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WPForms Pro Nulled is the most user-friendly WordPress drag-and-drop form creator plugin. It was developed and designed by wpbegineer's most popular WordPress blog creator, Syed Balkhi.

WPForms Pro Nulled also has a shortened version with limited options for those who can't afford a paid subscription.

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Demo Link : https://wpforms.com/

The main focus of the WPForms Pro Nulled plugin is to make creating any type of form easy and efficient. You don't need to even touch a line of code to create a form using this plugin.

You can create any type of form, whether it's a simple contact form or a complex, multiple-page registration form. Even beginners can create a form in minutes using the WPForms plugin.

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WPForms Pro Nulled Addons:

The main features of WPForms Pro Nulled :

  • User-friendly drag-and-drop form creator
  • Pre-made form templates to save your time
  • Forms built using WPForms are 100% responsive
  • Conditional logic.
  • File upload and media support
  • Support custom user registration form
  • Anti-spam by using authentication images to fight spam entry
  • Custom Captcha support
  • PayPal addon to collect payments
  • Mailchimp addon for integration
  • Survey and Poll form support
  • Code cleaning
  • Beginner-friendly design
  • More than 20 professional add-on programs
  • Multi-page forms are also supported
  • Instant form submission notification

WPForms Pro Nulled WPForms Pro Nulled WPForms Pro Nulled WPForms Pro Nulled WPForms Pro Nulled WPForms Pro Nulled

WPForms Pro Nulled Changelog :

WPForms Pro Nulled 1.6.6 (2021-03-30)

Added: Ability to delete uploaded files when editing a form entry.

Added: Delete all uploaded files to clean up space when the associated entry is deleted.

Added: Support currencies with no decimals.

Added: WordPress 5.7 new color scheme compatibility.

Changed: Hide the "Add New Notification" button, when the Notifications were turned off.

Changed: Allow using 0/false values in choices label for Checkboxes, Multiple Choice, Dropdown fields.

Changed: Better AJAX form submit error messages handling for the Email field.

Changed: Refactored Tools page with all of its subpages for easier long-term support.

Changed: Exclude Page Break, Custom Captcha, HTML, and Section Divider fields from a single entry export file.

Changed: Updated the WPForms > About Us page.

Changed: Updated Dropzone lib to 5.8.1 (fixes IE11 issue).

Updated DOMPurify lib to 2.2.7.

Replaced jQuery.ready() function usage with a recommended way since jQuery 3.0.

Fixed: Front-end slow loading of a form with Conditional Logic, when applied to fields with image choices.

Fixed: Incorrect Edit Entry page layout where fields are rendered, when fields have custom CSS classes that modify the form structure (i.e. by adding columns).

Fixed: HTML layout is broken on the Analytics page for some site languages.

Fixed: Incorrect permission checks for different places in the dashboard and the Form Builder.

Fixed: RTL support for Name, Email, Password, Address, and Date/Time fields.

Fixed: Incorrect total form count value for different user's roles on the Forms Overview page (All Forms).

Fixed: Speed up the Form Builder rendering by loading certain scripts only when the Embed functionality is triggered.

Fixed: Validation for Rating Field is still required even though the selection is still showing.

Fixed: The iframe HTML element was not rendered incorrectly in the Twenty Twenty theme.

Fixed: The Checkboxes and Multiple Choice fields CSS issues in Twenty Twenty-One theme.

Fixed: On WordPress 4.9.0-4.9.4 and certain FTP configurations there could be an error while trying to automatically download the translations.

Fixed: Omit Dynamic Choices fields from conditional logic settings.

Fixed: Allowlist/Denylist validation was broken for the Email field in a multi-page form.

Fixed: Error message text was missing or incorrect when an addon installation failed on certain WordPress/server configurations.

Fixed: Correctly format big amounts in the Single Item payment field.

Fixed: Single Item payment field shows an "Amount mismatch" error on the form submitted on PHP 8.0.

Fixed: PHP notice generated while exporting a form with the Divider field, which has Conditional Logic.

Fixed: PHP fatal error generated when using {entry_date format="m/d/Y"} smart tag in a Notification message of the plugin Lite version.
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