPDATE – Show cleaning and city fees in invoice details with woo commerce + instant booking

UPDATE – Show the name of the property for confirmed & canceled bookings by user in admin -> invoice -> edit invoice

UPDATE – show the user who renter a booking in admin -> bookings with woo commerce enabled

UPDATE – phone number display on contact page details so that it can open automatically on mobile devices

FIX – editing virtual tour in wp-admin -> edit property

FIX – hide the user dashboard overview page when the user does not have the right to add listings

FIX – date format in cart page and email

FIX – date format from theme options to apply to dashboard ate

FIX – Using ID list for properties slider with custom permalinks names

FIX – Filtering invoices in user dashboard not showing the list

FIX – Open listings in a new tab opened the property in the same page when clickin on the property image

FIX – Showing the custom icon set in theme options for card type 3 , list mode

FIX – Show the name of the user who rented a listing for confirmed & canceled bookings by user in admin -> invoice -> edit invoice

FIX – Validate phone number with Twilio enabled when not using send me the validation code first

UPDATE – minor styling elements for mobile devices

UPDATE – custom colors for search in header

Update child theme to include the new default images for owner

Update child theme with new wprentals.pot

Update wprentals.pot and wprentals-core.pot

Update WpRentals theme version to 3.3

Update: WpRentals Core Functionality plugin to version 3.3

Update: WpRentals Elementor Add-on plugin to version 3.3

Update: WpRentals Gutenberg plugin to version 2.3.1

Update Revolution Slider to Version 6.4.11

Update WPBakery Visual Composer to Version 6.6.0

Update Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer to Version 3.19.9

Version 3.2.2 – 16 February 2021

Update: Update for Edit Property Media in wp-admin to work with SEO Yoast 15.8 update. The solution is in plugins/wprentals-core/misc/metaboxes.php

Update: WpRentals Core Functionality plugin to version 3.2.2

Version 3.2.1 – February 2021

Fix – stripe remaining balance payments

Fix – save in submit form deletes 1st image attached

Update child theme to include the new default images

Update theme version to 3.2.1

Update Revolution Slider to Version 6.3.9

Version 3.2 – January 2021

NEW: User Dashboard redesign

NEW – Dashboard Overview page with a summary of the account

NEW – Default image for properties, categories, and owner profile

NEW – Mobile devices show booking form as sticky footer menu

NEW – Manage 30+ & 7+ price options from theme options. Change 30 and 7 to your desired numbers.

NEW – A new lightbox gallery for property page images with swipe option for responsive devices

NEW – A new step before canceling or rejecting a booking request

NEW – added Guest value in WooCommerce product details on checkout

NEW – Added COP as a currency option for payments

NEW – separated css for user dashboard desktop and mobile view to a separate folder

UPDATED – Added zoom controlto submission form map when Open Street is enabled

UPDATE – Allow only one click for the continue button in submit listing form when not logged in

UPDATE – Change map to support auto-fit bounds when enabling property taxonomy and half map display

UPDATE – Support for Elementor PRO with custom header and footer and theme login and register widgets

UPDATED – List of countries to include Island of Saba (and edited Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy

UPDATED – Style.css, my_media.css

FIX – Hourly booking selection after WordPress 5.6 Jquery update

FIX – Include property name in the notification sent from Booking Form Shortcode

FIX – Duplicate SMS for Listing Approved

FIX – Categories Slider display in Elementor Preview

FIX – Send confirmed booking email when payment is processed through WooCommerce and Stripe

Update: wprentals.pot and wprentals-core.po and included translations

Update: minor css fixes for mobile and web

Update: WPRentals Core Plugin Functionality to version 3.2

Update: WPBakery Page Builder to version 6.5.0

Update: Revolution Slider to v 6.3.6

Update: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer to v 3.19.8

Version 3.1.1 – December 2020

CSS fix in css/admin.css for WordPress 5.6 update (extra arrows show in theme options). File modified wprentals/css/admin.css

Update Revolution slider plugin to version 6.3.3

Update Ultimate Addons for Bakery to version 3.19.8

Update Bakery Plugin to v6.4.2

Version 3.1 – October 2020

IMPORTANT: Please save the search fields/icons as you wish in Half Map Advanced Search Results / Half Map Taxonomy and Half Map Properties List Page – https://prnt.sc/uvcy1x

NEW: Updated demos https://ibiza.wprentals.org/ and https://santorini.wprentals.org/ with Elementor Free Page Builder and Elementor Theme widgets

NEW: Separate management for Advanced Search in half map lists https://prnt.sc/uvcy1x

NEW: Sync search custom fields number of fields per rows and number of fields with Advanced Search Shortcode (Type 3, type 4 and type 5)

New: WpRentals Elementor Widget for tabs (vertical and horizontal)

New: WpRentals Elementor Widget for accordion

New: WpRentals shortcode for maps with listings pins (so the map can be used in any section of any page)

NEW: Set the redirect URL after user finishes saving the property details (applies from Calendar step)

Update: replaced the login icon on mobile

FIX: HTML removed from SMS management

FIX: All in one calendar hover with booking details

FIX: Check for validate user with wordpress 5.5

FIX: Reviews stars don’t save with wordpress 5.5

Update: Hide “Terms” label is terms is not included in the submit form

UPDATE: get_checkout_url with new function wc_get_checkout_url

Update: Mapbox tile server api for who wants to use this Open Street with Mapbox tiles

Update: wprentals/templates/submit_templates/property_price.php and removed extra code

Update: WooCommerce checkout product includes booking details in title

Update: wprentals.pot and wprentals-core.po

Update: minor css fixes for mobile and web

Update: WPRentals Core Plugin Functionality to version 3.1

Update: WPBakery Page Builder to version 6.4.1

Update: Revolution Slider to v 6.2.23

Update: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer to v 3.19.6

Version 3.0.3 – August 2020

Fix: 5.5 WP compatibility for half map infobox display

Fix: Save favorites in single property page

Update: WPRentals Core Plugin Functionality to version 3.0.3

Update: WPBakery Page Builder to version 6.2.0

Update: Revolution Slider to v6.2.22

Update: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer to v 3.19.6

Version 3.0.2 – August 2020

Fix: Hourly calendar available hours management

Version 3.0.1 – July 2020

Fix Stripe error with membership packages
Fix Blue Host incompatibility
Update: WPRentals Core Plugin Functionality to version 3.0.1

Version 3.0 – July 2020

This update comes with new features, but also with new / improved design elements for shortcodes, header, buttons, theme sliders, ratings colors. Please check our main demo https://main.wprentals.org/ and https://demo1.wprentals.org/

NEW: Replace booking form with the property owner contact form for all properties. Help https://help.wprentals.org/article/hide-booking-form-and-replace-with-owner-contact-form/

NEW: SMS management via Twilio (Rentals Club will no longer connect to WpRentals theme). Help https://help.wprentals.org/article/sms-management-by-twilio/

NEW: Booking shortcode for single property to be used on any page – Help https://help.wprentals.org/article/how-to-add-booking-form-on-a-page/

NEW: Custom permalinks management for listing and owner. Help https://help.wprentals.org/article/how-to-change-permalinks/

NEW: Option to make Property title in lists to open in a new page

NEW: Height control for featured category shortcode

NEW: Testimonial type 2

New: Featured Owner shortcode type 2

NEW: ON/OFF for Sleeping Arrangements, Terms and Conditions

NEW: Added Marie-Galante Les Saintes Saint-Martin Sint-Marteen as countries

Update: Check-out calendar opens the same calendar as in check-in

UPDATE: Use Stripe API only with instant booking and dashboard

UPDATE: Google API version to latest

UPDATE: Add subscription page for mobile menu

UPDATED: Demos updated: https://demo1.wprentals.org/ and https://main.wprentals.org/

FIX: Minor CSS

FIX: Translation for Payment for Invoice in Woo Checkout

FIX: Translation for Terms and conditions

FIX: Translate hourly calendar drag and drop

FIX: Change booking type from wp-admin not saving

FIX: Delete new images form wp-admin

FIX: Cyrlic in terms and conditions not showing 2nd labels

FIX: Woo Commerce orders status changed manually to confirmed not applying to paid orders

Update: Wprentals.po and wprentals-core.po

Update: WpRentals Core Functionality to v 3.0 (Plugin update is mandatory)

Update: WpRentals Elementor Widgets to v 3.0 (Plugin update is mandatory)

Update: Ultimate Addons for Bakery Builder to v 3.19.5

Update: Ultimate Bakery to v 6.2.0

Updated: Revolution Slider plugin to v 6.2.17

Version 2.8.5 – April 2020

NEW: Organize features and amenities in groups as you please. Help https://help.wprentals.org/article/listings-features-and-amenities/

NEW: Add SVG icons for each feature and amenity from theme backend. Help – https://help.wprentals.org/article/how-to-add-icons-to-features-and-amenities/

NEW: New section with Terms and Regulations for each property. Help https://help.wprentals.org/article/how-to-manage-terms-cancellations-policy-section-from-listing-page/

NEW: Specify type of beds in each bedroom. Help – https://help.wprentals.org/article/how-to-manage-bed-types-section/

NEW: List shortcode and widget for all property categories. Help https://help.wprentals.org/article/listing-categories-shortcode-and-widget/

EDIT: If price fields are not selected to show in submit form, they don’t show in Custom Period Price modal and Custom price table on property page

FIX: HTML in email management

FIX: Property page design type 4 show featured image twice in slider

FIX: Property page design type 4, description link in quick menu section

FIX: Show currency symbol in Featured Property shortcode

FIX: Redirect URL after register for MOBILE login

FIX: Upload Image featured icon

FIX: Minor CSS

Update: Wprentals.po and wprentals-core.po

Update: WpRentals Core Functionality to v 2.8.5 (Plugin update is mandatory)

Update: WpRentals Elementor Widgets to v 1.0.2 (Plugin update is mandatory)

Update: Ultimate Addons for Bakery Builder to v 3.19.4 –

Updated: Revolution Slider plugin to v 6.2.2

Version 2.8.4 – January 2019

NEW: Added renter name, email and phone number in invoice details (for owner, renter and for site administrator view)

NEW: Property page type 4 slider design – masonry in header

NEW: Property status shows on all property image sliders types

NEW: Upload PDF documents to a property (they show in Description Panel) – https://help.wprentals.org/article/upload-pdf-documents-to-a-property/

UPDATED: Images uploader to support “Drag & Drop”

UPDATED: Custom classes added to invoice information to be easier to hide elements

UPDATED: Unify date format in wp-admin -> Bookings

UPDATED: If set, display decimals for all prices in Custom Price Tabel

UPDATED: functions to work for child theme

FIX: Duplicate notifications sent to owner for Booking Confirmed when paying with WooCommerce

FIX: SMS Management panel resets when Rentals Club is connected

FIX: Features & Amenities search in half map ajax search for nonlatin Features & Amenities slugs

FIX: Calendar months display ahead in property page with mixt booking option enabled, and custom language for Date Picker

FIX: Warnings saved in error log when ical feed imported is blank (there are no booked dates)

Update: WpRentals Core Functionality to v 2.8.4 (Plugin update is mandatory)

Update: Ultimate Addons for Bakery Builder to v 3.19.1 – Update is recommended by plugin developers if this plugin is active

Updated: Revolution Slider plugin to v 6.1.8

Version 2.8.3 – December 2019

Update: Hide the custom table entirely if no custom prices are set for future dates.

Update: Search type 5 to work with search by location with Google Places and no google maps on page

Update: Contact Widget phone number redirects to Mobile “Phone” settings to call automatically

Update: WPML and features and amenities in advanced search (More Search Options)

Update: WpRentals Core Functionality to v 2.8.3 (Plugin update is mandatory)

Version 2.8.2 – November 2019

NEW: Private note for each property (in submit and admin -> edit property)

Update: WPML support for features and amenties in front add listing – submit form

Update: WooCommerce integration for clients who do not use theme WooCommerce payments option, but still use WooCommerce addons for extra and optional functionality

Update: Google Maps version to 3.38

Update: Hide past calendar dates (custom price for specific periods) for mobile display

Fix: Pay Remaining balance with WooCommerce

Fix: Send Reminder Email 3 days before booking starts automatically

Fix: Css for wp-admin checkbox with WordPress 5.3

Update: WpRentals Core Functionality to v 2.8.2 (Plugin update is mandatory)

Update: wprentals.pot and wprentals-core.pot

Update: Rev Slider included plugin to v 6.1.5

Version 2.8.1 – October 2019

Fix: Instant Booking with WooCommerce enabled
Update: wprentals-core/languages/wprentals-core.pot

Version 2.8 – October 2019

NEW: Book via Instant booking and pay through WooCommerce the deposit set for a booking to be confirmed, without having to Login In first. The account is created when the deposit is paid and the user is notified about his account username and password (user can log in to check booking details or pay remaining invoice balance if that is required) Ex: https://demo1.wprentals.org/properties/condo-in-liberty-state-park/

NEW: Half Map Option to set the map on the right or left from theme options. Ex: https://demo1.wprentals.org/properties-list-half-map/

NEW: Virtual Tour in submit property and property page -> Ex: https://main.wprentals.org/properties/west-town-3rd-floor-dorm/

NEW: Add a custom link on the Book Now button (for clients who want to add an affiliate link to the booking form for users to book on a different site than WpRentals) -> Ex: https://main.wprentals.org/properties/downtown-apartment/

NEW: Search type 5 with custom fields and vertical design

NEW: Custom price calendar hides automatically custom periods from the past.

UPDATE: A new calendar in the booking form

UPDATE: Text in login modal

UPDATE: On mobile devices only, the reply button for Inbox Message was removed and reply editor shows autmatically when reading the message.

UPDATE: Email management HTML instructions are updated so formatting is always saved. Please use the new instructions if you have added custom HTML in email management.

UPDATE: WooCart in responsive dashboard (as logged in user)

FIX: Theme slider title link on mobile

FIX: 2 calendars showing on agent contact form

FIX: Listing Page design type 2 and view more button on responsive devices

UPDATE: Custom colors for WooCommerce buttons to sync with theme custom colors

UPDATE: wprentals-core.pot, wprentals.pot language files

UPDATE: WpRentals Core Functionality plugin to v2.8 (update is MANDATORY)

Version 2.7 – September 2019

NEW: WooCommerce payments support for bookings and paid submission. You can install WooCommerce for free and choose from the merchant supported by WooCommerce. Help https://help.wprentals.org/article/install-woocommerce-and-use-woocommerce-payments/

DEMO with WooCommerce enabled: https://demo1.wprentals.org

NEW: SCA-ready STRIPE for EU latest regulations. Help https://help.wprentals.org/article/stripe-set-up/

The previous Stripe API was replaced with new and latest API that follows the latest regulations for EU

UPDATE: Search calendar (check in and checkout)

UPDATE: Added “Are you sure you want to delete this?” when trying to delete a message in inbox.

FIX: “nan” display when using check and un-check for extra options

FIX: Show similar listings on responsive with template type 3

FIX: Booking for mobile and property type 3

UPDATE: wprentals-core.po and wprentals.po

UPDATE: WpRentals Core Functionality plugin to v2.7 (Update of the plugin is mandatory)

UPDATE: RevSlider plugin to v6.1.1

Version 2.6

NEW: Features and Amenities are now listed as Custom Taxonomies (Under Listings menu). During update, all features will be automatically converted to categories. No extra action is needed. Help https://help.wprentals.org/article/listings-features-and-amenities/

NEW: Property Status is now listed as Custom Taxonomies (Under Listimgs menu). During update, all status labels you have added will be converted to categories and no action will be required from your part.

NEW: Property Template type 3 (multi image header slider) – demo url https://main.wprentals.org/properties/cozy-house-in-the-sunnyside/

NEW: Icons for default design (below title)

NEW: Theme Slider for properties was replaced with a touch mobile friendly slider. Demo https://main.wprentals.org/

NEW: Elementor demo homepages were added to Main Demo import. Check https://main.wprentals.org/

NEW: Added ZAR to supported currencies for PayPal & Stripe

UPDATE: The design has been freshen up with small edits to existing elements (shortcodes, hover effect, theme slider).

UPDATE: Google Maps version to 3.37

UPDATE: WpRentals Core Functionality plugin to v2.6 (update is mandatory)

UPDATE: Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder – v 3.19, Slider Revolution v 6.0.9, WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.5

Version 2.5.3

You must update the child theme style.css and remove the css for the custom icons (now icons are loaded as fonts)

NEW: Elementor WpRentals widgets for Elementor Page Builder – https://help.wprentals.org/article/how-to-work-with-wprentals-elementor-widgets-plugin/
NEW: Map cluster image management from theme options – https://help.wprentals.org/article/pins-management/#map_cluster
NEW: Single pin for properties (change the single pin from theme options) – https://help.wprentals.org/article/pins-management/#single_pin
NEW: Admin profile info displays for properties added by admin – https://help.wprentals.org/article/how-to-create-owners-owner-info-doesnt-show/

NEW: Replaced theme icon images with font icons and they change now from theme options – color management
NEW: Added Contact owner button in user dashboard – My Reservations
NEW: GDPR terms and conditions check for contact owner form (with on/off)- https://help.wprentals.org/article/how-to-enable-gdpr-checkbox-in-contact-form/
NEW: Turn ON/OFF property location on property page https://help.wprentals.org/article/theme-options-listing-page-settings/
NEW: Instagram and Youtube links on contact page and owner page
NEW: Owner website url in profile
NEW: Share by email added instead of Share by Google Plus
NEW: Show featured property status in admin – listings
NEW: When a confirmed booking is deleted, invoice for deposit paid remains in lists (admin and owner invoices) with status confirmed/canceled by owner
NEW: Custom header media management for property taxononimies https://help.wprentals.org/article/property-custom-taxonomies-category-what-do-you-rent-city-and-neighborhoodarea/#f_wpestate_id
NEW: Do not send email notifications if subject is deleted (an easy way to disable emails that are sent through the theme) – https://help.wprentals.org/article/email-management-in-theme-options/

FIX: County search in theme auto-complete
FIX: Icon display when using open and close open street
FIX: custom fields display in property page
FIX: Social login on mobile
FIX: Translate Booking sent from
FIX: My Invoice filtering by type
FIX: http for phone number
FIX: Firefox exclusive fix for changing Location to Amenities without clicking “save” changes
FIX: Reviews total number based on all comments (not comments on page)

UPDATE: Revolution Slider plugin to version 6.01 (please be aware Revolution slider changed the look of admin interface completely with this update)
Bakery Builder plugin to version 6.03, WpRentals core Functionality plugin to v 2.5.3 (update is mandatory for this plugin)
UPDATE: wprentals.pot and wprentals-core.pot

Version 2.5.2
UPDATE: Functions rename for Envato Compatibility new market terms
Fix: Check “verify owner” in edit user
Fix: Show total booking value when landing on property page after using advanced search + check-in and check-out field

Version 2.5.1

UPDATE: Functions rename for Envato Compatibility new market terms
Fix: Google Login not importing email address
Fix: Instant Payment + PayPal
Fix: Delete images in front end submit form

Version 2.50

UPDATE: Updates for Envato Compatibility new terms (changed functions and variables names according to the new rules)

NEW: Twitter Login (Yahoo login was retired by Yahoo) – https://help.wprentals.org/article/twitter-login/
NEW: AUTO change from Register modal to Login modal after success register
NEW: Redirect management after login (keep user on same page or specify to whish page to redirect) – https://help.wprentals.org/article/how-to-redirect-to-a-different-page-then-my-profile-after-login/

UPDATE: Google login (following Google changes related Google login from April 2)
UPDATE: Price Pins re-design
UPDATE: wpml-config.xml
UPDATE: Croatia country name text
UPDATE: Keep calendar icon with search type 1 and 2 after selecting dates
UPDATE: Open street map to be draggable on web view
UPDATE: Manage order of custom fields from theme options
UPDATE: Display price per night in invoices if property doesn’t have price for 7d+ or 30d+ and booking is over 7d+ or 30d
UPDATE: Header Image full screen option

FIX: Upload images to current month when using Theme Options upload image option
FIX: Text label for Property Features
FIX: Saving profile details
FIX: Edge browser and view more
FIX: Calendar Type Error
FIX: Reply to message on mobile
FIX: Delete comments from admin – remove start in front end
FIX: show measurement for property size with custom icon area enabled
FIX: If mandatory fields are filled in and admin approval is not enabled, property must be published automatically

UPDATE: wprentals.pot (wprentals.po) and wprentals-core.pot (wprentals-core.po)
UPDATE: Wp Rentals Core plugin to v2.5

Version 2.40

NEW: Theme Cache has ON / OFF button in General Settings
UPDATE: Updates for Envato Compatibility new terms (changed functions and variables names according to the new rules)
UPDATE: Child theme for Envato New Requirements

EDIT: INR Added to the list of PayPal default currencies for payments
EDIT: Force max zoom for Half Map – with Google Maps (for pan by actions on high zoom levels)
EDIT: Updated https://free.currencyconverterapi.com/ for multi currency widget (API is required now)
EDIT: Web Open Street Map scroll and map byactivated on double click
EDIT: Hourly Booking – Show availability dropdown in the submit form – starts at 00:00 (instead of 01:00)

FIX: Parallax support for IOS devices
FIX: Repetitive hourly event ical import
FIX: Invoice filteringFIX: small spelling corrections
FIX: small css updates for web and mobile

Plugins updated: Ultimate Addons v3.18, Bakery Page Builder v 5.7

Change log url:

Version 2.1 – October 15


NEW: Open Street Map for Listing Page map (instead of Google Maps) https://help.wprentals.org/article/google-maps-settings/#streetmap

NEW: Optimized Google Maps requests only for pages where Google API is required.

NEW: Function to convert 2-word features and amenities for redux update

FIX: Ipad resolution and property template v1

FIX: Instant booking form and issue invoice by owner if stripe is disabled

UPDATED: WPML compatibility for syncing bookings automatically between different languages

UPDATE: Profile verification images protection from being indexed https://help.wprentals.org/article/how-to-protect-id-scan-uploaded-by-user/

UPDATED: Wp Rentals Core functionality plugin to v 2.1 (update from header notice)

UPDATED: Style.css and my_media.css optimizations

UPDATED: Ultimate Addons plugin to 3.16.26

Version 2.02 – Sept 20


This theme update includes some major changes:
Main theme functionality was moved to WpRentals -Theme Core Functionality plugin (a requirement imposed by Envato for the theme to be listed on the market) Activating the WpRentals -Theme Core Functionality plugin is MANDATORY for the theme functions to apply

If you see Page Not Found for properties, categories, save Permalinks for the new plugin functions to apply correctly:

2. Theme options have been moved to REDUX Framework. The design is different but more intuitive and user-friendly. Plus, many clients may already be experienced with this framework since it’s used by many themes nowadays. Our entire theme help is being updated with the new screenshots.

We include the option to book by the hour. This comes with specific functionality Terms which we will detail below. Demo – https://skirent.wprentals.org/
Check the following after update
Features and amenities will need to be saved again for Search Form and Submit Form (this is done only once for Redux Framework)

Copy Facebook API for login again

We have checked that the transition for the previous theme options framework to Redux framework is smooth, and no option needs to be resaved (except features and amenities), but please check again the options on your end too.
Permalinks must be saved again

Clear browser cache after you update the theme from an older version to be sure you are loading the latest additions correctly. Without clearing browser cache, you will not see the theme options correctly! Clear CDN cache (if you use that), plugin cache (if you use that), server cache (if you use that) and browser cache (mandatory), server cache (if you use that).
If you don’t see widgets – simply access the widgets page and check widgets are active.

What is new
NEW: Redux framework for theme options

NEW: Option to set booking by hourly price (replaces daily price). DEMO https://skirent.wprentals.org/


Price by night/day becomes price by the hour
Price per night (7n+) – becomes Price per hour (7h+)
Price per night (30n+) – becomes Price per hour (30n+)
Per night per weekend – becomes price per hour per weekend
Minim no of days – becomes Minim no of hours
You can select Business hours – for per h booking – which will show the available hours to book in the Hourly Calendar
Custom booking options (per night – becomes per hour and per night per guest becomes per hour per guest)
Custom Price panel will allow adding custom price per h for default hourly rate, for 7h+, for 30h+ and for weekends
A different booking calendar shows in booking form and availability calendar area on property page (for hourly booking support)

Turnover days in custom price calendar stay (but they don’t apply with hourly booking)
NEW: Option to set bookings By the hour or By daily price (the option is given to the owner in each property – Price details)

NEW: Wp Rentals Core plugin includes theme custom functionality (a request imposed by Envato Market)

NEW: View Profile button for users with owner profile (shows in My Profile)

FIX: Features and Amenities with nonlatin characters

FIX: If MEDIA is set as a mandatory field, and image is attached, the property to be published automatically

FIX: When Search position is set before header media & show search option is set to NO

FIX: Email notification – %username to show the correct username in publish property notification

UPDATE: WPML compatibility code added for images order in 2nd languages

UPDATE: Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons plugins to latest versions

UPDATE: wprentals.po and wprentals-core.po (from wprentals-core plugin)

How to update a translation made before 2.0 theme update
1. Download wprentals.zip

The file you must download in in your buyer account from Theme Forest:

2. Unzip

3. Go to wprentals/libs/plugins and you will see wprentals-core.zip

4. Unzip that too

5. Open your translation with poedit

6. Go to Update from .pot

7. Go to wprentals/languages/wprentals.po and select that. Save your translation with your language name (es_ES.po )

9. Open the same translation. Go to Update from .pot

10. Go to wprentals/libs/plugins/wprentals-core/languages and select wprentals-core.po

11. Save this new po with name wprentals-core-es_ES.po (where the last part is adapted to your language)

12. Via FTP go to wp_content/plugins/wprentals-core/languages and add the wprentals-core-es_ES.po and wprentals-core-es_ES.mo and to wp_content/themes/wprentals/languages to update the es_ES.po and es_ES.mo (this can be done in wprentals-child-po/languages too)

NOTE: for future theme updates the custom language for the plugin must be saved in backup as during plugin updates the custom translation will need to be added again. Plugin translations cannot be added to the child theme.
Version 1.22 – Sept 20


NEW: Demo https://santorini.wprentals.org/ available with 1 click demo import

NEW: Demo https://ibiza.wprentals.org/ available with 1 click demo import

NEW: GDPR – delete profile button option. It deletes all data related to user account (My Profile, My Reservations, My properties, My bookings, My Invoices, My sent messages, My Reviews) – https://help.wprentals.org/article/my-profile/

NEW: The possibility to add a header image for property category and type-https://help.wprentals.org/article/how-to-set-image-header-for-property-action-and-category/

NEW: Featured Place shortcode can be applied for property category and type https://help.wprentals.org/article/featured-place/

NEW: Places List shortcode can be applied for property category and type https://help.wprentals.org/article/list-of-cities-or-areas-shortcode/

NEW: Places List Shortcode slider can be applied for property category and type https://help.wprentals.org/article/places-slider-shortcode/

UPDATE: Mega Menu supports background image and font awesome icons

UPDATE: Small updates to responsive CSS

UPDATE: Ultimate Addons Plugin version

FIX: WPML + caching latest listing widget

FIX: WPML + caching translation of properties in front end

FIX: WPML + price pins

Version 1.21.1


NEW: License key verification (one-time). Help: https://help.wprentals.org/article/where-is-my-purchase-code/

NEW: Built-in caching system for speed optimization. Quickly delete cache from the top admin bar.

NEW: Contact owner if you are not logged in

NEW: Duplicate email option to receive a duplicate email of all email notifications sent through the theme (new booking requests, booking requests approved/ rejected/canceled), new messages. Help: https://help.wprentals.org/article/duplicate-email/

NEW: Date format management for theme date-pickers (calendars) (includes date formats yy-dd-mm (default), yy-mm-dd, mm-dd-yy, dd-mm-yy, dd-yy-mm, mm-yy-dd). Help: https://help.wprentals.org/article/theme-options-booking-settings/

NEW: Featured Property and featured blog post shortcodes new design variation

Help Featured property shortcode: https://help.wprentals.org/article/featured-property/

Help Featured article shortcode: https://help.wprentals.org/article/featured-article-shortcode/

NEW: Theme properties slider design type 2. Help: https://help.wprentals.org/article/theme-slider/

NEW: New design for the places shortcode (city and area). Help: https://help.wprentals.org/article/featured-place/

NEW: New shortcode slider for the places (city and area). Help: https://help.wprentals.org/article/places-slider-shortcode/

NEW: White labeled wp-admin backend (shows custom client logo instead of WordPress default logo). -> Help: https://help.wprentals.org/article/1-18-themeoptions-logos-favicon/

NEW: Quick Setup steps in wp-admin interface Help:https://help.wprentals.org/article/quick-setup/

NEW: Schema.org https://schema.org/RentAction

EDIT: Inbox message systems counts messages on the fly (without page refresh) when reading/deleting them

EDIT: Re-organized theme options (Booking Settings and Booking Price settings)

EDIT: Wire Transfer email includes HTML support

EDIT: Updated the design for the custom price table on responsive devices

EDIT: Mobile map zoom controls set to cooperative

EDIT: Splash page template syncs with the theme options settings regardless of the custom page header options

EDIT: Calculate total booking automatically based on searched dates when using the Properties List half map page filters and landing on a property page

EDIT: Shortcode auto-complete for Places Shortcode

EDIT: User profile url shows in the verify owner email notification

EDIT: Email management to support space html code

EDIT: Currency widget conversion API is updated

EDIT: Language support for stripe – https://stripe.com/blog/checkout-in-more-languages

FIX: Password reset email includes username

FIX: Closing the login modal to finish submit shows the submit form and not a blank page

FIX: Sharing facebook via https

FIX: Show booking login modal if the login button is removed from header

FIX: Instant booking price per night display if price for 7d and 30d was not set

FIX: Keep price slider value when starting a search from the advanced search widget

FIX: Deposit 0 and confirmed bookings – disable the remove invoice button

FIX: Reviews can be added only one time

FIX: Closing the modal before submitting a contact message and try to open the modal again without page refresh

Update: WPML updates for sync images in translation

Update: wprentals.po

Update: Ultimate Addons to v 3.16.22 and Rev Slider to v

Version 1.20.3


Update: Visual Composer 5.2

Update: Ical Feed update for syncing deleted periods

Update: Recent items by id to list be the custom ids put in the shortcode

Update: Recent items by ID for articles

Update: display multi-currency value for extra options in list

Update: https for facebook widget

Update: My Location over https

Update: WPML function for translating Booking in availability calendar – help http://help.wprentals.org/2017/07/05/wpml-and-wp-rentals-1-20-3-translate-bookings-from-2nd-to-1st-language-manually/

Fix: Replace %username with %forgot_username in reset password notification

FIX: Update in email notification for user login global vars

FIX: Remove decimals when using multi-currency with hover over date in the booking calendar

FIX: Total when using custom price for min 7 days period

FIx: Display currency for extra options in post details

Version 1.20


For clients who update from an older version – set the Deposit fee and Service fee (to get the % fee for admin) – http://help.wprentals.org/2017/03/28/1-20-how-to-work-with-deposit-fee-and-service-fee/

NEW PRICE OPTIONS in Submit property – http://help.wprentals.org/2017/04/03/1-20-submit-price-details/

– Allow each owner to add / edit / delete extra expenses for each booking: by guest, by night or by night and by guest. These show in booking form when submitting booking request

– Early Bird discount (in %) and the MINIM number of days before discount applies

– Security deposit option (this will be refundable only via Payment Management ADDON – from Rentals Club)

– City fee and cleaning fee by guest – OR – by night – OR – by night and guest

– Allow owner to set the taxes value in submit (in %) – taxes are considered included in the daily price. They show in Invoice Details for owner only

NEW: Options in custom price adjustments: add custom price per night for 7n + and 30n+ – http://help.wprentals.org/2015/12/07/how-to-choose-different-prices-for-different-dates/

NEW: Allow admin to take DEPOSIT and SERVICE fee. Service fee is new site administrator fee. Deposit fee can be paid in full before booking starts via My Bookings.

NEW: Search results consider the value for min days of booking when looking by check-in and check-out

NEW: An email alert sent to user that remaining payment for booking is required (cron – 3 days before booking starts, manual when owner sends the notification – but max 3 reminders can be sent manually). Email is managed from Email Management.

NEW: Connect the theme to RentalsClub Addon (Payment Management). Payment management works with PayPal adaptive payments. If enabled, you can send payment to owner (refund user who rents the security deposit).

NEW: Option in My Profile for Paypal URL (will be used if you choose the Payment Management ADDON available only in RentalsClub)

NEW: Add multiple ical feed urls (to create sync between multiple platforms that support ical)

NEW: Set max number of properties pins to show in map (for speed management)

NEW: Before and after price label

NEW: Show on/off option for the menu in user dashboard

NEW: Scroll up in booking form (to see the messages related to booking actions)

UPDATE: Trim title update for property card

UPDATE: cannot leave email field blank in my profile

UPDATE: Invoice with custom price elements includes a detailed list of custom price info

UPDATE: If using Visual Composer in blog post, add excerpt using custom excerpt field

UPDATE: Removed “You are not submitting from site or you have too many attempts” message

UPDATE: Pagination for owner page

UPDATE: WPML for status translation in infobox

UPDATE: wpml-config.xml for translating calendar in multiple languages

FIX: Remove user header login from mobile if option is turned off from theme options

FIX: Expired properties url redirect to home

FIX: Remove expiration date info from dashboard/property if client updates to a paid membership

FIX: VIEW MORE open on mobile takes sidebar over availability calendar

FIX: Featured place image in shortcode

FIX: Stripe button disappearing from 11th package selection

UPDATE: wprentals.po and .mo

UPDATE TGM Plugin auto-installer to do the plugins update via dedicated interface

UPDATE INCLUDED PLUGINS: Visual composer 5.1, rev slider 5.4.1, ultimate 3.16.9

Version 1.17 and 1.17.1=============
WP Rentals 1.17.1 includes the following:Fix: property booking total for price with , thousands separatorFix: Custom fontUpdate: Ultimate Addons plugin to version 3.16.7
WP Rentals 1.17

NEW: Use on demand pins when moving the map, in Properties list half map and Advanced search results half map pages – http://help.wprentals.org/2016/07/28/use-on-demand-pins-when-moving-the-map-in-properties-list-half-map-and-advanced-search-results-half-map-pages/

NEW: Admin booking fee can be set in % or fixed amount – http://help.wprentals.org/2015/10/28/pay-invoice-fee-to-admin-confirm-booking/

NEW: Wire Transfer to pay admin booking fee and membership submission or paid listing submission – http://help.wprentals.org/2016/08/02/wire-transfer-payment-method/http://help.wprentals.org/2016/08/02/wire-transfer-payment-method/

NEW: User registration with type password in form – http://help.wprentals.org/2016/08/02/register-and-login-options/

NEW: Recaptha in register form – http://help.wprentals.org/2016/08/02/enable-and-setup-recaptcha-for-register-form/

NEW: In Submit Property, when clicking SAVE the next step opens automatically (excludes first step in submit)

NEW: Show a unique Property ID field in property page (it is a unique ID offered by wordpress)

NEW: Price per night can be 0, under specific settings: http://help.wprentals.org/2016/07/31/when-can-price-per-night-be-0/

NEW: Retina pins support – http://help.wprentals.org/2016/08/01/retina-pins-pins-not-showing-on-the-map-on-retina-devices/

UPDATE: https for video id

UPDATE: Email Management with new emails for wire transfer

UPDATE: Facebook API update

UPDATE: If bookings are deleted from admin, they sync with user dashboard My Bookings

UPDATE: wpestate.po and wpestate.mo

UPDATE: Custom colors for search button in My Properties

UPDATE: Allow decimal for cleaning and city fee

UPDATE: Limit max zoom in in map in half map

UPDATE: Properties order in search results and properties list pages (featured first, by publish date next)

FIX: Using ‘ in category tagline for city and area taxonomy

FIX: Order when searching by check in – check our to be featured first, by publish date next

FIX: Spiderfy in half map, after using ajax search

FIX: Hover icon in property unit when not using image slider

FIX: Declare function

FIX: Message reply

PLUGINS INCLDUED VERSIONS: Revolution Slider v 5.2.6, Ultimate Addons 3.16.6, Visual Composer 4.12

Version 1.16=============
NEW: A private / hidden field for User Profile that only admin can see from admin – edit user.

Update: Search results by minimum number of days

Update: Multi Currency Label and Code. Code is only for YAHOO API. Label is for currency display

Update: Bookings don’t index

Update: WPML for property status

Update: if function exist for child theme ready

Update: Stripe recurring

Update: wprentals.po

FIX: Sync invoice purchase date

FIX: Added property status in featured property shortcode

FIX: Global zoom and map default coordinates with on demand pins enabled

FIX: Update profile

FIX: Price number decimals .00 removed for default price.

FIX: Properties don’t show for taxonomies with ‘ in name

FIX: Infobox default image if no featured image is set and infobox featured image thumb

Plugins update: Visual Composer to version 4.12.1

Version 1.15


Update re-submitted on June 8:

Update Visual Composer to 4.12

Update wprentals.po


Date: June 7, 2016

New: Re-order images in submit form with drag and drop http://help.wprentals.org/2015/10/28/add-new-property/

New: Auto-fill check/checkout/guest on property page based on search selections and show directly the total cost in booking form

New: Select what are weekend days from admin – general settings (Saturday & Sunday OR Friday & Saturday OR Friday & Saturday & Sunday) http://help.wprentals.org/2015/12/07/how-to-choose-different-prices-for-different-dates/

New: Email Management in theme options http://help.wprentals.org/2016/06/04/email-management-in-theme-options/

New: Search My Properties in My Properties page – User dashboard

New: Search My Properties in My Bookings page – User dashboard

New: Search My Properties in My Reservations page – User dashboard

New: Country Montenegro added in countries list

New: Autofill Name / Username from Facebook Login and Google Login

New: Users who select “I only want to book” don’t have the Owner profile created

New: Admin – Properties, use order by price and author

New: Edit comment in admin includes editing review stars as well – http://help.wprentals.org/2015/12/01/how-to-rate-a-property-after-booking-was-completed/

Fix: When user logins with “I only want to book” mobile user menu shows full options

Fix: Login on homepage redirects to My profile

Fix: Image order issue when uploading 60 properties

Fix: Apply Maps Zoom in edit Admin – Edit Property

Fix: Search in shortcode / widget by country/state when using the shortcode/widget and search in header and theme autocomplete

Fix: Consecutive custom period dates display

Fix: Pay by guest price with custom price guest

Fix: Display booking fee price when deleting extra fee in issue invoice form

Update: wprentals.po

Update: minor style.css edits

Update: WPML support for custom price tables syncronization

Update: Geolocation is changed to work via http://ipinfo.io/ instead of Google since Google restricted this feature in chrome to be used only via https

Update of TGM plugins installation plugin third party script to latest version

Plugins versions: Revolution Slider, Ultimate Addons 3.16.4, Visual Composer

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