WP Admin 2020 v2.1.6 NULLED – Supercharge your WordPress Dashboard

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WP Admin 2020 – Supercharge your WordPress Dashboard Revolutionize your WordPress dashboard  with a powerful white label  admin extension  with built-in Google and WooCommerce  analytics  .

Easily  organize and manage your  posts and media  with  WordPress’ super-fast content manager and seamless switching  of dark mode to dashboard switching.

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Link Demo : https://admintwentytwenty.com/

Features of WP Admin 2020 :

Welcome to a new way to manage your digital assets in WordPress Admin 2020 comes with a brand new content page, up to 50% faster than the classic WordPress Gallery.

Blazing Quick Media & Post Gallery Powerful Filters Content Folder Full Featured Image Editing Bulk Rename Your Admin Your Way Deep customization options let you create The admin interface is really unique for yourself or your clients.

Analytics has never been so good Admin 2020 comes with a new powerful dashboard, view site statistics, recent comments and link it to your Google Analytics account to see in-depth site statistics your web.

Google Analytics Fully Customizable Powerful Menu Editor Our powerful Menu Editor allows you to create truly unique menus for your backend.

You can rename items, rearrange, hide and restrict access, and you can set custom icons.

Bulk Rename Batch rename attachments or alternative tags at once with our efficient and SEO-friendly batch renaming feature.

All Features A modern dashboard Admin 2020 introduces the dashboard. This is a modern WordPress dashboard page that can sync with Google Analytics to show your analytics reports and filterable by date. You can also view other site data such as recent comments, popular pages, and a general overview of your posts and pages.

Brand New Ways to Search This plugin adds a new site-wide search that can be easily accessed from the admin bar. You get instant results with no page reloads, powerful filters and more. You can also search our main menu with more menu items than we can handle!

Quick Media Library Admin 2020 comes with a brand new media library that is up to 50% faster than Classic WordPress Gallery.

Media Folders In addition to the brand new media library, Admin 2020 also brings folders to the WordPress media library so you can better organize your media and speed up your workflow!

Full featured image editor Powerful image editing components built right into the Admin 2020 media library. Full featured editor including powerful image manipulation, filters, auto-drawing. do, icon/shape, text and different mask filters.

Dark Mode / Night Mode It’s 2020 and we thought it was time for WordPress to have a night mode, so we built one! Dark mode can be activated with a single click and is pretty easy on the eyes!

White Label Admin 2020 White Label completely and totally customizable. Upload your own logo and make your own or your client’s dashboard.

Custom CSS/JS Admin 2020 allows you to add your own CSS and Javascript to the admin area without other plugins so you can further customize your admin area.

Control menus Need to hide, rearrange, and rename certain dashboard items from your users? Admin 2020 can easily switch the visibility of menu items according to user roles. You can also easily change the names of menu items in your WordPress Admin area, you can also do this by role for extra control.

Google Analytics Admin 2020 comes with Google Analytics integration and can display the following beautiful reports on the dashboard: Users, Page Views, Sessions and Device Analytics. New reports will be added in the coming months.

Distractions-Free Interface The Admin 2020s interface is streamlined and distraction-free, allowing you to get on with what you do best.

WP Admin 2020 - Supercharge your WordPress DashboardWP Admin 2020 - Supercharge your WordPress Dashboard

WP Admin 2020 - Supercharge your WordPress Dashboard

Free Download WP Admin 2020 v2.1.6 NULLED – Supercharge your WordPress Dashboard nulled changelog
2.1.2 – 15/07/2021

Fix Fixed login modal styles when session expires
Fix Fixed asset cleanup plugin overflow issue
Fix Fixed issue with schedule press
Fix Fixed issue with wp optimise header display
Fix Fixed an issue causing some analytics charts not to show
Fix Fixed font colours on menu when custom dark color is chosen for light mode
Added Added custom welcome message option for Overview Page
2.1.1 – 09/07/2021

Added Added better support for WSFORMS
Added Added the option to redirect to a custom page after login to the settings
Fix Fixed issue with menu editor role selectors
Fix Fixed issue with menu editor where it would hide items from the editor

2.1.0 – 07/07/2021

Fix Fixed an issue with named separators not hiding when the menu is collapsed
Fix Fixed format issues in fluent forms form editor
Fix Fixed issue with content page where unformatted code would briefly flash before page load.
Added Added a ‘’no results found” notice for the global search when query returns 0 results
Fix Fixed issue with plugin web stories not displaying templates correctly.
Fix Fixed issue where ACF bulk actions didn’t show
Fix Fixed a bug causing some setups issues when updating the plugin
Added Added Polish translation
Added Settings page no longer loads on sub sites when network override is on
Added Completely rewritten settings page with many improvements
Added You can now choose custom fonts straight from the options page
Fix Fixed an issue with analytics where accounts without much Datta in could cause errors
Change Moved analytics sign in to the overview page – Perfect if you are using admin 2020 as part of your Wass /sass and don’t want users accessing admin 2020 settings
Added Added the option to reset admin 2020 settings – 21/05/2021

Fix Fixed overflow issue on folder panel when large amounts of folders are present
Fix Fixed issue with wp sheet editor setup page
Fix Fixed issue with admin menu editor plugin and admin menu editor pro plugin
Fix Fixed issue with mail poet layouts where it was disabling google icons
Added Added data attribute with folder ID back to the folders on content page and media modals
Added Added google icons to the install files to avoid issues with strict cross domain policies.
Change Updated SEOpress dark mode styles and improved the setup wizard UX – 12/05/2021

Fix Fixed a very large conflict with plugins like ultimo, fluent forms, fluent CRM – Basically any other plugin using vue.js
Change Tidied up menu colours in light and dark mode
Fix Fixed issue where top level menu item links were wrong leading to failed page loads – 11/05/2021

Fix Fixed a bug in the admin menu where some links were incorrect causing problems accessing certain admin pages
Fix Fixed an issue where the LearnDash menu item was being hidden
Fix Fixed an issue where the menu editor options were not being applied
Fix Fixed an issue with custom menu colours not applying to menu dropdown / hovers
Change Added updated Portuguese / Brazilian translation

2.0.9 – 10/05/2021

Change Rewritten Admin Bar Module
Change Overhauled global search
Change Overhauled notification Center
Added Added ability to hide notifications
Change Overhauled Admin Menu
Added Added menu preferences to allow menu customisation
Added Added menu favourites feature
Change Rewritten content module
Change Rewritten folder module
Added Added more powerful image editing library
Added Added more powerful image editing library
Added Added ‘views’ feature to content page
Fix Videos on the overview page are not muted by default
Fix Fixed issue on WooCommerce email settings page in dark mode
Fix Fixed issue with no JS warnings showing in Notification Center
Fix Many other various tweaks and fixes including mobile styles and dark mode issues.

2.0.8 – 23/02/2021

Fix Fixed bug where pending comment count doesn’t show correctly in the main menu
Fix Fixed issue causing plugins to be temporarily hidden after update
Fix Fixed issue with smart slider plugin that stopped you from saving slides
Change Several optimisations and performance enhancements, especially on sites with a lot of users.
Added Added the ability to search for WooCommerce orders and all other private post types from the global search
Added You can now search for a WC product by sku, search orders with customer email / order name
Change Several enhancements to the global search, both visual and performance
Change Allowed private post types to be added to the new button in the top right admin bar as well as the search.

2.0.7 – 02/02/2021

Added Added support for support board plugin
Fix Fixed issue with css hero menu item in admin bar
Fix Fixed issue with wide logos on login page
Fix Fixed issue with flyout user menu on mobile
Added Added support for ithemes security in dark mode
Added Added support for bordlabs cookie plugin in dark mode
Fix Fixed issue with rank math icon
Change Improved support for rank math plugin in dark mode
Fix Fixed issue with word fence toolbar
Fix Fixed word fence notification icon in menu
Fix Fixed rank math icon in the menu
Fix Fixed overflow issue on user off canvas bar
Fix Fixed issue causing svg logos to not display in the admin bar
Fix Fixed site health screen in dark mode

2.0.6 – 23/12/2020

Fix Fixed issue with updraft plus
Fix Fixed issue with admin bar on front end and dark mode
Fix Fixed admin bar custom colors on front and back end
Fix Stopped some notifications from showing briefly before being hidden
Fix Several fixes to analytics charts and added catch for division by zero flags
Fix Corrected menu search to work with capitals
Fix Fixed redirect issue after logging in

2.0.5 – 11/12/2020

Fix Fixed issue with body cutoff on the front end when logged in users have no admin bar Fix Fixed issue for hiding and disabling some items for certain roles Change Stopped the menu editor from changing network admin menu Fix Fixed issue with dark mode as default not converting all text colours Fix Fixed issue with dark mode as default not reflecting in user preferences Fix Fixed issue with dark mode as default not reflecting dark mode primary color

2.0.4 – 07/12/2020

Added Added two new woocommerce cards to the overview page, recent orders and popular products
Added Added filter to change login image link to home url
Fix Fixed z-index issue on expanding menu
Change Improved compatibility of admin bar on front end
Added If redirect to overview page is enabled, clicking your logo in the top admin bar will also direct to the overview page
Added You can now set cards on the overview page as primary cards, giving them a standout background as well hide them straight from the individual card dropdown
Added You can now alter what shows in the ’new’ button on the admin bar
Change Changed name of overview tab for WooCommerce to ‘Store’
Added Added a Super admin option for disabling modules and menu items. You can disable for admins but keep for super admin or vice versa for example.
Added Added import / export of menu editor settings
Fix Fixed an issue with some notifications not moving into the Notification Center
AddedAdded several new translations including, German, dutch, Portuguese / Brazilian and Spanish and it’s variants.

2.0.3 – 20/11/2020

Fix Fixed issue with menu editor and custom roles
Fix Fixed issue with disabled modules and custom roles
Fix Fixed issue with wp ninja tables and fluent crm
Change Custom css now loads up on login page
Change Custom primary color now loads on login page
Added You can now set overview page as home page after logging in

2.0.2 – 17/11/2020

Fix Fixed bug in Gutenburg editor causing publish button to be hidden
Fix Fixed issue with woocommerce stylesheet not loading up
Fix Fixed issue with reorgansing menu editor sub items
Fix Updated some minor spelling mistakes
Added Added support for WP data tables
Added Added support for fluent forms

2.0.1 – 16/11/2020

Fix Fixed bug in causing errors for certain setups

2.0 – 16/11/2020

Change Version 2 release, complete plugin rewrite


Added Added the ability to replace menu separators with labels
Fixed Fixed image edit from image placed inside post in the classic editor
Added Added the ability to add widgets to the overview page
Added You can now order the cards on the overview page in an easy drag and drop way, this is by user role so you can personalise your own
Fix Custom css and JS now loads on the login page
Change Enhanced the collapse menu UI
Change Redesigned the session expired / login modal and tweaked login page css
Added There is now a filter / hook you can tap into to add custom cards to the dashboard page. Use the filter “admin2020_register_dash_card” to add new cards.
Added Added option to hide all admin notices
Added You can now export and import admin 2020 settings
Change Many under the hood improvements to google analytics cards, now quicker and more stable.
Added Added new google analytics bounce rate card and sources card to the overview page
Added Total Session, page views and bounce rate cards now have comparison ui to the previous date set
Change Redesigned settings page making it much easier to navigate.
Change Rebuilt the menu editor and added the ability to rearrange menu items
Added You can now hide dividers from the menu editor based on role.
Change Reworked the notification system
Added Added link to view website to quick actions (bolt)
Change Moved quick links (default wp admin) to top admin bar


Fixed Fixed the new re-order meta box arrows introduced in WP 5.5
Change Improvements to gutenburg styles
Added Added custom error pages for pages like “The link you followed has expired.” – Not only do these pages look much better, they also adapt to dark / light mode
Change Many changes and refinements to the way the media gallery works. It is now even faster, more stable and can handle much larger libraries with ease.
Fixed Fixed an issue on woocommerce tables on mobile
Added Added support for WPvivid and LearnDash
Change Various improvements to dark styles, especially on Gutenberg in WP 5.5.
Fixed Fixed bug causing menu editor to overflow on Admin 2020 settings
Fixed Fixed an issue causing some setups unable to validate licence keys


Fixed Fixed issue with custom colours not updated on login page
Fixed Fixed Login Page background image scale
Fixed Fixed issue with part of the admin bar being below other items on the page
Fixed Various fixes to media modals and gallery modals
Changed Adjusted widths of columns on post edit screens
Changed A few tweaks have been made to the woocommerce CSS
Changed Menu Editor panels are now sticky which helps editing large menus.
Changed Category and Tag pages have been improved
Fixed Fixed an issue causing plugin fullscreen setup wizards / you are not allowed to access this page screens to display poorly
Changed Changed Admin 2020 options checkboxes to switches for clearer navigation
Changed Improvements to the post / page tables on mobile
Fixed Fixed an issue with input radio boxes not showing correctly


Changed Several UI changes and improvements to colours in dark mode
Changed A lot of behinds the scenes work to get the plugin ready for different color themes
Fixed Fixed some issues with mail poet, especially in dark mode
Fixed Fixed Rank Math In Dark Mode
Changed Improved Contrast of checkboxes
Added Allowed customisation of what shows on the user fly-out menu
Fixed Fixed issue with Site Origin page builder, specifically when using site origin editor plugin
Added Added new menu editor


Fixed Fixed issue with page primary buttons overlapping
Fixed Fixed a problem causing media folders to be inaccessible if you have too many.
Fixed Fixed display issue with Envato elements in media modal
Fixed Fixed an issue where external links on the admin menu were not working
Fixed Input height issue on safari is now fixed
Fixed Fixed issue with Thrive architect plugin no being able to load media modal
Fixed Fixed Advanced Ads Plugin Button at bottom of table on page “groups and rotation”
Fixed Fixed an issue causing WP-statistics not to show overview page
Fixed Fixed an issue causing problems with text editor modals, especially in WP bakery back end mode
Changed Various menu css refinements and other improvements


Added Added new content page, for controlling / organising all your posts / pages in one place.
Fixed Fixed menu overflow issue
Fixed Fixed issue with woocommerce add new / import / export buttons
Added Added option to disable Admin 2020 by user role
Added You can now hide menu and admin bar search bars
Added Added ability to set what post types are available to global post search
Added Added support for SEOpress, litespeed cache, WP-forms


Fixed Fixed issue with Flatsome Theme / Ux builder
Changed Moved admin quick actions / plugin quick actions into it’s own bar. This can be disabled in the settings
Fixed Fixed various issues with Gravity Forms
Fixed Fixed some styling issues with WP forms


Changed Hid licence key to all users other than admin
Fixed Fixed issue with Fluent forms layout
Added Added basic support for WPSHEETEDITOR
Fixed Fixed elementor add new template / import buttons stacking on top of each other
Changed Various improvements to the theme area ui
Added Added toggle for admin styles
Added Added image editor
Fixed Fixed Google Sitekit
Changed Changed Dashboard widgets to a masonry layout
Added Added new chart (visits by page and Average Session length) to overview page,


Added Added option to disable login styles so you can use other plugins such as login press to style the login page.
Added Added option to keep row actions on tables below the title
Fixed Fixed a bug causing row actions not to display on different language WordPress installs
Added Added quick create buttons back to the admin bar
Fixed Fixed bug that caused menu items not to be hidden on certain user roles
Added Added the option to add custom css and js straight from the settings page
Changed Completely changed the way admin 2020 styles the admin bar on the front, you now get a conflict free restyled original wp admin bar on the front
Added Added option to set alternative image for dark mode
Fixed Fixed a styling issue with WP Ultimo sites list in dark mode
Fixed Fixed Elementor add new template bug
Added Added option to disable quick links in the admin bar
Fixed Fixed bug causing greetings not to be translated


Fixed Fixed good evening / good morning welcome message for different time zones
Fixed Fixed overview page dashboard total page count
Changed Multi site installs now only show licence on Network Admin and you only need to enter licence on network admin
Added You can now hide individual info blocks on the overview page
Fixed Fixed a bug that could throw an error on the recent comments block
Fixed Fixed several issues with the block editor
Changed ACF Column plugin style tweaks
Changed Quick actions in admin bar are now scrollable for those of us with a lot of plugins!
Changed Made many changes to the way post / page filters and bulk actions are displayed, not only is this easier to use it should help with plugin compatibility
Fixed Fixed a bug causing login page to temporarily display without styling
Fixed Fixed a bug causing some strings not to be translated properly.


Fixed Various Bug fixes
Added Support following plugins: CF7,Elementor,Google Sitemap,WP Ultimo,Jetpack,Themify Builder, W3 Total Cache,Woocommerce,Wordfence,Yoast SEO,Insert Headers and Footers,Advanced Custom Fields,Fluent Forms, mail poet
Fixed Fixed problem with disabling admin 2020 styles on admin 2020 specific pages
Fixed Fixed problem plugin updates showing to non admin users
Fixed Fixed several problems with multisite
Added Admin 2020 is now full translation ready! Will start adding new translations soon. Want to contribute? Email us!


Fixed Various Bug fixes
Added Ability to change primary link colour
Added Added Licensing
Fixed Fixed bug causing load on front end to crash some websites


Fixed Scroll bug on shrunk menu on windows fixed
Added Now fully supports WP Multisite
Added Added folders to media gallery and media models
Fixed Fixed privileges for media and dashboard pages
Added Updates now show in user menu with notification
Fixed Bug causing top right user photo not to update to users actual photo
Fixed Bug causing actions to not display on user table
Added Quick copy to image links
Added Sub folders for media
Added Advanced filters for media


Fixed Fixed various CSS issues on mobile views
Added Completely New media library added
Fixed Z index issue on fly out menu
Fixed Top level menu bug fixed
Fixed Fixed Default Home Page bug
Fixed Fixed bug causing comments to display warnings on overview page
Added Available updates to the user menu


Fixed Fixed various CSS issues and other small bugs
Added New dashboard feature including google analytics
Fixed Page overflow on media page
Fixed Icon on full screen block editor
Changed Minified menu is now a flyout menu on hover


Fixed Fixed quick edit view
Fixed Fixed table actions not showing on certain tables
Changed Changed all checkbox styles
Changed Changed media gallery view to be horizontal masonary
Fixed Fixed a few mobile css styles
Fixed Fixed remember me button on login pages
Added Added slight hover animation to certain links


Fixed Fixed bug when displaying menu icons in different languages
Fixed Fixed post layout and product pages for woocommerce
Changed Added new loading bar to admin bar (option to disable this)


Fixed Fixed bug when uploading custom ICON
Fixed Potential Fatal (extra ‘,’) error when enqueing stylesheet
Fixed Various other clean ups
Added First version of menu visibility options for users installed.


Changed Moved project into classes and objects
Fixed Mobile styles
Fixed Media Header dark mode
Fixed Moved JS to .on(‘click’) instead of .click()


Fixed Fixed primary button position on mobile
Fixed Fixed block editor position on mobile


Fixed Added support for translations
Fixed Rewrote JS files
Fixed Cleaned PHP and CSS
Fixed Added css table of contents


Fixed Added support for multiple plugins


Initial release

Free Download WP Admin 2020 v2.1.6 NULLED – Supercharge your WordPress Dashboard :

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