Content Views Pro v5.8.7.1 NULLED – The Best WordPress Filter & Grid Plugin

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Content Views Pro is our free Content Views premium extension (a popular WordPress post grid plugin used by 100,000+ websites) that helps you filter and display WordPress content in 3 steps simple:

Step 1: Choose content to display

Other :

Content Views Pro includes all the features you need:

  • select one, multiple or all content types (posts, pages, images, products, portfolios, events, team members, books, properties and any custom post types)
  • search or filter content by custom field, custom taxonomy, category, tag, date, author, status, keyword, ID
  • sort content by drag and drop, custom fields, random order, title, date, etc

in just minutes, no coding required.

Step 2: Choose Layout

Choose from many beautiful layouts. You can customize with columns, image sizes, colors, fonts, padding, margins, and many other useful settings to match your site’s style.

Content Views Pro - The Best WordPress Filter & Grid Plugin

Step 3: Insert into your website

Content and layout are packaged into a shortcode that you can add:

  • block editor, classic editor
  • page builder (Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi, Elementor, Beaver, etc.)
  • widgets, sidebars, theme files

and any part of your WordPress site.

Features of Content Views Pro – The Best WordPress Filter & Grid Plugin:

Content Views Pro - The Best WordPress Filter & Grid Plugin

Display Any WordPress Content Easily

The more content you have on your site, the more difficult and time-consuming it will be to find and show it to your visitors.

Content Views Pro helps you find and display any WordPress content quickly and easily, using an easy to use admin panel.

You can find your content by multiple criteria: category, tag, taxonomy, custom field, date, author, status, keyword, id. These criteria have many useful options that help you control what shows up.

Content Views Pro - The Best WordPress Filter & Grid Plugin

Help visitors quickly find what they want

It is important for any website to help visitors find their desired content quickly and easily.

Content Views Pro helps you to show multiple filters (categories, tags, custom taxonomies, custom fields) to your visitors, allowing them to find content using these filters.

Each filter can be displayed as a checkbox, drop-down list, radio button, range slider, date range, button group.

Content Views Pro - The Best WordPress Filter & Grid Plugin

Full control over what information to show

You have full control to show or hide any information, change the display order of information by drag and drop. There are many settings to customize the information. Eg:

  • Thumbnail: you can show featured image or first image/video/audio in post content. You can use the existing size or set a new image size. You can choose the thumbnail style (rounded edge, border, circle, shadow).
  • Content: you can display full content, generated snippets or manual excerpts (in the Snippet field of the post).
  • Custom Fields: you can select and display any WordPress core and plugin custom fields (ACF, Type, Group, etc.)
Content Views Pro - The Best WordPress Filter & Grid Plugin

Design without writing CSS

There are unlimited colors, hundreds of font families, font sizes, text alignment, text transitions, etc. to design layouts with ease.
Content Views Pro - The Best WordPress Filter & Grid Plugin

Alternate layouts on blog pages, shops, categories, tags, taxonomies, search, author, date, etc.

Does your Blog page show posts in a long and boring list? How to display a beautiful post grid on your Blog page? You may need:

  • – modify theme code (PHP, HTML, CSS)
  • – try many WordPress plugins that may not work (and waste a lot of time)
  • – rebuild your site with a new grid-enabled WordPress theme (takes a long time and can affect your site’s performance and SEO)
  • – hire a developer if you can’t do it yourself

With Content Views Pro, the  valuable Alternate Layout feature  will help you display beautiful post grids on Blog, Category, etc pages in just a few minutes, no coding required. It saves you a lot of time and money  .

Content Views Pro - The Best WordPress Filter & Grid Plugin

Make Money Online  With Ads

Content Views Pro helps you monetize your website, by displaying Google Adsense, affiliate banners etc in the post grid. You can display ads in the grid at random or in fixed positions. If you use pagination, you can set the number of ads per page easily.
Content Views Pro - The Best WordPress Filter & Grid Plugin

Display categories as output

Do you want to show the category to your visitors? Content Views Pro will help you to display any custom category, tag or taxonomy in grid or list layout, with built-in option without any lines of code.

Works with any theme

Genesis, Divi, Thesis, WooThemes, ThemeForest or any theme, in any WordPress single site and multisite network. Responsive and SEO-friendly

All layouts are responsive on all devices and apply SEO best practices (title tags for titles, slow loading of images, alternative tags for images, rel=”nofollow” support, etc. ) Ready to go

Thoroughly tested and optimized for best performance. Content Views Pro performs quickly on all websites, large and small. Simple to use

Live preview, simple installation, no code samples or syntax involved. It requires no time to learn, no coding skills required. Simply install and enjoy. Easy to customize

Content Views Pro is extremely extensible with many hooks to modify query and output. Reusable shortcodes

Easily reuse shortcodes with additional parameters for other purposes, e.g. [pt_view id=”123″ cat=”business”] Right-to-left support

For Arabic, Persian, Hebrew etc languages, you can choose “right to left” option for text direction without any custom CSS. Completely internationalized

Content Views Pro is ready to be translated into your language. Excellent support

If you need assistance, we’re here to help with forum, email support.

Free Download Content Views Pro v5.8.7.1 NULLED – The Best WordPress Filter & Grid Plugin nulled changelog
= 5.8.7 =
- Fix: pagination issue when supporting membership plugin
- Fix: filter and sort issue of a date custom field in some edge cases
- Fix: layout issue when triming post title that includes HTML tags
- Fix: prevent some unexpected issues caused by other plugins
- Some other fixes and improvements

= 5.8.6 =
- Fix: incorrect Live Filter pagination results on the page that shows results only
- Update: improve support for the plugin Custom Field Suite
- Tweak: remove unnecessary buttons in Live Filter Date Picker

= =
- Fix: Ignore the "Sticky Post" setting when the Content type is different from Post
- Fix: Undefined index 'order_options_by' with live filter

= =
- New: add an option to sort Live Filter terms by the manual selection in the "Select Terms" field

= 5.8.5 =
- Fix: Javascript warnings with jQuery 3.5
- Fix: Live filter URL issue with non-Latin languages
- Fix: "ADA compliance: Missing Form Label" of live filter text search field
- Fix: Add option to prevent Scrollable layout issue when using with a cache plugin
- Fix: Add option to prevent the view from showing unexpectedly in the header of the page
- Update: Improve the indent/hierarchy output of the Live Filter checkbox/radio
- Update: Show live filter options in selected order when select terms manually
- Other minor fixes and improvements

= =
- Fix: Uncaught Error Call to undefined function get_current_screen() with WordPress 5.7

= =
- Fix: Live filter results disappear in some cases after selecting an option since previous release

= =
- Fix: Masonry/Pinterest/Shuffle filter layout issue when changing the orientation in Chrome on Ipad
- Some tweaks and improvements

= 5.8.4 =
- Compatible with the upcoming WordPress 5.6 (that uses jQuery 3.5)
- New: Add option to show Live Filter on one side, show results on another side without reloading the page
- Fix: performance issue of Live Filter Checkbox type, OR operator in some cases
- Fix: correct the count of Live Filter with the option "Move current sticky posts to the top of list"
- Update: support Live Filter text search when using the "Show terms as output" feature
- Update: update colors of the lightbox to match the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
- Some other fixes and improvements

= 5.8.3 =
- New: add option "Parent frame" to "Open Item In" (to opens iframe in the parent frame)
- Update: automatically resize image custom field when showing it as the thumbnail
- Update: prevent changing the browser URL when changing pages with Load more, Infinite Scroll pagination. Keep changing the browser URL with Numbered pagination.
- Fix: prevent Pinterest layout issue on Firefox browser with native lazy-loading of WordPress
- Fix: post link issue when using "Plain" permalink and adding a live filter on sidebar
- Fix: Live filter result missing when filtering by a custom field whose values are stored in both normal and serialized strings
- Some small improvements

= 5.8.2 =
- New: add "Style Settings" options for Woocommerce Price text
- Update: add an option to show labels from ACF Choices when showing ACF custom fields as filters to visitors
- Improve: make the Submit, Reset buttons of live filter accessible by keyboard
- Improve: Remove some CSS generated by "Style Settings" if relative features are not enable
- Fix: (Easy Digital Download) "add to cart" button issue in Ajax pagination or live filter
- Fix: some sort order issues
- Some other fixes and tweaks

= 5.8.1 =
* Compatible with WordPress 5.5
- New: add 'Style Settings' options for 'Term as Heading' feature
- New: add an option to control the sort of live filter options (sort normally, sort as strings case-insensitively, sort as numbers)
- Update: can set different labels when use the "From - To" operator of "Date Range Picker" live filter
- Update: support "Filter Products by Price" widget of WooCommerce when replacing layout of WooCommerce pages (shop, product categories, etc.)
- Update: improve the responsive output of the "One & Others" layout
- Some small fixes and tweaks

= 5.8.0 =
- New: add an option to sort strings case insensitive for the "Live Filter" feature
- New: add an option to show posts count when using the "Show terms as output" feature
- New: add an option to show the modified date instead of the published date
- New: add an option "Fetch content from page builder to find substitute" when showing thumbnail
- New: add an option to remove accents from titles for the Glossary layout
- Fix: Live filter doesn't work with the custom field has a comma in value
- Fix: Live Filter issues when using plain permalink and set "submit_to" parameter
- Fix: Live Filter results when filtering by a serialized numeric custom field
- Fix: The "Stop Words" option of the Glossary layout does not exclude the words that have single quote marks
- Update: exclude today posts when using the "Today in History" feature
- Update: add an option to change the separator between meta fields
- Update: include the custom code to show custom title
- Improve: faster performance when showing youtube/vimeo videos as thumbnails
- Some other small fixes and tweaks

= 5.7.1 =
- Update: Add option to enable/disable the standard pagination structure for the View while replacing layout of archive pages.
Disable it when the View shows unexpectedly at top of archive pages, above all other things.
- Update: Extend the parent page settings to any hierarchical post types
- Fix: Prevent layout issue while showing custom field value with unbalanced HTML tags
- Fix: Some styling issues

= 5.7.0 =
- New: Add "Style Settings" options to Live Filter
- New: Add option to Live Filter of Custom Field, to get and show name/title from the ID in custom field's value
- Update: Improve SEO for Ajax pagination (update URL on changing page, each component pages are accessible individually, so on)
- Update: Improve SEO for Replace Layout on archive pages, to use the native pagination format on page
- Improvement: Display options more clearly in the setting page of Replace Layout feature
- Improvement: Improve back/forward history navigation of the Live Filter feature
- Improvement: Optimize the size of view data saved in the database
- Compatible: Update the code to support the "Ultimate Member" plugin
- Some minor updates and fixes

= 5.6.1 =
- New: add option to set thousand separator for Numeric Range Slider type of Live Filter
- Update: clarify some descriptions and settings in Add/Edit View page
- Update: improve output of Numeric Range Slider type in some cases, remove the numbers below the range slider
- Update: add some filters to modify output using code
- Fix: some layout issues cause by specific themes or plugins

= =
- Fix: Reverted change to wrapper element when replacing layout which might cause theme layout issue

= 5.6.0 =
- New: Add Catalog visibility, Attributes as new options to filter WooCommerce products
- New: Add option to Settings page to enable using custom CSS for all Read More buttons, or to keep Green background as the free version
- Fix: "Overlay clickable" not trigger on some fields
- Fix: Prevent duplicate lightboxes in ajax requests
- Fix: Pagination of Live Filter issue with Internet Explorer 11
- Improve compatibility with Avada theme and Visual Composer, Relevanssi plugins
- Improvement: Support Live Filter feature when reusing a View with extra parameters, by reloading page on changing filter
- Improvement: Refine some notices, CSS styles

= =
- Fix: navigation of lightbox image not work since previous version
- Test up to WordPress 5.2

= 5.5.0 =
- Improvement: show hierarchy output for live filters of taxonomy
- Improvement: refine the overlay clickable feature
- Improvement: make hard resize to work with default image
- New: support MemberPress plugin to show posts in grid/list to only allowed users/members
- New: add "Set thumbnail" feature for taxonomy's term when "Show terms as output"
- New: add option to select custom field as substitute of thumbnail (without extra code)
- New: add align options (Center, Left, Right) for thumbnail
- New: add option to use results of another plugin in search results page when enabling "Replace Layout" feature
- New: add option to hide the posts which don't have taxonomy when enabling live filter of that taxonomy
- New: add options "In the past", "Today in history" to filter by published date
- New: add option to show only sticky posts
- New: add sort by option "Relevance to the searched keyword"
- Update: support decimal value as step for "Range Slider" type of live filter
- Some other small fixes and tweaks

= 5.4.1 =
- Fix: Click anchor link with hash mark (#) causes the page with live filter to reload
- Update: Support setting values for multiple custom fields while reusing View shortcode (using the "custom_field_value" parameter)
- Improvement: Prevent direct access to plugin files
- Improvement: Track page views (by Google Analytics) when opening lightbox which shows only specific content area of a page
- Improvement: Add option to sort Glossary heading by locale (site language)
- Improvement: Prevent potential layout issues when double-click option of Shuffle filter, while the animation is not finished
- Some other fixes, adjusts and improvements

= 5.4.0 =
- New: Add options to remove box shadow, and border between fields of the Masonry layout
- New: Allow filtering by custom field has value in Unix Timestamp format
- New: Support Custom-Post-Type-powered taxonomy created by CPT-onomies plugin
- New: Allow HTML in custom name when showing custom field
- Fix: Live filter by multiple custom fields with the OR logical relationship not showing all options of each field
- Fix: Remain current language argument of translation plugin in URL on selecting live filter options
- Fix: Pinterest layout issue in edge cases
- Fix: Hard resize not working with Media content type
- Fix: Soft resize reverts to default size on Ajax pagination
- Fix: The number 0 in post title is ignored and not shown as index in Glossary layout
- Fix: Can't open full screen video in lightbox content
- Improvement: Improve performance when filtering by multiple custom fields with the OR logical relationship
- Some other fixes and improvements

= =
* Fix notice and warning in PHP 7.1, 7.2 in some edge cases
* Improve the compatible fix with "The Events Calendar" plugin in previous version

= =
* Fix:
- Display issue of live filter dropdown type occurred since version
- Compatible fix: filter past events of "The Events Calendar" plugin not work because that plugin prevented past events from showing

* Update:
- Able to set limit (total number of posts to show) when replacing layout
- Add/adjust some description texts

= =
* Fix: Malware found in Mobile_Detect.php

= 5.3.4 =
* Update:
- Support "The Events Calendar" plugin: able to show venue name and organizer name by showing 2 custom fields _VenueVenue, _OrganizerOrganizer
- Support filter by date custom field has value not in Year-month-date format. No need to create alias field as in previous versions.
- Support live filter by custom field which contains space in name/key
- Improve output of live filter elements (dropdown, radio, checkbox)
- Able to set multiple parent pages to show children pages, by using the reusable parameter "post_parent" (separate parent IDs by commas)

* Fix:
- Slow query caused by live filter custom field which has serialized value
- Live sort by custom field (has decimal value) returns incorrect results in some cases
- Fix some small layout style issues

= =
* Fix:
- Revert commit in 5.3.3 (enable soft resize automatically when use grid line up/ same height), to prevent affecting existing Views. Show a notice below that setting instead.

= =
* Fix:
- Remove space below images when enabled the "Line up fields across items" feature in the Grid layout
- Replace layout with live filters might return no results when used the default pagination of page

= 5.3.3 =
* New:
- Add option to exclude children pages, to show only top level pages

* Update/Improve:
- Improve output of the border feature in the Grid layout. Switch from the border between posts to border around posts.
- Make the lightbox feature to be responsive on resizing the window
- Easy to change the text of Submit, Reset buttons of Live Filter using Javascript variables
- Add & update some texts in View editing page, Replace Layout page for better instruction
- Some styles improvements

= 5.3.2 =
* Update/Improve:
- Can show video, audio, pdf directly in Lightbox
- Can include/exclude Social buttons from the overlay
- Avoid sending live filter Ajax request in some cases
- Can execute shortcode in description of category, when showing category as output
- Improve description of some settings/messages to better explain what they do
- Improve style of some elements

* Fix:
- Compatible fix for "Ultimate Member" plugin (version > 2.0)
- Sort by custom field when replacing layout with Ajax pagination not working
- Fix thumbnail issue of Collapsible, Scrollable list when showing images in same size, or using soft resizing feature
- Fix Timeline layout on mobile devices when using the long-mode feature
- Fix PHP warning/notice in some edge-cases

= =
- Update: Restrict the soft resizing responsive (in version 5.3.1) to some specific cases only
- Update: Handle the case when sorting by custom field whose value uses commas as thousand separator

= 5.3.1 =
* Update:
- Support some plugins which don't use WordPress featured image but a custom field to store thumbnail
- Able to show embedded video from as thumbnail
- Make the soft resizing responsive
- [Live Filter] Restrict results to selected taxonomies (which no terms are selected in View panel) by default
- [Live Filter] Change the sorting parameter from "orderby" to "_orderby" to prevent conflicts with default WordPress sorting feature

* Fix:
- When replacing layout, sorting by a custom field in View was NOT applied to the results
- "Full Size" thumbnail of the Media content type doesn't show the original image
- Compatible with the "NextGEN Gallery" plugin version 3.0: Color picker in Style Settings disappears when activate the "NextGEN Gallery" plugin

= 5.3.0 =
* New:
- [Live Filter] Able to reposition filters (drag & drop to change filters positions)
- [Live Filter] Able to sort options of a filter by posts count, display text, raw value
- [Replace Layout] Able to show all children terms of current term in taxonomy archive page
- [Show terms as output] When no terms selected manually, show all terms automatically

* Update:
- [Live Filter] Able to change the default text of the Button type
- [Live Filter] Able to remove the default label text
- [Scrollable list] Update some elements styles when set custom item margin values

= 5.2.1 =
* New:
- Add setting to show text below thumbnail in the Scrollable list
- Add setting to repeat advertisements automatically
- Add setting to change the "ALL" text in the Glossary layout

* Update:
- Prevent the Limit value of View from affecting the number of posts to show when replacing layout but not enabling pagination in View
- Support post_parent="GET_CURRENT" (use the current page as parent page) when reusing a View
- Remove animation when showing only title with the "Show terms as output" feature
- Tweak text of some settings

= =
* Fix:
- Ajax pagination does not return results when replacing layout after the 5.1.2 update

* New:
- Able to show full image of post thumbnail in lightbox

= 5.1.2 =
* New:
- Support the "Restrict Content Pro" plugin: restrict posts to only allowed users/members

* Update:
- [Replace Layout] Keep results of the Relevanssi plugin when replacing layout of the Search results page
- [Live Filter] Move keyword search field (if enabled) to top of the filters list for better UX
- Shows bottom border for whole grid, when enabling border around posts in grid layout
- Support keyboard navigation for the Scrollable list
- Show post title or image alt text when showing lightbox of post thumbnail
- Add some CSS to prevent layout issues
- Prevent blank images in View caused by the lazy load feature of the theme, or another plugin

= 5.1.1 =
* Update:
- [Live Filter] Improve performance when filtering thousands of posts
- [Live Filter] Show submit, reset buttons when using the Range Slider type
- CSS updates for video thumbnail, Scrollable List, Live Filter reset button

* Fix:
- [Live Filter] Page reloading issue in Safari browsers

= 5.1 =
* Update:
- [Live Filter] Hide the submit, reset buttons by default
- [Live Filter] Reset page number when searching by keyword
- [Live Filter] Improve performance on filtering by custom field
- [Shuffle Filter] Remove the features "Show posts count of each term", "Hide empty terms" which are unusable in some cases. To use these features, please switch to Live Filter

* Fix:
- [Live Filter] Sort by comment count does not work
- Fix issues of the One & Others layout in some edge cases

= =
* Fix: Terms as output show links to current page in some edge cases

= 5.0.1 =
* Update: Support Live Filter feature when replacing layout of the Search results page
* Update: Support "Open item in", "Make the overlay clickable" features when showing taxonomy (category, tag, custom) as output
* Update: Disable Replace Layout in feed page
* Update: Change the default option of some View settings
* Update: Remove the white overlay when doing Live Filter
* Fix: Timeline layout issue in pagination of Live Filter

= 5.0 =
* New: [Live Filter] Add setting to set text for the first (default) option in Radio, Dropdown type
* New: [Live Filter] Add setting to set label, placeholder text for the text search field
* New: [Live Filter] Add setting to set label, default text for the "Sort by"
* New: Add setting to set custom CSS classes for the View
* New: Add style settings (color, font, etc.) for Glossary index
* Fix: Prevent unexpected issues caused by impacts of some themes and plugins
* Improve: Handle some edge cases when replacing theme layout by CVPro layout
* Improve: Make the grid same height feature works in hidden tab, accordion
* Improve: Improve styles of Glossary list, Collapsible list, Shuffle Filter dropdown
* Update: Enable existing advertisements in View when reusing that View
* Update: Show taxonomies in manual selected order of "Let me choose" setting
* Update: Replace the title attribute by the alt attribute when showing an image custom field
* Update: Adjust descriptions and positions of some View settings
* Update: Make Glossary list works with Live Filter

= 4.9.1 =
* Fix: Color picker does not show in WordPress 4.9
* Fix: PHP warning in file live-filter/custom-field.php
* Update: Rename "Pagination" to "Pagination Number" in the Style Settings tab, disable its redundant "Text Align" setting
* Update: Small CSS update for the One & Others layout

= 4.9.0 =
- New: Add setting for the Masonry layout to set which posts (by IDs, indexes) to show widely
- New: Add setting for the Timeline layout to enable/disable the fixed structure
- New: Add the DECIMAL type for filtering by custom fields
- New: Able to show Location details of the Events Manager plugin by showing custom fields
- Fix: Incorrect filters and results of Live Filter in some cases
- Fix: Some minor issues
- Update: Improve the support for the WPML, Polylang plugins
- Update: Support the Overlay feature when showing categories/tags as output
- Update: Support the custom size of thumbnail when showing categories/tags as output
- Update: Remove the code which supports showing custom fields as Shuffle Filter, because of the new Live Filter supports it
- Update: Add some notices to the Add/Edit View page

= 4.8.1 =
* New:
- Able to use any English textual datetime (tomorrow, next Monday, next week, next month, +3 days, +1 week and so on) to get posts by a Date custom field
- Add 2 new sort options: Sort by Post type, Sort by Author

* Fix:
- Show incorrect available Live filters of taxonomies, when these taxonomies have the same term slug
- Convert Date custom field to another format returns incorrect result in some cases
- Incorrect overlay height of other posts in One & Others layout, when enables the soft resize option of thumbnail

* Update:
- Apply the Thumbnail style to the Overlay
- Make the "Show in special place" feature of taxonomy works on other posts in the One & Others layout
- Strip slashes from quote characters in the label of Live Filter
- Add/update some admin notices

= =
- Update: Make the "Show in special place" feature works with other posts in the One & Others layout
- Fix: Sort by custom field in a View affects result of following Views in the same page (since version 4.8.0)
- Fix: Warning "Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in includes/components/live-filter/taxonomy.php on line 128"

= 4.8.0 =
* New:
- Faceted Search: the Live Filter feature
- Alternate thumbnail position
- [Replace Layout] Able to use any settings in the "Filter Settings" tab of the selected View, to overwrite the posts result completely

* Fix:
- Open two tabs when enables the "Make the overlay clickable" option
- Fix some issues of custom field displaying feature

* Tweak:
- Update some descriptions, notices in Add/Edit View page

= 4.7.4 =
* New:
- Add "Now and the past" option for querying by date custom field
- Add setting to do shortcodes and apply filters in post content before generating excerpt

* Update:
- [Shuffle Filter] Optimize query on pagination
- Update CSS when showing images in same size

= 4.7.3 =
* New:
- Add font size settings for table, mobile devices to Style Settings tab, for all elements
- Add "Today" option for filtering by Custom field date

* Fix:
- "Exclude current post" setting causes duplication of post in ajax pagination

* Update:
- Make "Open post on click the overlay" works with any "Open In" options
- Update CSS of shuffle filter dropdown

= 4.7.2 =
* Compatible:
- Support Woocommerce sort by options (popularity, rating, newness, price) when using Replace Layout feature in product category page

* Feature:
- Enable Thumbnail Style when uses "Soft resize", or "Show all images in same size"
- Enable Exclude settings when shows X posts of each selected terms
- Enable Grid line up fields script in mobile devices

* Tweak:
- Update CSS custom field
- Update padding of grid items when uses Shuffle Filter
- Update thumbnail shadow style
- Remove width, height attributes in HTML output of ACF image
- Add JS variable to disable animation of Shuffle Filter
- Add filter to enable Parent Page settings for custom post types

= 4.7.1 =
* Compatible:
- Fix: No featured products found of WooCommerce 3.0.0 or later
- Fix: No posts found in non-default languages of WPML with WordPress 4.8.0
- Fix: Error "Call to undefined function wc_get_product()" after deactivate WooCommerce plugin, in the View which enables "Show Sale Badge"

* Tweak:
- [Replace Layout] Remove some classes of old layout while replacing layout of archives pages
- Add filter "pt_cv_ads_slots" to modify ads slots (default value is 10)

= 4.7.0 =
* New:
- Introduce the soft resizing feature for images
- [Replace Layout] Add options to fix some conflicts with theme

* Compatible:
- Fix issue of Pinterest, Masonry layout when enabled lazyload feature of WP Rocket plugin

* Update & Improve:
- [Replace Layout] Completely disable existing pagination of WordPress archives page when use custom pagination in selected View
- [Replace Layout] Show advertisements if they existed in the View, and remove the relative setting option in Content Views >> Settings page
- [Sticky post] Leverage code in WordPress core to handles the "Place all sticky posts at the top of list" option, and remove relative CVP code
- More smooth animation when appending posts for Pinterest, Masonry, Shuffle Filter with load-more, infinite scrolling pagination

= 4.6.1 =
* Fix:
- Float issue of other posts in One & Others layout

* Update:
- Able to replace layout of only specific terms and keep old layout of other terms
- Add some filters to customize View output, to modify thumbnail substitute

= 4.6.0 =
* New:
- [Replace Layout] Able to set different Views for different categories, tags...
- [Replace Layout] Able to show comment block when replacing layout of single post, page, custom post type
- [Replace Layout] Completely support all Shuffle Filter settings when replacing layout
- [Style Settings] Add "Text Align" setting for all elements
- [Display] Able to allow all HTML tags in post excerpt's output
- [Display] Able to execute shortcode in custom field's value
- [Display] Able to leave width or height empty (to maintain image proportion) when set custom size for thumbnail
- [Display] Support relative URL when customize link of a post title, thumbnail, read-more button in View
- [Display] Able to drag & drop to change display order of taxonomies under "Meta fields >> Taxonomy >> Let me choose"

* Improve:
- [Style Settings] Remove "Color & Font" label, use clearer description/text for some settings
- [Display] Use post title as alt for featured image if its alt is empty
- [Lightbox] Show whole page content if the "Content Selector" matches no element
- [Lightbox] Disable page scrolling when lightbox is open

* Compatible:
- Replace Layout of Taxonomy Archives returns no posts found when the "Search Everything" plugin activated
- Fix warning when WordPress filter "wp_get_attachment_image_attributes" is applied in theme or another plugin, but missing argument 2 or 3
- Unable to get updates with iThemes Sync

= 4.5.0 =
* New:
- "Replacing Layout" now works for single post, page, post type
- Able to use custom fields to shuffling posts in front-end, for example `[pt_view id="VIEW_ID" shuffle_custom_field="FIELD_1, FIELD_2, FIELD_3"]`
- Add setting to exclude password protected posts
- Add style setting for inactive pagination items

* Compatible:
- Pinterest/Masonry layout is not shown when using View to show results of FacetWP plugin
- Support WooCommerce category thumbnail when using "Show terms as output" feature

* Update:
- Able to set operator for second taxonomy when reusing View

= 4.4.0 =
* New:
- Show related posts of current post easily, for example `[pt_view id="VIEW_ID" cat="GET_CURRENT"]`, `[pt_view id="VIEW_ID" taxonomy="GET_CURRENT" terms="GET_CURRENT"]` (with VIEW_ID is ID of the View which configures the desired layout, GET_CURRENT is the constant)
- Show custom field, meta field... of current post easily, with shortcode `[pt_view id="VIEW_ID" post_id="GET_CURRENT"]` (with VIEW_ID is ID of the View which configures which information of post to show, GET_CURRENT is the constant)
- Can use "Custom Size" without setting Height value, to resize the image but keep its natural ratio
- [Masonry layout] Add filter to customize which posts to be shown bigger
- Add setting to exclude any fields from the overlay of thumbnail easily

* Fix:
- [Conflict with Photon feature of Jetpack plugin] Thumbnail is not visible in mobile devices, when enable lazy loading

* Update:
- Refactor functions of "Show terms as output" feature

= 4.3.0 =
* New:
- Can use "Sort by" setting of selected View when Replace Layout of Blog, Category... page
- Can use Shuffle Filter with Collapsible layout
- Can adjust border width, color, style in Grid layout with new style settings
- Can filter posts by month 1 to 12 (for example filter posts in January of every year)
- Can show both Author name & avatar
- Can add words to ignore when extract index in Glossary layout
- Can change display order of taxonomies in Shuffle Filter
- Can reuse View by set new value to compare for selected custom field in the View

* Improve:
- [Shuffle Filter] Increase speed and reduce CPU usage on displaying new posts which are loaded dynamically by pagination
- Update custom-size image function to resize image by URL rather than attachment ID
- More clear and simple label, text for some settings

* Fix:
- Shuffle Filter does not work when shows Advertisement in View

= 4.2.2 =
* Update:
- Able to show Advertisement in "All" tab of Shuffle Filter
- Update Lazyload script to handle cached images by browser
- Remove default underline text decoration for links on hover, in Timeline layout

= =
* Fix:
- Insufficient results when filter by "Today and future" date
- Remove border in Tablet devices when "Items Per Row (Tablet)" is 1
- Correct output of custom field in Tablet devices

= =
* Fix: The thumbnail doesn't display at top with format "Show thumbnail on the left/right of text" in old Views

= 4.2.1 =
* New:
- [Shuffle Filter] Add setting to hide the "ALL" option
- [Collapsible List] Add setting to open all items by default

* Improvements:
- [Add/Edit View] Simplify label, description of some settings. Add friendly popover description for Shuffle Filter.
- Many small style improvements

= 4.2 =
* New:
- [Performance] Improve performance with lazy loading for image, iframe
- [Style Settings] Add text-transform, line-height, letter-spacing settings. Improve UI for font-weight, font-style, text-decoration. Able to set custom font-family (besides Google fonts from previous versions).
- [Shuffle Filter] Add style settings for active, heading element
- [Filter by Custom Fields] Add DATETIME type to able to compare more precise by hour, minute, second
- [Advertisement] Able to show Advertisement which is made by shortcode
- [Sort by Custom Field] Able to specify date format for custom field to correct sorting result

* Integrate with other plugins:
- "The Events Calendar" plugin: correct output for venue, organizer of events
- MemberMouse plugin: show content only if current visitor has access to
- SearchWP plugin: retain SearchWP order for search results page when using Content Views Pro to replace layout

= 4.1.1 =
* Fix: Custom color of text (title, content) in Overlay doesn't work

= 4.1 =
* New:
- [Meta fields] Able to set custom format for Date
- [Shuffle Filter] Able to show posts count on each filter

* Fix:
- Compatibility issue with Relevanssi plugin: "No posts found" when use CVP to replace search results layout

* Improve:
- [Shuffle Filter] Prevent issues when 2 terms in different taxonomies but have same slug (by replacing term slug in data-value, data-groups attributes by taxonomy name & term ID)

* Update:
- [Shuffle Filter]: Enable "Load more posts automatically when click on term" by default
- Remove restriction of Layout format in Timeline, Glossary layout
- Update style for right to left text direction
- And many small updates, improvements

= 4.0 =
* New:
- Complete new solution to replace layout in Blog, Category, Search... page: without modifying file, works across themes
- Date Settings: Able to show posts of specific Year

* Improve:
- Better support for custom field of Pods, Toolset Types plugin
- Better support for Polylang plugin: easy to add translation of View

* Update:
- [Overlay & Animation] Update description of settings, enable 2 settings for "always" overlay

* Fix:
- [One & others layout] Fix output issues of thumbnail

= 3.9.9 =
* Update (View dashboard):
- Merge "Put mask of fields in front of thumbnail", "Hover animation" to one setting "Overlay Thumbnail With Text". Rename tab "Animation" to "Overlay & Animation"
- Add setting to set color of Overlay text, to set background color of Title
- Replace "Top margin in hover box" by more versatile setting "Overlay position"
- Remove setting "Remove space between posts"
- Visual simulator for font style & font-weight
- Add clear button for padding, margin settings

* New & Improvement:
- Able to overlay thumbnail with text always
- Able to set position (top, middle, bottom) of overlay text
- Rebuild padding & margin system, work more effectively with any layouts
- Show alt tag of image inside post content (when no Featured image found)

= =
* New: [One & Others layout] Able to show Taxonomy
* Fix: Compatibility with QTranslate X plugin (posts which language was not set are not shown)
* Update:
- Use 'inherit' (instead of 'any') status when filtering Media (attachment)
- Apply custom style settings of Content to all elements in content div, except Read more button
- Set line height as 1.3 multiples of element's custom font size, to prevent text overlap each other

= 3.9.8 =
* New:
- Hover Animation, Scrollable list: Able to show mask/caption directly on Mobile devices & small screens (<=480px)
- Able to show navigation in Lightbox of thumbnail

* Update:
- Cache social share count of posts in 2 hours to prevent prohibition of access these APIs
- Apply forced mask, post border for Grid layout only
- Add explicit option for using current page as current/base page
- Remove setting "Show only glossary index" of Glossary layout

* Fix:
- Reusing View with limit, offset parameters does not work with pagination

= =
* Fix: No media found when querying media without specifying status
* Improvement: Smooth initiation of Shuffle Filter layout in hidden area (tab, toggle) when it becomes visible

= 3.9.7 =
* Fix: Conflict with Elementor pagebuilder plugin
* Improvement: [Line up fields across items] faster, better
* Improvement: [Custom Fields] Support more date formats when customizing date output
* Update: Restructure Content Views Settings page

= 3.9.6 =
* New: [Shuffle Filter] Able to set operator cross taxonomies, hide filter bar of any taxonomy
* New: [For Woocommerce] One-Click to display "Out of stock products"
* New: Able to show custom field when display taxonomy as output
* New: Able to set manual positions for Advertisements
* Update: Show tab "Advertisement" by default. Add option to display ads when replacing theme layout

= =
* Fix: Facebook share count returns 0 (due to the recent changes in Facebook Graph API)
* Fix: Some fields has no bottom margin in Grid layout
* Fix: Notice undefined index in file wp-updates-plugin.php
* Improvement: Cleanup some CSS code

= 3.9.5 =
* New: Cool Grid layout with mask of fields & without space between posts
* New: Able to add border between posts for Grid layout
* New: Add option to exclude content of any HTML tags in excerpt
* New: Add option "Do not show default image"
* New: [Hover animation] Make it clickable on hover
* Update: Drop "View count" sorting option because of view counter is too simple and inaccurate
* Update: Add "License Details" link to Content Views Settings page
* Improvement: More friendly padding, margin settings
* Improvement: More friendly settings for Scrollable list

= 3.9.4 =
* New: Add "Troubleshoot problems" section to Settings page, to fix Facebook share shows wrong image
* Update: [Shuffle Filter] "Load more posts automatically when click on term" should be triggered one time
* Fix: Shuffle Filter layout goes wrong in hidden container

= 3.9.3 =
* Fix: Conflict with plugin Relevanssi (filter by multiple keywords show no posts)
* Fix: Broken View output when put View shortcode in Text element of Divi Builder plugin
* Fix: [Glossary list] Invalid heading character for Arabic, Japanese, Chinese...
* Fix: gzinflate() data error on update message
* New: [Scrollable list] Support swipe action on mobile, tablet devices
* New: Add filter to enable lazy loading for Youtube video
* Update: Remove setting "Include current post" setting

= 3.9.2 =
* Fix: Shuffle Filter shows posts of not selected term
* Fix: background color, padding setting are not updated for new Pinterest/Masonry layout
* New: [Terms as output] Able to show Read more button
* Tweak: Add filter hook to modify value of custom field before querying

= 3.9.1 =
* Fix: Conflict with CloudFlare Rocket Loader

= 3.9 =
* New: Able to use Pinterest, Masonry layout with Shuffle Filter
* New: Able to use View pagination when replacing layout of page (Category, Blog, Archive...)
* New: [One & others layout] Able to show custom field, able to show Read-more button independently (without showing Excerpt)
* New: Able to reusing View by keyword, post ID
* And many small improvements

= 3.8 =
* New: (Shuffle Filter - Group options by Taxonomy): Able to select AND/OR operator for each taxonomy
* New: (Shuffle Filter) Able to show All/Limit posts of selected term on pagination
* New: (Shuffle Filter) Able to load posts automatically when click on term
* New: (Meta fields) Able to choose more than 1 taxonomy in "Let me choose" section
* New: Able to force replacing featured image by image/audio/video in post content
* New: Able to show Full Content of other posts in "One & others" layout

= 3.7 =
* New: Able to show ads (Google Adsense, banner...) randomly in View output with friendly settings
* New: Able to sort posts by Drag & Drop in Preview panel
* Update: Add icons for View types, restructure/update settings to improve usability
* Update: Leverage WordPress core translations for text in View dashboard, View output to minimize user translation effort & improve usability

= =
* New: Complete solution to handle manual excerpt (show its original content, trim & format it like generated excerpt, ignore it)
* Update: Show '...' at end of Title when trimming Title length to specific number of letters

= =
* Update: Remove "View type settings" of Collapsible List (includes 2 features: "open first item" will be implemented by default, "open multiple items at same time" is not user-friendly experience)
* Update: Able to show "Edit Post" link even Post Title was not shown (that link was append to Title in prior versions)

= =
* Fix: Incorrect text align for RTL direction
* Fix: Conflict with Javascript library (imagesLoaded)

= 3.6.2 =
* New: Able to show terms (with thumbnail, title, description) on any layout
* New: [Style Setting] Add "Hover animation", "Caption (Scrollable list)" background color setting (it was configured via Content's background color in prior versions)
* New: Able to show X posts of each selected terms (X is an input number)
* New: [Reuse View] Able to filter posts IN category and NOT IN another category
* Fix: Title hover color does not work in Collapsible list
* Update: Remove default font-size in some View elements
* Update: Disable Line up fields when enable Shuffle Filter (it caused some small style issues)
* Update: Hide "Hide this post" button by default
* Tweak: Add description under "Custom size" setting when images are not same size
* Tweak: Add filter to "exclude another field on mouse over", "change loading icon" by custom PHP code
* Improvement: styles for Pinterest, Glossary list, Hover animation

= =
* Fix: TGM-Plugin-Activation stands as another plugin

= 3.6.1 =
* Fix: Conflict with "mootools-1.2.5-core-yc.js"
* New: Able to disable Hover animation on mobile devices
* New: use TGM-Plugin-Activation library to require, install, update Content Views free

= 3.6.0 =
* Bug fixed: [Shuffle filter] Empty filter text in other languages of WPML plugin
* Improvement: Prevent errors of Masonry layout, Shuffle filter (caused by impacts of scripts from theme/other plugins)
* Improvement: Show option to control behavior with Membership plugin (Ultimate Member, Members, Paid Memberships Pro) & Translation plugin (WPML, Polylang, qTranslate)
* Improvement: Twitter share count are back! Fixed performance issue when enables "Show share count"
* Improvement: [Meta fields settings] cleaner structure, add option to remove slash (/) between fields
* Improvement: Style of Masonry, Shuffle filter dropdown
* Update: Resize image inside post content if uses "Custom size"
* Update: Able to reuse View with "post_parent" parameter

= 3.5.5 =
* Improvement: Smooth Pinterest/Masonry layout when do pagination
* Update: [Shuffle Filter & Pagination] Pull all posts of selected filter (term) on click
* Update: Supports "Members", "Paid Memberships Pro" plugin
* Update: [Infinite pagination] Load posts earlier on scroll
* Bug fixed: "No post found" with Polylang 1.8.0
* Bug fixed: "No post found" when filter by taxonomy, with WPML 3.2
* Bug fixed: Style issue by Social buttons text
* Improvement: Style of WooCommerce price, Hover-animation box
* Improvement: [View dashboard] Add/update description, correct dependencies of some settings

= =
* Bug fixed: Responsive settings for Pinterest layout does not work

= 3.5.4 =
* Improvement: Best "line up fields across items" ever for Grid layout
* Improvement: Better description for settings of "One and others" layout
* Update: Hide post if no content found for current language of qTranslate-X plugin
* Bug fixed: Remove empty space of Masonry, One and others layout

= 3.5.3 =
* Bug fixed: Google font works on preview but not on website
* Bug fixed: Popup window (in Firefox browser) has no scrollbar when open item in new window

= 3.5.2 =
* Bug fixed: Read-more button covers content when resize browser
* Improvement: Better Masonry layout for small screens

= 3.5.1 =
* Improvement: Better responsive output for One & others layout

= 3.5 =
* New feature: Show format icon for Post
* New feature: Custom format for Date custom field
* New feature: Can use Limit setting of View when replace WordPress layout (*check doc*)
* New feature: Can set Limit, Offset when reuse View
* Bug fixed: Duplicated posts, show wrong number of posts per page when order randomly & enable pagination
* Bug fixed: Twitter share does not work with Title contains vertical slash "|"
* Bug fixed: Shuffle filter with numbered pagination
* Update: Can select multiple (instead of all) post types
* Update: Can adjust style of active filter in 3rd style of Shuffle-filter
* Update: Do not shuffle posts automatically when Shuffle-filter is enabled
* Update: Disable custom size thumbnail if screen width < 992 pixels
* Update: Sort posts automatically when select posts for "Include only" setting
* Improvement: **View dashboard revolution** (more friendly Style Settings, simplify/remove/restructure text & description, improve display in Tablet)
* Improvement: Better responsive output
* Improvement: Better Shuffle-filter output

= 3.4 =
* New feature: Able to display taxonomy in special place (sample)
* New feature: Able to show author avatar on every layout
* New feature: Able to select what taxonomy to display terms in Meta fields output
* Improvement: [Pinterest layout] Remove "Minimum width" setting. Update responsive output for small screens.
* Improvement: [Pinterest layout] Restructure & update description of settings
* Improvement: [View dashboard] Able to toggle setting groups under "Fields settings"
* Update: Add option to hide prefix "in" (before terms), prefix "by" (before author name) in Meta fields output
* Update: Simplify description of some settings
* Update: Use flat button (border radius = 0) by default
* Tweak: Update filter "pt_cv_ctf_value"

= 3.3 =
* Bug fixed: Custom field value displays incorrectly when contains URL
* Bug fixed: Line up fields across items does not work when Shuffle Filter is enabled
* Improvement: Better function to resizing image to custom size
* Improvement: Better responsive output of One and others layout
* Improvement: Able to replace pagination of page while replacing page layout
* Improvement: Output of meta-fields in Timeline layout when Hover animation is enabled
* Improvement: How numbered pagination show/hide when Shuffle Filter is enabled
* Improvement: Able to show "Edit Post" on Collapsible list
* Improvement: Better responsive output for "Group filter options" type of Shuffle Filter
* Improvement: Style of Scrollable list, center "Text align", "Edit Post" button, Shuffle Filter, WooCommerce products...
* Update: Prevent posts of child terms from being retrieved when Shuffle Filter is enabled
* Update: Disable "the_content" filter for manual excerpt
* Update: Use View ID in Shuffle Filter ID to easy management
* Update: Disable position setting for "Group filter options" type of Shuffle Filter

= 3.2 =
* New feature: New layout "One and others"
* New feature: Able to set padding for each Item
* New feature: Able to reuse View by another post type, by author
* Bug fixed: Include posts does not work with 'Any post types'
* Bug fixed: Not good output of custom field image in Safari, IE
* Bug fixed: Warning messages relates to Twitter share count function
* Update: Reset Offset when reuse View
* Tweak: Change min-height of Pinterest item

= 3.1.2 =
* Bug fixed: Custom field value displays in 2 lines on Firefox
* Improvement: Thumbnail does not fit Pinterest layout
* Improvement: Cleanup script of Content animation

= 3.1.1 =
* Bug fixed: ACF image not found
* Improvement: Avoid bugs caused by ambiguous comparison

= 3.1 =
* Improvement: Reduce processing time by optimizing conditional statements & functions
* New feature: [Woocommerce 2.4.8] Able to show Sale products with 1 single click
* New feature: [Woocommerce 2.4.8] Able to show Sale badge for products
* New feature: Able to set background color for whole item
* New feature: Able to set color, decoration for Tile on hover
* Bug fixed: Fix bug in support for Paid Membership Pro plugin
* Bug fixed: [Woocommerce 2.4.8] Top rated products does not work
* Bug fixed: Images look distorted when use custom size
* Bug fixed: Custom color of content does not work in some themes
* Improvement: [View dashboard] Better descriptions for some settings
* Improvement: Update styles/scripts of Pinterest layout, custom field, pagination to prevent issue caused by style of theme
* Update: [ACF] Show full image (instead of thumbnail image)

= 3.0 =
* New feature: Make Shuffle Filter works with any types of Pagination
* New feature: [View settings] Able to search posts by Title to include, exclude
* New feature: [View settings] Intuitive button to exclude any post (in preview panel)
* New feature: Able to use "Hover animation" for all layouts
* New feature: Able to center fields in hover box vertically manually
* Bug fixed: Colorbox conflict with other plugins
* Bug fixed: Duplicated ID of multiple Shuffle Filter bars
* Improvement: More sexy Collapsible list
* Improvement: Little better Glossary list
* Improvement: Better style for multiple Shuffle Filter bars
* Improvement: Clean code relates to assets_compress_loading, uncompress_assets
* Update: Style for Masonry overlay
* Update: Style on mobile devices
* Update: Style for media thumbnail with layout-format = 2 columns
* Tweak: Update description of some settings

= 2.5.2 =
* Update: Able to select multiple options for Multi-Shuffle Filter
* Update: Able to use Type "Group filter options by Taxonomy" even for one taxonomy
* Update: Better function to extract images in post content: supports WordPress gallery shortcode & shortcode with format [shortcode_for_image src=""]
* Improvement: Update styles for Shuffle Filter dropdown, Collapsible list, pagination, Hover box

= 2.5.1 =
* New feature: Able to filter by any taxonomies if Content type is 'Any post types'
* Bug fixed: Loading icon was stretched in Pinterest, Masonry layout when option "resize to same width/height" was ticked
* Bug fixed: Term as heading does not work for non-latin term (chinese, russian...)
* Bug fixes: Media thumbnail does not fit its container
* Update: Show Large thumbnail (instead of Full image) for "Light box of Full thumbnail" to minimize load time
* Update: CSS improvements for Pinterest layout, custom field
* Tweak: Add filter 'ctf_value' to alter custom field value

= 2.5 =
* New feature: Able to open Full thumbnail in light box
* New feature: Able to resize thumbnail to same width, height
* Bug fixed: Did not display image/icon when query Media files
* Bug fixed: Round border for hover box when Thumbnail style = Rounded
* Improvement: Better default thumbnail image

= 2.4.1 =
* Bug fixed: Can't click on thumbnail on Mobile devices
* Bug fixed: Media thumbnail does not work

= 2.4 =
* New feature: Able to query Media files, any post types in a View
* New feature: Able to display select term as Heading of View
* New feature: Able to show social share count
* New feature: Able to query "in the past" posts by a date custom field
* Bug fixed: Masonry does not work with pagination
* Bug fixed: Solve problems with category/tag name in non-latin languages
* Bug fixed: Timeline body part is empty when untick "Show Content"
* Improvement: Show loading icon before Pinterest, Masonry layout finished
* Improvement: Restructure Taxonomy custom settings
* Improvement: Better instruction for filtering by Custom field. Correct some condition of date value.
* Improvement: Add link to document "Filter by a Date Custom field"
* Update: [Hover animation] Improve hover animation on mobile devices
* Update: Custom fields - sanitize field name before adds as class name of custom field output
* Update: Modify CSS for custom fields
* Update: CSS for hover animation, Pinterest layout

= 2.3 =
* New feature: [Hover animation] Show content block on click (on mobile devices)
* Bug fixed: Excerpt length does not work with Chinese, Japanese...
* Bug fixed: Error when filter by blank custom date/start date/end date
* Update: Use translation of Content Views free if Read-more text is 'Read More' (default text of this button)
* Update: Add filter "social_url"
* Update: Regenerate POT file
* Update: Some CSS modifications

= 2.2 =
* Bug fixed: Supports Ultimate Member ("Content accessible to Logged Out Users" does not work)
* Bug fixed: [Hover animation] Fix background height
* Bug fixed: Order posts by IDs in the list
* Bug fixed: Uncaught query function not defined for Select2 undefined
* Bug fixed: Grid layout for custom fields applied properties of Grid layout for posts. Which causes problem with Shuffle Filter...
* Improvement: More elegant UI for Fields settings
* New feature: [Hover animation] Able to always show Title without hover

= 2.1 =
* Improvement: Better Masonry layout
* Bug fixed: Missing section in some one-page themes when put multiple View shortcodes to sections
* Bug fixed: Height of hover content box is incorrect when images on row have different heights

= 2.0 =
* New feature: Masonry layout
* New feature: New animation effects for showing content on hover
* New feature: Shuffle Filter uses fade out effect
* New feature: New option "Shadow" for Thumbnail style, which add shadow box to thumbnail
* New feature: Add Opacity for Color picker
* Bug fixed: Broken images when set custom sizes for thumbnail
* Bug fixed: Custom fields is clipped off in small window sizes
* Bug fixed: Can't sort by Price of Woocommerce (ver 2.4.6)
* Update: Handle excerpt length of Chinese language
* Update: New system for updating plugin
* Update: More options for "Parent page"
* Improvement: Add default image when no thumbnail found

= 1.8.9 =
* Bug fixed: "Operator to compare" is not saved after reload
* Bug fixed: Fatal error on PHP < 5.4
* New feature: Able to change Name/Label of custom fields in output
* New feature: Able to display random posts from list "Common filters" > "In list"
* New feature: Able to Force same width, height for Custom size thumbnail
* Update: Can filter by 2 custom taxonomy when reuse a View
* Update: Ignore sticky posts for non-builtin post types
* Improvement: display large video (from value of custom field) in Mobile
* Improvement: Better output for Meta fields

= 1.8.8 =
* New feature: Able to place ALL sticky posts at top of View
* New feature: Able to display colon after name of custom field
* Bug fixed: Distorted image in mobile when custom-size is enable
* Bug fixed: Exclude sticky post does not work
* Bug fixed: Height of Hover content block does not correct in Hidden tab
* Update: Support serialized value of custom field (support wp-types checkbox)
* Improvement: Teak HTML of Timeline layout
* Improvement: Update settings for Excerpt

= 1.8.7 =
* New feature: Able to display content relevant to user's role (supports Ultimate Member plugin)
* Bug fixed: Pinterest displays incorrect number of items per row after pagination finished
* Bug fixed: Height of content-hover box is little insufficient
* Bug fixed: Custom background does not work when displays Readmore text as link
* Update: Display image tag if custom field's value is an image URL

= 1.8.6 =
* Update: Big update to improve page performance
* Bug fixed: Show duplicated inline style of View on page
* Bug fixed: Items per row of Pinterest does not work well
* Bug fixed: Title has no link when enable "Edit Post" button
* Update: Append 'future' status automatically if querying by date 'Today and future'
* Improvement: Reload Pinterest page if post's content contains Iframe

= =
* Improvement: Don't execute shortcode in excerpt automatically, update admin css, fix bug JS admin
* Bug fixed: Show 'Edit Post' button for all users

= 1.8.5 =
* Bug fixed: Can't translate strings
* Bug fixed: Text of social buttons display out of position
* New feature: Able to display nothing (video/audio) if no thumbnail found
* New feature: Custom CSS & JS box in Content Views Setting page
* Improvement: More correction in width of Pinterest item
* Update: Move position of "Style Settings" tab for best user experience

= 1.8.4 =
* Bug fixed: Lot of space between items in Shuffle Filter list
* Bug fixed: Can't filter by value of Custom field
* New feature: Support Polylang plugin (1.7.6)
* New feature: Able to display "Edit Post" button for each post in View
* New feature: Grid layout for Custom fields
* Update: Enable Content, Thumbnail... in Glossary list
* Update: Change name of Mobile_Detect class, to prevent bug 'class existed'

= 1.8.3 =
* Bug fixed: Custom field does not show in Timeline layout
* Bug fixed: Can not set negative value for margin
* Bug fixed: Dropdown menu is hidden
* Bug fixed: Click Youtube video in No-action item causes error in IE

= 1.8.2 =
* Bug fixed: Pinterest does not work if parent element is hidden
* Bug fixed: Glossary heading is not ordered A-Z when add filter 'glossary_title_to_extract'
* New feature: Add "Edit View" button to output of View
* Improvement: Add animation for displaying terms as output
* Update: Move "Text direction" to "Style Settings" tab

= =
* Bug fixed: Unwanted output is displayed in excerpt (caused by enabling filter)
* Update: Add option to enable/disable filter in excerpt

= =
* Bug fixed: Unwanted output is displayed in excerpt (caused by enabling filter)

= 1.8.1 =
* New feature: Add option to display which (image or video/audio), if thumbnail not found
* Bug fixed: Translation does not work in excerpt
* Bug fixed: Number of "items per row" does not work well in Tablet
* Bug fixed: Can not redeclare class Mobile_Detect
* Bug fixed: Can not get Youtube embed video to display as thumbnail
* Update: Remove "Unload Colorbox" option in Settings page. Add filter as alternative solution
* Update: Disable "Don't compress styles & scripts of CVPro"
* Update: Always open link of custom field in new tab/window
* Update: Re-generate .po file

= 1.8.0 =
* New feature: Support "Paid Memberships Pro" plugin
* New feature: Display correspond output if custom field's value is url, email, link to mp3 file, link to mp4 file
* New feature: Hide empty terms (which has no posts) in Shuffle Filter list
* New feature: Able to adjust "All" word in Shuffle Filter list
* Update: More option for filtering by Custom fields
* Update: Restructure plugin's core functions & variables
* Update: Use alt tag of post thumbnail for Pinterest sharing button
* Update: Remove special chars from Glossary header
* Bug fixed: Can not click on Glossary header in Preview panel
* Bug fixed: The collapsible list does not toggle when click on "+, -" icon
* Bug fixed: Shuffle Filter does not work
* Bug fixed: Can not order posts by "In list"

= 1.7.2 =
* New feature: Able to change style of Woocommerce "Add to cart" button
* New feature: Add "Report bug" button
* Bug fixed: 'array_replace' Function undefined in PHP < 5.3
* Bug fixed: Can't save Font style in Style Settings tab
* Bug fixed: Can't save display order of selected terms
* Update: Update style & behavior of pagination for Timeline layout
* Update: Update social link of Twitter, Pinterest
* Update: Execute shortcode in Excerpt
* Update: Decrease minimum item width of Pinterest layout
* Update: Better excerpt for Chinese content

= 1.7.1 =
* Improvement: Better responsive for mobile devices

= 1.7.0 =
* Bug fixed: Pagination does not work in page has more than 2 Pinterest Views
* Bug fixed: Blank space in layout which uses Shuffle Filter
* New feature: Able to display Social share links (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
* New feature: Able to set number of items per row in Mobile devices
* New feature: Include or exclude posts of children taxonomies
* Update: Resize thumbnail on the fly when 'custom size' is selected
* Update: Able to execute shortcodes before generating excerpt

= 1.6.9 =
* Bug fixed: Multiple paginations on same page do not work
* Bug fixed: Can not re-use a View
* New feature: Filter written/not written by current user

= 1.6.8 =
* Bug fixed: Does not display enough terms ("Display selected terms as output" feature)
* Bug Fixed: "Line up fields" is broken when window resizes
* Bug fixed: Thumbnail is distorted in Tablet
* New feature: Get one post of each selected terms
* New feature: Able to set border-radius of buttons
* Update: Able to use Shuffle Filter with "Normal" Pagination
* Improvement: Force displaying higher dimensions on Mobile

= 1.6.7 =
* Bug fixed: RTL does not work
* Bug fixed: Pinterest layout does not display images on Mobile
* Update: Able to display only index of Glossary layout
* New feature: Able to display terms (category item, tag item...) as output

= 1.6.6 =
* New feature: Glossary list
* New feature: Able to get fields of current post
* Bug fixed: "Read more" button in Grid layout covers content area
* Bug fixed: Media Thumbnail is not shown if Thumbnail size is "Original resolution..."
* Update: Support ACF "Page link" field
* Update: Date format in Timeline view is controllable with 2 options: human readable format OR WordPress format (default value)

= 1.6.5 =
* New feature: Able to display "Read more" as a link, not button
* New feature: Able to configure minimum width of Pinterest item
* New feature: Beautify name of custom field automatically
* Improvement: Enable assets (libraries, view types, common) compression
* Improvement: Update code quality

= 1.6.4 =
* Bug fixed: Googlebot doesn't fetch Pinterest content
* Bug fixed: Colorpicker doesn't work
* Bug fixed: Repeater fields of ACF shows duplicated content
* New feature: Items on filter options bar will be sorted by their appearance in "Select terms" option when "Operator" is "IN" or "AND"

= 1.6.3 =
* Bug fixed: Pinterest layout is broken after paging
* New feature: Able to use Normal pagination (without Ajax)
* New feature: Excludes current post from View output
* New feature: [Advanced filter - Date] Able to display "Today and future" posts (no past posts)
* New feature: [Advanced filter - Custom fields] Able to display "Greater or Equal Today" posts (no past posts)
* New feature: [Pinterest layout] Able to hide bottom border of each fields

= 1.6.2 =
* Bug fixed: Pinterest layout is broken when pagination
* Bug fixed: Center layout disappears when resize window
* New feature: Able to Sort by order of appearance in "Common filters > In list"
* New feature: New option to set Nofollow for item links

= 1.6.1 =
* Bug fixed: Stripped content in Shuffle Filter list
* Update: Add 'EXISTS', 'NOT EXISTS' options to filter by Custom fields
* Update: Able to adjust Font settings for Numbered pagination
* Improvement: Show human readable format (meta field)
* Improvement: Better Pagination style
* Improvement: Update descriptions and positions of setting options

= 1.6.0 =
* New Feature: Hide empty custom field
* New Feature: Prepend sticky posts to beginning of output
* Bug fixed: Fix some bugs with Easy Digital Download
* Bug fixed: Fix warning with ACF select box
* Bug fixed: Editors still can see CVPro setting menu when set Administrator for "User role who can manage Views"
* Bug fixed: 'No post found' when reuses a View with a numeric term value
* Bug fixed: Can't set background color for Scrollable list

= 1.5.0 =
* Bug fixed: Important bug which reset settings on front-end

= 1.4.9 =
* New Feature: Enable to limit Title length (letters)
* New Feature: More options for Sticky posts (prepend to output)

= 1.4.8 =
* Bug fixed: Override WP layout shows empty output
* Bug fixed: Scrollable's transition does not look good in Safari
* Bug fixed: Pinterest layout is weird when click pagination button
* Improvement: Better responsive Pinterest layout
* Improvement: Re-arrange options for Scrollable List
* Improvement: Code refinement

= 1.4.6 =
* Bug fixed: Items in view type are cut off height
* Bug fixed: Shuffle Filter - Match wrong terms if they contain a same string
* Improvement: Better Pinterest layout when browser resizes

= 1.4.5 =
* Bug fixed: Layout is broken when overrides layout of WordPress
* Bug fixed: Layout of Shuffle Filter list is broken
* Bug fixed: Dimensions of image was incorrect if that was image inside content of post

= 1.4.4 =
* Bug fixed: Shuffle Filter has gap after sorting
* Bug fixed: Wrong 'ago' time of Timeline
* Bug fixed: Browser opens new tab in Firefox with 'No action' of 'Open item in'
* Bug fixed: 'Show content on hover' display does not well if thumbnails have different dimensions
* New Feature: Order by Custom fields
* New Feature: Reuse a View - able to filter by multiple taxonomies
* Update: Don't auto select 'Or automatically set current page (or its parent) as Parent for the list'
* Update: Lightbox does not display well in mobile if width, height as 50% x 50%

= 1.4.3 =
* Improvement: A very new customized Bootstrap style
* Bug fixed: Style settings of Title doesn't work when select 'None' as 'Open item in'

= 1.4.2 =
* New Feature: Order by 'Page Order'

= 1.4.1 =
* Bug fixed: Show 'custom-fields' instead of name of custom field

= 1.4 =
* Bug fixed: Pinterest layout is broken when View is loaded by Ajax
* Bug fixed: Icons is not displayed correctly in Meta fields when select custom font-family
* New Feature: Animation & Effect - Show Content on hover
* New Feature: Infinite scrolling pagination
* New Feature: Line up fields (Title, Content...) across items
* Update: Able to show/hide '...' at tail of Excerpt
* Update: Refine Javascript code for Preview/Front-end

= 1.3.6 =
* New Feature: Automatically set current page (or its parent) as Parent for the list (when filter by Parent page)
* Bug fixed: Don't show 'Read more' button if manual excerpt length is smaller than 'Excerpt length'
* Update: Auto trim manual excerpt by 'Excerpt length'

= 1.3.5 =
* New Feature: Filter by Custom field
* Update: Add class for each ACF field, remove link from image field
* Update: Able to display fields dynamically in Pinterest layout

= =
* Bug fixed: Read more settings does not work

= 1.3.4 =
* Update: Support most types of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
* Update: Able to drag & drop to change display order of Custom Fields
* Update: Extends feature "overwrite output of WordPress by CVPro layout", allow to pass array of $post

= 1.3.3 =
* New Feature: Filter by Date
* New Feature: Add Text align option
* Update: Auto load refined Bootstrap for Pro users by default

= =
* Bug fixed: Fix bugs of Shuffle Filters (by multiple taxonomies)

= =
* Bug fixed: Custom thumbnail sizes affect other Views in same page
* Improvement: Better label for Background color option in 'Font settings' section

= =
* Bug fixed: Fix display problem when use large font size
* Bug fixed: Fix teaser/more tag problem

= 1.3.2 =
* New Feature: Group filter options by Taxonomies (for Shuffle Filter feature)
* New Feature: Pinterest layout with "Border box" style
* Improvement: Refine layout rendering mechanism of Pinterest

= =
* Bug fixed: Style settings is not applied when replace WordPress layout by CVPro layout
* Update: Restructure Taxonomy filter (remove "Not In" list, add operator[In, Not in, And])
* Improvement: Update style for WooCommerce (Add to cart button)

= 1.3.1 =
* Update: Completely new documentation with lot of update
* New Feature: Customizable Load more button (text of button, Font settings [color, font family, font style, font size])

= =
* New Feature: Able to load only content of post in Lightbox

= =
* Update: Small update for responsive layout in smartphones

= 1.3.0 =
* New Feature: Able to show Custom fields and control its style (font, color)
* New Feature: Auto extract Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Soundcloud from posts if thumbnail is not found and there is no image in post content
* Improvement: Control style of "Read more" button, Filter options completely (font, color, background color)
* Improvement: Always display an even number of items per row in smaller device (to remove gap/space in rows)

= 1.2.6 =
* Update: Important update about caching mechanism
* Update: Update translation file

= 1.2.5 =
* Improvement: Add option to load refined Bootstrap style (which removed font-size, color properties of Bootstrap for Heading, Link...)
* Update: Able to use 2 columns format in Pinterest layout
* Update: Force to resize image to selected custom sizes
* New Feature: Able to control what user role can manage (add, edit, delete) View
* New Feature: Duplicate a View

= =
* Bug fixed: Images are not displayed in same dimensions

= =
* Bug fixed: Thumbnail is not shown up in Timeline layout

= =
* Update: Add option to decide whether or not to insert icon before meta fields
* Improvement: Show notices if Free plugin is not installed and activated

= =
* Improvement: Adjust some styles for Shuffle Filter options, output generated by replacing WordPress layout by CVPro layout
* Update: Update documentation

= 1.2.4 =
* Improvement: A faster solution for overwriting output of WordPress template file
* Improvement: Better meta fields display (add icons, remove prefix text, remove '/' separator)
* Improvement: Add options to customize margin of View, color of fields. Move Font settings to "Style Settings" tab
* Improvement: Add option to get manual excerpt if it exists
* Improvement: Add option to hide sticky posts from output
* Improvement: Add option to customize border radius for rounded thumbnail
* Improvement: Add option to whether or not to open first item at page load (for Collapsible list)
* Improvement: Add constraint checking for Shuffle Filter (with Pagination and View type)

= 1.2.3 =
* Fix Colorbox style conflict: Add option to unload Colorbox assets in frontend
* Add Shuffle Filter feature
* Add "None" option to "Open item in"
* Update mobile, tablet breakpoints (show as many items as possible in mobile, tablet)
* Update: Enable to set offset value is greater than limit value

= 1.2.2 =
* Right to Left support

= 1.2.1 =
* Add new feature: Completely replace Taxonomy archive page by a configurable View

= 1.2.0 =
* Add Alignment option for Pagination
* Add options to quickly filter Terms (Start with, End with character)
* Add option to only display taxonomies which their terms are checked to filter posts (for case you only want to display Category or Tag)
* Fix Woocommerce order & orderby bug
* Optimize filters system

= 1.1.1 =
* Fix bug of width of item in Pinterest layout in mobile

= 1.1 =
* Activate/Deactivate request
* WooCommerce support: Quick filter products, show Price & Add to cart
* Update text of Preview button after sort fields/meta fields

= 1.0.5 =
* Fix offset bug for pagination

= 1.0.4 =
* Fix bug (remove warning when deactivate Free package)
* Fix minimum value bug of Offset option

= 1.0.3 =
* Fix bug (doesn't work with Free package in some cases)

= 1.0.2 =
* Add "Offset" option
* Do action only if Free plugin is installed

= 1.0.1 =
* Fix notice when update Free version

= 1.0.0 =
* Initial release
* Fix bug (doesn't work with Free package from
* Update Timeline layout

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