Rank Math Pro v2.15 NULLED – Best WordPress SEO Tools

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KHUYẾN MÃI : Chúng tôi đang có chương trình giảm giá với combo 600 + theme, plugin bản quyền với giá chỉ 249k. Xem danh sách tại đây: Danh sách combo

Rank Math Pro is the most powerful way to add the BEST WordPress SEO tools to your website.

Link Demo : https://rankmath.com/

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

What is Rank Math Pro?

Rank Math is a  Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress that  makes it easy for anyone to optimize their content with built-in recommendations based on widely accepted best practices. Easily customize important SEO settings, control which pages are indexable, and how you want your site to appear in search with Structured Data.

What you can do with Rank Math Pro:

Rank Math gives you a competitive edge with powerful and easy-to-use features  . Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran in SEO, Rank Math can take your SEO game to the next level.

Easy to follow Setup Wizard

Rank Math is practically self-configurable. Rank Math has a step-by-step installation and configuration wizard that perfectly sets up SEO for WordPress  .

Once installed, Rank Math verifies your site settings and recommends the ideal settings for best performance. The step-by-step wizard will then set up your site’s SEO, social profiles, webmaster profiles, and other SEO settings.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Clean and simple user interface:

Rank Math is designed to deliver the right information to you at the right time  . A simple yet powerful user interface that highlights important information about your post along with the post itself. Using this information, you can improve your post’s SEO in no time.

Rank Math also has an advanced snippet preview feature  . You can preview how your post will appear in the SERPs, preview rich snippets, and even preview how your post will look when shared on social media.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Built-in Advanced SEO Analytics Module:

Rank Math presents valuable information from Google Search Console right inside your WordPress admin dashboard. You can see the keywords you rank for, your sitemap status, and indexing issues  . This information is invaluable in maintaining a high performing website.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Google Analytics Integration

Monitor your website’s stats without ever leaving the comforts of your WordPress Dashboard.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Rating Tracker

Even if you are just getting started with SEO, you always want to know how your website is superior to your competitors. Use Rank Math’s Rank Tracker to track your site’s performance against preset keywords.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Location history tracking

If you’re in the habit of regularly testing new SEO methods or just want to know how your site has performed over a period of time, location history will be a good bet.

Track your site’s rankings over the past few weeks or months.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Keyword Ranking for Posts

Sometimes knowing each keyword your post is ranking for can be quite interesting. With this information, you can rewrite your content even further to improve rankings for those compelling keywords you thought you would never rank for.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

The most advanced schema generator

Schema markup provides additional information about your site to search engines and your users. With Ranking Math, putting Structured Data in posts is as simple as pointing and clicking  . Various schema types are supported and a default category can also be set in the settings.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Import schema markup from other sites:

Import Schema markup from any page/post or URL from your own website or from any other site on the internet. Give yourself a head start by importing Ready-made Schemes from other URLs and make changes to your liking.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Validate schema markup:

Easily test your Schema markup with the Google Rich Results validator right inside your WP Dashboard. It makes the process seamless

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Custom schema generator:

Build custom Schemes and add multiple Schemes to a single post with just a few clicks. No programming knowledge is required to create complex Schema charts with the Rank Math plugin.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Schema templates with display conditions

Use visibility conditions to display Schema where you want them to be displayed on your site (for example, single, archive, or entire site). Create schema templates and insert them into articles with just one click. Add properties and groups of properties and bring it all together with a few clicks.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

article schema

Adding appropriate metadata to your posts allows search engines to better understand your posts. Rank Math fully supports post type schema  and it can be added to posts with just one click.

By adding the Post Scheme to your post, you increase the likelihood of it appearing as a detail tag in the SERPs, which will greatly improve its click-through rate.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

product schema

Rank Math also supports product schema that can be added to posts with a single click. You can add the product name, description, SKU, inventory and other details about the product, which can then be displayed in the SERPs  .

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

formula schema:

It has never been easier to drive traffic to a food blog with the  help of a recipe schema in Ranking Math  . Just enter information about your recipe so it shows up as a detail card in search results.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Event Schema

Advertise your events in style with event snippet support in Rank Math  . You can configure event snippets with more than fifteen event types that can rank your event on a variety of related keywords.

Rank Math also captures additional event information such as location URLs, ticket sales URLs, ticket inventory, etc. This information is valuable to customers and provides a great customer experience.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Video Schedule :

Breathe new life into your videos with Rank Math’s video schema support  . Snippets can be added in just a few clicks and they ensure that your video appears as a detailed tag in the SERPs.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Local Business Schema :

Ranking a local business on targeted keywords can mean the difference between night and day for a business. With local business schema support in Ranking Math, your local business has a much higher chance of ranking higher and getting more traffic  .

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Block schema FAQ:

Easily add a ready-made and user-friendly schema FAQ section to your content using the provided FAQ Schema Block.

The FAQ block   will  help your FAQs appear in the SERPs  and improve the user experience of searchers searching for your content.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

HowTo Schedule :

The HowTo schema block gives you the ability to stand out from the rest of your website in Search Engine Results Pages.

Increase visibility and make your pages  eligible for Voice Assistance enabled smart devices  .

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Add Knowledge Graph Meta data

Knowledge Graphs take facts and present them as information. Rank Math can add relevant Knowledge Graph meta tags to your website so your site can rank for more keywords and command a larger area in the SERPs

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Keyword Comparison Tool & Google Trends

Easy keyword research with Rank Math  . It doesn’t take a lot of guesswork to identify potential keywords with each post. The  integration  of Math Rank  with Google Trends tool  to help you check the search trends for keywords and even compare them. You can also use the built-in graph comparison tool to visually compare keyword opportunities.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

XML Sitemap

XML sitemaps help search engines find and index the content on your website. Rank Math automatically generates a search engine compatible XML Sitemap  for your website. The sitemap is fully customizable and you can set what is included and what is not.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

News sitemap to submit site on Google News

News sites get a lot of traffic, and you can also  join the high-traffic club with the news sitemap feature in Rank Math  . Just enable the feature, enter a few details about your website and let the traffic in.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Sitemap for video site

Rank Math is fully compliant with the video sitemap guidelines set forth by Google  . With just one click, Rank Math will tag all your videos with metadata that will index your videos faster and get more views.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Automatic image SEO

Image SEO is a powerful yet often overlooked technique for generating traffic. Rank Math puts image SEO on autopilot by automatically adding ALT and Title attributes to all your images  . Rank Math doesn’t even change your writing to achieve this. Tags are added quickly when the user views the post.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Advanced Image SEO Module

Benefits of Automating your image SEO

Add missing alt text, title text, captions, or overwrite what you already have. Set conditions to overwrite certain words with other words and make your visual SEO game without breaking a sweat.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Local SEO Optimization

Benefits Help to rank your business higher in local search results

The Rank Math SEO plugin for WordPress brings you even more traffic through its local SEO support  . Simply enter your business details in the Rank Math and the appropriate metadata will be added to your website, improving your website’s chances of ranking.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Many local business locations

Benefits Do Local SEO with Multiple Business Locations

If your business has multiple locations and you want to rank equally well for each location for locally searched keywords, then the Multi-Location Local SEO option in Ranking Math is the option you need. ever wished.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Shortcode to display contact information

Benefits Show relevant Schema contact information on any page

Never show outdated contact information to your website visitors. Rank Math’s built-in contact information shortcodes help you keep your contact information up to date  . Just enter your information into the Math Rank, and it will be updated everywhere you put it.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Advanced block to display local business information

Benefits Insert Your Local Business Information Anywhere

With Advanced Block, you can insert your local SEO business information anywhere on your website with a simple shortcode. Customize the information inserted using variables and get the results you want.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

WooCommerce SEO PRO

Benefits Helps you optimize your product pages and get more sales

Combine the selling power of WooCommerce with the SEO power of Rank Math to create an ecommerce powerhouse. Rank Math’s powerful and user-friendly features make ranking in search engines easy and effortless.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Complete SEO Digital Downloads Easily

Benefits Optimize your digital products on EDD

Selling online courses, ebooks, and other digital goods is a joy with the powerful combination of Easy Digital Downloads and Math Ranking. Use Rank Math’s advanced SEO features to drive traffic to your website with ease.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Keyword Analysis and Focus Content

Benefits Get a to-do list to improve your content

Keywords are like the blood flowing in your post content. Using the correct keywords in the right places forms the foundation of On-Page SEO. Our WordPress SEO plugin analyzes your posts and identifies keyword opportunities that you can maximize to get the most traffic.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

SEO analysis tool based on 40 factors

Benefits Gives you a to-do list to improve your website

Ranking Math puts the power of SEO testing at your fingertips. With the click of a button,  Rank Math will rate your website on 40 SEO factors  . Not only that, Rank Math will also give you useful advice that you can use to improve your website’s SEO.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Advanced Batch Editing Options

Benefits Make SEO changes to multiple posts at once

Select multiple posts/pages/CPTs at once and mark them as noindex, index, nofollow, remove canonical URL, add redirect, remove redirect, set Scheme type or remove Scheme you added.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Quick edit SEO details

Benefits Change SEO settings of a post from post list view

Added quick edit option with additional options you can use to change your post/page’s Ranking settings like SEO title, description, Navigation, main focus keyword, URL canonical and robots meta tag.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Top 5 win/loss posts

Benefits See which posts are active and which need to be added

Get a bird’s-eye view of your best performing blog posts by search traffic and your 5 worst performing blog posts. You will always know what is working for your site and what is not working as you had hoped.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Top 5 win/lose keywords

Benefits Know where you are doing right and wrong

With your list of best-performing keywords, you’ll know which SEO techniques have worked for you so you can rinse and repeat those techniques.

Knowing the worst performing keywords gives you insight into what isn’t working on your site so you can work further to improve them or stop doing what isn’t working.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

SEO Overview of Website Content

Benefit from Bird’s View of Your Website’s SEO Performance

On a single screen, track the results of your SEO efforts and always know where you stand, SEO-wise.


Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Badge system for single posts & pages

Benefits Get a badge on your best performing content

Your best content gets a badge so you can differentiate your best performing content from the rest of the content. Knowing this is important because it gives you an idea of ​​what to do to get even more traffic.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

One post SEO report

Lợi ích Theo dõi hiệu suất SEO của mỗi bài đăng

Kiểm tra những từ khóa mà mỗi bài đăng đang xếp hạng, Tốc độ trang hoặc tốc độ tải của nó, nó được tối ưu hóa tốt như thế nào và nó đang tạo ra bao nhiêu lưu lượng truy cập tìm kiếm cho bạn cùng với hiệu suất lịch sử của nó.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Quản lý khách hàng dành cho chủ doanh nghiệp

Lợi ích Dễ dàng quản lý hạn ngạch trên các trang web của khách hàng

Xem toàn cảnh tất cả các trang web khách hàng của bạn và số lượng từ khóa mà mỗi trang web đang theo dõi. Bạn cũng có thể giới hạn số lượng từ khóa mà mỗi trang web có thể theo dõi để bạn luôn có thể kiểm soát được hạn ngạch của mình.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Theo dõi tốc độ trang của các bài đăng & trang đơn lẻ

Lợi ích Giám sát tốc độ tải của tất cả các trang của bạn từ bên trong WordPress

Theo dõi điểm Tốc độ trang cũng như thời gian tải của tất cả các URL của bạn ngay trong bảng điều khiển WordPress của bạn.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Hình thu nhỏ OpenGraph mặc định

Lợi ích Không bao giờ bị bắt trên mạng xã hội nếu không có hình ảnh hấp dẫn

Thật xấu hổ khi thấy một chia sẻ từ trang web của bạn với một hình thu nhỏ bị hỏng. Rank Math giúp bạn tránh khỏi rắc rối bằng cách đặt hình thu nhỏ mặc định cho mọi liên kết được chia sẻ lên mạng xã hội.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Thêm hình mờ vào hình ảnh trên mạng xã hội

Mang lại lợi ích cho “Thương hiệu” hình ảnh của bạn bằng một cú nhấp chuột

Thêm hình mờ vào hình ảnh của bạn để nó xuất hiện trong mỗi hình ảnh được chia sẻ từ trang web của bạn trên các nền tảng xã hội.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Đồ thị mở tự động của Facebook

Lợi ích Giúp trang web của bạn dễ dàng chia sẻ trên phương tiện truyền thông xã hội

No more hassle with plugins to make the Open Graph Card work. Rank Math’s built-in support for Facebook’s Open Graph tags automatically sets up the appropriate tags for each post you write  . Rank Math even clears the Facebook cache when someone updates a post with a different image.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Add icon overlays to thumbnails for FB, Twitter and G+

Benefits Help increase CTR on social sites

Attractive thumbnails can increase your click-through rate on social media. Rank Math  goes beyond other plugins and automatically overlays a play button or custom GIF icon to increase your clicks exponentially  .

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Default Share Image

Benefits Never get caught on social media without a hot image

Optimizing every element of your website for sharing takes time. Rank Math’s default image sharing feature lets you breathe a sigh of relief as it  sets the default shared image to be used when any content is shared from your website.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Twitter Meta Tags

Benefits Found on Twitter Easily

Twitter can be a huge and popular source of traffic if used properly. Rank Math’s Twitter meta tag support allows you to create rich, engaging tweets and is meant to get you more traffic and followers .


Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Copyright on Facebook

The Benefits of Being Known When Your Content is Shared on Facebook

Build your personal brand and increase your Facebook followers while supporting Facebook Authorship in Math Ranking. Rank Math  adds the necessary meta tags to all your posts so that every post shared on Facebook has your name on it.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Preview on social media

Benefits Preview your social posts right in WordPress

Rank Math takes the guesswork out of creating social posts by providing rich, live previews of your posts. You can adjust shared images and other meta information about each post without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Integrate social media accounts

Benefits Get your social profiles listed right inside the SERPs

Rank Math can add relevant meta tags for many social networks and search engines to your website. These meta tags help social networks display rich information about the content from your website.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Found by all search engines and social media sites

Benefits Make navigating your site easier

Rank Math adds additional metadata on your website that can be read by search engines and social networks. This metadata allows them to better understand the content and display rich information with the content in the SERPs and social media.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Ping Search Engine

The benefits of Ping search engine to crawl your site when you publish

Rank Math can automatically let search engines know that you’ve uploaded a new post or updated an old one  . This process is called Pinging. Automatic ping helps you get more traffic, as all your content is quickly indexed by search engines.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Google, Bing, Alexa, Yandex & Pinterest Verification Tools

Benefits Verified in a snap

Verifying your site using search engines, social networks, and individual analytics tools is frustrating and time-consuming. Rank Math  makes this process fun by providing  one-stop verification for many social networks and search engines right from the WordPress admin  .

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Customize SEO for single items

Benefits Choose noindex, canonical tags, etc. for individual posts

Common SEO tasks in Rank Math can be automated with templates. But sometimes, a post requires a different SEO treatment. Rank Math  is prepared for this situation. You can easily override the default settings for each post by using Rank Math  .

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Bulk Edit Titles & Descriptions of All Your Content

Benefits Change the title and description of all your posts easily

Editing the titles and descriptions of hundreds of posts is a daunting task. The Rank Math plugin removes the hard work and allows you to bulk edit the titles and descriptions of all your content.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Control title & meta description of all posts, pages or custom post types

Benefits Automatically generate meta information for old posts

Your title and meta description are key factors in improving your site’s click-through rate. Rank Math  allows you to change your title and meta description without touching a single line of code. The handy preview takes the guesswork out of it and lets you see what your users will see in the SERPs.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Global Meta Modification

Benefits Change meta settings for all posts/pages in one go

The Robot Meta tag controls which pages on your site are crawled and indexed. Rank Math  gives you full control over your site’s robots meta. You can set up the global robot meta with a few clicks and override it for individual posts and pages.


Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Control ROBOTS Meta on all posts, pages or custom post types

Benefits Control what Google can index and noindex

Sometimes it makes business sense to omit specific pages from search results. Rank Math allows you to specify default Robots Meta to be used on all post types and then override them individually for maximum control.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Optimize author profiles by enabling SEO super box for users

Benefits Make your author archives easy to rank

Rank Math allows to provide SEO Meta information for author profiles, allowing you to optimize these pages for SEO. Ranking your author page by relevant terms can help you build credibility and grow your blog to the next level.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Optimize catalog storage by enabling the SEO super box for the catalog

Benefits Optimize catalog storage for better rankings

Category pages are rarely optimized for SEO, which makes them an untapped opportunity. Rank Math  enables the SEO meta box for each category, allowing you to fully optimize your category pages for more traffic.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Choose your separator character

Benefits Change even the smallest detail for an extra CTR

SERPs are competitive and you should take every opportunity to increase clicks. Rank Math  has multiple unique URL separators that help your SERP listing stand out.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Post preview on Google

Benefits See how your post appears on Google even before publishing

Design your ideal SERP with a Google preview inside Rank Math. Based on your posts, Rank Math will show you a preview of how your post will appear in Google search results. Change the post title, URL or meta description and the preview will update instantly.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Link Generator – Very Handy for Internal Links [Coming Soon]

Internal Link Building Benefits on Automated Testing

Internal links that promote essential pages increase rankings while still engaging users. Rank Math’s link builder takes the hassle out of creating and maintaining internal links  . Simply enter the keywords you want to be associated with and Rank Math will work its magic, converting current and future mentions of the keywords into compelling internal links. This is one of the reasons why Rank Math is the best SEO plugin for WordPress /

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Advanced Redirect Manager

Benefits Easy to hide affiliate links and control affiliate water

Proper redirects are important to the structure of a website, but they are difficult to set up and manage. Rank Math  does the heavy lifting for you and lets you manage redirects as easily as entering text into a spreadsheet  .

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Redirect attachments to their Custom Post, Main Page or Post types

Benefits Conserve link water from flowing to useless attachments

Your attachments can accumulate links over time. You can take advantage of this untapped SEO opportunity by using the Attach redirect feature in Ranking Math. This feature redirects your attachments to a post of your choice to help it rise further in the SERPs  .

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Strip catalog base

Benefits Make URLs Easier to Remember and SEO Friendly

Deleting /category/base is one of the most common problems for WordPress webmasters. Rank Math  gives you the option to quickly and securely remove the category base from your URLs.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

404 Screen – Simple & Advanced

Benefits Check where users are seeing errors and redirect them

The 404 screen in Rank Math has two modes. Simple mode only logs 404 errors, but advanced mode will log the error page, referrer page, time the error occurred, and even the user agent. Getting rid of these 404 errors ensures a smooth user experience .


Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

.htaccess Editor

Benefits Get Full Control of Your Website in Rank Math

The .htaccess file is a powerful tool for managing your website. Rank Math allows you to edit and modify your .htaccess file right within WordPress. To avoid accidental issues, Rank Math automatically backs up your .htaccess file before saving any changes.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Robots.txt Editor

Bots access to the Bots of Interest in Ranked Math

Robot.txt is a small file that directs search engines to what to index. With Rank Math, you can create and update your robots.txt file right in your WordPress admin.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Optimize RSS

Benefits Add backlinks to your site inside RSS feeds

Rank Math’s unique RSS Optimization feature allows you to insert custom header and footer text into your RSS feed. This feature makes it easy to communicate relevant information to your readers and even promote important blog posts.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Breadcrumbs are highly customizable

Benefits Make navigating your site easier

Breadcrumbs không chỉ giúp điều hướng trực quan trang web mà còn giúp bạn nhận được nhiều lưu lượng truy cập hơn từ các công cụ tìm kiếm bằng cách giúp bạn nổi bật so với phần còn lại của kết quả và giúp các công cụ tìm kiếm hiểu thứ bậc nội dung của bạn. Với Rank Math SEO cho WordPress, bạn có thể tùy chỉnh biểu tượng breadcrumb của mình để phù hợp với chủ đề trang web của bạn và làm cho nó hấp dẫn về mặt hình ảnh đồng thời nhận được nhiều lưu lượng truy cập hơn .

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Tự động hiển thị Breadcrumbs trong Chủ đề

Lợi ích Thêm đường dẫn vào trang web của bạn mà không cần chỉnh sửa mã

Breadcrumbs rất cần thiết cho trải nghiệm người dùng và SEO tốt , nhưng nhiều chủ đề không bao gồm chúng. Rank Math tự động thêm các đường dẫn tuân thủ Google vào trang web của bạn, điều này làm tăng cơ hội để chúng xuất hiện trong SERPS với trang web của bạn.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Chọn một danh mục chính

Lợi ích Tùy chỉnh danh mục bạn muốn hiển thị trong breadcrumbs

Khi bài viết của bạn thuộc nhiều danh mục, Rank Math có thể đặt một danh mục mặc định để gán cho chúng. Danh mục mặc định sẽ tạo thành cơ sở URL và cũng được liệt kê trong đường dẫn trên trang web của bạn.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Kiểm soát phiên bản

Lợi ích Dễ dàng hoàn nguyên về phiên bản Rank Math trước hoặc thử các phiên bản Beta

Whether you want Rank Math to update automatically, use a beta release, or roll back to a previous version  – you can do it all with the click of a button.

Rolling back or updating Rank Math is not as difficult a task as it is with other plugins.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Gutenberg SEO

Benefits Access SEO Options Without Scrolling

Rank Math offers  deep integration  with WordPress’ new block editor, Gutenberg. Whether you’re using the Classic Editor or the Block Editor, we’ve got you covered!

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

SEO Elementor

Benefits The Only WordPress SEO Plugin That Offers SEO Elementor

We are  the first and only WordPress plugin  , offering deep integration with Elementor page builder, you can now configure SEO while designing your pages.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Import/Export settings with one click

Benefits Easy backup and transfer of all SEO settings

Just the thought of losing a redirect can terrify website owners. Rank Math  lets you sleep well at night by offering to backup your configuration and redirect (export as .htaccess or NGNIX configuration file) with the click of a button. Exported settings can also be imported into the Rank Math SEO plugin for WordPress easily.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Custom Setup Wizard Mode

Benefits Duplicate Rank Math settings on websites

Use the customize option in the setup wizard to import settings from another installation where you have Rank Math installed. This makes it easy to set up Rank Math once and use the same template across your entire portfolio of sites.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Yoast Free & Premium Advanced Options Importer

Benefit One-Click Importer for Yoast SEO plugin

If you are using the Yoast SEO plugin and are worried about switching to Rank Math , you can put your worries aside. Rank Math can import all your settings from Yoast SEO to Rank Math seamlessly, with the click of a button  .

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

All in One SEO Advanced Options Importer

Benefit from One-Click Importer for All-In-One SEO Package

Just like with the Yoast SEO plugin, switching to Math Ranking from the All-in-One SEO Package is as easy as the snap of a finger. Ranking Math is designed to import all settings from All-In-One SEO Pack to Math Ranking seamlessly and easily  .

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Contextual help (tooltips, messages, help tabs, etc.)

Benefits Make every choice and setting easy to understand

Ranking Math has a lot of features. To help better understand each feature,  Rank Math provides helpful and informative tooltips with each section  . These tooltips describe each setting, what it is used for, and how to configure it.

Tooltips also link to related settings where necessary. This makes setting up your WordPress site SEO a breeze.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Check compatibility

Benefits Help solve problems even before you use the plugin

The first step that Rank Math takes upon installation is to run a compatibility test. Compatibility testing ensures that your site’s technology stack is optimized and that no plugins are causing conflicts.

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Excellent code quality

Benefits Make your website load lightning fast

Rank Math is known for creating safe, effective, and high-quality plugins. Rank Math  is an extension of the tradition. Even with its rich feature set,  Rank Math is safe as a fortress and as light as a feather  .

Rank Math Pro v2.14 NULLED - Best WordPress SEO Tools

Rank Math Pro only features compared to Rank Math:

Integrate Google Analytics Advanced Tracker keyword ranking keywords are monitored Builder schema most advanced email reports on SEO performance email reports are labeled white Enter the schema from any webpage schema can say Integrate Google Trends Sitemap SEO Google News Sitemaps SEO Google Video SEO image PRO local SEO PRO with multiple locations WooCommerce SEO PRO Complete SEO EDD Filter posts Advanced 18 Predefined Schema Types 6 Additional Scheme Types Automatic Video Detection for Video Schemes Google Fetch Frequency Schemes Support for customer websitesGoogle Data Retention Days Email Reporting Frequency in Days Manage Customers Track Top 5 Winning Keywords Track Top 5 Lost Keywords Follow Top 5 Winning Posts Follow 5 top failed posts Advanced Content SEO Overview Check Ranking Keywords For Each Post Position History for Keywords & Posts Add custom schema using JSON + LD / HTML Validate schema with Google Custom Schema Generator Add unlimited schemas 840+ supported schema types Auto-deploy schemas schema data set Fact Check Scheme Carousel Scheme Mentions & Introduction Schema Scheme Import/Export Focus Keywords Automated Q&A Scheme for bbPress Advanced Redirection Module Advanced Local SEO Block Google AdSense Earnings History Import GSC & GA Data from Specific Country Custom Settings Wizard Mode Watermarked Social Media Images Advanced Bulk Editing Options Complete Import/Export Options Complete Elementor Integration Breadcrumbs Widget Dedicated Element Elementor Accordion Widget to Schema FAQ Complete Divi Integration Divi Accordion Widget for Schema FAQ

Import SEO data via CSV file Import redirect data via CSV file Advanced quick edit options Orphan page detection Single post performance badge Autofill video data for video schema Monitor page speed per post & page Monitor SEO performance of individual posts Redirect sync to .htaccess Password Protected Pages Noindex 404 Log Export Advanced HowTo Schema Mark cloaked links as external links Find & Replace Image Text alt / title / caption

Rank Math Pro Changelog:

v2.14.0 August 13, 2021
Added: Option to Auto-Add Focus Keywords in the Rank Tracker
Added: Spain to the list of available countries in the Analytics Data Import Option
Added: New variable randomword_np to show a non-persistent random word on each page load
Fixed: Import Meta Data using CSV option was showing error on some setup
Fixed: Page was not updating in Divi Page Builder when Auto-Detect Video option was enabled
Fixed: Typo in the Dataset Schema field
v2.13.0 July 30, 2021
Added: Improved FAQ Block UX by adding reordering feature. Now you can easily change the question order without rewriting the whole Question & Answer
Improved: [HUGE!] Converted the Classic Editor metabox into React for better performance and code optimization, removed more than 5,000 lines of code from the plugin!
Fixed: Hovering over the position graph in the Analytics Pages was creating a scroll bar
Fixed: Google Trends icon was disappearing after updating the post in Firefox
Fixed: Analytics button was showing in the single posts even if the Analytics account was not connected
Fixed: isFamilyFriendly property in Video schema was showing wrong value
Fixed: Console errors on Customizer page in WordPress v5.8
v2.12.0 July 15, 2021
Added: [HUGE!] Google Core Updates timeline in the Analytics Graphs
Added: Support for more advanced nested Schema in the Advanced Schema Generator
Improved: [HUGE!] Improved performance of the plugin even further
Fixed: Custom mode option in the Setup Wizard was showing an error on sites where FS_METHOD was FTP
Fixed: Some properties were getting duplicated when Importing the Schema from the HTML code
v2.11.0 June 30, 2021
Improved: [HUGE!] Made more huge code improvements that have made the plugin even FASTER. Also, reduced the number of queries related to Rank Math on the Homepage and the Archive pages to improve performance further. Rank Math is indeed one of the FASTEST SEO PLUGINS
Improved: Video Schema Workflow
Improved: Even if you add regular video link of supported video services in the Embed field, Rank Math SEO will automatically convert that link into Embed URL and automatically fetch the data
Added: Support for Clip markup in the Video Schema
Added: The auto-detect Video feature now also adds the Video Title & Description automatically
Improved: After adding a video in the content and updating the post, Video Schema will now appear in the Schema tab of Rank Math without reloading the page
Improved: Description of Video Schema fields
Improved: Auto-Generated Video Schema now appears in the Schema tab after updating the post/page without reloading the post/page
Improved: Cookieless Analytics tracking feature on cached pages by improving the hashing formula
Fixed: Schema tab of Divi Builder was not opening on some setups
Fixed: Sitemap was showing a warning when the field type image was not in an array format in the ACF plugin
Removed: About & Mention Schema from the link search box of comment reply editor
Removed: Shortcode field from Schema generator of archive pages
v2.10.1 June 18, 2021
Fixed: Query Monitor plugin was showing missing script handler error in the Classic Editor
Fixed: PRO version was not being detected correctly in the Divi Frontend editor
v2.10.0 June 16, 2021
Added: [HUGE!] Introducing sorting option in the Analytics Tables. Now, you can sort Posts & Keywords using different column data like Position, Search Traffic, Clicks, CTR, etc.
Improved: [HUGE!] Made several significant code improvements that have made the plugin even FASTER. Rank Math now is one of the FASTEST SEO PLUGINS.
Added: An option to include only tracked keywords in the Email Reports
Removed: Genre & Stock options from the News Sitemap settings as those are not required anymore by Google
Improved: By default, the Rank Tracker tab sorts keywords by position
Improved: Remove site name from the News Sitemap titles to comply with Google’s Guidelines
Improved: Hide Schema Templates if the user has no permissions to edit them
Improved: File structure by moving assets in their respective module folders
Fixed: Sometimes Pagespeed date in the Single Post Report was not showing
Fixed: Local Business block was allowing the selection of the last 10 locations
v2.9.0 June 4, 2021
Added: [NEW!] [HUGE!] Introducing SEO Performance Reports via Email. Track monthly changes related to website traffic, impressions, total keywords & average position
Added: PRO users can choose email frequency between 15 or 30 Days. Business users can choose 7, 15, or 30 Days frequency for the email reporting
Added: Business plan users can whitelabel their email reports by adding their own logo, colors, and client email address/ID
Added: Business plan users can have full control over the email content. They can enable/disable each section, custom subject line, custom footer text, custom CSS, and much more. Read HERE to learn all about it
Improved: There will be no broken images showing up in the Video Sitemap if a video thumbnail is not set
Fixed: The News Sitemap settings to exclude terms were not showing all taxonomies data
Fixed: On some setups, the Sitemap was throwing an error when the ‘Include Image from ACF field’ option was enabled
Fixed: PRO version was getting disabled when the free version was getting updated using the Version Control
v2.8.0 May 20, 2021
Added: [NEW!] Auto-detect video for Schema and Video Sitemap now supports TED Videos, DailyMotion and WordPress.tv
Added: New ItemList Schema type for taxonomy archive pages
Added: Analytics button in the pages when Analytics Module is enabled
Added: Bulk SEO options on the tags list page
Added: SEO Filter options in the Media library for the List View
Improved: Labelling of bulk options added by Rank Math SEO
Improved: Winning Posts and Keywords section in the Analytics now shows only winners with a difference of 80 or less. This will help you get more actionable data
Improved: Hide News Sitemap tab for the users that do not have the permission to edit News Sitemap settings
Fixed: Option to enable/disable News Sitemap was not working from the Setup Wizard
Fixed: Schema tab in the taxonomy term pages was not showing the PRO Schema types
Fixed: Duplicate Schema Templates were appearing in the Elementor Page Builder
Fixed: customfield variable not working in the content URL option of Video Schema
Fixed: Links in the Video Sitemap were linking to the Sitemap itself
Fixed: Posts column showing Off in Schema instead of Article when the News Sitemap module was active. Though, it was not affecting the frontend output for the search engines
Fixed: Scheduled Actions page was showing DB related error on some setups when Google AdSense was not connected
Fixed: Content images were not added to Sitemaps correctly if ACF Module was Enabled, but the “Include images from the ACF field” option was disabled
v2.7.0 April 28, 2021
Added: [HUGE!] Divi SEO is HERE! Complete Divi Page Builder/Theme integration. Now you can configure all the SEO settings from the frontend
Added: Brand URL, Manufacturer, and Additional Type option in the Product Schema
Added: Video Sitemap can now detect all the videos from the content area and add them to the Sitemap
Added: Convert Divi Page Builder’s Accordion widget into the FAQ Schema markup
Improved: Added WooCommerce product SKU in the Open Graph data
Improved: Description of many Schema Generator options
Improved: Auto-Detect Video Schema option is now available for all the Custom Post Types
Improved: Added uninstall.php file to delete plugin database tables when the plugin is uninstalled completely
Fixed: Google Analytics (Search Traffic) column was showing after clicking the keywords toggle even if Google Analytics was not connected
Fixed: On plugin’s re-activation, Autodetect Video Schema & Auto-Generate Video image options were getting restored to default
Fixed: Browser console error while trying to add a new keyword in the Rank Tracker on PHP 8.0
v2.6.0 April 14, 2021
Added: Improved nesting of FAQ Schema & HowTo schema, now they will appear as a subjectOf property type in the primary Schema
Added: Remote Job, Education and experience properties in the Job Schema
Improved: Show global Schema type in the Schema column of Site Analytics tab if default Schema is not changed for that post/page
Improved: Remove password-protected Video Posts from the Video Sitemap
Improved: Auto-detect Video can now detect all the videos from the content and adds Schema markup for them
Fixed: Auto-detect Video option was not detecting videos in the new posts without saving it two times
Fixed: Scheduled data fetch process was not checking for any missing data from the past for Google Analytics and AdSense
Fixed: Speakable Schema was showing as disabled even after enabling it in the Article Schema
Fixed: Remove duplicated entries of Scheduled Data Fetch
Fixed: Schema column in the Site Analytics tab was not updating if Gutenberg post was updated
v2.5.1 April 3, 2021
Fixed: Rank Tracker tab showing duplicate Keywords if the letter cases are different
Fixed: Wrong URL in the single page Analytics reports if that page is the child page
v2.5.0 April 1, 2021
Improved: Ignore regular anchor links linking to YouTube videos from auto-detect & auto-generate Video Schema
Improved: Sort posts by Impressions in the Performance tab if Google Analytics is not connected
Improved: Combine multiple config attributes of Google Analytics Tracking code into one when Anonymize IP address & Enable Cookieless Tracking options are enabled
Improved: Clear Local KML file cache when RM Location post is updated
Improved: Replace PRO badge with Business if a business license is detected
Improved: Hide Analytics Report button in the Social tab single posts
Fixed: PHP Warning after Google data fetch on some installations
Fixed: Rank Tracker tab was showing 0 allowed keyword quota
Fixed: Unable to delete the Video Schema when the Auto-detect Video option was enabled
Fixed: update_meta_cache() function was causing slow page load on some websites
Fixed: Schema Templates were not working if used on more than one category
Fixed: Analytics Graphs were showing wrong data when the “7 Days” timeframe was Selected
Fixed: Heartbeat requests was causing PHP notice while editing the Location post
v2.4.2 March 22, 2021
Fixed: An issue where the primary category was not getting set using the quick edit options
Fixed: Analytics Dashboard was not showing charts on some installations
v2.4.0 March 18, 2021
Updated: [HUGE!] The Analytics module is revamped for Speed, Accurate Data, Better Sorting. Try it out and experience it for yourself. You might want to fetch the data manually once
Added: [HUGE!] Multiple keywords can now be added in the Rank Tracker by separating them with a comma
Added: [NEW!] Pagination in the Rank Tracker tab to improve performance and usability
Improved: Tracked keyword quota is now calculated using a proper method to avoid any mismatch related to the available/used credits
Improved: Duplicate keywords are not added in the keywords tracking list
Improved: Disabled Classic Editor post edit action links for the Rank Math Locations custom post type
Improved: Google Analytics-related elements in the Analytics reports are not shown if Google Analytics is not connected
Improved: Keywords in the single post analytics report are now sorted by impressions
Fixed: Import Schema option was not working on Rank Math Locations custom post type
Fixed: GTIN/MPN (Global Identifier) were not saving for WooCommerce’s variable products
Fixed: Filter by SEO Score was returning unchecked posts in the Site Analytics tab
Fixed: PHP errors related to AdSense module even when the account was not connected
Fixed: KML file was not showing all the locations in the Sitemap on some installations
2.3.1 March 12, 2021
Improved: Check if the current product has an AggregateOffer before adding the variations data in the Schema Markup
Fixed: Code validation tab was not working in the Schema Templates
v2.3.0 March 8, 2021
Added: [HUGE!] An option to enable Cookieless Google Analytics tracking [No Consent Required – GDPR Friendly]
Added: [HUGE!] An option to self-host Google Analytics JS file for outstanding performance
Added: An option to disable the Local Sitemap or the KML file
Added: Compatibility with the Presto Player plugin to detect Vimeo videos
Improved: Added proper feedback after importing the redirections using a CSV file
Improved: Description for the Local SEO options
Fixed: Auto-update was failing if both free & PRO versions had updates available
Fixed: Import Schema using code was not working
Fixed: Blank rows were appearing on some installations in the Rank Tracker table
Fixed: A PHP fatal error Cannot use RankMathGoogleAnalytics as Analytics appearing on some installations
Fixed: Wrong ‘Edit’ button link in the single-post Analytics report on multisite installations
Fixed: Code validation tab was not showing complete Schema code when trailing slash was removed from the permalink structure or when remove product base option was enabled
Fixed: Movie Schema was not printing above or below the content when using the location option
Fixed: A PHP notice on the Product category archive pages & in the changelog popup
Fixed: Hidden, & No-Indexed Products were appearing in the Sitemap incorrectly
Fixed: The Sitemap index was not showing custom taxonomy archive Sitemap
Fixed: A wrong link in the KML file, linking back to the homepage
Fixed: Local KML file was not showing the data from the Local SEO settings when multiple locations option was disabled
v2.2.0 February 17, 2021
Improved: The Local SEO PRO is more powerful and easy-to-use than ever
Improved: The UX of creating multiple locations is more user-friendly than ever in the RM Location CPT (custom post type)
Improved: Sample Shortcode is shown inside the Local Business Schema type. This Shortcut can add Location data to any editor like Classic, Elementor, Divi, Oxygen, etc.
Improved: The overall speed and security of the plugin
Improved: locations.kml Sitemap is generated automatically when the Local SEO module is enabled, and the geo-coordinates are added
Improved: Multiple locations are also included in the KML file when the Multiple Locations option is enabled
Improved: Disabled Classic editor support for the Multiple Location CPT
Improved: Elementor’s integration with the multi-site network. There is no need to enable the Rank Math & the Elementor plugins network-wide to utilize the Elementor SEO integration
Fixed: Graph line colors were not matching with the filters in some places
Fixed: Schema Shortcode was showing incorrect seo_title & description when used in posts other than the parent post
Fixed: A fatal error when searching a location in the Store Locator block
Fixed: Single page Analytics reports were not working on some installations
Fixed: The Analytics button was not working on individual posts when using the Classic Editor
v2.1.1.1 February 9, 2021
Fixed: URLs not appearing in the News Sitemap
v2.1.1 February 5, 2021
Fixed: FAQ Schema markup showing error if HTML tags are used in the answer area
v2.1.0 February 3, 2021
Improved: This update focuses on the Schema Markup and gives you a competitive edge over your competitors
Added: Automation of the Schema templates now work on the single posts of the taxonomy pages (categories & tags). That is, the display conditions now work with the taxonomy pages as well
Added: NEW! Schema tab on the taxonomy (categories & tags) pages so you can add custom Schema to archive pages as well
Added: Auto-update now works with the PRO version as well
Added: The Beta feature now works with the PRO version as well
Added: A filter to change the CSV separator character when importing the data into Rank Math
Added: Added an option to send an email when an update is available for the Rank Math SEO PRO plugin
Improved: The overall speed and security of the plugin
Improved: isPartof, mainEntityofPage, & inLanguage properties are not added by default to the custom Schema
Improved: We now show a warning when someone tries to add FAQ or HowTo Schema using the Schema Generator instead of using the Blocks provided in the plugin
Improved: The imported Schema’s order will not change after updating the post
Improved: When importing redirections for 410 type, the destination column is not required anymore
Fixed: An PHP error with the Schema Markup of the category pages when Schema templates were used
Fixed: The inner pages of the Site Analytics tab was not showing any data for Google Search Console. It should show all the data correctly now
Fixed: An error showing up in the News Sitemap on some installations
Fixed: The regular Product Schema in the WooCommerce products was not showing the Schema code in the validation tab
Fixed: The customfield variable was not working in the Sitemap
Fixed: Opening Hours option was becoming hidden after saving the Location post
Fixed: The location block in the Local SEO was not showing the openingHours value for the new locations posts
Fixed: Several small issues and improve the overall code of the plugin
v2.0.9 January 8, 2021
Added: There’s a new tool to scan all the old posts for YouTube & Vimeo videos for adding automated Video Schema to those posts
Added: Include the images added by the ACF Image/Gallery field in the Sitemap
Added: Persian (Iran) language support
Updated: List of Local Business types supported by Schema.org
Updated: German translation
Fixed: A PHP fatal error on activating the PRO version on some websites where the free version was not already active
Fixed: %imagetitle% variable was not working in the Image SEO module
Fixed: A conflict with other plugins causing the slow backend when the PRO version’s update is available. From the next update, you should not face this issue
Fixed: A bug where the Cancel CSV import button was not working in the Redirections importer
Fixed: Global Identifier (GTIN, MPN, etc.) were not saving in the WooCommerce Variable products
Fixed: WooCommerce product images were not loading on the product pages on some installations when the ‘Show Global Identifier’ option was enabled
Fixed: Removed invalid properties like isPartOf, inLanguage & publisher from the Locations Schema](https://rankmath.com/kb/rich-snippets/)
Fixed: Schema Validation was not showing the latitude & longitude value from MediaOrganization Business type
Fixed: Once the image URL value was saved in the Local Business Schema](https://rankmath.com/kb/local-seo/) type, replacing that URL was not working
Fixed: An SQL error happening on some sites and/or the table creation process was failing silently
Fixed: News Sitemap was showing the post’s modified date instead of the post’s published date
v2.0.8.1 December 22, 2020
Fixed: Fatal error on PHP < 7.3, please update your PHP version to 7.3 or more.
v2.0.8 December 22, 2020
Added: Elementor Breadcrumbs widget!! Now, add breadcrumbs without using any code and styling using the native Elementor Options
Added: Convert Elementor Accordion widget into the FAQ Schema Markup
Added: An option to set a Custom Brand Name for the Product Schema in WooCommerce’s global settings
Added: An Option to set the Global Identifier [GTIN, ISBN, MPN etc.] for each WooCommerce product. The values will be used in the Product Schema and help fix all the Google Schema errors related to products
Added: An Option to show Global Identifier on the frontend along with the SKU value
Added: Show PRO version number in the System Status info
Added: Added new variables in the Image SEO module [imagealt & imagetitle]
Added: randomword variable. You can use this variable to print a random word in the SEO meta. You can use it like randomword(word1|word2|word3)
Improved: Randomize Analytics’ cron jobs time instead of resetting on the GMT+0
Improved: Import upload date in the Auto-detected Video Schema from YouTube and Vimeo
Improved: Plugin’s update-message notice, if the user is not allowed to update the PRO version
Removed: interactionCount from the Video Schema markup
Fixed: Rank Math’s account connection issue when connecting from the setup wizard right after installing PRO version without ever configuring the Free version first
Fixed: Empty content table was showing in the SEO Performance tab on some installations in the Analytics module
Fixed: Option to filter posts by Schema type was not working properly
Fixed: Video ‘Auto-Detect’ option related to the Video Schema/Sitemap was not working on the first draft save
v2.0.7 December 12, 2020
Added: Minimum free version requirement check to avoid any error while updating the PRO version
Fixed: Singular page conditions in the Schema template’s Display Condition tab were not working as expected
Fixed: Compatibility issue with the Troubleshooting Mode in the Health Check plugin
v2.0.6 December 9, 2020
Added: Automatically fetch the duration for the autodetected YouTube and Vimeo videos in the Video Schema & Video Sitemap
Improved: Fetch the latest Keyword usage count whenever Rank Tracker page is opened
Updated: The German translation
Removed: video:width, & video:height tag from the Video Sitemap as those are not required anymore
Fixed: Analytics data was not updating in the Rank Math’s My Account page
Fixed: Code Validation tab was not for the static homepage
Improved: Removed duplicate code to reduce the plugin size further
Improved: Update page was showing old Rank Math icon
Fixed: Option to set Primary Category using the Quick Edit for the WooCommerce Products was not working
Fixed: PHP errors appearing on small installations
Fixed: Duplicate field error was showing in the HowTo Schema
Fixed: Category filter was not working in the Redirections when a term is present in multiple taxonomies
Fixed: save_post hook used in the Video Schema was breaking the cart page on some sites
Fixed: Location block was showing the post title instead of the Name added in the schema
Fixed: Map zoom option was not working in the Local Schema block
v2.0.5 November 29, 2020
Improved: Made plugin compatible with the PHP 8.0
Improved: Plugin’s plan handling that was causing a conflict with the Analytics module as well
Improved: Update-check mechanism to help show the updates properly on every server
v2.0.4 November 27, 2020
Improved: Restrict Schema output on password-protected pages
Fixed: Option to set the Video as family-friendly was not working in the Video Schema
Fixed: Duplicate entries in the Video Sitemap
Fixed: The option to add a new post type in the ToolSet plugin was not working
v2.0.3 November 20, 2020
Added: German & Russian translations
Improved: The PRO update will now need the update of the free version if both the updates are available
Improved: Added an option for the Video Schema to stop auto-generating of the thumbnail images from the embedded videos like YouTube
Improved: The PRO version will not be disabled when someone uses the rollback feature with the free version
Fixed: Duplicate product category issue happening on some WooCommerce installations
Fixed: The import Schema option from a custom code was not working when the Schema was not in an array format
Fixed: Some localization issues
Fixed: Video Sitemap duration was showing an incorrect value
Fixed: A PHP fatal error happening on some installations with the new Image SEO PRO
Fixed: A visible PHP error when someone changed between the easy and advanced modes in the setup wizard
Fixed: An issue where an incorrect PRO upgrade notice was showing up
v2.0.2 November 14, 2020
Added: A filter to remove media namespace from the feed
Fixed: The Compare Keywords option was not working in the Classic Editor when the Schema Module was disabled
Fixed: Divi Preview was failing on some installations
Fixed: Force-check update function was not working properly from the updates page
Fixed: Google Analytics data was not getting deleted if the ‘Delete Data’ option was used from the Analytics Settings
Fixed: uBlock & some other Ad Blocking browser extensions were falsely blocking Analytics page-related scripts
Fixed: jQuery Migrate deprecated notice was showing on the media page
Fixed: Schema-related about & mention options in the link popup of Classic Editor
v2.0.1 November 12, 2020
Fixed: Post editor incompatibility with WordPress version 5.4.4
Fixed: Local SEO Schema was showing the default address data in the publisher entity when multiple locations option was enabled
Fixed: Traffic difference was showing as negative when it was positive in the Site Analytics Tab
Fixed: Keyword Manager table not showing data after 20th keyword
Fixed: Check if the current user has the capability to single post Analytics data before adding the button in Sidebar/Metabox
v2.0.0 November 9, 2020
Plugin released!!

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