Elementor Pro NULLED v3.5.1 + Template Kit – The Most Advanced Website Builder Plugin For WordPress

KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Danh sách combo

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KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Danh sách combo

Elementor Pro Nulled is an extension of Elementor. Elementor is a highly rated theme builder today. This is a wordpress builder that allows designers to freely create their website. Elementor works with almost any WordPress theme and plugin, so you can keep using your favorite tools and take your work to the next level.

Link to buy this plugin : https://elementor.com/pro/

Outstanding features in Elementor Pro Nulled || Page builder for wordpress:

Control your entire site from one place:

Conveniently design, customize, and manage essentials for your website in Elementor’s Theme Builder: Top of Page, Footer, Page 404, a Post, a Page, WooCommerce Product Repository and Product Store.

Access over 50 powerful Pro Widgets:

Enhance your design and create advanced website content with Elementor’s revolutionary Pro widgets: Premium media widgets, social media widgets, menu widgets, post widgets, marketing widgets, etc.Elementor Pro Nulled

Customize your website with dynamic content:

Create flexible website content based on your visitors. Personalize the experience using unique landing pages or define a design for multiple pages, such as blogs.

Convert visitors into customers:

Achieve your marketing goals with engaging content. Build high conversion landing pages, integrate multiple-step forms, and create custom pop-ups without coding.

Build an e-commerce site:

Visually build and customize every part of your store, such as product categories, single product pages, and cart-added experiences. Promote your store with designer-created landing pages, pop-ups, and more.

List of Elementor Addons:

All Elementor Template Kits :

If you need any elementor kit, you can email me via: tainguyenwordpress@gmail.com or comment directly under the article.

KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Danh sách combo

Free Download Elementor Pro NULLED v3.5.1  + Template Kit  – The Most Advanced Website Builder Plugin For WordPress nulled changelog
#### 3.4.0 - 2021-09-01
* Tweak: Added new Mini Cart layout type in Menu Cart widget ([#11312](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11312))
* Tweak: Added styling options for Cart, Products, and Cart buttons in Menu Cart widget ([#14952](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/14952))
* Tweak: Added the ability to open cart automatically when an item is added in Menu Cart widget ([#14119](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/14119))
* Tweak: Added the ability to remove an item from cart without reloading the page with an AJAX request ([#9531](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9531), [#10875](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10875), [#11309](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11309))
* Tweak: Added Load More AJAX functionality to Posts widget ([#12126](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12126), [#1284](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1284), [#14557](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/14557))
* Tweak: Added Vimeo support to the Video Playlist widget ([#15319](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15319))
* Tweak: Improved asset loading performance by serving lighter JS files ([#8572](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8572))
* Tweak: Added query string to the URL only after the first video is played in Video Playlist widget ([#15348](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15348))
* Tweak: Added various layout options with more responsive controls and cart structure options in Menu Cart widget
* Tweak: Added the option to open the menu cart by click or hover in Menu Cart widget
* Tweak: Added the ability to choose a specific product to draw data from in WooCommerce Dynamic tags
* Tweak: Removed auto-scroll to the widget location when arriving from external URL in Video Playlist widget
* Tweak: Removed the Video Playlist widget from the Experiments list
* Tweak: Added descriptive error messages for MailChimp action after submit and on form submit in Forms widget
* Tweak: Added tooltip trigger None and Hover for link in Hotspot widget
* Tweak: Added responsive controls to Offset and Effects Offset in Sticky options
* Tweak: Added responsive control to Alignment in Testimonial Carousel widget
* Tweak: Adjusted Motion Effects module to support future feature
* Tweak: Added future compatibility to support better loading of `eicons` font
* Tweak: Changed Rename Part title and button color in Theme Builder
* Fix: Products don't appear on the cart while editing in Menu Cart widget ([#15451](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15451))
* Fix: Videos always start muted in the Video Playlist widget ([#15292](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15292))
* Fix: Unnecessary spacing if submenu indicator is set to None in Nav Menu widget ([#15365](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15365))
* Fix: MailChimp double opt-in feature doesn't work in Forms widget
* Fix: Fetching MailChimp groups field blocks the loading of the rest of the fields in the Form widget
* Fix: Missing field IDs causes forms not to be sent in Forms widget
* Fix: Full Content Skin is not working properly when inserted twice on the same page in Posts widget
* Fix: Avoid Duplicates option doesn't exclude manual selections in Posts widget
* Fix: Submenu indicator alignment issue in Nav menu widget
* Fix: Query control deprecated message appears when debug mode is defined
* Fix: Tweet Button icon incorrect color and size when the icon is rendered as SVG in Blockquote widget
* Fix: Video icon size is not changing on Active state in Video Playlist widget
* Fix: Header icon color is not working in Table Of Content widget
* Fix: Icons style glitches when Font Awesome Inline experiment is active in Video Playlist widget
* Fix: Bullet markers are not visible on preview mode when Font Awesome Inline experiment is active in Table of Content widget
* Fix: UI Glitch when Font-Awesome Inline experiment is active in Price Table widget
* Fix: Submenu Indicator appears larger when Font Awesome Inline experiment is active in Nav Menu widget
* Fix: Part name is deleted when clicking on the "Change" Button without changing the name in Theme Builder
* Fix: Redundant pagination queries in the Editor
* Deprecated: Remove all usages of `Elementor\Utils::get_create_new_post_url()`
* Deprecated: See all deprecations to this version in our [Developers Deprecations Post](https://developers.elementor.com/v3-4-planned-deprecations/)

#### 3.3.8 - 2021-08-23
* Fix: Products grid width issue when adjusting columns and rows in Products widget ([#16001](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/16001))
* Fix: Font Awesome Inline experiment causes icons glitch in Price Table widget ([#16045](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/16045))
* Fix: reCAPTCHA v3 `z-index` is lower than the Section's background color
* Fix: Style missing when Font Awesome inline experiment is active in Post Info widget
* Fix: Font Awesome icons were not loaded in Post Info widget
* Fix: Zero character can't be used as a placeholder in Number field in Form widget
* Fix: Carousels are not working properly in the Editor when Additional Custom Breakpoints experiment is active

#### 3.3.7 - 2021-08-15
* Tweak: Added support for Additional Custom Breakpoints in Nav Menu widget
* Tweak: Added support for Additional Custom breakpoints in Motion Effects
* Fix: Columns didn't respond to changes in Gallery widget if Additional Custom Breakpoints Experiment is active

#### 3.3.6 - 2021-08-10
* Tweak: Added support for future feature in Nav Menu widget
* Fix: WooCommerce responsive grid styles are not being reflected in Product Related widget ([#15857](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15857))
* Fix: WooCommerce responsive grid styles are not being reflected in Upsells widget ([#15857](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15857))
* Fix: WooCommerce responsive grid styles are not being reflected in Product Categories widget ([#15857](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15857))

#### 3.3.5 - 2021-08-01
* Fix: Responsive layout glitches in Products and Products Archive widgets ([#15773](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15773))
* Fix: reCAPTCHA V3 integration conflict with required fields validation in Forms widget

#### 3.3.4 - 2021-07-21
* Fix: Grid layout glitch in WooCommerce Products Archive widget ([#15718](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15718))

#### 3.3.3 - 2021-07-20
* Tweak: Added a descriptive message in Collect Submissions action after submit
* Tweak: Added future compatibility for Additional Custom Breakpoints for Pro widgets
* Fix: Some widget style breaks when Improved CSS Loading Experiment is active in certain cases ([#15632](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15632), [#15683](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15683), [#15660](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15660))
* Fix: Translation update keep appearing as available after install ([#14297](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/14297))
* Fix: Wrong default icon color when using Font Awesome icons as inline SVG in Call to Action widget

#### 3.3.2 - 2021-07-13
* Tweak: Updated plugin description
* Fix: MailChimp tags in form widget replaced existing tags ([#11111](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11111))
* Fix: Clicking videos from the items list in edit mode doesn’t initiate videos properly
* Fix: User unauthorized message when activated but not connected in Kit Library
* Fix: Carousel widgets did not support additional custom breakpoint responsive values
* Fix: Tab border is overridden by the Section background color in Video Playlist widget
* Fix: Widgets style breaks when Improved CSS Load experiment is active in a Single Page template and Post Content widget

#### 3.3.1 - 2021-06-20
* Tweak: Added support for more Theme Builder display conditions in Export / Import experiment
* Tweak: Adjusted License page heading structure for future feature
* Tweak: Adjusted Font Awesome icon for allowing support for future feature
* Fix: `frontend.min.js` file size increased in Elementor Pro 3.3.0 ([#15278](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15278))
* Fix: Prevent conditions from being reset when object cache is enabled in site ([#13299](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/13299))
* Fix: Custom Code publish modal responsiveness issues ([#14519](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/14519))
* Fix: Populating fields with options programmatically doesn't appear in Submissions screen ([#10671](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10671))
* Fix: Large images are not shown on the Image Carousel widget when set via Toolset dynamic tag
* Fix: Enable inline editing to the inner content tabs in Video Playlist widget
* Fix: Clicking on the video list doesn't play videos properly in Video Playlist widget
* Fix: Hide Play Icon control when Image overlay is toggled off in Video Playlist widget
* Fix: Removed extra space below the player when viewing from mobile view in Video Playlist widget
* Fix: Import button is not working properly in Theme Builder interface
* Fix: Preview Dynamic Content as control is not updating preview and throws an error in Popup Builder

#### 3.3.0 - 2021-06-08
* New: Video Playlist widget - Add Engaging Video Content to Your Website ([#11859](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11859), [#7803](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7803))
* New: Hotspot widget - Create Interactive Images With Contextually Relevant Information ([#7282](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7282), [#2768](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2768))
* Tweak: Accessibility improvements for sub-menus in Nav Menu widget ([#13859](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/13859), [#13810](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/13810))
* Tweak: MailChimp action after submit can now add new tags to existing subscribers in Forms widget ([#11111](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11111))
* Tweak: Added `elementor_pro/forms/record/actions_before` to filter the record before it sent to Actions After Submit in Forms widget ([#14261](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/14261))
* Tweak: Yoast SEO breadcrumbs widget can be used in Elementor without the need of enabling them in Yoast setting
* Tweak: Added future support for widgets CSS conditional loading ([#10329](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10329), [#14229](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/14229))
* Tweak: Added future support for Sticky JS library conditional loading
* Tweak: Added future support for Import / Export experiment
* Tweak: Preparations and fixes for Import Export Experiment in Pro version
* Tweak: Added gradient button capabilities to Login widget buttons
* Tweak: Added gradient button capabilities to Slides widget button
* Tweak: Added gradient button capabilities to Price Table widget button
* Tweak: Added gradient button capabilities to Flip Box widget button
* Tweak: Added Code Highlight widget Developers Documentation
* Tweak: Adjusted Submissions page for future updates
* Tweak: Added `em` and `%` units for padding control in Carousel widgets
* Tweak: Shorten currency name to currency symbol in PayPal button widget
* Fix: Custom Fonts URLs should be replaced when replace URL is triggered ([#7376](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7376), [#10382](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10382))
* Fix: The currency symbol size changed in the Price Table widget if enabling sale ([#13519](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/13519))
* Fix: Nav Menu widget is not loading Font Awesome submenu icons ([#9907](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9907))
* Fix: Hamburger toggle is not working in Nav menu widget
* Fix: Activation bug for IDN domains
* Fix: Conditions modal responsive glitches in Custom Code
* Fix: Duplicated strings in Custom Code module
* Fix: Enable resize option for code input field in Custom Code
* Fix: “Save & Close “button in Custom Code's Conditions modal was not visible on small screen sizes
* Fix: Removing a column from a section in the navigator resulted in an empty section
* Fix: Recommend option is cut If the layout is not "Standard" in the Facebook Button widget
* Fix: Video item does not play without adding an image in Media Carousel widget
* Fix: `search-plus` icon missing from panel in Media Carousel widget
* Fix: UI hover state glitch in Media Carousel widget
* Fix: PHP notice was thrown when trying to import a kit without overrideConditions parameter in Kit Import flow
* Fix: Templates conditions not imported if there are no conflicts in Import Export Experiment
* Fix: Non english values are not encoded properly on Submissions export
* Fix: Theme Builder import is not working properly
* Fix: UI glitch when no global widgets were found in Editor Panel
* Deprecated: See all deprecations to this version in our [Developers Deprecations Post](https://developers.elementor.com/v3-3-planned-deprecations/)

#### 3.2.2 - 2021-05-05
* Tweak: Added support for Expert tier templates in Templates Library
* Tweak: Updated compatibility tag to support Elementor v3.2.x
* Tweak: Added compatibility for future Library improvements
* Fix: Toolset image dynamic field is not working with Gallery widget

#### 3.2.1 - 2021-03-21
* Tweak: Added strings context in PayPal button and Price Table widgets
* Tweak: Added support for future Import / Export Kit feature
* Fix: Submissions with over than 191 characters weren't indexed properly

#### 3.2.0 - 2021-03-14
* New: PayPal Button widget - Collect PayPal payments directly from your site
* Experiment: Submissions - Save all of your form submissions in one place ([#1686](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1686))
* Tweak: Added Stay In Column option to Inner Section element ([#7956](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7956))
* Tweak: Adjusted 'Max Height' control range in Table of Contents widget
* Tweak: Changed descriptive text in Create Custom Code screen
* Tweak: Added support for dynamic capabilities in Code Highlight widget
* Tweak: Added support for future load on demand for `share-link` library
* Tweak: Added support for future load on demand for `dialog` library in Popup
* Tweak: Allow overwriting the assets URL when using a mirror domain
* Fix: Animation was triggered multiple times when accessing the viewport in certain cases in Animated Headline widget ([#13951](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/13951))
* Fix: Location is not being updated after a Custom Code snippet is published ([#13971](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/13971))
* Fix: Custom Fonts CSS files were not updated after regenerating CSS files
* Fix: Conditions modal is not responsive in Custom Code
* Fix: Empty order buttons are displayed in Custom Fonts screen
* Fix: Typo in 'Reply To' Email action after submit placeholder in Forms widget
* Fix: Unnecessary Save Draft button in Custom Code
* Fix: RTL glitches in Custom Code
* Fix: Sanitized options in the editor to enforce better security policies
* Deprecated: See all deprecations to this version in our ([Developers Deprecations Post](https://developers.elementor.com/v3-2-planned-deprecations/))

#### 3.1.1 - 2021-02-23
* Tweak: Adjusted 'Max Height' control range in Table of Contents widget
* Fix: Popup event handler is undefined ([https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11475](#11475), [https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10690](#10690))
* Fix: Conditions modal is not responsive in Custom Code
* Fix: RTL glitches in Code Highlight widget
* Fix: Minor UI glitches in Code Highlight widget
* Fix: Users can't get Pro Developer Edition version updates

#### 3.1.0 - 2021-02-13
* New: Introducing Custom Code - Add custom code snippets to your site, including `head`, `body` start and `body` end
* New: Meet Code Highlight widget - showcase any syntax with highlighted UI ([#5815](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5815))
* Experiment: Improved Pro widgets performance by loading JS and Swiper assets conditionally in frontend ([#8572](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8572), [Developer Documentation](https://developers.elementor.com/experiment-optimized-asset-loading/))
* Tweak: Added Compatibility Tag support in Elementor Pro ([Developer Documentation](https://developers.elementor.com/compatibility-tag/))
* Tweak: Added Dynamic capabilities to Rotating Text animation in Animated Headline widget ([#4625](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4625), [#8569](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8569))
* Tweak: Added an option to set Selected color for Typing effect in Animated Headline widget ([#5403](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5403), [#7826](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7826))
* Tweak: Added animation Loop option for Animated Headline ([#9749](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9749), [#2457](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2457))
* Tweak: Added timing options for Animated Headline widget ([#4392](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4392))
* Tweak: Added dynamic capabilities for Testimonial Carousel widget ([#8569](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8569))
* Tweak: Added dynamic capabilities for Price Table widget ([#4242](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4242), [#8569](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8569))
* Tweak: Added Word Wrap control to Code Highlight widget ([#13577](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/13577))
* Tweak: Upgraded Font Awesome Pro library to v5.15.1
* Tweak: Improved method of loading field mapping repeater in Form widget ([Developer Documentation](https://developers.elementor.com/how-to-add-a-repeater-control-to-elementor-add-on/))
* Tweak: Added "Show on Browsers" Popup Advanced Rule
* Tweak: Added real-time JS handling to prevent redundant renders in Slides widget and all Carousel widgets
* Tweak: Import scroll utility from core and remove it from Pro
* Tweak: Added alignment options for Post Excerpt widget ([#9757](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9757))
* Tweak: Changed alignment control to work with selectors in Share Buttons
* Tweak: Upgraded to Webpack 5, Grunt-Webpack 4 and TerserPlugin instead of UglifyJsPlugin
* Fix: Steps Divider is not vertically aligned in Multi Step Form widget ([#12569](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12569))
* Fix: Slides are playing in an infinite loop mode even when the option is disabled in Slides Widget ([#6726](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6726))
* Fix: Redundant spacing is added to Share Buttons widget
* Fix: Step buttons text is not updated without a page reload in Forms widget
* Fix: Overflow issue in certain animations in Animated Headline widget
* Fix: When dragging a new Testimonial Carousel there is a console error thrown
* Fix: Step Buttons are cut in mobile view in Multi Step Form
* Fix: Submit and Step buttons size differences when using Twenty Twenty theme
* Fix: Duplicate button Text Color control in Slides widget
* Fix: JS error is thrown when editing and saving global widgets
* Fix: `get_version` API function may fail with Redis / DB cache
* Fix: Multiple license check requests are created in certain cases
* Deprecated: Deprecate methods prefixed with an underscore and replace them with unprefixed methods
* Deprecated: See all deprecations to this version in our [Developers Deprecations Post](https://developers.elementor.com/v3-1-planned-deprecations/)

#### 3.0.10 - 2021-01-20
* Tweak: Added Editing Handles string translation compatibility with Elementor v3.1.0

#### 3.0.9 - 2020-12-29
* Tweak: Added compatibility to support Elementor 3.1.0
* Fix: Wrong phrasing of Import template success message in Theme Builder
* Fix: Border color glitch in Theme Builder

#### 3.0.8 - 2020-11-26
* Fix: Navigation arrows UI glitch in Media Carousel widget ([#13172](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/13172))

#### 3.0.7 - 2020-11-25
* Fix: Console Error when dragging Testimonials Carousel widget
* Fix: Arrows of Testimonial and Reviews Carousel widgets navigate to the wrong direction in RTL websites
* Fix: Removed the conditional loading of Webpack
* Fix: Fatal error is thrown after deleting an associated custom taxonomy when Posts widget with Cards skin has a badge
* Fix: Upload JSON files only when the user allowed to prevent security issues
* Fix: Gallery not displayed in Theme Builder templates preview

#### 3.0.6 - 2020-11-04
* Tweak: Updated the embedded post in Facebook Embed widget
* Fix: Minor UI glitches in Theme Builder's conditions screen footer
* Fix: Template type changes into Single Page after conditions change in Theme Builder
* Fix: Redundant Custom Caption option in Site Logo widget
* Fix: Removed unused code in Drip integration
* Fix: Removed Weibo and WeChat social networks due to website and links inactivity from Share Buttons widget
* Fix: Removed redundant code from Portfolio and Post Navigation widgets

#### 3.0.5 - 2020-09-23
* Fix: If the default page layout is set to "Canvas" Headers and Footers cannot be edited
* Fix: Product Image Dynamic Tag throws an error when no image is set
* Fix: Missing Single document placeholder in Theme Builder
* Fix: Document editing handles inherit the `font-family` from 3rd party source
* Fix: Can't add linebreaks to Textarea input when used as Multi Step Form
* Fix: Incorrect width in Facebook Page widget
* Fix: Added compatibility to allow the use of 'get_create_url' in Theme Builder

#### 3.0.4 - 2020-09-09
* Fix: Autogenerated screenshots appear in WP Media Library modal ([#12304](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12304))
* Fix: Make sure Elementor Posts widget Pagination doesn't interfere with 3rd party plugins ([#12126](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12126), [#12127](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12127))
* Fix: Shrinking conditions indicator in Theme Builder
* Fix: Column can't be dragged and dropped if it populates a Global widget
* Fix: Styles are missing from Single templates in some edge cases

#### 3.0.3 - 2020-09-02
* Fix: Pagination doesn't work in WordPress 5.5 ([#12126](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12126), [#12127](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12127))
* Fix: Change delete template action to "Move to Trash" in the new Theme Builder view

#### 3.0.2 - 2020-08-31
* Tweak: Replaced WordPress "Learn More" links with dynamic links for better control over time ([#12312](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12312))
* Tweak: UI tweaks to the Conditions screen In the new Theme Builder
* Fix: Motion Effects not working when assigned to a column and throws JS error when DOM optimization is disabled ([#12299](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12299), [#12275](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12275))
* Fix: Multiple Galleries display all the images in the Lightbox slideshow ([#11809](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11809))
* Fix: Old Theme Builder is being opened when accessing through the Finder
* Fix: Mixed templates import glitch in Theme Builder
* Fix: Card icon sizes in Theme Builder
* Fix: Preview button leads to `render_mode` instead of preview when importing a template from the new Theme Builder

#### 3.0.1 - 2020-08-26
* Tweak: Keep previous Theme Builder when accessing from the WP Dashboard for legacy support
* Tweak: Updated video tutorials in Theme Builder
* Tweak: Don't show auto-screenshots in the Media Library (Props [@black-eye](https://github.com/black-eye))
* Fix: Repeater items throws `childView` is undefined message in Forms widget ([#12239](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12239), [#12221](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12221))
* Fix: Misspelling of the word "occurred" in Form widget default error message ([#12137](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12137))
* Fix: Facebook comments not showing up ([#12157](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12157))
* Fix: Check for conflicts in Theme Builder doesn't work properly
* Fix: Minor UI fixes in Theme Builder
* Fix: Dark mode glitches in Theme Builder
* Fix: Global Site Part toaster appears when you publish a Popup
* Fix: Site Parts aren't in the correct order in Theme Builder
* Fix: Date field caused forms to get corrupted in Forms widget
* Fix: Theme Builder application page is forbidden

#### 3.0.0 - 2020-08-23
* New: Introducing the new and improved Theme Builder
* Tweak: Removed `.elementor-inner` and `.elementor-column-wrap` from DOM output to improve performance ([#7351](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7351), [#7817](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7817), [Developers Blog Post](https://developers.elementor.com/dom-improvements-ahead-html-wrappers-removal-from-v3-0/))
* Tweak: Added contextual anchors ID support to Table of Contents widgets ([#10052](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10052))
* Tweak: Added WeChat and Weibo social networks to Share Buttons widget ([#11554](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11554))
* Tweak: Added Dynamic capabilities for Redirect after Login/Logout in Login widget ([#11343](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11343))
* Tweak: Added Blend Mode and CSS Filters controls to adjust the Background Overlay in Flipbox widget ([#11653](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11653))
* Tweak: Added responsive capabilities to Toggle Button styling in Nav Menu widget ([#8269](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8269))
* Tweak: Added responsive Text Alignment control in Call to Action widget ([#11968](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11968))
* Tweak: Added dynamic content to Ribbon element in Call to Action widget ([#10364](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10364))
* Tweak: Converted uses of Color and Typography Schemes to Global Colors and Fonts
* Tweak: Separated Title and Description control fields labels in Call to Action widget
* Tweak: Removed unnecessary style in WC Product with variations
* Tweak: Converted Portfolio, Posts and Share Buttons widgets to use CSS Variable-based Elementor Grid ([Developers Blog Post](https://developers.elementor.com/elementor-dropping-support-ie/))
* Tweak: Added Date Modified option to Posts widget metadata
* Fix: PHP 7.4 compatibility to Media Carousel widget ([#11355](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11355))
* Fix: Divider alignment issue in Post Info widget ([#11628](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11628))
* Fix: Color doesn’t change in Products Archive Description widget
* Fix: WC Product variations layout breaks when using Variation Swatches plugin
* Fix: WC Product variations layout issue
* Fix: WC Product variations mobile zoom-in glitch
* Fix: Can't edit a Popup after accessing Theme Style
* Fix: Twitter icon missing in Blockquote widget
* Fix: Removed redundant default text color from Share Buttons minimal skin
* Fix: UI glitch in Display Conditions modal
* Fix: Insert template button UI glitch in Templates Library
* Fix: Added sanitization to post titles in WordPress dashboard for better security
* Fix: Show when arriving from search engines rule doesn't work in Popup
* Fix: Child categories are shown with a different parent category in Query control
* Deprecated: See all deprecations to this version in our [Developers Deprecations Post](https://developers.elementor.com/v3-0-planned-deprecations/)

#### 2.10.3 - 2020-06-29
* Fix: Form not being submitted when using "Progress Bar" and "None" view types in Multi Step Form ([#11596](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11596), [#11610](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11610))
* Fix: Missing "for" attribute in Password field label in Login widget ([#8646](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8646))

#### 2.10.2 - 2020-06-16
* Fix: Run step events only when in Multi Step Form mode ([#11644](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11644))

#### 2.10.1 - 2020-06-16
* Tweak: Improved License validation mechanism to avoid limitations
* Tweak: Changed control labels and ordering in Price Table, Lottie and Form widgets
* Fix: Popup close button vertical position glitch ([#10921](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10921))
* Fix: Radio field placement glitch when in Multi Step mode in Form widget
* Fix: Clicking `Enter` key submits the form in Multi Step Form
* Fix: Hardened sanitization in Custom Attributes to avoid security issues

#### 2.10.0 - 2020-06-07
* New: Introducing Multi-Step Forms - Breakdown long forms into simple steps ([#5975](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5975), [#3911](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3911))
* New: Introducing Lottie widget - easily add Lottie animations to your site, no coding needed ([#11026](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11026))
* Tweak: Added spacing option to Posts widget pagination ([#5682](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5682))
* Tweak: Changed texts and logic for administrator plugin renewal notices
* Tweak: Added new Scroll Util for improved scrolling handling
* Tweak: Improved Motion Effects animation performance

#### 2.9.5 - 2020-05-24
* Fix: Added sanitization to Custom Attributes control to avoid security issue

#### 2.9.4 - 2020-05-07
* Fix: Hardened user role that is allowed to upload icon sets and unzip only allowed files in Custom Icons to prevent security vulnerability

#### 2.9.3 - 2020-04-19
* Fix: Form shortcode IDs are not wrapped in double-quotes ([#11023](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11023), [#10932](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10932), [#10967](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10967), [#11000](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11000), [#11049](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11049))
* Fix: Escaped Form records metadata to prevent security vulnerability
* Fix: Closing "Save Changes" document confirmation modal causes Panel infinite loading
* Fix: Ken Burns effect not working when there is only one slide in Slides widget
* Fix: Document handles UI glitch

#### 2.9.2 - 2020-03-25
* Tweak: Added compatibility with WordPress v5.4 ([#10745](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10745))
* Fix: Image ratio number is displayed under the Archive Posts widget ([#10874](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10874))
* Fix: Theme Style Link color setting overrides the Table of Content list style
* Fix: PHP notice when using dynamic user info `id`
* Fix: Navigation arrows direction is crossed on first drag in Slides Widget
* Fix: "No headings were found on this page" message was not displayed in the frontend in Table of Contents widget
* Fix: Container includes Popup tags by default in Table of Contents widget
* Fix: Twitter icon display issue when Font Awesome 4 support is disabled in Blockquote widget
* Fix: ACF Dynamic tag not working in Form widget Redirect action

#### 2.9.1 - 2020-03-16
* Fix: Can't access Elementor Editor when there is Page Title widget in the page
* Fix: Applying styling to Post Content widget affects the Page and Post editing handles

#### 2.9.0 - 2020-03-15
* New: Introducing Full Site Editing: Design header, footer, and content all in one place! ([#4985](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4985))
* New: Added Global Custom CSS for Your Entire Site in Theme Style ([#3345](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3345))
* New: Added Dynamic Colors tag ([#6485](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6485))
* Tweak: Added option to set the Site Part HTML Wrapper Tags ([#9293](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9293))
* Tweak: Added Link Attributes support to Pro widgets ([#5716](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5716), [#3642](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3642), [#9225](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9225), [#9079](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9079))
* Tweak: Added Theme Style support in Theme Builder parts ([#10564](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10564))
* Tweak: Avoid creating empty Custom Font
* Tweak: Added `aria-expanded` attribute to Menu Cart widget
* Tweak: Moved Link Actions module to Core plugin
* Tweak: Changed the name of “TypeKit Web Fonts by Adobe” to “Adobe Fonts”
* Tweak: Removed redundant display conditions from Blockquote, Flipbox, Price Table, and Search Form widgets
* Tweak: Pro widgets are not draggable unless Elementor license has been activated
* Tweak: Remove redundant `label_block` parameters from several controls
* Tweak: Converted controls selectors to CSS variables in Gallery widget
* Tweak: Replaced Stumbleupon with Mix in Reviews widget recommended icons ([#10099](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10099))
* Tweak: Added Mix to the Share Buttons network list ([#10099](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10099))
* Tweak: Added "Open in new tab" option to Posts widget ([#7924](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7924))
* Tweak: Upgraded Font Awesome Pro library to v5.12.0
* Tweak: Added new Lightbox compatibility for Gallery and Media Carousel widgets
* Tweak: Expose external API for Swiper instances
* Tweak: Added compatibility to JS API in Theme Builder, Popups, Form widget and Global widget
* Tweak: Replaced nerd icons with new Elementor emojis
* Tweak: Added specific `color` attribute to header title in Table of Contents widget
* Fix: Line break issues in Animated Headline widget ([#10585](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/10585))
* Fix: Theme Style Link color overrides the Table of Content list style
* Fix: Active state glitches when using Table of contents widget with Sticky mode
* Fix: "Graphic Element" section appears as empty in case of unmarked Graphic Element in Call to Action widget
* Fix: Page Title widget render glitches in the Editor
* Fix: Image ratio parameter visible in some edge cases in Posts widget
* Fix: Image missing when sharing to Pinterest using Share Buttons widget
* Fix: Theme Style Link color setting override the list style in Table of Contents widget
* Deprecated: See all deprecations to this version in our [Developers Deprecations Post](https://developers.elementor.com/v2-9-0-planned-deprecations/)

#### 2.8.5 - 2020-03-08
* Tweak: Added new Swiper parameter to all Pro carousels to allow 3rd party integration
* Fix: Missing closing bracket in Animated Headline widget
* Fix: Share buttons widgets show Font Awesome 4 icons on first drag in Editor

#### 2.8.4 - 2020-02-16
* Tweak: Added Lightbox Title & Description support to Gallery widget
* Tweak: Added RTL support for Slides widget
* Tweak: Display Lightbox images in Full size in Gallery widget
* Fix: Template with Slides widget not working properly when placed inside Tabs, Accordion and Toggle widget
* Fix: Dropdown menu lost styling after Elementor Pro v2.8 upgrade in Nav Menu widget
* Fix: Indent doesn't work on RTL websites in Table of Contents widget
* Fix: Query Control throws `Undefined index: q` error
* Fix: Typography control not affecting dropdown menu in Nav Menu widget
* Fix: Discord forms integration fails to send submissions in some server configurations
* Fix: Rotating headlines don't align center in Animated Headline widget
* Fix: Custom secondary color displayed when not needed in Share buttons widget
* Fix: Motion Effects of certain objects are not functioning properly on Safari browser
* Fix: Missing eye icon in Single template footer preview button

#### 2.8.3 - 2020-01-01
* Tweak: Updated Table of Contents widget panel location
* Fix: ACF URL Dynamic field throws `undefined index` PHP notice ([#9929](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9929))
* Fix: Gallery lightbox pagination shows images from all tabs
* Fix: "Reply To" option not working in Form widget "Email 2" Action
* Fix: ACF Dynamic tag not working in Form widget Redirect action
* Fix: Underline option not working in Table of Contents widget Normal state
* Fix: Query Control `Undefined index: autocomplete` notice in some cases
* Fix: Missing display condition to Read More Spacing control in Posts widget

#### 2.8.2 - 2019-12-19
* Tweak: Improved scroll-spy and collapsing functionality in Table of Contents widget
* Fix: "No products were found" message not being displayed in an empty Products Archive
* Fix: Redundant `
` tags in Single theme template ([#9927](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9927), [#9928](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9928))
* Fix: Draft Popup shows up in Dynamic tag dropdown

#### 2.8.1 - 2019-12-18
* Fix: Share Buttons widget not working ([#9920](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9920))
* Fix: Redundant `

` tags added to Single Template posts

#### 2.8.0 - 2019-12-18
* New: Table of Contents Widget ([#5171](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5171))
* New: Added Font Awesome Pro Duotone font family support ([#9578](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9578))
* Tweak: Added Lazy Load option to Gallery widget ([#9763](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9763))
* Tweak: Added Random order option to Gallery widget ([#9269](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9269))
* Tweak: Updated Font Awesome Pro to v5.11.2 ([#9578](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9578))
* Tweak: Added preselect support for multiple default select values in Forms Widget ([#9324](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9324))
* Tweak: Avoid duplicate queries for Custom Icons ([#9579](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9579))
* Tweak: Major performance improvements to Gallery widget
* Tweak: Avoid non-existing images in Gallery widget
* Tweak: Added `tabindex`, `aria-expanded`, `aria-hidden` and `role="navigation"` accessibility attributes to Nav Menu widget
* Tweak: Changed button HTML tag from `button` to `span` in Call to Action and Flip Box widgets for better W3C compliance and accessibility
* Tweak: Removed Google+ from default networks in Share Buttons widget
* Tweak: Added compatibility for Library Connect
* Tweak: Added i18n to Toolset date dynamic tag
* Tweak: Added external link support to Gallery widget
* Tweak: Changed the link external attributes implementation to use `add_link_attributes()` in Gallery widget
* Tweak: Updated references to the new Schemes system location
* Tweak: Avoid running Gallery handler when the gallery is empty
* Tweak: UI Tweaks in Editor Panel
* Tweak: Added responsive capabilities to Pointer Width control in Nav Menu widget
* Tweak: Added mobile support for responsive controls in Nav Menu widget
* Tweak: Refactor `register_controls()` method in Posts widget skin trait
* Fix: ACF URL "undefined Index" notice ([#7646](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7646))
* Fix: WooCommerce Mini-Cart widget causes fatal error in edge cases ([#9304](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9304))
* Fix: `PHP Notice: Undefined index` display for Author query ([#9864](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9864))
* Fix: Added compatibility for Button widget placed inside Swiper carousel ([Topic](https://wordpress.org/support/topic/broken-buttons-since-elementor-2-8/))
* Fix: Avoid empty spaces in Post info widget
* Tweak: Always show "Custom label" control in Login widget
* Fix: Nav Menu item typography selector in Nav Menu widget
* Fix: Facebook Like Button widget causes flickering
* Fix: WooCommerce mini-cart behaviour when using `plain` permalinks format
* Fix: Avoid running Popup triggers when set without conditions
* Fix: Removed "Date" query from Products widget
* Fix: Slides widget when used as a Shortcode and is hidden
* Fix: Custom URL being accessed on swipe in Media Carousel
* Fix: Media Carousel widget Cube effect glitch
* Fix: Lightbox shows images from multiple Gallery widgets in the same page
* Fix: Image `alt` Text not displayed on overlay in Gallery widget
* Fix: Gallery widget not visible in Posts widget Full Content skin
* Fix: WooCommerce mini-cart remove unnecessary hooks registration when WooCommerce integration set to `Disable`
* Fix: Slides widget button wrapping breaks in mobile view
* Fix: Dynamic capabilities with the Reviews widget
* Fix: Disabling autoplay doesn't work in Slides widget
* Fix: Posts widget Full Content skin not working on Single template
* Fix: Autocomplete not working for "By Author" condition in Display Conditions screen
* Fix: Posts widget alignment issue
* Fix: Product Variations Clear button not working in edge cases
* Fix: Styling issues in Form widget submit button

#### 2.7.3 - 2019-10-28
* Tweak: Added RTL support to Galleries widget ([#9213](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9213))
* Tweak: Added Custom Icons compatibility for WordPress 5.3
* Fix: Missing template function declaration causes fatal error in WC mini-cart widget
* Fix: Pause on hover doesn't work in Carousel widgets
* Fix: Link-actions conflict with `?action=` parameter in the URL
* Fix: Lightbox navigation not working in Gallery widget Single mode
* Fix: Ken burns effect not working on the 1st slide if Infinite Loop option is turned off in Carousel widgets
* Fix: Popup Advanced Rules detects internal links as external if current URL starts with `www`

#### 2.7.2 - 2019-10-06
* Fix: Slide Overlay not working when applying Ken burns effect in Slides widget ([#9209](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9209))
* Fix: Content width glitch in Slides widget ([#9180](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9180))
* Fix: Horizontal Alignment not working when applying custom style per slide in Slides widget ([#9180](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9180))
* Fix: Missing semicolon in Custom Fonts `font-display` CSS

#### 2.7.1 - 2019-09-26
* Fix: Background Overlay layer is over the slide content in Slides widget ([#9180](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9180))
* Fix: Duplicate images under "All" filter in Multiple Gallery

#### 2.7.0 - 2019-09-24
* New: Enhanced Galleries widget ([#1898](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1898), [#3103](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3103), [#4279](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4279), [#7631](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7631))
* New: Dynamic Number ([#5952](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5952))
* New: Full content skin for Posts and Archive-posts widgets ([#4617](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4617))
* Tweak: Added dynamic number capability to Price List, Price Table, Counter, Star Rating, Progress Bar widgets
* Tweak: Added tags support to forms Mailchimp action ([#5418](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5418))
* Tweak: User Profile Picture Dynamic Tag ([#7947](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7947), [#8740](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8740))
* Tweak: Added `font-display` support to custom fonts ([#5993](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5993), [Developers Blog Post](https://developers.elementor.com/elementor-pro-2-7-custom-fonts-font-display-support/))
* Tweak: Added Text Shadow control to Slides widget ([#8800](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8800))
* Tweak: Added Re-subscribe support to MailerLite ([#8799](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8799))
* Tweak: Added Dynamic capabilities to Facebook Embed widget ([#9030](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9030))
* Tweak: Use `swiper.js` instead of `slick.js` in Slides widget ([Developers Blog Post](https://developers.elementor.com/elementor-2-7-moving-sliders-from-slick-to-swiper/))
* Tweak: Added `elementor_pro/search_form/before_input` action hook to Search Form widget ([#5598](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5598))
* Tweak: Added `elementor_pro/search_form/after_input` action hook to Search Form widget ([#5598](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5598))
* Tweak: Added dynamic support for Custom field key ([#7789](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7789))
* Tweak: Increased expired license notice bar frequency
* Tweak: Changed the icon name of Slides widget
* Tweak: Added designated Finder's Icons for Custom icons & Custom fonts
* Tweak: Use Ken Burns Effect as an external module
* Tweak: Remove Fontello conflicting CSS on import to Custom Icons sets
* Tweak: Editor Panel UI tweaks
* Tweak: Added DOM events on Popup show/hide ([Developers Blog Post](https://developers.elementor.com/elementor-pro-2-7-popup-events/))
* Tweak: Added option to change the variations field width in Add to Cart widget
* Tweak: Use select control instead of select2 in Menu Cart widget
* Tweak: Added conditions to the tabs instead of to each control in Share Buttons widget
* Tweak: Added Typography controls to HTML field in Forms widget
* Tweak: Allow edit selected Font file in Custom Font
* Tweak: Changed reCAPTCHA v3 error message
* Tweak: Remove the "Save as Global" option on Global widget context menu
* Fix: Corrected selector for `removeControlSpinner()` ([#8790](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8790))
* Fix: Slides widget navigation icons misplacement ([#8533](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8533))
* Fix: Horizontal Scrollbar when Slider widget is set to Full Width ([#8527](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8527))
* Fix: Inconsistent behavior when "Infinite Loop" enabled with "Autoplay" in Slides widget ([#6726](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6726))
* Fix: Ken Burns effect on Chrome transition glitches ([#1671](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1671))
* Fix: Nothing found message shows up inside the columns set in Posts Archive widget ([#7347](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7347))
* Fix: Responsive UI glitch in Popup Conditions modal tabs
* Fix: Removed unnecessary divider in Call to Action widget
* Fix: Custom Add To Cart * button style (size, position and background color) when `quantity` is enabled.
* Fix: Add support for Document/PageBase in Theme Builder (Core >=2.7.0)
* Fix: Ampersand character breaks email link in Share Buttons widget
* Fix: Correct custom font attachment `mime-type` to show uploaded Custom Fonts
* Fix: Mini-Cart not refreshing in Menu Cart widget
* Fix: Cart drawer not working when WC Subscriptions plugin is activated
* Fix: Querying CPT with custom taxonomies does not show the taxonomies before saving
* Fix: Double rendering on change caused console error in Theme Builder's conditions screen
* Fix: Translations and Strings in Share Buttons widget
* Fix: Avoid using offset if the source is Manual selection in Query Control
* Fix: Form being submitted although reCAPTCHA v3 validation failed in Forms widget

#### 2.6.5 - 2019-08-26
* Tweak: Added compatibility for the upcoming release of Elementor v2.7
* Fix: Button style not working when `quantity` is enabled in Custom Add To Cart widget
* Fix: Updated minified JS file fixed WhatsApp base URL in Share Buttons widget

#### 2.6.4 - 2019-08-21
* Tweak: Added compatibility for the upcoming release of Elementor v2.7
* Fix: Changed WhatsApp base URL in Share Buttons widget for cross-device compatibility
* Fix: Random slides order after several clicks on pagination in Testimonial Carousel widget

#### 2.6.3 - 2019-08-18
* Fix: Core version rollback to `>2.6.0` causes a fatal error
* Fix: Duplicate images when slideshow skin is selected in Media Carousel lightbox
* Fix: Default bottom margin added to reCAPTCHA V3 badge
* Fix: Input glitch in reCAPTCHA V3 threshold settings

#### 2.6.2 - 2019-07-30
* Tweak: Better accessibility support in Search Form widget
* Fix: UI glitched in Popup publish screen ([#8616](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8616))
* Fix: "Child of Term" and "Any child of term" conditions ([#8695](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8695))
* Fix: Restored `library_widget_templates` action hook for 3rd party compatibility ([#8687](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8687))
* Fix: Twitter Icon missing in Blockquote widget
* Fix: Form reCAPTCHA v3 badge position not working
* Fix: Renewal notice bar appears in wrong situations
* Fix: Draft Icon Set loads empty Icon Library

#### 2.6.1 - 2019-07-24
* Fix: Query Control autocomplete not retrieving results ([#8672](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8672), [#8661](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8661))
* Fix: Price Table features section not working ([#8660](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8660))

#### 2.6.0 - 2019-07-23
* New: Introducing Custom Icon sets - including Fontello, IcoMoon and Fontastic support ([#110](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/110))
* New: Added Font Awesome 5 Pro integration including 5,300+ icons ([#4430](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4430))
* New: Added reCAPTCHA v3 integration to Form widget ([#8213](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8213), [#6039](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6039), [#7165](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7165))
* Tweak: Added Exit Animation for Popups ([#7063](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7063))
* Tweak: Added ACF Dynamic tag support for archive pages ([#5147](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5147))
* Tweak: Added Navigator Indicators for Custom CSS & Motion Effects ([#2180](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2180))
* Tweak: Added Dynamic capabilities for Form Redirect action ([#7552](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7552))
* Tweak: Added Logged In Message styling options for Login widget ([#7928](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7928))
* Tweak: Added `none` breakpoint option to Nav Menu widget ([#7916](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7916))
* Tweak: Added option to place Post Terms dynamic tag without links ([#8366](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8366))
* Tweak: Added `elementor/query/query_results` hook to Query Control to allow full control over results ([#7912](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7912))
* Tweak: Allow choosing Heading HTML tag in Price Table widget ([#8090](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8090))
* Tweak: Show popup on dynamic click even when `Avoid Multiple Popups` option is selected ([#8189](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8189))
* Tweak: Added condition option to all of archive child pages ([#8256](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8256))
* Tweak: Added `Effects Relative To` control to Scrolling Effects
* Tweak: Allow shortcodes in HTML Form field
* Tweak: Removed donReach integration from Share Buttons widget due to service inconsistent stability
* Tweak: Changed MailChimp `List` label to `Audience`
* Tweak: Improved Entrance and Exit animation behavior in Popup
* Tweak: Added `Deprecated Notice` control to `Archive Products` and `Woo Products` widgets
* Tweak: Added default dynamic title for archives in Theme Builder
* Tweak: Added condition to show `Centered Slides` control in Media Carousel widget
* Tweak: Added notice bar in the Editor when the license is expired or not activated
* Tweak: Replaced `select` control with `choose` control in Price List widget
* Tweak: Removed Font Awesome 4 dependencies from the Editor
* Tweak: Minor styling tweaks in the Popup publish modal
* Tweak: Hide ordering form in Products widget on front page
* Tweak: Removed page title markup when 'Hide Title' is active
* Tweak: Added style controls for HTML field in Form widget
* Fix: Form widget Date picker makes the Popup builder disappear ([#7240](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7240))
* Fix: Sticky element stop point stops working on viewport resize ([#7884](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7884))
* Fix: Copy-Paste style not pasting the Pointer option in Nav Menu widget ([#8497](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8497))
* Fix: Missing Print icon in Share Buttons ([#8506](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8506))
* Fix: UI style glitch in Blockquote widget when viewing from iPad
* Deprecated: `DB::save_editor()` - Remove usage of this method ([Deprecation Post](https://developers.elementor.com/v2-6-0-planned-deprecations/))
* Deprecated: `DB::get_plain_editor()` - Remove usage of this method ([Deprecation Post](https://developers.elementor.com/v2-6-0-planned-deprecations/))

#### 2.5.14 - 2019-07-14
* Fix: Better WC Related Product grid support to various themes ([#8555](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8555))

#### 2.5.13 - 2019-07-11
* Fix: Better WC grid support to various themes

#### 2.5.12 - 2019-07-10
* Fix: Grid for WooCommerce Archive Product widget
* Fix: Remove redundant `whitespace` CSS property causes style glitch in iPad
* Tweak: Added more compatibility for Elementor v2.6

#### 2.5.11 - 2019-07-02
* Fix: Close icon missing from Nav Menu widget ([#8460](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8460))
* Fix: Elementor Pro v2.5.10 shows PHP notice regarding notice bar ([#8461](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8461))
* Fix: Fatal error when deleting used Pods fields ([#8396](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8396))
* Fix: Missing dropdown icon in conditions screen

#### 2.5.10 - 2019-05-28
* Tweak: Added compatibility for the upcoming release of Elementor v2.6
* Tweak: Error caused by empty Rows & Columns values in Products widget ([#8261](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8261))
* Fix: Do not unset `product` CPT if it's not from WooCommerce ([#8160](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8160))
* Fix: Column Spacing not working in WooCommerce Archive Products widget ([#8285](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8285))
* Fix: Title styling not working in Products Categories widget
* Fix: Empty value in Dynamic Pods Gallery dropdown using Safari browser
* Fix: WooCommerce archives included in "All Archives" condition

#### 2.5.9 - 2019-05-28
* Tweak: Removed `auto-confirm` control from MailPoet to support new version of MailPoet
* Fix: Multiple Custom Fonts not rendered in the editor
* Fix: Products `sale` query - handle exclude by manual selection.
* Fix: Product Categories grid row & column style
* Fix: Form integration AJAX cache override
* Fix: Removed redundant CSS on Canvas & Header-Footer page templates

#### 2.5.8 - 2019-05-06
* Fix: Popup entrance animation not working in frontend
* Fix: Popup Exit Intent trigger activated multiple times

#### 2.5.7 - 2019-05-05
* Fix: Embedded video keeps playing after a Popup is closed ([#7875](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7875))
* Fix: Maximum call stack size exceeded error in Safari ([#7824](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7824))
* Fix: Entrance animations not appearing on Popup reopen ([#7395](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7395))
* Fix: WC variations select style glitch in several themes ([#8008](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/8008))
* Fix: Theme Builder taxonomy conditions not retrieving proper results in edge cases

#### 2.5.6 - 2019-04-29
* Tweak: Removed `Shortcode` dynamic from Image, Gallery and Media control
* Fix: Popup not inheriting entrance animation in responsive mode ([#7809](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7809))
* Fix: Terms autocomplete retrieves wrong results in Query Control
* Fix: Query Control Related by author glitches in edge cases
* Fix: Query Control using terms for Products widget
* Fix: Posts cards style glitch in small screens
* Fix: Display conditions delete icon missing in small screens
* Fix: Avoid rendering Menu Cart widget in WordPress native editor

#### 2.5.5 - 2019-04-08
* Tweak: Allow text selection inside a Popup
* Fix: Added backwards compatibility for `tax_query` in Query Control ([#7751](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7751))
* Fix: Missing arguments for `widget_title` filter ([#7745](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7745))

#### 2.5.4 - 2019-04-03
* Fix: Move Query from using `term_id` to `term_taxonomy_id` ([#7653](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7653))
* Fix: Offset manipulation hook removal in Query control
* Fix: Missing form field `ID` in some edge cases ([#7711](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7711), [#7660](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7660))

#### 2.5.3 - 2019-03-31
* Tweak: Updated Google Calendar dynamic tag URL ([#7673](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7673))
* Fix: Missing form field names ([#7651](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7651))
* Fix: PHP 5.4 backward compatibility in Query Control ([#7633](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7633))
* Fix: `products_deprecated` Query Control module compatibility ([#7654](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7654))
* Fix: Changed query method from `term_id` to `term_taxonomy_id` ([#7653](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7653))

#### 2.5.2 - 2019-03-27
* Fix: Overwrite parent widget type in Global Widget ([#7632](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7632))
* Fix: Avoid Duplicates option not working in Query Control ([#7635](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7635))
* Fix: Manual Selection option not working in Query Control ([#7634](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7634))
* Fix: Incorrect condition caused handlers issues inside popup

#### 2.5.1 - 2019-03-26
* Fix: Query Control invalid call to deprecated action ([#7619](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7619))
* Tweak: Renamed action hook from `elementor_pro/{$widget_name}/query/{$query_id}` to `elementor/query/{$query_id}`
* Tweak: Renamed filter hook from `elementor_pro/query_control/get_query_args/current_query` to `elementor/query/get_query_args/current_query`

#### 2.5.0 - 2019-03-26
* New: Introducing Motion Effects including Scrolling & Mouse effects ([#72](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/72))
* New: Introducing Related Posts for Query Control ([#7306](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7306), [#7490](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7490))
* New: Introducing Date query for Query Control
* New: Introducing Sticky Posts support for Query Control ([#2501](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2501))
* Tweak: Added option to open a Popup by a custom selector ([#6871](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6871), [#6876](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6876), [#7258](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7258))
* Tweak: Option to count when Popup is closed in "Show up to X times" Advanced Rule
* Tweak: Added full border radius control options inside Popup
* Tweak: Changed exit intent icon in Popups
* Tweak: Show only one popup in its own preview
* Tweak: Added responsive support to Popup entrance animation control
* Tweak: Conditions - Singular `All Pages` string changed to `Pages`
* Tweak: Added form field shortcode support for Drip tags ([#7000](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7000))
* Tweak: Added dynamic capabilities to Price List widget ([#7258](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7258))
* Tweak: Added Dynamic capabilities to Custom Attributes ([#6779](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6779))
* Tweak: Added dynamic capabilities to Flip Box widget ([#6986](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6986))
* Tweak: Decrease `z-index` for Nav Menu ([#6869](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6869))
* Tweak: Changed "Scrolling Effects" section label to "Motion Effects"
* Tweak: Use filter `get_meta_viewport` for header templates ([#7043](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7043))
* Tweak: use filterable `Util::get_public_post_types()` in Theme Builder ([#7172](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7172))
* Tweak: Added Cloudflare rocket-loader support ([#7443](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7443))
* Tweak: Added responsive support to WC Products Columns & Rows Gap controls ([#6913](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6913))
* Tweak: WC Menu cart "View Cart" & "Checkout" buttons styling
* Fix: Custom ID reset to default when dragging repeater
* Fix: Conflict between archive-products widget and WC customizer
* Fix: Add to Cart widget `spacing` and `space-between`
* Fix: Library view when creating a new Header or Footer
* Fix: Post types labels missing on Add New Template modal

#### 2.4.8 - 2019-03-11
* Fix: Missing query section in Products widget
* Fix: Missing Taxonomy controls in Products widget in edge cases

#### 2.4.7 - 2019-03-06
* Fix: Compatibility Global Widget with Elementor v2.5.0+

#### 2.4.6 - 2019-03-04
* Fix: Pods gallery dynamic when empty ([#7127](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7127))
* Fix: Duplicate call for conditions screen issue
* Fix: Compatibility with Elementor v2.5.0

#### 2.4.5 - 2019-02-18
* Fix: Image size issue in Testimonial Carousel ([#7058](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7058))
* Fix: MailChimp groups not saved in a form integration ([#7083](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7083))
* Fix: Show popup preview only on it's own preview
* Fix: Elementor dashboard templates URL corrupted links in edge cases

#### 2.4.4 - 2019-02-11
* Tweak: Added ACF Date Time Picker field support ([#6690](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6690))
* Tweak: Changed the term of `All Posts` condition to `Posts`
* Fix: Added `` to avoid 500 error when `mod-headers` is missing ([#7034](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/7034))
* Fix: Include post CSS deletion in Global Widget update ([#6856](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6856))
* Fix: `Textarea` default value in Forms Widget ([#6934](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6934))
* Fix: MailPoet latest version caused fatal error ([#6996](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6996))
* Fix: Fatal Error caused by calling MailPoet deleted method
* Notice: MailPoet `Auto Confirm` option will now default to "On"

#### 2.4.3 - 2019-01-30
* Fix: Custom Add to Cart widget responsive alignment settings
* Fix: Links in Post Info widget
* Fix: WooCommerce `View Cart` string translate
* Fix: Wrapper classes for header/footer templates ([#6884](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6884))

#### 2.4.2 - 2019-01-25
* Tweak: Added pixel units to Close Button position control in Popups
* Fix: Exclude error in WC Products widget

#### 2.4.1 - 2019-01-24
* Tweak: Added CSS classes control to Popup ([#6826](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6826))
* Tweak: Added responsive image size to Testimonial Carousel widget
* Fix: PHP warning when Toolset Date dynamic is empty ([#6842](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6842))
* Fix: Support of exclude-ids in WC Products widget
* Fix: Popup close button not clickable
* Fix: Alignment justify issue of Add to Cart widget ([#6749](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6749))
* Fix: Bad anchors breaks the page JS
* Fix: Popup overlay shown when turned off

#### 2.4.0 - 2019-01-21
* New: Introducing Popup Builder ([#628](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/628))
* New: Added `Popup` Dynamic Tag
* New: Added `Popup` forms action after submit
* New: Added User Info dynamic tag ([#6322](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6322))
* Tweak: Added dynamic capabilities for "Nothing Found" message
* Tweak: Added `elementor_pro/theme_builder/archive/escape_nothing_found_message` Filter to avoid HTML escaping in "Nothing Found" message ([#6053](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6053))
* Tweak: Added `add_doc_to_location` method to Allow insertion of a document to a location
* Fix: `z-index` issue with CTA widget ([#6486](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6486))
* Fix: Hide the Post Content widget and show it only in a Single document
* Fix: `selector` replacement in Custom CSS
* Fix: Apply `the_content` on the real content only
* Fix: CSS for WC products selector ([#6559](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6559))
* Fix: Odnoklassniki share URL ([#6638](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6638))
* Fix: Custom link new tab in Post Info widget ([#5766](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5766))
* Fix: `nofollow` link in Flip Box & CTA widgets
* Fix: Post Terms in Post Info widget
* Fix: Added screen reader to some icons & buttons for better accessibility ([#5386](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5386))
* Fix: Accessibility labels in Reviews widget ([#6630](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6630))
* Fix: Link to cart page not working when WooCommerce Subscriptions is active
* Fix: MailChimp Selected list not showing on reloading in Form widget
* Fix: Sub-menu arrow position in Nav Menu widget
* Fix: Conflict with WP Security Audit Log plugin ([#6648](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6648))

#### 2.3.1 - 2018-12-19
* Fix: Template widget search functionality ([#6473](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6473))
* Fix: Apply `the_content` filter to post content in theme builder

#### 2.3.0 - 2018-12-17
* New: Introducing Discord Integration for Forms ([#4218](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4218))
* New: Introducing Slack Integration for Forms
* New: Introducing MailerLite Integration for Forms ([#4462](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4462))
* New: Activate Elementor Pro plugin by connecting to Elementor account
* Tweak: Added `elementor_pro/utils/get_public_post_types` filter hook ([#5900](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5900))
* Tweak: Added `loop_start` & `the_content` hooks for Post Content ([#6173](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6173))
* Tweak: Removed Custom Attributes from Page Settings
* Tweak: Always add the Custom CSS control to the Advanced tab
* Fix: In sub Term condition false positive in edge cases
* Fix: ToolSet Dynamic Image fallback
* Fix: Style glitch with the dropdown color in Nav Menu widget
* Fix: Style glitch in the Conditions screen in Safari browser
* Fix: Ribbon in the CTA widget obscures drop down menu ([#6080](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6080))
* Fix: The color of label won't change color in Widget login

#### 2.2.5 - 2018-12-11
* New: Add Style Tab & Custom CSS for Header & Footer Templates.
* Tweak: Added a better identifier for subpages ([#6362](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6362))
* Tweak: Removed Custom Attributes from page settings
* Fix: Yahoo event URL date issue ([#6354](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6354))
* Fix: Allow timezone settings in Google event URL ([#6354](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6354))
* Fix: Avoid `z-index` changes by `nanocss` in build process
* Fix: Added missing WC upsells products CSS
* Fix: Nav Menu dropdown losing color on hover
* Fix: WC Product Add-ons CSS compatibility

#### 2.2.4 - 2018-12-04
* Fix: Global widget not saving changes ([#6340](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6340))
* Fix: Dynamic tags support in Blockquote widget ([#6334](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6334))
* Fix: Forms Redirect URL action when using form field values with spaces

#### 2.2.3 - 2018-11-29
* Fix: Missing "Edit Template" in Template widget ([#6271](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6271))
* Fix: Follow menu anchors with UTF8 characters in Nav Menu
* Fix: Show only supported templates in Template widget
* Fix: Revert conflicting fix for a default order for WC archive

#### 2.2.2 - 2018-11-28
* Fix: Lightbox dynamic tag crashes the editor

#### 2.2.1 - 2018-11-28
* New: Added `ACF File` Dynamic tag to support text controls.
* Tweak: Added option to hide item count bubble when cart is empty in Menu Cart widget ([#6223](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6223))
* Tweak: Added Actions group for Lightbox and Contact URL tags
* Tweak: Added filter `elementor_pro/dynamic_tags/shortcode/should_escape` to avoid escaping in Shortcode dynamic tag
* Tweak: MailPoet3 integration allow Subscriber to to subscribe to multiple lists
* Tweak: Added front-end max file size validation for upload fields
* Tweak: Added `by-author` per Post-Type condition for theme builder
* Fix: Template widget panel not showing the selected template ([#6271](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6271))
* Fix: Conflict between ACF with Safari browser on Select option in Dynamic tag
* Fix: Add post classes only for the Single template
* Fix: Set document type as not editable for unsupported document like Global widget
* Fix: Avoid duplicate query for current WC product query
* Fix: Product Archive showing oldest products instead of latest
* Fix: CSS reset in Posts widget using cards skin

#### 2.2.0 - 2018-11-19
* New: Introducing Custom Attributes ([#290](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/290), [#3990](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3990))
* New: Added evergreen option for Countdown widget ([#4459](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4459))
* New: Added expire actions option for Countdown widget ([#5242](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5242))
* New: Introducing Reviews widget ([#3854](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3854))
* New: Introducing Sitemap widget ([#5594](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5594))
* New: Added Request Parameter dynamic tag ([#4934](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4934))
* New: Added Shortcode dynamic tag
* New: Added Image and Video Lightbox dynamic tag
* New: Added Contact URL dynamic tag
* New: Added Featured Image Data dynamic tag
* New: Added default value to each field in the Form widget ([#4268](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4268))
* New: Added "Any Child Of" condition to template conditions ([#5321](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5321))
* New: Added "In Child" condition to template conditions ([#5587](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5587))
* Tweak: Added Form Redirect URL with form values ([#2564](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2564))
* Tweak: Added default post classes to template wrapper ([#5959](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5959))
* Tweak: Better labels for terms in Query control ([#6092](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6092))
* Tweak: Renamed "Child Of" templates condition to "Direct Child Of"
* Tweak: Added `elementor/theme/get_location_templates/condition_sub_id` filter hook to allow template condition translations
* Tweak: Load the Template Library widget via Ajax for better performance
* Tweak: Added 404 page title for Page Title dynamic tag
* Fix: Menu Cart Toggle has # URL link ([#6141](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6141))
* Fix: Alignment issue in Nav Menu widget ([#5790](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5790))
* Fix: Avoid potential security risk in forms
* Fix: Template By Author condition conflicts with 404 page
* Fix: Restored WC Product Content widget in Single Product template
* Fix: Theme Builder Preview URLs for date archives and 404 pages
* Fix: Highlight active menu anchor items only when scrolled into view
* Fix: Carousel Pagination Progress style to support new Swiper version

#### 2.1.13 - 2018-11-12
* Tweak: Added compatibility for new brand Finder in v2.3.0
* Fix: Settings conflict when there are multiple carousels in the page

#### 2.1.12 - 2018-11-05
* Tweak: Added compatibility for the upcoming release of Elementor v2.3
* Tweak: Better performance for Template Library widget
* Fix: Fatal error if a taxonomy used in a dynamic field is removed ([#6029](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6029))
* Fix: Date Time dynamic tag now respect site language ([#6001](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6001))
* Fix: Custom CSS printed twice in the front-end
* Fix: ACF Image field PHP warning ([#6051](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/6051))

#### 2.1.11 - 2018-10-22
* New: Added ACF local fields compatibility
* Tweak: Re-brand TypeKit by Adobe Fonts integration
* Fix: Exclude `is_embed` from Singular condition ([#5915](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5915))
* Fix: Avoid conflict with Ad Blockers and Share Buttons
* Fix: Current date time dynamic tag now shows local time
* Fix: Avoid conflict with 3rd party plugins that filter the permalink
* Fix: Avoid PHP warning when no groups are selected for MailChimp integration
* Fix: Avoid PHP warning if checkbox field is empty for ACF
* Fix: Respect password protected for a WC single product template
* Fix: Respect `order` settings for WC archive also without pagination

#### 2.1.10 - 2018-10-09
* Tweak: Added responsive alignment control for Share Buttons widget ([#5821](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5821))
* Tweak: Added link control to Animated Headline widget
* Fix: Mobile nav menu jump on RTL ([#5711](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5711))
* Fix: Responsive alignment control in Add to Cart widget ([#5830](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5830))
* Fix: Added IE compatibility for Animated Headline widget
* Fix: Post Content widget is now shown only on `Single` templates
* Fix: Query Control Pagination with offset

#### 2.1.9 - 2018-09-17
* Tweak: Added Centered Slides option for Slideshow carousel
* Fix: Allow only public CPT for Manual Selection in Query Control ([#5091](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5091))
* Fix: ACF Gallery option support ([#5344](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5344))
* Fix: Page scrolling on resize when sticky is active ([#5740](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5740))
* Fix: Edit custom name for Global Widget in the Navigator ([#5689](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5689))
* Fix: Coverflow transition effect in Carousel
* Fix: Weird mobile behavior with Cube effect in Carousel
* Fix: Show the first thumbnail in the Slideshow carousel correctly

#### 2.1.8 - 2018-09-12
* Tweak: Added styling options for WC Additional Information widget
* Tweak: Added styling options for 'View Cart' link in Products widget
* Fix: 3rd party plugin support for WC single product template ([#5338](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5338))
* Fix: Layout of Related Product widget with WC native style

#### 2.1.7 - 2018-09-03
* New: WC Archive Description widget
* Tweak: Added blend mode to Slides widget background overlay ([#5555](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5555))
* Tweak: Added 'Current Subcategories' option to Product Categories widget
* Fix: Added default vertical alignment in Author Box widget ([#5589](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5589))
* Tweak: Added more blend mode options for CTA widget
* Tweak: Improved plugin updater method based on WordPress version
* Fix: Improved IE compatibility for Posts and Portfolio widgets
* Fix: Added default gap for products pagination
* Fix: Post thumbnail flickering in Safari browser
* Fix: Close mobile nav menu on click only in full-width mode
* Fix: Added trailing slash to pagination links in Posts widget

#### 2.1.6 - 2018-08-28
* New: WC Product Category Image widget and Dynamic tag ([#5117](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5117))
* Tweak: Allow HTML in Excerpt widget ([#5491](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5491))
* Tweak: Added compatibility for the upcoming release of Elementor v2.2
* Tweak: Deprecated Follow option in the Facebook Button widget
* Fix: Posts widget grid in Safari & IE11 (Depended on Elementor v2.2)
* Fix: Posts widget CSS when using cards skin in masonry mode
* Fix: ACF Image & ACF URL option support ([#5344](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5344))
* Fix: WC product gallery links in RTL
* Fix: Dynamic tags in Call To Action widget

#### 2.1.5 - 2018-08-21
* Tweak: Added compatibility for the upcoming release of Elementor v2.2
* Fix: Posts Widget layout theme compatibility
* Fix: Added compatibility for WooCommerce native style

#### 2.1.4 - 2018-08-19
* Fix: Layout issue compatibility with themes caused by v2.1 ([#5442](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5442))
* Fix: Dynamic setting in Pricing Table widget ([#5460](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5460))
* Fix: Hide Target URL control if is not necessary in Blockquote widget
* Fix: Selector specificity for WooCommerce Products widget
* Fix: WooCommerce conflicts in the editor in edge cases

#### 2.1.3 - 2018-08-15
* Fix: Thumbnails in the Posts widget jumping ([#5350](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5350))
* Fix: Responsive grid in the Share Buttons widget ([#5375](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5375))
* Fix: Added missing `setup_postdata` for Product Data Tabs widget
* Fix: Rollback to older version of Flip Box widget to resolve 3D depth issue ([#5399](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5399))
* Fix: Allowed types in the Upload File field are now case-insensitive ([#5254](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5254))
* Fix: Carousel behavior when using a single slide

#### 2.1.2 - 2018-08-12
* Fix: Error when ACF Pro is not installed ([#5367](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5367))
* Fix: Edge cases in Inspector where document is a boolean
* Fix: Edge cases for incorrect file fields in PODS

#### 2.1.1 - 2018-08-09
* Fix: Highlighted text in Animated Headline widget ([#5345](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5345))
* Fix: Flip Box effect issues
* Fix: ACF Options page fields support ([#5329](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5329))
* Fix: Import Pro templates in edge cases

#### 2.1.0 - 2018-08-07
* New: Introducing WooCommerce Builder ([#1690](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1690))
* New: Introducing 12 new dynamic tags & widgets for WooCommerce: Gallery, Image, Price, Rating, Description, Breadcrumbs, Data Tabs, Stock, Related, Upsell, Title & Archive
* New: Introducing Cart Menu widget ([#4220](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4220), [#4600](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4600))
* New: Added integration with Toolset ([#2949](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2949))
* New: Added integration with Pods ([#4129](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4129))
* New: Added stick to bottom in scrolling effects ([#4799](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4799))
* New: Added Scrolling Effect to Widgets under advanced tab
* New: Introducing Internal URL Dynamic Tag
* Tweak: Added a Last Updated Date in the Post Info widget ([#4597](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4597))
* Tweak: Added Redirect after Logout option for Login widget ([#4447](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4447))
* Tweak: Avoid repeating posts when using more than one in the Posts widget ([#1878](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1878))
* Tweak: Add Custom Query hook for Query control ([More Info](https://developers.elementor.com/custom-query-filter/)) ([#1748](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1748))
* Tweak: Added form-message style ([#1180](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1180))
* Tweak: Added dynamic tag for button on the Price Table widget ([#4242](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4242))
* Tweak: Added dynamic tag for Call to action widget ([#4767](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4767))
* Tweak: Added Dynamic Tags support for Google Map field ([#4602](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4602))
* Tweak: Added an support for `label|value` in options field ([#4594](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4594))
* Tweak: Added `by-author` condition for theme builder ([#4681](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4681))
* Tweak: Added Activate/Deactivate license key via WP-CLI command ([#4149](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4149))
* Tweak: Added `is_scroll` trigger to scrolling effect ([#4340](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4340))
* Tweak: Added In Same Term support for Post Navigation widget ([#4177](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4177))
* Tweak: Added responsive control for Slides To Scroll control in all carousel widgets ([#3697](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3697))
* Tweak: Added style options for Posts widget ([#1335](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1335))
* Tweak: Added button CSS ID for Forms widget
* Tweak: Added pixel units to Post-Info divider height control
* Tweak: Rewrite sticky library to handle with stretch section, auto scroller & more bugs
* Tweak: Re-organize the panel categories per document type
* Tweak: Added ACF support for `options-page` fields
* Tweak: Added dynamic tag for Animated headlines
* Tweak: Added dynamic tag for BlockQuote widget
* Fix: Elementor Full Width template in GeneratePress theme ([#4817](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4817))
* Fix: Checkbox fields can accidentally be set to required ([#4324](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4324))
* Fix: Initial slide in Carousel widget
* Fix: Stay on current slide while editing in Carousel widget
* Fix: Default slides per device in Carousel widget
* Deprecated: Woo Products, Woo Elements & Single elements widgets

#### 2.0.18 - 2018-07-27
* Fix: Global widget error on saving page

#### 2.0.17 - 2018-07-26
* Fix: Sub menu indicator direction in Nav Menu widget
* Fix: Change the title and icon for Global Widget when is moving
* Fix: CSS wrapper selector for Page Document

#### 2.0.16 - 2018-07-16
* Tweak: CSS Filter Control module is now included in Elementor
* Fix: Border gap in Portfolio widget when item gap set as `0` ([#5077](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/5077))
* Fix: Restore current query after get Global Widget data
* Fix: Add action item in History on unlink Global widget

#### 2.0.15 - 2018-07-10
* Fix: Dropdown menu items collapsing when activated ([#4996](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4996))
* Fix: GMT offset in Countdown widget ([#4997](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4997))

#### 2.0.14 - 2018-07-08
* Tweak: Added set method to form record for developers ([#4983](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4983))
* Fix: Autoplay option for Carousels
* Fix: Close mobile menu on item click in the Nav Menu widget

#### 2.0.13 - 2018-07-03
* Tweak: Added compatibility for Elementor v2.1

#### 2.0.12 - 2018-07-02
* Fix: Global widget PHP notices
* Fix: Slides widget active slide lost focus when clicking Editor tabs
* Fix: Form select field send all selected values on multiple selection
* Fix: Validate time field only if it's not empty
* Fix: ConvertKit API not saving name field

#### 2.0.11 - 2018-06-12
* Fix: Theme Builder `author` archive condition ([#4593](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4593))
* Fix: Respect password protected posts in Post Content widget
* Fix: Custom Fonts redirect to post edit screen in edge cases.

#### 2.0.10 - 2018-06-05
* Tweak: Added `elementor/theme/get_location_templates/template_id` filter hook for multi-language plugins
* Fix: Dynamic Post Terms missing taxonomies if the taxonomy is registered to more then one post types (#4386)
* Fix: Fields shortcode missing after removing a field in Form widget
* Deprecated: `get_theme_templates_by_location` is replaced by `get_location_templates`

#### 2.0.9 - 2018-05-28
* Fix: Compatibility for PHP version 5.4

#### 2.0.8 - 2018-05-28
* Tweak: Added Active state for Nav Menu dropdown
* Tweak: Added style for "Nothing Found" Message for Archive Posts widget
* Tweak: Removed caption control in Site Logo widget
* Tweak: Added option to position currency symbol before/after In Price Table widget
* Fix: Query control manual selection does not show more than 10 items ([#4479](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4479))
* Fix: Styling glitch with terms list in Post Info widget ([#4342](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4342))
* Fix: Sub terms missing in Query control in edge cases ([#4527](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4527))
* Fix: Avoid rendering a template if it's not published
* Fix: 404 Page style not working
* Fix: Price Table button with hover animation not working in editor
* Fix: Styling conflict in Call to Action widget
* Fix: Global Widget tab translation
* Fix: Adding parent wrapper class to Site Title widget

#### 2.0.7 - 2018-05-16
* Fix: Content not found on section when single is set to "All Singular"
* Fix: Open 404 template library for 404 page
* Tweak: Added CSS prefix for dev files
* Tweak: Removed product post type from display conditions

#### 2.0.6 - 2018-05-15
* Tweak: Set type on create new single template
* Tweak: Always show the conditions dialog in the Draft status
* Tweak: Added document type `widget`
* Tweak: Added Post Custom Field tag to URL category
* Fix: When ACF Field Groups are Empty ([#4428](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4428))
* Fix: Links inside carousel in edge cases
* Fix: Responsive issue in My Templates area
* Fix: Image alignment for post content with text alignment
* Fix: Post Content widget when preview post is missing
* Fix: Global Widget tab translation
* Fix: Style settings for Post / Archive Title widgets

#### 2.0.5 - 2018-05-08
* Fix: Creating a CPT with name like document-type breaks the editor ([#4203](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4203))
* Fix: Added support for new version of reCAPTCHA
* Fix: Added fallback for controls after `post_status`
* Fix: Required field in forms widget
* Fix: Media Carousel in the Coverflow skin
* Fix: 404 Page show wrong template in edge cases
* Fix: Save the default menu in the Nav Menu widget

#### 2.0.4 - 2018-05-02
* Tweak: Added parent's class for extended widgets
* Tweak: Set entire-site as default to avoid conflict with save without conditions
* Tweak: Initialize global model when it's needed
* Tweak: Removed some duplicate strings
* Tweak: Query control now includes empty terms
* Tweak: Design polish for conditions dialog
* Tweak: Decreasing `minimumInputLength` to 1 of select2
* Fix: Editor not loading for single templates in edge cases
* Fix: Select2 in Safari takes it's time to get the original select width ([#4310](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4310))
* Fix: Slides per view not working for some effects
* Fix: New slides not showing in the editor
* Fix: Editor for section without a defined location, defaults to content area

#### 2.0.3 - 2018-04-24
* Tweak: Optimize CSS for Post Info widget ([#4214](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4214), [#4216](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4216), [#4225](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4225))
* Fix: Double render on frontend view in core locations
* Fix: Masonry not working in edge cases
* Fix: Added default setting for Author Info tag

#### 2.0.2 - 2018-04-18
* Fix: Regenerate conditions to include all templates

#### 2.0.1 - 2018-04-17
* Tweak: Added div wrapper for Nothing Found massage ([#4136](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4136))
* Tweak: Show empty categories in Query Control & Display Conditions ([#4127](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4127))
* Tweak: Added Divider control for Post Info widget
* Fix: Update admin links in Yoast Breadcrumbs widget
* Fix: Sticky element conflict with clearfix CSS
* Fix: Compatibility for PHP version 5.4.32 & 5.5.16 and below
* Fix: Avoid running `wp_head` hooks twice

#### 2.0.0 - 2018-04-16
* New: Introducing Theme Builder - [Release Post](https://elementor.com/introducing-theme-builder/) ([#417](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/417))
* New: Introducing Locations API to inject custom location templates
* New: Introducing Display Conditions for all dynamic templates
* New: Introducing Dynamic Tag feature - a new way to add dynamic content to your design
* New: Introducing Role manager to allow "Content Only mode" ([#483](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/483), [#653](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/653), [#885](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/885))
* New: Introducing 9 new dynamic widgets: Archive Posts, Archive Title, Post Content, Post Info, Post Title, Post Excerpt, Featured Image, Site Logo & Site Name ([#543](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/543))
* New: Introducing Developers area with guides and API documentation - [Release Post](https://elementor.com/introducing-elementor-developer-api/) ([#451](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/451))
* New: Introducing [Elementor Hello Theme](https://github.com/elementor/elementor-hello-theme) - A demonstration theme for developers
* New: Added new type of templates: Header, Footer, Single and Archive ([#2761](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2761), [#2623](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2623), [#2109](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2109), [#2061](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2061), [#2439](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2439))
* New: Design 404 page with Single template ([#1558](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1558))
* New: Design Search Results with Archive template ([#3196](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3196), [#2590](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2590))
* New: Added Scrolling Effect for sections including *Sticky Element* per device ([#2412](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2412))
* New: Integration with Custom Fields ([#2054](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2054))
* New: Partial support for Toolset integration ([#2949](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2949))
* New: Partial support for Pods integration ([#2169](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2169))
* New: Partial support for ACF integration ([#2041](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2041), [#2059](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2059))
* Tweak: Add custom fields support for ActiveCampaign ([#3531](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3531))
* Tweak: Allow brackets in Forms Tel field
* Tweak: Added currency format control for Price Table widget
* Tweak: Reduced API request for some servers
* Fix: Dropdown `border-radius` in Nav Menu widget
* Fix: Price List widget layout breaks in edge cases
* Note: This version requires Elementor v2.0.6

#### 1.15.6 - 2018-03-28
* Fix: Removed duplicate Custom CSS section ([#3938](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3938))
* Fix: `box-shadow` issue with cards skin ([#3940](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3940))

#### 1.15.5 - 2018-03-27
* Fix: Added global widget compatibility for Elementor v2.0
* Fix: Reduced API request for some servers

#### 1.15.4 - 2018-03-26
* Tweak: Allow brackets in phone field
* Tweak: Added compatibility with Yoast 7.0.+
* Tweak: Added compatibility for the future release of Elementor v2.0
* Fix: Support for multiple carousel setting in editor
* Fix: `on_export` issue in forms widget ([#3890](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3890))

#### 1.15.3 - 2018-03-07
* Tweak: Added unique class to field group div ([#3595](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3595))
* Fix: Screen Options missing when Pro is active ([#3622](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3622))
* Fix: Allow label styling even when `show labels` is set hide ([#3544](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3544))
* Fix: Typography control not working in edge cases
* Fix: Safari compatibility for Search widget

#### 1.15.2 - 2018-02-27
* Fix: Only add support mine-type if needed ([#3543](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3543))
* Fix: Better support for Old Typekit kits

#### 1.15.1 - 2018-02-21
* Tweak: Custom font title placeholder is not `enter font family`
* Tweak: Custom font title set as required
* Fix: Custom font, `font-face` enqueued only once if used in global ([#3513](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3513))
* Fix: Added workaround for upload validation which relies on a PHP extension (fileinfo) with inconsistent reporting behavior.

#### 1.15.0 - 2018-02-19
* New: Added custom fonts manager for self hosted fonts ([#852](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/852))
* New: Integration with Adobe TypeKit fonts ([#631](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/631))
* Tweak: Clear menu from Nav Menu widget on template export
* Tweak: Allow zero for GetResponse integration as `day of cycle`

#### 1.14.2 - 2018-02-13
* Fix: Global widget content that got affected by previous update

#### 1.14.1 - 2018-02-13
* Tweak: Added `none` option to content animation in CTA widget
* Tweak: Added `form_id` to ActiveCampaign integration ([#3422](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/3422))
* Fix: Page crashed when Global widget not found.

#### 1.14.0 - 2018-02-12
* New: Added Call to Action widget
* Tweak: MailPoet pull field mapping from MailPoet instead of hardcoded
* Tweak: Added compatibility for the future release of Elementor v2.0
* Fix: Allow zero (0) to be accepted as a field value
* Fix: Login form when custom login URL is set
* Fix: Added Day of cycle control to GetResponse integration

#### 1.13.2 - 2018-01-23
* Tweak: Added placeholder to Password field
* Tweak: Removed `subscriber_already_exists_message` control to prevent potential data leakage
* Fix: MailPoet Subscriber Already Exists error validation against translated string directly from MailPoet
* Fix: Changed `imagesLoaded()` to Vanilla JS to avoid compatibility issues with some themes
* Fix: Only validate Tel field if not empty
* Fix: Stop slider while editing

#### 1.13.1 - 2018-01-16
* Fix: Added compatibility with old PHP versions

#### 1.13.0 - 2018-01-16
* New: Added File Upload field for Forms widget ([#1482](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1482), [#2974](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2974))
* New: Added Acceptance field for Forms widget ([#1693](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1693), [#2974](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2974))
* New: Added Date field for Forms widget ([#1868](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1868))
* New: Added Time field for Forms widget
* New: Added Password field for Forms widget ([#2164](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2164))
* New: Added HTML field for Forms widget ([#1500](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1500))
* Tweak: Added characters validation for Tel field
* Tweak: Added min & max validation for Number field
* Tweak: Added multiple selection for Select field
* Tweak: Added donReach integration for Share Buttons widget

#### 1.12.3 - 2018-01-09
* Fix: Render element plain content instead of parsed content when not needed in global widget
* Fix: Apply `url-encoding` to "Tweet" button text in Blockquote widget to prevent unexpected corruption of the tweet text
* Fix: Removed My Account link from dashboard widget

#### 1.12.2 - 2018-01-03
* Tweak: Added animation none for Nav Menu widget ([#2964](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2964))
* Fix: Active license button style

#### 1.12.1 - 2018-01-02
* Tweak: Removed theme-element widgets from plain content
* Tweak: Set all theme-element widgets to extend same widget Base
* Tweak: Removed credit URL in forms meta data
* Tweak: Added compatibility for the future release of Elementor v1.9
* Fix: Validate Get response Error as real error
* Fix: Removed responsive height control from Facebook Page widget

#### 1.12.0 - 2017-12-20
* New: Added Drip integration to Forms
* New: Added ActiveCampaign integration to Forms
* New: Added ConverKit integration to Forms
* New: Added GetResponse integration to Forms
* New: Added form `id`, `name` attributes to handle integration with auto collectors like HubSpot
* New: Added Global API key for MailChimp to improve the workflow
* Tweak: Better error handling and message display for Forms
* Fix: PHP notice Undefined variable `$cc_header` ([#2934](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2934))

#### 1.11.0 - 2017-12-11
* New: Added a native Comments widget ([#543](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/543))
* New: Added an Author Box widget
* New: Added a Post Navigation widget
* New: Added a Yoast Breadcrumbs widget ([#2749](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2749))
* Tweak: Added a close button to search widget under Full Screen skin ([#2762](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2762))
* Fix: Allow currency symbol to appear even if price isn't numeric
* Fix: Edge cases when the nav menu is empty in a stretched section
* Fix: Added fallback when you remove the `space-between` on Swiper carousel

#### 1.10.2 - 2017-12-03
* Fix: Missing save widget icon ([#2878](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2878))
* Fix: Global widgets not saving edits ([#2874](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2874))
* Fix: Removed `white-space: nowrap;` property from vertical menu in Nav Menu widget ([#2815](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2815))

#### 1.10.1 - 2017-11-30
* Tweak: Added default value for search form
* Tweak: Order template list A-Z in the library widget
* Tweak: get_users/authors query is now done using AJAX only, for better performance in Query Control ([#2865](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2865))
* Fix: When adding `.00` it is not displayed on the front
* Fix: Make sure space between is numeric for carousel control
* Fix: Added space for radio & checkbox fields in form widget

#### 1.10.0 - 2017-11-15
* New: Added native Search form widget ([#2576](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2576))
* Tweak: Added Slides To Scroll & Loop controls to Media Carousel and Testimonials widgets
* Tweak: Added Inline editing to Blockquote widget
* Fix: Animated Headline color bug ([#2516](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2516))
* Fix: Animated Headline with Rotating skin
* Fix: RTL fix for Animated Headline widget in 'typing' and 'clip' animations
* Fix: Empty menu cause jQuery to crash in Menu widget ([#2662](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2662))
* Fix: Custom CSS gone after reloading the editor

#### 1.9.5 - 2017-10-27
* Fix: Broken Global widget with JS ([#2639](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2639))

#### 1.9.4 - 2017-10-24
* Tweak: Improved UI for notices and license page
* Fix: Update system conflict with other EDD plugins
* Fix: WooCommerce frontend hooks on Elementor editor ([#2577](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2577))
* Fix: Removed default border left in Nav Menu dropdown CSS ([#2496](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2496))
* Fix: Increased submenu max-width ([#2558](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2558))
* Fix: Save global templates without their defaults
* Fix: Horizontal scrolling issue with posts grid

#### 1.9.3 - 2017-10-03
* Fix: Condition slide style that got affected by previous update

#### 1.9.2 - 2017-10-02
* New: Added integration with MailPoet 3 for Forms actions
* Fix: Removed height control from Testimonial carousel in mobile editing mode
* Fix: Removed bottom padding when there's no pagination in Testimonial carousel
* Fix: Added condition for slides style section in skin bubble mode
* Fix: Slides per view control for mobile editing in Testimonial carousel
* Fix: Navigation Arrows icons matched with common Elementor Navigation Arrows

#### 1.9.1 - 2017-09-28
* Fix: Slides per view for slideshow carousel
* Fix: Final polish for the new Testimonial Carousel widget
* Fix: Don't play video if slide type is not video
* Fix: Removed slides style section condition ([#2497](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2497))
* Fix: Set cursor as pointer for slideshow thumbnails

#### 1.9.0 - 2017-09-26
* New: Added Media Carousel widget ([#216](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/216), [#347](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/347), [#2209](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2209))
* New: Added Testimonial Carousel widget ([#715](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/715))

#### 1.8.3 - 2017-09-24
* Fix: Added compatibility for WordPress 4.8.2 & 4.7.6
* Fix: Remove slashes from Form sent data

#### 1.8.2 - 2017-09-19
* Tweak: Added target URL for the tweet message in Blockquote widget
* Tweak: Render the slide height before the slider is finished loading
* Fix: Space between words for Animated Headline widget
* Fix: RTL compatibility for Animated Headline widget
* Fix: Italic font style for Animated Headline widget
* Fix: Excluded Menu widget from the WP Editor text rendering

#### 1.8.1 - 2017-09-18
* Fix: WCAG Compatible "required" field attribute for W3C validation ([#2391](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2391))
* Fix: Print the main menu only when is necessary in Menu widget
* Fix: Use CSS media query instead of JS to hide items in Menu widget to avoid flickering on page load ([#2381](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2381))

#### 1.8.0 - 2017-09-12
* New: Added Nav Menu widget ([#1406](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1406))
* Fix: Field ID for checkbox control in Form widget ([#2279](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2279))
* Fix: Style for Blockquote widget included

#### 1.7.2 - 2017-09-07
* Tweak: Loading Facebook SDK via JS for better compatibility with caching plugins
* Fix: Responsive Embed Facebook post widget for Safari iOS ([#2340](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2340))

#### 1.7.1 - 2017-09-05
* Fix: Facebook SDK version

#### 1.7.0 - 2017-09-05
* New: Added Facebook Button widget for Like, Recommend, Share and Follow
* New: Added Facebook Embed widget for Post, Video and Comment
* New: Added Facebook Comments widget
* New: Added Facebook Page widget (Previously known as Like Box)
* New: Added Blockquote widget with Tweet button
* Tweak: Added Facebook SDK integration for all Facebook widgets
* Fix: Animated headline rotating with long words

#### 1.6.1 - 2017-08-28
* Fix: Animated Headline marker gets in front of neighboring spans even when "Bring to Front" is not set
* Fix: Stroke animation in Animated Headline for MS Edge browser
* Fix: Animated headline with more than 1-word per rotation
* Fix: Animated Headline in two lines
* Fix: Some errors in Global widget

#### 1.6.0 - 2017-08-22
* New: Added Animated Headline widget
* New: Added Hidden field for Forms widget ([#2038](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2038))
* Tweak: Added notice to update Elementor to v1.6.5 or higher
* Fix: CSS Animations names no longer minified, in order to prevent unexpected conflicts

#### 1.5.9 - 2017-08-16
* Tweak: Added compatibility for the future release of Elementor v1.7
* Fix: Portfolio compatibility for GeneratePress theme
* Fix: Portfolio filter compatibility for RTL
* Fix: Pagination apply for all posts widget in the page
* Fix: Global form widget with MailChimp integration not saving

#### 1.5.8 - 2017-07-25
* Tweak: Added compatibility for the future release of Elementor v1.6
* Fix: Improved backward compatibility for query control rename

#### 1.5.7 - 2017-07-24
* Tweak: Moved JS render of reCAPTCHA to a separate file
* Tweak: Display the label in the reCAPTCHA field for better experience
* Tweak: Rename `panel-posts-control` to `query-control` and added fallback support
* Tweak: Added compatibility for the future release of Elementor with history feature
* Fix: reCAPTCHA preview on the editor
* Fix: Manual selection (query control) has stopped working after saving ([#2000](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2000))
* Fix: Added condition for icon size control in Share Buttons widget

#### 1.5.6 - 2017-07-12
* Fix: Query Control correction for taxonomies ([#1963](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1963))
* Fix: Custom CSS override scheme color in the editor
* Fix: Added order by Menu Order for Query Control in WC widget
* Fix: Glitch with Flip Box background overlay

#### 1.5.5 - 2017-07-03
* Tweak: Moved reCAPTCHA render to handler & load only if a form is exist
* Fix: MailChimp integration: Default number of items returned by API increased to 999
* Fix: MailChimp integration: Refresh the groups list if API is changed
* Fix: Sorted items in filter bar by A-Z
* Fix: Editor glitch with Elementor v1.5 ([#1927](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1927))

#### 1.5.4 - 2017-06-22
* Tweak: Improved compatibility for Elementor v1.5
* Fix: URL default for Add To Cart widget
* Fix: Allowed `date` and `birthday` fields as text for MailChimp integration

#### 1.5.3 - 2017-06-19
* Tweak: Make flip-box height responsive control
* Fix: Facebook share count now gets retrieved by Elementor ([#1829](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1829))
* Fix: Global form widget with MailChimp integration not saving

#### 1.5.2 - 2017-06-13
* Fix: Custom CSS panel location compatibility for the old versions

#### 1.5.1 - 2017-06-12
* Fix: MailChimp update existing user registration
* Fix: Global widget with JS in the editor mode
* Fix: Label section condition in Login widget
* Fix: Changes to unlinked global widget do not appear in the editor

#### 1.5.0 - 2017-05-23
* New: Added Cards, a new skin for Posts widget
* New: Added Exclude option to post query control group
* Tweak: Added `post_class()` for each post in the loop
* Tweak: Added `.elementor-posts-masonry` class when Masonry layout is enabled
* Tweak: Added compatibility for the next release of Elementor v1.5.0
* Tweak: CSS `autoprefixer` now supports last 5 versions of browsers
* Tweak: Added `imageLoaded` library for Posts & Portfolio widgets

#### 1.4.4 - 2017-05-18
* Fix: Force Mailchimp API to return all lists and not just 10 ([#1683](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1683))
* Fix: Added `.elementor-form` class to Login form to fix style glitch

#### 1.4.3 - 2017-05-14
* Tweak: Added Redirect After Login option to Login widget
* Tweak: Stay in the current page after logout in Login widget
* Tweak: Preparation for Elementor settings tabs in future version
* Fix: Pinterest in Share Buttons widget now sharing the URL alone
* Fix: Bug with `active` class in portfolio filter item
* Fix: Higher specific list-style-type `none` for filter items to override some theme style

#### 1.4.2 - 2017-05-06
* Fix: Temporary patch for form field shortcode in some servers

#### 1.4.1 - 2017-05-03
* Fix: Bug with custom success message in form widget
* Fix: Bug with meta data in email action

#### 1.4.0 - 2017-05-03
* New: Forms: integration with MailChimp
* New: Forms: integration with MailPoet
* New: Forms: Added Email 2 action for email confirmation
* New: Forms: Added shortcodes for fields
* New: Forms: Added custom ID for fields
* New: Forms: Added option to edit email HTML template ([#1180](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1180))
* New: Added Login widget
* Tweak: Move `send_html` control to `email_content_type`
* Fix: Email still sent even if validation failed in form widget

#### 1.3.2 - 2017-05-01
* New: Added action `elementor_pro/init` for better integration with Elementor Pro
* Fix: Posts without featured image in Posts widget ([#1234](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1234), [#1382](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1382))
* Fix: reCAPTCHA & Honeypot fields with new method
* Fix: Added border width control in Share Buttons to avoid a glitch on Chrome browser
* Fix: Border radius glitch on hover in Share Buttons

#### 1.3.1 - 2017-04-25
* Fix: Conflict update with revision history module

#### 1.3.0 - 2017-04-25
* New: Added Share Buttons widget ([Topic](https://wordpress.org/support/topic/social-sharing-buttons-is-it-possible/))
* New: Added Custom CSS for Page Settings
* New: Added Masonry layout for Portfolio widget
* New: Added Cc & Bcc options to email action ([#1181](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1181))
* New: Introduced `ElementorPro\Modules\Forms\Classes\Action_Base` class for better 3rd party integration for forms
* Tweak: Debugger module now also shows errors from Pro
* Tweak: Added options for Elementor Library
* Tweak: New base posts module for optimized performance
* Tweak: Adjusting Posts / Portfolio to the new structure
* Fix: Export for posts / portfolio
* Fix: Duplicate repeater field with switcher control ([#1442](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1442))
* Fix: Post per Page in the query control
* Fix: Metadata does not come through on form emails ([#1566](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1566))

#### 1.2.6 - 2017-04-19
* Fix: Added compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0 - Products & Add to Cart widgets

#### 1.2.5 - 2017-04-18
* Fix: Offset query for posts widgets (Posts, Portfolio and Products)

#### 1.2.4 - 2017-03-21
* Tweak: Added Indian Rupee sign to Price Table widget
* Fix: Portfolio grid for IE11
* Fix: Link target blank in Price List widget
* Fix: Active item for filter bar in Portfolio widget

#### 1.2.3 - 2017-03-06
* Tweak: Fully compatible with Elementor v1.3.0
* Tweak: Added trigger for after form submission in Forms widget
* Tweak: Changed handle name in reCAPTCHA field to avoid conflict with other contact forms
* Fix: Portfolio filter syntax in Non-Latin languages
* Fix: Added `no-repeat` property for slide with `background-size:contain`
* Fix: Condition control & Import value in Posts widgets
* Fix: Offset and Pagination in WordPress ([More Info](https://codex.wordpress.org/Making_Custom_Queries_using_Offset_and_Pagination))
* Fix: Submit handler bubbling for custom events in Forms widget

#### 1.2.2 - 2017-02-23
* Tweak: Change name from Side A/B to Front and Back in Flip Box widget
* Fix: Error when saving third party widgets in the global widget
* Fix: Image position "none" remains visible in editor preview (Posts)
* Fix: Hide the pagination when there are no links

#### 1.2.1 - 2017-02-21
* Fix: Firefox Flip Box 3D compatibility

#### 1.2.0 - 2017-02-21
* New: Added Flip Box widget
* New: Added Ken Burns effect for slides
* New: Added Masonry layout for Posts widget
* New: Added Pagination option for Posts widget
* Tweak: Added background size contain to slides
* Tweak: Improve Query control by preload items
* Fix: Text color for Checkbox and Radio fields

#### 1.1.2 - 2017-02-05
* Tweak: Added `aria-required` for better accessibility in forms widget
* Fix: Conflict Call to `undefined` method in Posts & Portfolio widgets ([#1271](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1271), [#1266](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1266))
* Fix: Submit button HTML after error sending
* Fix: Success message for `skip_email` function
* Notice: Elementor 1.2.0 or later now required

#### 1.1.1 - 2017-01-24
* Fix: Can't save global widgets when `WP_DEBUG` is `true`
* Fix: Undefined variable in WC widgets
* Fix: Removed duplicate strings

#### 1.1.0 - 2017-01-24
* New: Price Table widget ([#102](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/102))
* New: WooCommerce Add to Cart widget
* New: WooCommerce Categories widget
* New: WooCommerce Elements widget
* New: Honeypot field for Forms widgets
* Tweak: Added inline options for taxonomies & authors if is less than 15 items
* Tweak: Added Required Mark for fields in Forms widget
* Fix: CSS selectors priority in Slides widget
* Fix: CSS bug in Price List widget
* Fix: Update all Post CSS files that includes specific Global Widget

#### 1.0.9 - 2017-01-18
* Fix: Auto complete bug in query controls
* Fix: Render template with escaping slashes
* Fix: Reply-to field in Forms widget

#### 1.0.8 - 2017-01-11
* Tweak: Code adjustments for Elementor API
* Fix: Removed go pro link from plugins page in admin

#### 1.0.7 - 2017-01-05
* Tweak: Added filter by featured / sale for WC Products widget
* Tweak: Added author control in Portfolio widget
* Tweak: Code adjustments for Elementor API
* Fix: Added support for empty image ratio
* Fix: Avoid nesting a sidebar within a template that will appear in the sidebar itself

#### 1.0.6 - 2017-01-01
* Tweak: Added Auto-updates for local translation files
* Fix: Custom CSS for Global widgets
* Fix: Remove `nonce` field (Fix some cache plugins)

#### 1.0.5 - 2016-12-27
* Fix: Slide element bug fix - 'Link apply on' logic
* Fix: Removed unique wrapper for Custom CSS in order to allow media queries ([#1086](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1086))

#### 1.0.4 - 2016-12-21
* Tweak: Mobile Editing for fields in the form widget
* Tweak: Mobile Editing for posts
* Tweak: Allow send form as HTML
* Tweak: Improved auto upgrades for Multisite installation
* Tweak: Improve editor rendering experience for Portfolio widget
* Fix: Posts widget check if image exist
* Fix: Changed the clone method for global widget ([#1042](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/1042))
* Fix: Bug slides in RTL (removed direction control)
* Fix: Slides with no height jumps when changing slides

#### 1.0.3 - 2016-12-13
* Fix: Added escape placeholder for HTML Entities in form widget
* Fix: Countdown widget RTL bug
* Fix: Remove redundant #elementor selector for control style
* Fix: Added prefixing with '0' for one digit number in Countdown widget

#### 1.0.2 - 2016-12-12
* Fix: Page layout collapses when inserting reCAPTCHA field in Form

#### 1.0.1 - 2016-12-12
* Fix: WordPress widgets disappear from Editor when Elementor Pro active

#### 1.0.0 - 2016-12-12
* Initial release

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