Dokan Bussiness v3.3.6 NULLED – Best Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin & eCommerce Solution

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Dokan Pro Nulled saves you hundreds of hours of work while creating an online market. See some of the many reasons why it became the No. 1 Open Source Multi-Provider Solution.

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The Best User Interface Experience : Providers get full functionality from the 2016 2016 2016 2016 User Interface

Easiest configuration options : Build and customize easily.No encryption required.

Best customer support in class : You can be sure that you have in the hands of capable support engineers.

Compatible with any WooThemes : Works perfectly with WooCommerce-enabled themes and its functions.

Dokan Pro NUlled

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The features of Dokan Pro Nulled :

Market with independent stores

Similar to Shopify, eBay, or Amazon – Dokan offers any provider a custom store front and additional support opportunities.

Use any WooCommerce-compatible theme

You can start using Dokan with any theme that supports WooCommerce.You’ll also get a free theme to get started so you don’t have trouble building your multiple suppliers market

roast user interface overview for suppliers and customers

Customers and Suppliers have access to a rich user interface dashboard that allows easy inventory management including sales, orders, discounts, coupons, and more.

Earn money from each sale as an Admin

Charge a commission globally, on a provider, or receive a special commission on a product.The fair commission model allows both parties to share your market success!

Increase brand value with product reviews

Good reviews can help other customers trust and increase brand value in your market.

Easy withdrawal system for your provider

Withdrawals are really easy with Dokan.Providers can request you right from the user interface dashboard for payment.You can set withdrawal limits, payment channels, minimum withdrawal limits, and more.

Manage shipping for each store

Worried about complicated shipping?Let your suppliers handle their own shipping with Zone’s wise shipping feature for each store.And if you activate ShipStation, they can also handle their shipping using a popular shipping solution.

Important news notifications right in the dashboard

You can play important notifications to all providers or specifically some providers. Notifications will be displayed on the provider’s dashboard

Dokan Pro Nulled Changelog :

Dokan Pro Nulled v3.2.5 May 11, 2021

- **fix:** Products not showing on vendor dashboard product listing page on vendor dashboard product listing page when vacation module is disabled or doesn't exist

Dokan Pro Nulled v3.2.4 May 8, 2021

- **feat:** Shipping Status for vendors
- **new:** Attach source to customer object first so that payment get processed successfully and then remove source if necessary: stripe non3ds
- **fix:** Android product live search issues fixed
- **fix:** Vendor variation product import error fixed
- **fix;** Store category not saving from setup widget
- **fix:** Updating product details using Quick Edit resets the Shipping Class
- **fix:** Does not reflect today's report in sales by day or overview
- **fix:** Product doesn't go offline while activating vacation mode
- **fix:** Product status changes to online if product updated from quick edit in vacation mode.
- **fix:** All log table filter in translation for admin reports
- **fix:** Vendor can create tag in product import support
- **fix:** Vendor store page title replace with store SEO title
- **fix:** Store follow email triggering although email is disabled in WC email
- **fix:** Update store progress bar when stripe connected
- **fix:** Refund amount and tax over refund check
- **fix:** 'Can't charge a customer that has no active card' error if trying to process payment from guest user with non-connected vendors
- **fix:** Set newly added card as default payment source while updating a vendor subscription
- **fix:** Don't save card if save card checkbox is not selected - Stripe 3DS
- **new:** Live search with suggestion set by default
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